Condominium, houses, towers for cats

Advantages of cat scratchers:

– Health: Cats love to file their nails. It is part of their natural instinct and they need to sharpen their nails to relax and release stress, with the cat scratchers they can stretch their muscles comfortably.

– Save your furniture: Cats cannot resist some materials in our home. If you do not want your feline to end up destroying objects and furniture in your house, think that a scratching post is the most recommended option to give up that habit that irritates you so much.

– Character: This practice relaxes them, but it also makes them feel more secure. Acquiring a scraper we will get them to sharpen their claws in the right place as well as improve their confidence and behavior.

– Fun: Cats amuse themselves by playing with scratchers. Some scratchers are shaped like houses with different floors for them to climb and toys for their fun.

We have different models, designs and prices.


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