Covid 19 – the spike protein and blood clotting

Given the June 17 post questioning Sinovac effectiveness, plus the possibility of adverse reactions to other vaccines, and the increasing availability of vaccines in Ecuador, maybe Malcolm Kendrick’s thoughts from June 3 might be helpful.

As always, the big question is whether it’s better to take a chance on dying from a disease versus a vanishingly small probability of encountering issues while trying to prevent that.

Overall, my opinion: Dr Kendrick is one sharp dude. Wrote a great book on cholesterol.

So, quick recap again, what do we know?

We know that a very high percentage of the people who die following a Covid 19 infection, die as result of blood clots. We also know that they can also suffer severe myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), and suchlike.

We know that the spike protein can stimulate blood clots all by itself.

We know that the immune system attack on ‘alien’ proteins, such as the spike protein, can cause vasculitis.

We know that vaccines are designed to drive the rapid production of spike proteins that will enter the blood stream specifically to encounter immune cells, in order to create a powerful response that will lead to ‘immunity’ against future SARS-CoV2 infection.

We know that a number of people have died from blood clots following vaccination.

This was all pretty much predictable, if you understood what was going with SARS-CoV – nearly seventeen years ago.


Dave Sailer

City: Cuenca

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