Social Security office in Santo Domingo

Seeking comments from anyone with experience making contact or getting a call back from the Social Security office in Santo Domingo, DR.

I have sent emails to and made many phone calls (Mon/Thurs (9 AM – noon) without success.

Please let me know your experience


City: Cuenca

JEP online banking; worth the hassle?

I use an Android 10 tablet and an Android 10 smart phone. Apparently I need to download the JEP Movil app on my smart phone and the JEP Token app on either device to set up online banking, which I haven’t done yet.

A November 13 GringoPost thread mentioned several obstacles, including using a VPN. My VPN (which I’m very happy with) doesn’t have any Ecuador IP options.

Should I pass on pursuing online banking and simply occasionally check my balance at the branch or pay 30¢ to check my balance at the ATM?

Thank you,


The perfect location in Cuenca

My partner and I just moved here, from Chile. (We are US citizens, have been expats for many years). We got an apartment that is walking distance to practically anything we could want. Yet at night, well, at least after 10:30 or so, the sound of the river flowing is about all we hear through our open window. Within 2 blocks of our apartment, there is also a large park, about 20 places to eat, and a military hospital, which means there are military guards around, making it very safe. and in 3 blocks, a bank and a supermarket. 5 blocks to the main university! Yes, the prices are a little higher than other parts of Cuenca. But the peace of mind, safety even at night, and quiet flurry of the river makes it like being in a small town, without the inconvenience of not having full access to modern culture and assets. We were in Guayaquil for a month before moving here, and the difference is stark! from ugly to beautiful.

Read more….

Storage inside, safe and secure

I have space for storage in El Centro for short or long-term. Please contact me via email.

Thank you,

Karen: 095 886 6091. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Mask wearing

Why is it that the people I see not wearing masks seem to be gringos or expats? Might I remind all that we are guests in this country and should abide by the unwritten laws and customs of this country; which, in this case is, WEAR A MASK please.

Garry Kaulitz

City: Cuenca

Instant Pot – Yes, you can find them in Ecuador

Yesterday, someone posted asking if Instant Pots are available in Ecuador.

Instant pots recently arrived in Ecuador. I’ve seen them in Eljuri. If you’re in Cuenca, there are several Eljuri stores – the most convenient one is on Parque Calderon. They are not the Instant Pot brand, but two other brands.

You’re welcome,


City: Cuenca

Cuenca to Guayaquil

As the road from Cuenca to Guayaquil is dangerous, are the buses using the longer route automatically?

Richard Keye

Covid test for Airline from Cuenca to Quito

Does anyone have recent experience in flying in country? What type of test do they require to board the plane – can an antibody test be used as well as a PCA? Does anyone have a recommendation for a lab? Thank you for your help.


US surplus payments not received

I have never received the payment offered last Spring nor the one for last week, either by mail or direct deposit where my SS is paid. I have spent a great deal of time online trying to find the short answer in vain. Has anyone else experienced this or been able to resolve the problem? Thanks for your time.



What is the average turnover rate for expats in Ecuador? Meaning return to their home countries.


Amazon Prime

Never lose or forget your password for Amazon login. There is a whole new safety measure where I had to “jump through hoops” to prove I was not a hacker.
My username, my personal address, my integrity and my mind were all at stake. There are puzzles that I defy anyone to try to figure out the first time, just to be able to change the password. I was required to play a few visual and/or auditory puzzle games before Amazon was sure that I had spent enough money in the last 10 years to put Beso into space. These were the dumbest visual games imaginable. I finally unearthed a phone number and got someone on the line to help. Support had me hold while he checked my information. I shut all the tabs and started from scratch. After a fairly long interrogative consultation where I had to prove that I was me, he took me off hold and walked me through sign on. I was smart enough to get 6 puzzle questions correct. The Amazon website decided that I was safe enough to be allowed to make a new password. I finally got in.

Suzanne Cerny: .

City: Cuenca

Expats overcharged

Hi all,

I’ve been noticing many ads in different media resources and I just would like to let you know that some of the products and services offered are highly overpriced.

The other day I saw an ad in a gringo page about a XXX product. I contacted the person who was offering it and he gave me a quotation of $140. I thought it was a bit too much and by the way, I am a Cuencana, so, I told him it was too much. He said, well everyone pays. Not me.

