Condo mgr

Does anyone have the email address for Liz, the administration manager at Condominio Terrazas on 3 de Novimbre?



Getting a Tranvia pass in Cuenca

I have been trying for seven weeks to buy a Tranvia, and bus pass at the Feria Libre Tranvia stop, and at the airport. I have made seven efforts, with no success. The attendant cannot say why they are not selling them, or when they would. Has anyone had success in the past week, or know anyone who has? Knowledge shared is good! Thanks!



Is it possible to go to Azogues and get a few questions answered without an appointment?
If now, how to get an appointment?
Still need vax papers to go in?


Instructions for Tranvia

Not everyone can read Spanish, but I have a useful app on my phone that can take a photograph of something and instantly translate into English. Here is an example. This might be useful if you have friends visiting.

Jonathan Mason

Question about Cedula renewal

Greetings and well wishes.

My EC cedula expires in a few months. I do not like to procrastinate; do not want to wait until then to renew it. I found information on the Registro Civil and websites, but there is contradictory info.

1- Has anyone gone thru the process of renewing it recently in the Cuenca area?
2- Are we allowed to do it early?

Any input/info will be greatly appreciated.



Can I change my permanent residence visa to an investment visa? I read with an investment there is no restriction on the length of time you can spend out of Ecuador



Can anyone make a recommendation for stem cell therapy in Cuenca?



Highly experienced ENT working this week?

ENT referred to prior to surgery offered 5 PM Monday. We could not make due to other urgent appt. No response upon explanation.

Anyone have another such one available this holiday week? (Please, no nasty, unhelpful remarks.)


QR coded Covid shots card

I have had all 3 Covid shots, but only have a card from the facility that administered the shots and it has no QR code. How/where can you get the QR coded card?


Do fully vaccinated travelers need PCR tests prior to entry to Ecuador?

Hi, We have been in the US since 3/17 for a wedding, returning on Tuesday 4/19. It appears on the Consulate website that at the end of March the COVID entry requirements to Ecuador were changed? The website now says that fully vaccinated travelers can present their vaccination card or a negative PCR within 72 hours. Can anyone verify this? We are both fully vaccinated, it would be great to be able to avoid getting the testing done before our return. Thank you,

Terri Nichols

Updating an electronic visa with the renewed passport number?

Has anybody with the new electronic version of the visa (you have a PDF of it) done this after renewing your passport and receiving a new number? This is not moving the sticker version of the permanent visa from the old to the renewed book. It’s updating the visa with the new passport number. Can you just show up to the Azogues office with both the old and new passport or is it a process that requires a facilitator?

Gary Maurer

Requirements for bringing dogs into Ecuador

If anyone has brought dogs into Ecuador, I really need some advice. There are two requirements that I need clarification on. First of all, a “tick and tapeworm test” is required 21 days prior to arrival. Do they mean a heartworm test? Even my USDA certified vet is confused about this one.

Secondly, I am supposed to send an email to Guayaquil Airport prior to arriving letting them know that I am bringing my dogs into the country. The paperwork even gives me the exact format the email should be in, in Spanish. However, it doesn’t state a time frame. Is it to be sent the day prior, a week before, etc.? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Sharyn Bergholt

Guitar circle

Does Cuenca have a guitar circle for practicing guitar? I’d love to join.


098 303 9681


Purchasing an auto?

What are the gotchas one need watch out for. I mean in the way of paperwork. I used to wrench so mechanical ability is not where I lack. Just haven’t purchased here and I see a lot of ads where claiming no fines or… ? Any advice welcomed.

Randy Church

Wide shoes?

I have wide feet. 2E US size. I know that one can have shoes made, but does anyone know where one can buy wide tennis or other informal shoes?


Jonathan Haas

Do you use Google Fi to maintain a US phone number?

I recently received an email from Google Fi telling me my international data roaming was suspended. I’m actually not sure what that means since I can still receive calls and texts (for now).

I use Nord VPN, but that apparently didn’t work. Google figured it out and now I’m on some sort of list.

What phone services do people use here in Ecuador to maintain a US number? If using Google Fi, have you had your international data roaming suspended? What exactly does that mean and is there any way around it?


Aaron W

Cotopaxi Volcano from Ambato…

Hello. I’ll be in Ambato with a friend for a few days later this April. We’d like to do a day trip to Cotopaxi Volcano. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Any good tours that start in Ambato? I haven’t had much luck online as they seem to all start in Quito. Thank you!


Paying property taxes

Hi, wondering what happens if you are late with property taxes. We tried to pay online but could not.log in.

