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Is this typical of EC males?

Recently I ran an ad here for a personal assistant for a specified number of hours one day/week. I invested a great deal of time in the interview and on-the-job training every week. Every work day was very stressful, with much less than the usual business and groceries taken care of for which he was receiving the full pay. The third day, after giving him the record $55 he asked, the 30-year-old male told me, “I am worth much more than $10/hr. and you are able to pay it,” never mind that he had agreed to the $10/hr. (Try telling that to a business for a certain paying job, though I am simply an elderly widow.) We worked 52 years with no help of any kind, living within our means, and I now share most of my modest income with family and the extremely poor here and in other countries. Question: Is this attitude typical of most males here?


Houseware stores

Hi, I’m new to Cuenca. Does anyone have any insider recommendations for stores that sell housewares, like dishes, etc., that are not Sukasa or Coral?

Thank you!


Digital camera repair/cleaning

Any recommendations for quality work? Several different kinds of models and manufacturers. Thanks in advance.

Reid Tanner. or here.

Honest health insurance provider?

Once again…
I was duped by dishonest insurance providers. It gets tiring. Can anyone suggest an honest broker who won’t include dubious disclaimers, ever changing premium payment dates, and coverage that actually covers what you ask for.

I realize financial services (hidden fees) and insurance carriers (disclaimers galore) are inherently dishonest, but I’m hoping there is at least one honest broker in this industry.

Thank you

Jerry Straka:

City: Cuenca

Reservations needed for Ingapirca?

Does anyone know if reservations are needed now for Ingapirca? I remember there being talk about it months or maybe a year ago? But can’t remember what the decision was. Thanks in advance.

Reid Tanner:

Recommendations for Urologist in Cuenca

Has anyone had a good experience with an Urologist? I
Need some tests done.

Robyn: .

City: Cuenca

Canned salmon – where to purchase?

Hello there,

Does anyone know where I could buy canned salmon? We used to purchase it all the time at Supermaxi, however, they appear not to be stocking it at this time.



Best rooftop restaurant in el Centro for drinks and dinner?

Looking for recommendations for casual dinner with great views of nighttime Cuenca. Casual dress, jeans and sweater, etc. Moderately priced. I’m never downtown at night, so I’m at a loss.

Thanks in advance,

Reid Tanner.

Volunteer opportunity

Hello all,

I’m looking to volunteer my time and ability (whatever it may be) wherever I might be of the most use.

Could you please offer your suggestions?
Thank you for your help.

Roger: .

City: Cuenca

Is 90 minute layover sufficient to get through Quito customs?

My wife and I are visiting Cuenca the first week of January and I’m wondering what the typical timeframe is for getting through customs in Quito? My preferred flight from Miami lands in Quito at 8 PM and our connecting flight to Cuenca would leave at 9:30 PM.

I’ve been in touch with an expat who lives in Cuenca and he says that may not be enough time to get through customs.

We have the option of an overnight layover and taking the 5:30 AM flight into Cuenca, but of course we’d prefer to avoid the overnight layover. Any thoughts before we book would be appreciated. Thank you!


Fruit trees?

I am trying to find the best place to buy fruit trees in Cuenca and how much I should expect to pay per tree.

Kevin Hattaway

Cream cheese recommendation?

Dreaming of a cheesecake. Do you have a preference for a particular brand at SuperMaxi? (Not that I’ll be sharing…lol)


Shipping to the US

I’m in Cuenca until Oct 4 and I need to ship a 10 lb. box to the US the most economical way possible. Any suggestion? Thank you.


Looking to buy raw milk

Where and when can I purchase raw milk? Looking for locations near Las Americas and Ordonez Lasso or in el Centro.

I have seen the trucks around but never paid attention to their schedule.



Covid vaccine info

Have you recently received a Covid Vaccine booster? If yes, could you please share the location of the facility? I went to 2 Centro de Salud locations, the Military Hospital on 12 de Abril and to the one on Huayna Capac recently, and neither had vaccines, Sinovac nor Pfizer. Any help will be much appreciated.

Patricia Daugherty

Not an expat yet!

Hello there, and thanks so much for reading! I am seriously considering Cuenca and wanted to get some firsthand options as I am living in US but with Canadian Citizenship still.

Need some suggestions on:

1. Exploratory trip – how long to take and where to stay (with local and or expats) and maybe best season to come (I love the cold vs hot)

2. Housing suggestions (recommended areas to eventually buy)

3. Health care (any recommendations for general practitioner and specialists for diabetes as I have almost curated my A1c by myself…and GP.


City: Cuenca

Freight from Mexico?

Has anyone recently shipped personal belongings from Mexico to Ecuador? If you can provide any info it would be appreciated.

Shipping from San Cristobal area.

Charles Varga

Padre Pio Prayer Group

Is there one in Cuenca? Any Padre Pio devotees here who read his letters?


Question to direct deposit social security

Looking for information to direct deposit social security into an Ecuadorian bank or coopera. How can this be done and can it be done online?


The sound of freedom movie

Has the true story based film that exposes global human trafficking and tells the story of Operation Underground Railroad, been screened in Cuenca yet?

Any opinions?


Freight from Mexico

We’re cedulad but need to shut down a rental storage room in San Cristobal. Does anyone have any knowledge, thoughts or ideas on the best way to ship a half dozen medium size containers to Ecuador? If you have any suggestion please contact me.

Thank you

Charles Varga

Canadian in Cuenca

Good morning — I’m writing from Canada.

A very close friend purchased a house near Parque Monay in Cuenca about a year-and-a-half ago.

I know this is a long-shot, and perhaps out of left field, however, has anyone spoken to or become acquainted with a “Mike” from Canada in or around that neighborhood, lately?