I contacted another person who does not advertise in any gringo page and she made the same item for $48.

So, my advice is just shop around. Don’t just pay.

Sole Riquetti: 098 945 6551. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Air flights

Just wondering if anyone knows what is happening with the flights that were talked about between Cuenca and Guayaquil Airport? Now would be a great time since the main road of travel is closed.

Anthony: .

City: Cuenca

Take Anonymous Posters With A Grain Of Salt – Part 2

On Friday, Nov.19, there was a post from Teresa Durrant entitled, “Take Anonymous Posters With A Grain Of Salt”. A woman obviously fed up with the rude, crude, nasty, mean spirited, obnoxious comments from gringos who feel it is their right to insult and defecate on the people who use this site to post helpful information to the expat community. I applaud Teresa Durrant for her bravery and honesty in bringing this issue to light.


Mercado Libre purchase gone bad

Just wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with using the online shopping site Mercado Libre?

We transferred funds from JEP to Bank of Pichincha but have not received our item.

Any suggestions on how to report this issue would be appreciated. Share your experiences please.

Thank you for your help.


Power of Attorney (Registro Civil)

I’m a US born citizen and earlier in the year received my dual citizenship in Ecuador. However, I need them to correct my name on my Ecuadorian birth certificate and the consulate told me that it can only be changed from the Registro Civil in Ecuador. Since I am in and live in the US, I can only do this via a power of attorney with someone in Ecuador. I can ask a family member to be my POA but I was told that there is a specific template for a letter that my family member can use to make the change on my behalf.

Would anyone know of or have the letter/template I can use in Spanish to enable my family member to act on my behalf on Ecuador at the Registro Civil?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,


City: Cuenca

Take anonymous posters with a grain of salt

As an expat living in Cuenca for nearly 10 years, I am always surprised at the level of snarkiness found in some of the comments to questions found on this site. Most of them are from people posting anonymously and several act like they are experts on everything.

By far the majority of expats are helpful and leading productive lives in this wonderful city. Don’t get put off by nasty ones that hide who they are.

Teresa Durrant

City: Cuenca

Considering a move to Ecuador

Hi! I am an American looking to relocate next summer or fall. Looking for recommendations for visa lawyer, moving company, realtor, and such. I have a small amount of stuff to ship from the States; trying to get it smaller. Probably stay in a furnished place until I find what I’m looking for, then move to an unfurnished. Looking at Vilcabamba or another warm area, but a reasonable distance from Cuenca. Don’t need beach. Have small pets. Would like a vibrant community with some amenities but prefer not to be in a high rise. Need a walkable area or good transit to stores, etc. Any recommendations greatly appreciated!


Travel from Guayaquil to Cuenca

Planning a trip to Ecuador flying into Guayaquil. What is the best way to get to Cuenca? Can you recommend a car/taxi service?


Salsa dancing in Cuenca

Anyone know a bar/disco for salsa dancing for a crowd that’s a bit older? With, say, a fair number of people north of 40-50? Thanks. — Greg


Internet banking log in problems

I am unable to log into the enlinea services of JEP as well as Cooperco.

Is anyone else having the same problem?

For JEP I get an internal server error message and for Cooperco I get a privacy error message as if the system has been hacked.

I am not in Ecuador right now and wanted to check the balance in my accounts. The mobile application for JEP is not working either.

I did read about the Banco Pichincha cyber attack. Have these cooperativas been affected as well? A bit worried…

Appreciate any advice or feedback.


Expat Cuenca

JEP Bank cut their service to pay the water bill

Where do I go to pay the water bill? Is there a water company? JEP said to find another cooperative bank to pay it. Does anyone know of the coop bank called CREA? It has some interesting architecture from a nationwide call for a design. Very nice. But where do I pay the water bill for my rented condo?


Suzanne Cerny

Acupuncture for chronic cervical disease?

I would like to know if anyone with cervical pain and chronic condition has benefited from acupuncture and if there is an acupuncture provider in Cuenca. Thanks for any input.

Dodd Sheikh WhatsApp +1 310 404 6972

Collecting CDs that you no longer use

Hello everybody. We are collecting CDs that you no longer use and you want to get rid of.

