Charles Schwab and Pichincha ATM Remigio Crespo

Charles Schwab rebates all ATM charges at the end of the month. However, at the end of May, I happened to notice that I was not getting all the ATM charges rebated, specifically Pichincha Bank charges at Remigio Crespo.

Early June, I called Schwab. The rep had no idea why, but was to get back to me in 10 days. That never happened. I called again today as there are more $4.48 ATM fees on my account that have not been rebated for May or June. I could probably search back several more months to find more, but I did not.

Another call to Schwab, this time I was told that the ATMs I have been using are not separating the withdrawal from the withdrawal fee, so Schwab’s system cannot identify the fee. The rep suggested I avoid Pichincha bank ATMs, because he could not be certain if it was isolated to the one branch or the bank overall.

Because I am lax in checking at the end of the month, I cannot say if the Old Town branches were bothersome or not. Either way, I do prefer the other banks with less or no fees.

Ryan James: 098 000 7076.

City: Cuenca
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