He has been out of touch with us for a while, and we’re worried about his well-being.

Thank you.


Nursing homes?

Looking to move with my 81 yr. old mother (Alzheimer’s patient), wondering what and where are the choices of nursing homes? Or, is hiring a live-in psw/nurse more practical there?

Any info would be greatly appreciated! Moving from Canada and the cbdc mess.


Natural cosmetics/skin care

Is anyone familiar with locally Cuenca made or, an Ecuadorian brand that produces make up without all that pesky stuff in big brands like L’Oreal, Revlon etc.? I’m looking for a concealer and setting/finishing powder, primer oil if possible.

I’m also looking for herbal soaps, body oil (not lotion) and shampoos that aren’t heavily scented but rely on essential oils, and aren’t filled with preservatives. Anything along the lines of Aveda brand, or the goat milk based Zum bars.




Is there anything like Bustelo ground espresso in Cuenca?? I’m using a Francis electric machine. What do you recommend?


Copa Airlines question

Hi folks. Planning to travel from Toronto to Guayaquil in November. In the “travel requirements by destination” section for Ecuador, it says “Mandatory Facemask: Yes”. It does not appear to be a universal requirement, the others I checked indicated no.

Can any recent Copa travelers advise if they require masks on board? Thanks in advance.


Tourist visa question

Hello GringoPost friends and neighbors…

Here’s the situation:

I’m planning a trip back Jan 2, 2025

I have one month left on my tourist visa until April, 2025, but if I get an extension, then I can stay in-country until the end of April.

At that time, I thought to leave Ecuador, and go to Peru, so I have my exit stamp. Then, I would re-enter, on a new 90-day tourist visa.

Sounds good, right? My question is… how much time needs to lapse between leaving at the end of my 90-day extension period, and re-entering the country?

Where would you go to look for this information? Is there a government website that would have the current info? I know that they recently changed some of their visa requirements, and most of the sites I’ve looked at online have outdated information.

Please… tell me where to go (for information, that is! LOL)

Cindy Daly

Obtaining an Ecuadorian driver’s license?

Hello. My husband and I both need to get our Ecuadorian driver’s license. We both have valid US licenses. What is the quickest way to do this?

Also, can anyone recommend a facilitator that can help us with this?
WhatsApp: +1 719 766 1977

Thank you!

Katie Barlow

Christian Churches in Cuenca that are reformed

We know of one Reformed Baptist church in Cuenca that is bi-lingual. Are there any others such reformed churches that are Baptist or Presbyterian?


Cuenca – New York round-trip?

Can someone give me the latest update on what the airlines are doing? All I seem to find is conflicting information. I thought I read not too long ago that Avianca had added “direct” flights from Cuenca to NYC. Cuenca-Quito, Quito-New York. But I can’t find them.

Is New York to Guayaquil, land travel to Cuenca a better option? Thanks.

Reid Tanner: or respond here.

Ecuadorian hospitality

I have always heard that Latin Americans are very warm and hospitable. However, since moving to Cuenca I have noticed that no one smiles or makes eye contact and people seem to be angry all the time. Is this a Cuenca thing or an Ecuadorian thing?

Kevin Hattaway

Ave. Heroes de Verdeloma

I am new to Cuenca and looking at a rental north of El Centro in Ave. Heroes of Verdeloma area. Does anyone have any info on this area? Pros and cons of this area?

Kevin Hattaway

Home cleaning cost

I am trying to get an estimate for a cost to have someone clean our home. We have a 2 story 3-bedroom place.

Any experiences with an approximate hourly rate we can expect? I know there are many different factors that can vary the price, only looking for ballpark costs.

Thanks in advance,



Is semaglutide available here? What is the price?


Income taxes in Ecuador?

I am having a heck of a time finding accurate information on income taxes in Ecuador. I’ve literally found opposite information, much of it from tax agencies and “relocation” specialists.

If a foreigner moves to Ecuador and earns foreign income (let’s say from an online job in the US), do they need to pay Ecuadorian income taxes if they have a temporary or permanent Ecuadorian resident visa?

It’s so confusing because many sources say no and others say if you live in Ecuador over 6 months you have to pay income tax on any earned income whether it is earned in Ecuador or outside of Ecuador.

Dee Knowes

Reliable plumber

I am looking for a good reliable plumber for a simple job. Does anyone have a recommendation for me? I looked on best of GringoPost, but there is no plumber. Thank you!

Susan Arlitt

Things I cannot find in Cuenca:

Dried chiles in Cuenca? (other than aji), I cannot locate guajillo or any others (I know this isn’t Mexico).

Chorizo molido (non-salchicha). I’d like to find it ground, or request it be ground, rather than in sausage form. At farmers mercado it seems to be available only in sausage form (?).

Thanx in advance.

Jeraldo Lawrencio

Coastal town for kids?

My wife and I are moving to Ecuador in 2 months with 2 small kids (2 and 4), and 2 cats. We’re looking to live in a quieter coastal town like Monteverde. Which coastal towns have more kids where our kids can make friends?

Appreciate any suggestions!

Daniel Hixon

Hopping borders

Bouncing from country to country every 90-180 days instead of doing the immigration song-and-dance for temp residency? Is that even possible, or legal? I’d love to spend 90-180 days in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Mx., etc. I’m just not ready to settle-in at this very time. Thanx in advance.

Jeraldo Lawrencio

Libra vs kilo?

Libra vs Kg? why do some vendors use one over the other? I usually see Kg in Supermercado and Libra in farmers mercados. Just curious.

Thanx in advance,

Jeraldo Lawrencio

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