You can leave them at Huma, at Luis Cordero and Presidente Cordova next to Movistar. Another place is Garasa, at Calle Larga and Vargas Machuca. If you have a lot of CDs we can go to your house too.

Besides that, we invite you to check the exhibition that we have at the moment at Huma. From small things, clothing, small sculptures to furniture and lighting.

We are opened from 10 AM to 7 PM, from Monday to Saturday.

Pablo: 099 830 0338. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Proof of vaccination?

Has anyone used a copy of their proof of vaccination on their phone to get the booster? Or is the original required?

Ted Behr:

Attempting a 4×4 import using various courier services

It’s great Ecuador removed the $42 tariff on import Category B, items less than $400 and weighing less than 4kg, AKA 4×4. But try creating an order of multiple items that complies from the courier’s perspective, which is an order must arrive to them in a single package. When was the last time your Amazon order of multiple items was shipped in a single package? Here’s my experience:

Clickbox: Advertises their rate is $40 for 4×4. But the fine print they don’t talk about is a package consolidation fee of $30, bringing the rate up to their per pound fee. They do order management via email and your total is unknown until you pick it up or have it delivered. Clickbox used to provide excellent service when they started. With my last order last week, they didn’t even bother to contact me that it was in. I just showed up in their office because WhatsApp texts and emails, politely composed in Spanish, went unanswered.


Question about debit card

We just moved here and am wondering if I can use my Charles Schwabb debit card at Coral and/or Supermaxi without them charging a fee? Thanks,


City: Cuenca

October 26, 27 meetings?

Good morning. I read the many announcements about the meeting that was to share a “new” law (that you may never have heard of), requiring residents of Ecuador to disclose their world-wide assets to the SRI. Unfortunately, I was out of province, and unable to attend. I’ve asked some attendees (including a local accountant), what this means to ordinary expats, but am still left with unanswered concerns.

I’d like to hear your conclusions.

Sieg Braun

Authentication of documents in Canada?

I will be needing a legalized certificate of marriage to obtain my Ecuador cedula. I have hired a facilitator but is unable to answer the following question:

Will the consulate in Ottawa accept for legalization a marriage certificate that is authenticated by my province rather than from foreign affairs?

I tried emailing and calling the consulate many times and they do not reply to mail or return calls.

Foreign affairs has a 35 business day processing time and the province is only 5 days.

Anyone have experience with this?



City Hall and condos?

There are municipal laws regarding condos. How does one get an appointment with the City Hall attorney regarding very serious problems with same?


Returning to Cuenca Nov. 27

My wife is returning to Cuenca Nov. 27. She has room to bring your items for $12/lb with 1 lb. minimum. Computer is $150, Cell phone is $100. Your purchase(s) need to arrive no later than Nov. 25.


5% exit tax?

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to withdraw a CD from my bank here in Ecuador. Has anyone heard any news on the removal of the 5% exit tax?


Left my phone in Taxi… ugh

Samsung S3, I believe. Black. Can’t think of anything else to say.

Rode from Batan to La Isla Saturday – 11 AM.

Know it’s a hopeless cause, but really need the chips. boohoo.

Thanks. Obviously contact by email…

Tanya: .

City: Cuenca

Taxi rip-offs or new law?

Sunday I took two taxis. The meters registered $2 each upon arrival at my destination. I gave each $5 and both gave me $2 change. When I said that was not correct, one responded “Gasolina.” Is there a new law adding $1 to taxi fares for gasoline?


Rain and more rain…?

I keep on looking at the weather forecast for Cuenca from afar. Does the sun ever come out? Is it like Seattle weather?


Homemade recipes to kill ants and other insects

I came across these natural and simple recipes to kill ants and other insects using Borax. I specifically want to kill teeny tiny little black sugar ants.

How to kill ants with Borax – A Deadly Ant Killer Recipe

Borax is not a quick fix that gets rid of ants immediately, but because of its slower workings, it is a more effective and long-term home remedy. Borax works by gradually killing the ants after they ingest it, and because most ants bring back the fruits of their labor to their colony to feed their larvae and their queen, this method of using borax will kill the ants and destroy the colony from the inside out.


