Corned beef hash at Bernan’s Home Canned Foods

Corned beef hash at Bernan’s Home Canned Foods. Hope everyone is enjoying Carnaval! If you’re outside, watch out for those kiddos with their canned foam or water pistols. But if you’re like me… you’ll stay in where it’s dry.

For those of you that wanted to try some or our newest item, corned beef hash, I want to let you know that it’s now on our pantry shelf and we even have a little extra for back stock. We will be making 2 more batches this week so no worries… we got you covered. Bernie and I are so happy to say that we got rave reviews on this hash. We are canning it in pint size jars for $3.75. So, if you’re craving something different for breakfast… give it a try.

Our pantry is stocked so if you would like to come by for a visit, just let us know when. Bernie is still delivering on Tuesdays and Saturdays with Emilio. He is such a busy man and such a pleasure to work with.

If you need a new product list just send me an email and I’ll be happy to get one to you.

As always, thanks so much for your business and if you are new to Bernan’s we are happy to answer any questions you may have…

Happy Carnaval!

Bernie and Nancy: 096 714 6265. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca
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