We are in Canada and will not be back in Cuenca before Nov. So our 2022 taxes are not paid.

What are the penalty’s and is there any danger in them seizing the property for unpaid taxes?

Also our car is in storage. The same thing applies to it. it was due to renew in Feb.


Electric fences, guard dogs, motion detectors for home security?

Good morning,

Can electric fences be circumvented, by shorting them or by other means?

Can dogs easily be taught not to eat food from strangers?

How foolproof is a motion detection system that alerts a home security company to immediately dispatch security personnel?

Thank you,


How to make an appointment to meet with US Embassy

I need to renew my passport and want to meet the US consulate representative when he visits Cuenca. What is the best way to contact the consulate to set up an appointment? Appointments are required for a meeting.

Martin P Doherty

City: Cuenca

Anyone else having trouble signing in to TurboTax?

When I access the sign-in page I get this message: “Oops! We ran into an issue. Please try again later.” I receive the same message even when using different browsers. Thanks for your input.

David Naccari: .

City: Cuenca

Relocating with my dog

Hi, I am relocating to Cuenca in April, 2022, with my dog and needed some information. I am flying out of Miami, Florida into Guayaquil , after getting several quotes from transportation companies that I thought were pretty high, I contacted Avianca cargo myself and wanted to know if anyone else has recently transported their large animal and crate with Avianca cargo to Ecuador. Any tips, suggestions on how they handled this would be appreciated.


Sean Doherty: WhatsApp 1 941 232 8046

Rent increase at lease renewal

I rent an unfurnished house far from the prime neighborhoods in Cuenca. Recently I asked my abogado to inform the homeowner, who bought the house as rental income, that I wish to renew a lease for another year at the same rent. When I moved in, the owner was reluctant to repair inexpensive cosmetic damage done by the family of the previous owner, repairs we expect as part of preparing the property for its first tenant. I took that as his stance that he was not going to put money into this property beyond unavoidable repairs. I accepted a security system that no longer worked and he claimed he could not afford to replace. I spent my own money doing low-cost upgrades to things like ceiling lights. I deposit my rent into his bank account.


No more appointments for JEP?

Have heard JEP no longer works with appointments; you must take a number and wait. Is this true? And for disabled?


Battery replacement for Samsung mobile phone

I have a Samsung S10+ phone and thinking ahead – should I get the battery replaced in the States or will I be fine waiting to have the battery replaced in Cuenca? BTW, battery replacement is not simple or routine – a negative for this phone.

Does anyone have any idea if batteries are easy to find at a reasonable price in Cuenca? I can get replacement batteries for less than $20 on Amazon for example.



Covid boosters

Does anyone know if the clinics/hospitals are offering 4th round boosters. If so, where?

Reid Tanner

Trying to understand Tourist Visa Extension

If I enter Ecuador on Jan. 1, my tourist visa allows me to stay 90 days until Mar 31. If I am granted a 90-day extension, I can continue to stay until Jun 29. Assuming I then leave Ecuador on Jun 29, when can I reenter Ecuador after that using just the tourist visa? Thank you,


Bringing a large dog from Guayaquil airport

Have any of you had experience bringing a large dog in a crate from the airport in Guayaquil to Cuenca? If so do you have a recommendation for that service? Also, any tips or suggestions?

Thank you!


Facilitator in Quito?

Looking to buy a car in Quito, and wondering if you have any recommendations. We could also buy in Guayaquil – any thoughts on which city would be better?


Paul Huckans

Visa info

When I received my permanent residency visa, in 2016 the law was you could be out of the country five years. The new law is two years. Am I grandfathered under the old law or subject to the new law?

Gracias Bill


Football tickets

Does anyone know where I can get/purchase Ecuador vs Argentina tickets for upcoming game?


How dangerous is Cuenca?

Hi all. I am currently visiting Cuenca for the first time after doing years of research about this place. I will admit up front that my Spanish is limited. I guess I am hoping that you all might be able to help me understand your approach to living here. So, I have met and interacted with very many simply lovely Ecuadorians in the week that I have been visiting. But I also feel like I have a gringo target on my back everywhere I go. Also I see every house with bars on the windows and fenced and walled houses with broken glass on top and barbed wire.

I have been approached every day that I’ve been here by people asking me for money. There are armed security guards with pistols everywhere. So, again, I have met so many truly kind and generous and helpful people here, but I feel like there is this other side of the coin. Do you just kind of get used to it and not register after a while? Do you just have to accept as an expat that there are trade-offs to living in a county that’s not your own? I keep wondering if I should anticipate the other shoe dropping. How do you feel about this? Am I overreacting? Any words of advice? Thank you,

Karl: .