Booster shot information, what and where…

People over 65 years of age who have been fully vaccinated at least six months ago will receive an Astra Zenica booster shot. Everybody will receive Astra Zenica, irrespective of previously received vaccinations.

Booster shots can be obtained at the following Centros de Salud of the MSP: Pumapungo, Paraiso, Mariano Estrella, Carlos Elizalde, Nicanor Merchan, Parque Iberia, Ricauerte, San Joaquin Nr. 2.

Source: El Periodico del Ecuador

Eric Fraterman:

City: Cuenca

Where can I get the Covid-19 booster?

I have read that the booster shot is now available for 65 and over yet am having a hard time finding any info on where to go to get the shot. Can anyone help me out with this info?

Joe Gallwitz

Automatic change machine locations?

Having been in Cuenca for a few weeks, I often find myself in need of change and the Auto Suelto machines of the Banco de Ecuador where you can insert a $20 bill and get it changed into coins without any deduction of any commission are extremely useful, but does anyone have a list of the locations of them the all?

The ones I have discovered on my own are as follows; there does not seem to be an online list of locations:

1. Mall de Rio, close to patio de comidas.
2. Mercado el Arenal, close to puerta #5.
3. Banco de Ecuador, next to Pumapongo museum.
4. Terminal Terrestre, close to bus exit gates.
5. Mercado 10 de Agosto, close to Calle Larga exit on ground floor.

As far as I am concerned none of them are particularly conveniently located and it is quite annoying to travel to one only to find that the red light is flashing, meaning that it is already out of coin. If there are more, I would like to add them to my list.

Does anyone know of any other locations?

Jonathan Mason

Podiatry office in Cuenca

There is or was an office of limited podiatry on Remigio Crespo. Does anyone know where that might be? Thanks for your help.


JEP 5-day advance notice

Monthly planner shows notification due tomorrow for mature document. How does one do this? I don’t wish to roll it over again. I messaged and mailed JEP and get no response. Thanks for your help.


Gas cylinders

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of the Municipio mandated music, the gas cylinder guys could play music with traditional Andean flutes, like the Rondador?

James KPolk: .

City: Cuenca

The Cyclovia

As an avid cyclist I was really looking forward to the new Cyclovia. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to use it.

The Cyclovia is a “U” shaped concrete trough. Once a cyclist is in it there’s no way to immediately get out of it due to the high concrete borders with square corners.

This is an unsafe design as it is but when you add pedestrians, joggers, toddlers on bikes with training wheels etc., it’s too dangerous for a cyclist to use.

Thanks but no thanks.

The Cyclist

City: Cuenca

Lantam Airlines Luggage Limit?

Has anyone flown Lantam recently from Quito to Cuenca lately? Are there luggage minimums? Can you pay for extra? Thank you for any help.


Gas cylinders

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of the Municipio mandated music, the gas cylinder guys could play old Rock & Roll?


City: Cuenca

New ATM requirement?

Today I went to Banco Pachincha for ATM; the first time since the big problem occurred. After accepting my password, it demanded pin number. Have done business at this location for years, never had one. Have not been notified of any such by the bank. Have you?


My Facebook account has been “locked”, has this happened to others?

My Facebook account has been “locked”, has this happened to others?

I followed several of the Ecuador groups there and received some great information but now, with my account being locked, this is my only venue for info and while it’s very informative, much of the time, it also is limited to mostly what’s going on in and around Cuenca. Cuenca is a fine place, no doubt about that but I won’t be in Cuenca for a while yet and I’m not so sure that Cuenca will be my only or final destination. Even for a small country, Ecuador still is a pretty big place, all in all.

So, my question or request today is where else can I find information about what else goes on in Ecuador and especially about expat goings on in other parts of Ecuador. I’m arriving in Quito next week and I had a lot of information about volunteer opportunities there in Quito that are now beyond my reach due to my account having been locked.

If you have knowledge or suggestions that you think I might be able to use, please pass them along. I don’t know if mine was a random incident or what may have caused such an action to have taken place but from looking on the internet, I see that I’m not alone in experiencing such a “lockdown”.

Thank to you all, in advance!


