Clarification about the Covid 19 vaccination

Dear Expats, I am not saying that I have the Covid vaccine and that I am taking care of that. I am saying that those who need help to register and that we accompany them to receive the Covid vaccine, which is public and free by the Ecuadorian Government, to contact me, I can help you register and accompany you to get vaccinated.

I also want to inform you since the news says that public and private hospitals are at their máx with people infected with Covid, since it is the case of some of my clients.

I want to let you know that if you test positive for Covid and you have nowhere to go or if your insurance does not cover you, I have a Dr. friend who can come to see you at your home and give you treatment and if you need to enter they have their own private clinic where they can treat you,
If this is your case, contact me. We can help you. Monica Gonzaga Facilitator is here to help the entire Expats community in Ecuador.

Monica Gonzaga: 098 384 1691
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