City: Cuenca

Looking for Abogada Elizabeth contact info

I am looking for contact information — preferably email — for Abogada Elizabeth — I believe her full name is: Karina Elizabeth Sanmartin Alvarado. We have a friend who had to return to the US, got stuck there, and has had to replace her phone, which meant she lost her Ecuador contacts. Thank you for your kind assistance. Please WhatsApp if you can help with info —
097 925-4877.

Carol Huntington

Covid-19 vaccines not registered in computer

If you have a problem with your vaccine records not showing up on the computer so that you cannot print out a certificate (which you might need to go to the Galapagos, for example), perhaps because you did not have a cedula at the time of the first vaccination, or they made an error entering your passport or cedula number, you can get this fixed.

Go to the office of Vigilancia (=surveillance/monitoring) at the health ministry just a hundred yards down the hill from the Pumapungo museum building (same building as the Centro de Salud (health center), and they can sort it out for you.

Take any necessary documents with you, i.e. passport if at all relevant, cedula, and all vaccination cards in your possession.

Jonathan Mason

Medical Insurance

I was diagnosed with Covid-19 a month ago. I sequestered mostly. I developed a cough and really stayed home. Friends did my grocery shopping for me. After steadily getting worse I decided I needed to see a doctor. As luck would have it my symptoms came to a head on a Sunday evening. The ambulance showed up and the tech did a few quick tests and said “Put your shoes on”. We started looking for an ICU room. They contacted my agent Mady Gonzales. She began making calls to find me an ICU room. It took over an hour. She finally did find one and the ambulance literally took off. I now know why they strap in their patients. We went to Hospital Del Rio. The doctor that tended me said I may have one of the last few such rooms in a city of 400,000. He also said that if I had waited a few more days the outcome would have been different.

Did I mention that all of this happened on a Sunday evening? I was admitted at 10 PM. Mady was hard at work until I was safely in the hospital. When it comes to her people she has no “hours”. Mady does not have clients. Mady does not have customers. Mady makes friends. Although she denies it, I credit her with saving my life.

George Houghton

One expat’s suggestion to the community regarding visa processes

Let me preface this by saying, I’m no legal expert. I’m simply just another expat caught up in the process of making sure I stay ‘legal’ in this wonderful country. When I first came here, I have to admit I had no idea of what the immigration laws were here other than what my attorney told me. I was only concerned with obtaining my TempRes visa, which I did. Later this year I will apply for permanency. During that time, I’ve noticed many, many posts regarding the subject of visas here and on other sites. It seems at times as though those processes are veiled in a shroud of secrecy. So, my suggestion is two-fold:

First, know the immigration law basics. It’s really not rocket science.

Two sources I would highly suggest reading/knowing are:

1. The Organic Laws On Human Mobility – they cover a lot of the immigration process. The link below has the most recent revisions (Feb 2021), my browser (MS Edge) auto-translates into English.

2. A recent executive decree which clarifies and refines some of those laws. It was recently published in Ecuador’s ‘Official Registry’, in doing so makes the decree in full force. Here is a link to it, in English:–1iThcpmW8wDw#pageNum=1

The second part of my suggestion is, get a professional, and more than just a rubber-stamp professional. Not just someone who is familiar with the law, but can actually go to court for you. In the States every governmental office is run by strict procedure, so if they say something it really is ‘the law’. But, here, the local immigration offices have either been given or taken a lot of liberties in how they do things. They were recently taken to court over a misapplication of the law (they lost, appealed, lost again). If your ‘professional’ can go no further than what the local office says, and your visa app gets rejected, was it worth the lower price?

Hope this helps, now it’s time for more coffee.

Cindy G: .

City: Cuenca

Where to purchase a Transvia card

Could someone please tell me where I can purchase a Transvia card. I went to the Etapa office on Gran Columbia and was told I could no longer purchase a Transvia card at that location.
Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


City: Cuenca

Goat milk in cuenca

I have lost the texting number. for the raw goat milk source I had for delivery to Ordones Lasso. Does anyone else have a phone number.for this good source? Thanks much.


Need refrigerator thermometer in cuenca

I’m in need of a refrigerator/freezer thermometer (ours fell and broke). They are usually about 2.5 inches diameter. Has anyone seen something like that in any Cuenca store? Needed to monitor the temp we keep our medicine which needs to be between 35-45 degrees F. Thanks in advance,

Nelly Vital

Rimadyl for dogs

Is there somewhere I can get Rimadyl over the counter?