City: Quito

Here we come

We are leaving this Wed. to check out Quito, Cuenca and Manta. First stop will be this Thursday and Friday in Quito and we were wondering if anyone would like to meet that morning for coffee and a chat. Would like to hear about your experiences; good, bad and ugly. Also looking for an English-speaking person with a car who would like to serve as tour guide for Saturday. We heard that most everything was closed on Sunday. We are 60 plus couple from Palm Springs, CA. After (if?) we recover from elevation we will be keen for hiking, biking, shopping and learning Spanish.

Let us know if any of this sounds fun. I am a retired nurse and my partner is a producer for a TV show, not yet retired but that is the plan for next year.

Thanks much, have a great week.


Trip to Molleturo

As some of you already know, the group “Keep Cuenca Beautiful” has been invited to collaborate with helping to paint the school house at a small hamlet in the Molleturo area, however, the first plan had to be suspended due to external circumstances. Now we are planning on going this next Saturday, October 23rd.

Please, all volunteers interested contact JT Neira at 098 662 8710 the latest by Wednesday because, due to regulations, there is a limited number of seats and to learn the details.

JT Neira: 098 662 8710. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

2020 Ecuador tax forms online

The last several years I have been able to find a precalculated (SRI) version of my Ecuadorian taxes, I could just submit. Can’t seem to find this for 2020. Can you point me in the right direction?

Sharon Walker: .

City: Cuenca

Internet service?

Moving to new apartment that has fiber optic wiring. Which is best internet service?


US supply chain…

I’ve been hearing awful thing about the US supply chain. How are things looking there? Has anyone come from the US recently? A worried expat here… Thanks.


Volleyball on Sundays

I love volleyball (especially for a guy who is well under 6 feet tall), but I was just wondering, do they still require masks?

I love the sport, but I can’t play it with an oxygen-depriving mask over my nose and mouth. Does anyone know if they still require this to play?

Andrew Coonce

City: Cuenca

IESS enrollment question

I received my cedula less than a month ago, and would like to apply to enroll in IESS. I have made multiple attempts to enroll online, but each time it seems to fail and hang up close to the end of the process (after receiving a code number in the email or after clicking to say that I accept the payment of $x per month.)

Could this be because I am applying prematurely and must wait three months after receiving the cedula before starting the application process? Perhaps they have no message to say that the application for registration is premature, so it just hangs up? Or is it another problem?

Anyone have any ideas or experience of this?

Also how are the payments made? The application process so far has not asked to have a payment method input by me, so I don’t know if it will accept an overseas (US) debit or credit card, but, I am planning to open an account with JEP, so the issue may be moot.

Jonathan Mason


Is Frank still at the Sunrise Café?


Importing hearing aids?

Have you recently purchased hearing aids from a vendor outside Ecuador and had them shipped to you here, specifically not “muled” in but shipped direct to you or to the DHL office for pickup? If so, did you encounter any problems with customs and/or were there any import duties/ taxes/ fees imposed?


Dogs transport?

Hi Expats,

I am trying to get my dogs into Ecuador. Someone told me that only the airport in Guayaquil offers this type of service because they have a veterinarian on site. I’d rather use Quito.

Jorge A Alva Ferrando: magicJack (803) 883 7085. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Outside of Ecuador

Pfizer booster (third) shots

Has anyone gotten a Pfizer booster shot here in Cuenca? If yes, where and how did you get the shot. I got my first two shots in the USA 7 months ago. Thanks.


Resident visa and state background check

I am wondering if the recent changes in immigration laws have done away with the requirement to submit state background check in addition to FBI check to apply for resident visa. Appreciate feedback,

Dodd Sheikh: Whatsapp +1 310 404 6972


Pickleball courts in Cuenca! Real pickleball courts with glass enclosed courts. West side of Cuenca about a 5 minute walk from la Glorietta!

Tim Murphy: .

City: Cuenca

Penelope is alive and well in America

Dear friends, I am alive and well in America. My father is in very, very poor health, so I left in a big hurry to be at his side. As the old Peter, Paul and Mary song goes, “Leavin’ on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

Penelope Ellis

City: Cuenca

Pokemon Go in Cuenca

Are there any Pokemon Go players in Cuenca? I’ll be there in Nov. looking for raid, hunting Pokemon, gyms, Pokestops and some good exercise.

I’m a new player but enthusiastic about the game.

