Chan Chan Cheese at Sunrise Café, this Friday

Please come into Sunrise Cafe on Friday to try some tasty cheese, pick up some Greek yogurt or take home some cottage cheese for your salad later on. All your dairy needs affordably taken care of in one stop. We also offer raw milk and cream in one-liter bottles.

Not only do we carry some of the tastiest and creamiest milk in Cuenca, our farm is one of the few certified, Brucellosis-free dairies in this region. All of our dairy products are produced using only our own milk. Our cows eat grass all year-long, with a new pasture given to them every time they are milked. Happy, healthy cows providing for tasty products. Order ahead to make sure that your item is there for you. This Friday we will have Pepper-Jack, Cheddar, Muenster and Manchego to try out. We believe everyone should be able to afford good cheese. Come in and try it yourself from 10-1 PM this Friday at Sunrise Cafe.

Want your cheese aged longer, rent-free? Ask about making a deposit on any of the cheeses we make. We will make your wheel, age it for you, and you decide when you want to take it out of the cave. Age as long as you want! Invest in cheese…it’s tasty.

You can also find our products at Tienda Nectar and Mike’s Meats. Check out our online shopping at

Friday, Oct.4th from 10-1 PM, Sunrise Cafe, Calle Larga


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