Concert for Easter in the Digital Room of the OSC

Concert for Easter in the Digital Room of the OSC

This Friday, April 10, the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra together with the Directorate of Culture, Recreation and Knowledge of the Municipal GAD of the Canton Cuenca, present on the occasion of the Mayor Week, the concert in D Major for Violin and Orchestra, op. 61 by Ludwig van Beethoven, with the participation of the virtuous violinist Wolfgang David (Austria), Guest Soloist for the fifth installment in our Digital Room. In addition, we dedicated this concert to the great composer Paul Hindemith (Germany) for the 125th anniversary of his birth, performing his beautiful symphony Matías el Pintor.

We wait for you on our YouTube channel at 8 PM.

Matías El Pintor Symphony. Paul Hindemith. In the opinion of its creator, Matías embodies “problems, desires and doubts that have occupied the minds of all serious artists since ancient times. For whom are works of art created? What is their purpose? How can the artist make yourself understood by your receiver? ” A contemplative lyricism, bordering on the mystical, runs through the work. Its main elements derive from Gregorian chant, medieval ways and religious songs of the Reformation. Each of the three movements of the symphony bears the title of a panel from the altarpiece of the Church of Isenheim (France) by Matthias Grünewald (1460 – 1528). The first movement is the Angelic Concert, which sings the hymn to the birth of Jesus sung by three angels. The second is the Burial of Christ and Lament of the Virgin Mary. The last movement is the Temptation of Saint Anthony, a movement that accompanies the culmination of the drama.

Concerto in D Major for Violin and Orchestra, op. 61. Ludwig van Beethoven. Composed in 1806, the concert was forgotten as the great virtuosos considered it impossible to play. It had to be Josef Joachim, when he was thirteen years old, who rehabilitated the work in 1844, under Mendelssohn. From that moment, the concert became a regular work of the repertoire. Currently, it is one of the peak works of the genre.

Wolfgang David – Violinist. In a period of a few years, he has managed to perform on international stages, as a recitalist and guest soloist with many first-rate orchestras. It has also been very well received by the press – the Washington Post wrote “Wolfgang David climbed the heights of musical performance” and The Strad described his performance “of a wide emotional range as one might expect.”
He was admitted to the Vienna University of Music at the age of eight. He studied for many years with Rainer Küchl, the concertmaster of the Vienna Philharmonic. Later he continued his studies at the Musikhochschule in Cologne with Igor Ozim and with Yfrah Reaman at the Guildhall of Music in London.
Winner of various awards and competitions, Wolfgang David has performed in major concert venues such as Konzerthaus and Musikverein in Vienna, Carnegie Hall in New York, Cerritos Center in Los Angeles-California, Wigmore Hall in London, Victoria Hall in Geneva and the Philharmonie in Cologne. He has captivated audiences in more than thirty countries and regularly tours Europe, the US, South Africa, and South Korea.

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