Lemme know please,

Terry David Doyle: 098 952 5638. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Medicine donations

I recall someone soliciting donations of unused medicines for a community clinic/pharmacy?

I just got out of hospital with medicines tried and rejected, some full packs. Seems someone needs them and knows how to honestly distribute them.

Please be in touch.

Doreen Dvorin


Does anyone know of a lab doing Non-invasive PCR tests for flights out of EC?



Advice needed for our trip to Ecuador

We are looking for some advice:

1. Are there immunizations we need such as hepatitis a or yellow fever before we visit? Or malaria? We are visiting Quito, Cuenca and the coast.
2. nay items that you wish you had brought to Ecuador?

Brad and Sandra

Brad Wallin

New visa information

Looking for information on the new regularization of visas for foreigners whose visas have expired. They have started the process for Venezuelans, but I need information for other nationalities.


Banco Pichincha online banking

Good morning,

I’d like to be able to see my savings account transactions online.

But when I login on my tablet, the only webpages I can access are the My Products pages.

At least I can click on transfers (on the My Products page) to see my balance. That is, it shows the amount I have available to transfer.

How can I access the webpage that shows my actual activity?

I asked at the branch, but what they showed me to do on their desktop computer doesn’t work on my tablet.

Many thanks,


ISO curry leaves

I’d like to try out an Indian recipe that is calling for black mustard seed and fresh curry leaves. Are these available in town?



RT-PCR test for travel (test at home)

I need a RT PCR test report that is valid for international travel.

Is there someplace offering these tests at home? Not the rapid test or antigen test but the specific PCR test that’s required for entry to most countries.

Also, is the saliva-based RT PCR test report accepted as valid for travel? Do the test reports mention the method of taking the sample—want to be sure so as not to have any problems at the airport. And is there any clinic offering this (saliva based) test at home?

Thank you for leaving your responses in the comment section.

Expat Cuenca

Can anyone tell us your experience using “Tiendamia”?

This is a service using eBay, Amazon, Walmart and Macy’s to buy online from here and have whatever you buy delivered to your residence here in Ecuador. I’m wondering if some expats can relate their experience using Tiendamia, such as time you had to wait for a delivery, etc.

Thank you,

Douglas Lynberg

Private health insurance

I have been living in the Santa Elena area for the last year while in the process of soliciting my temporary residency visa, which I got a week ago (yay!) and am planning to relocate to Cuenca next week to find somewhere more permanent to live.

The next stage in the documentation process is to obtain a cedula, and for that I need health insurance prior to making the application.

As I intend to switch to IESS as soon as possible, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendation for a policy to use as a stop gap that is not too expensive? I am not looking for the name of an insurance agent or visa agent, but a specific recommendation insurance company or policy for a person aged 70 who speaks Spanish with moderate, but by no means perfect fluency.

I do already have a travel insurance policy (SafetyWings), but I am not sure if that is usable for purposes of demonstrating insuredness to the Registro Civil.

Would appreciate any ideas or comments?

Jonathan Mason

El Mundo Organico

Does anyone know if El Mundo Organico has closed? Suddenly, about a month ago, there was no acknowledgement of an order, and no response to texts since then.

Brahmi Ishaya

4 x 4 tax on packages

Is it true that Lasso has done away with the 4 x 4 tariff on packages brought into Ecuador by couriers like DHJ and UPS?

Joseph F Tana: .

City: Cuenca

What do chronic pain sufferers here do?

I have a friend that is considering a move to Ecuador. They take codone-type pain meds for chronic pain management, and have concerns about availability here. (They know they would need to select a doctor/specialist). I’ve lived here a year and it seems only Tramadol is available (I think). Are there any expats dealing with chronic pain management that can provide some information as to what meds are available?

Thanks in advance,

Cindy G

Gringo gatherings?

I read on a forum that there are meetups on Fridays at 6 at both Zoe’s and Eucalyptus. We went looking and found neither of these places. What’s up with that?


Shipping pets back to US?

Has anyone or is anyone shipping their pets back to the US right now? Since they can’t be shipped on the plane in cargo and with this ridiculous CDC embargo has anyone been able to find a way to get them back?


Question regarding bringing items into Quito airport from abroad

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone thinks I would have an issue if I were to bring a small air fryer oven with me in my luggage through customs at the Quito airport. It is not brand-new if that makes any difference. I would be bringing it for my personal use, not to sell.