Randy Church

General information

Anyone interested in finding out the background about the Ukraine conflict can go to and view two documentary’s done by Oliver Stone. Very informative.

Dan Joseph

Virtual mailbox services

I am researching mail services and would love some input! Does anyone use one? Any recommendation? I am thinking about Traveling Mailbox. Thanks in advance for any help.

Sharyn Bergholt

Car buying questions


We’re looking to buy a vehicle here, and I’ve read that it’s not uncommon to hire a facilitator to take care of the buying and registration process. Anyone know any trusted facilitators? Or have other relevant wisdom you might care to impart? Do we need to wait until we have our visas or cedulas?


Paul Huckans

Is there a tax for importing books from overseas to Ecuador?

I want to bring about 5 boxes of books from the UK to Ecuador. Someone mentioned you don’t pay import tax on books. Could this be true? Also, if anyone knows of a company that can help me with shipping logistics. This would be great. All the best.


Antigen test on a Sunday

We are leaving this Sunday (Quito flight early Monday AM) for the US and are required to have the antigen test no more than one day prior to travel, which means we have to get the test done on Sunday. Does anyone know of a lab that’s open on Sundays that can provide the results?


Dropping IESS and looking for best health insurance

Considering dropping IESS due to increasingly poor service. Looking for Insurance coverage at best rate. Being offered coverage by Humana and BMI through E&A Broker’s.

Humana covers the first $10,000 and BMI up to $500,000, including all pre-existing conditions. Costs $798 per year for a 69-year old. Would appreciate opinions and recommendations. Thank you,

Haydee Rodriguez

JEP CD expiring

I have a JEP CD which expires on May 23. I know if I don’t want it renewed, I have to notify them like 5 days before the expiration. But do I need to let them know between May 18th to May 23rd or it has to be before May 18th? How do I notify them? Do I need to show up in person or I can send them an email? I am in the States right now.

I have emailed 2 JEP English speaking representatives. None of them replied. I guess when I told them I may not want to renew my CD, there is a ‘conflict of interest’ to provide me this information. So much about that friendly service I got when I opened the CD, haha.

If someone has this information and would like to share, I would really appreciate.

Shawn Hua

City: Cuenca

Banco Pichincha

Do any of Banco Pichincha branches have “New Account” employees who speak English for those of us who aren’t functional enough in Spanish to open an account without feeling lost?

GB Restin

Etapa phone/internet service

Is Etapa no longer (or reluctantly?) providing phone and internet service if one doesn’t have fiber optics?


Shipping stuff from the US?

Hi, We are in the process of relocating to Ecuador from the US, and from what we’ve seen, it’s really expensive to ship things. Are there work-arounds you all are aware of? Do expats ever go in on a shipping container together to lower costs? Or is it easier to just forget those things and re-buy what’s needed here?


Paul Huckans

Renewing my USA Passport, expires this Oct. 5th

I will be going to the USA this May 1st till June 28th.

Will I have enough time to process and renew my passport in the US? or will I be better here in Cuenca going through an Embassy?

Is there an agent that helps with this?
I look forward to your suggestions and answers.

Thank you in advance.


I need an export agent

I would like to send Guayusa to the United States and it seems I need a permit to do it. Does anyone know someone who has expertise in these matters? I would appreciate any leads.

Send information to:

Thank you,

Matthew Blau

Municipal law for condos

Are there city laws respecting condominiums here, especially as regards safety of residents? If so, does anyone have contact info for this?


Banco Pichincha ATM now asks for phone number

Is it only me, or is everyone now required to key in their phone number for Banco Pichincha ATM withdrawals?

Last Sunday it wasn’t required, but Wednesday (2 days ago) it was required.



Depositing US checks at Banco Pichincha

Good morning,

What’s the dollar limit for personal check deposits at Banco Pichincha regarding checks from US bank accounts?

Is there also a monthly limit?

What’s the hold time?

Do they ask for “source of funds” documents?

Thank you,


New visa requirements

I just got my temporary residency. Now, it looks like I would have to leave the country in 2 years b/c I’m under the new income requirement.

It does not seem, since no one mentioned it here, that anyone else is worried. Why? Am I right to worry about this?

Please respond to this newbie. Thank you.

Kevin OKane


Does anyone have experience with the Tipti merchandise ordering website here in Cuenca? I am finding it a real challenge.

Ron Wooten Green

Help needed with establishment of church dining room San Jose

The Carmen del Guzho church wants to inaugurate a dining room and food program for 40 poor, elderly people who will be served lunch from Monday to Friday, for which they need tables, chairs and a refrigerator. The church, led by Father Enzo Amato, has been working for more than 100 years helping families of the Turi parish.

