Crazy deals at CuencaShop /King’s Smokehouse

I think we are losing it:

So time to enjoy some crazy deals:
(Deals end 6 PM Friday 30th April)

Crazy deals:
1) Jack Daniels Fire 1ltr + 1lb Bacon+Delivery =$70
2) Jack Daniels 1ltr+1lb Bacon+Delivery=$70
3)Jack Daniels Honey +1lbBacon+Delivery=$70
4) 1lb Bacon+1lb Sausage+Underanga Chardonnay+Camerbert Cheese+Delivery=$30
5) 3 Bars of Conexion Chocolate=$10
6) 5 Bars of Pacari=$10
7) Jim Beam+1lb bacon+Delivery=$40
8) 15% off doTerra & Young Living Oils Essential oils
9) 5 La Paz beers+ 1 Beer Glass+2lb Saugage+Delivery=$20
10) 300ml Maple Syrup+1lb Sausage+1lb bacon+Free Delivery=$25
11) Vanilla Extract+2Vanilla Beans+Small Box Lindt Chocolate+Delivery=$15
12) Johnny Walker Green 750ml+Free 1lb Sausage+Free Delivery=$79.95
13) Buy 4 wine, Free 5th wine (to equal or lesser value)+Free Delivery
14) 6x Biela Reserva Beer + 1lb Sausage=$10
15) 2 x 593 Lager+1lb Bacon =$10

While stock lasts
Don’t miss out.

CuencaShop/King’s Smokehouse 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque Sans Sebastian, Cuenca

098 402 6399
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