Nervous Nick


I ordered one item and when the package from Servi Entrega arrived, it was a bottle of supplements and not my shoes. This is the third time I have had a problem with my order and I have complied with all APshipping rules. I have emailed Pam several times in the last few days and have received ZERO responses from her, seems like she is trying to avoid answering me. She just received about $200 worth of items for me from Amazon and I have asked if they arrived, she has chosen not to respond to this request also. Hopefully they are still a viable business. Has anyone else had any problems lately?


Living in Yunguilla?

Our huge garage sale continues this week at Esperanza Thrift Shop and Hogar de Esperanza. We will be in Yunguilla this week to pick up donations, so if you have things you wish to donate, we would be happy to pick them up at that time.

Join us at Juan Montalvo 8-18 and Mariscal Sucre for this garage sale and visit our Thrift Shop and Expat Services Center, daily from 10 AM to 4 PM. If you have things to donate, please contact us. Thank you for your support.

Jeenner Angulo: 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Claro contact

Does anyone have a good contact number for Claro cell phone company that they use?


Missed phone calls

Good morning,

Is there an Ecuador reverse phone number lookup website to see who called ones’ smartphone?

Thank you,


Leylah Fernandez – Ecuadorian father – in US Open Semi Final

Was interested to learn that this young player from Montreal, Canada has an Ecuadorian father.
His name is Jorge and he was a soccer player in Ecuador. Her mother is from the Phillipines.
She has now advanced to the semi-finals at just 18.


Wooden dowel rods

I am looking for dowel rods appx. 1/8 to 1/4 inch in diameter.

Evan and Gary: .

City: Cuenca


I’m sure many of you have recommended dentists before, so I’m hoping you can do so now. I just need a regular checkup and cleaning, and I want someone English-speaking. Can anyone recommend please?


City: Cuenca

Attorney in Quito

Looking for an attorney in Quito knowledgeable in real estates closing.

Samir: 096 841 1177. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Quito (capital)

Experiences with building or renovating houses/apartments in Cuenca

Hello Cuenca Expats, 

I am working on an article (or article series) concerning the expat experience with building or renovating a house or apartment in Ecuador, with particular emphasis on Cuenca and Azuay province, and I need your help. If you have had experience with building or renovating a house or apartment in or around Cuenca, may I interview you? I am interested in what you were trying to accomplish, the challenges you encountered during the process, and any tips you would like to share that I might include in the article. Challenges with design, construction project management, obtaining materials and qualified workers, people management issues, permitting, legal, and regulation issues, all are of interest. 

Some assurances: I won’t “reveal my sources” or name names (expat or suppliers) in the article, nor will I trash the Ecuadorian building profession. My objective is to create a useful summary of issues for prospective expat builders to consider. Later, as it seems appropriate, I may request recommendations of architects, project managers, sub-contractors, etc. with whom expats have had a good experience. 

In summary, I want to do a good job on this topic, and your willingness to spend a bit of time with me on the phone, or if you prefer, to respond to a list of questions via email, would be most helpful and vastly appreciated. 


Harry Watkins 

Please contact me at with your preferred contact method/time. Thanks again!

Harry Watkins:

Machala Immigration Office

Does anybody know anything about the visit registration there? If so, please share.

Thank you,


Need a licensed and bribe-proof professional electrician

Looking for a licensed (is there such a thing in Ecuador?), and bribe-proof electrician to inspect my wiring and make recommendations to my landlord, company and me. WhatsApp me at 093 905 0283. Gracias.


Social Security mail for you in the downtown Post Office (?)

Just a helpful notice: I finally checked my Post Office Box in the downtown Post Office (still shut down, but two clerks were inside), and there were two envelopes addressed to my mailbox from the SSA (Office of International Operations in Baltimore, MD). The helpful clerk then pulled out a stack of about 30 other similar mail addressed to other gringos, to see if there was any more mail for me (and there indeed was a third such envelope for me, and all were income tax statements). Also, when I offered to pay for any back-rent due for my mailbox, he said not now, and to continue waiting until the government decides what to do with the postal system here.

Bartley Dalfonso

City: Cuenca