Any donation and help we will be very grateful.

Karla Vicuna: 099 866 0612. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Gel stain?

Good morning all, I am looking to update my kitchen cabinets and I am looking for gel stain. I have looked in Kywi, Pintulac and Coral but they seem to only have the water-based version and that isn’t going to work for me.

Does anyone know where I can find it?

Thank you in advance

Antonio G

Can I get a rapid Covid-19 test in Cuenca on a Sunday

I have an early (2 AM) flight out of Guayaquil on Monday, March 7. Per current rules, I need a Covid test within 24 hours of that flight.

Does anyone know where in Cuenca I can get a test before 1 PM on Sunday, March 6?


Ken Kellerman

Orthopedics in Cuenca

Are all orthopedists/orthopedics (bone doctors) here surgeons? Do you know of any who are not?


Flying pets in cabin to Ecuador

Hi All,

I’m officially moving in Ecuador in April and flying my two cats under the seats in front of me. Yay! Regarding my pets, I’m getting varying info as to what I need based on who I speak with and the info I find online.

A little background: I have two older cats that are currently healthy but have had some health issues over the last couple of years. Both cats have had what my previous vet believes to be vaccine related illnesses. One cat almost didn’t make it as a kitten, the other a couple years ago got very ill right after and turned blind. My current Vet says based on their age and history not to further vaccinate them unless absolutely necessary.


Have Classical Music/Country Western CDs?

Would like to buy classical music and county/ bluegrass CDs or on usb/thumb drives.

Also, a reliable multi-disc player.

Classic hardcover books.

Thank you, WhatsApp: 095 895 3056

Boyd Garbutt

Dermatologist, familiar with possible skin cancer treatment

Hello everyone. I will be deeply appreciative for recommendation of good dermatologist, familiar with ” possible skin cancer” treatment.
After a biopsy showing bad cells, my dermatologist removed 2 layers of skin on my cheek. the 3rd layer was ok, no cancer sells. Now, the same problem has arisen on the other cheek, but I am no longer in the US. Looking for a doctor/dermatologist.
my email is:

Thank you,


Austro Bank

Is anyone else unable to withdraw funds from Austro’s ATMs? For a week, no matter the amount, no matter whether from savings or checking, at various locations, the response is “Invalid transaction”.

Brahmi Ishaya

Indoor parking space at Palermo

Only $20/mo. plus 1 time refundable $40 deposit for remote for drive-in gate. Phone calls only, after 9 AM 099 086 2839


Immigration question

I’m a mariner currently living in the US. Would it be possible for me to live in EC and be able to come from and go to work on a schedule of 60 days working at sea and 30 days at home?

Kevin M Kane

BMI Health Insurance

Good morning! Does anyone have anything good to say about BMI Health Insurance? Please write me privately.

Heather Conley

When’s the “espuma” night during Carnaval?

Friends and I want to attend the Compadres y Comadres celebration in Parque Calderon this Carnaval. Anyone know exactly what night that will be? We really don’t want to miss it!


Delivery of Pure Brand water bottles?

Previous post searches have no comments. Does anyone near Ordonez Lasso who receive deliveries have a contact? Getting tired of buying bottles from tiendas where returned bottles a few days later are rejected.


Travel to Europe from Ecuador

Are there any issues traveling to the EU from Ecuador if you carry a US Passport, yet currently live in Ecuador?


Covid vaccination document?

Does anyone have the web site to get the covid vaccination card that shows all 3 shots received. Thanks,


Is there still a vaccine requirement for domestic flights?

As of Friday, Feb 11, 2022, Ecuador is allowing unvaccinated travelers to enter the country with a negative PCR test within 72 hours. Strangely, this change doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of attention, and not all websites have been updated yet. Nevertheless, it was announced in El Universo, the UIO twitter account, and the US EC embassy and several EC government websites confirm it.

What I have not been able to find out is if it is a requirement to be vaccinated for Domestic/National flights within Ecuador? The reason I ask is that I have some unvaccinated family members who will be flying in to Quito, and I’d like to know if it’s possible for them to fly domestically from Quito to Cuenca. If they will not be permitted to fly, we’ll have to drive, which would be very unfortunate. LATAM is the carrier we typically use.


Incomplete vaccination certificate

I had my second COVID vaccination in September of 2021, but my vaccination certificate only shows that I had one vaccination in June. How can I get this corrected? I need it soon for travel. Thank you.

Celma Silva

Tranvia and bus passes

Aaron, I wasn’t able to respond to your request for information. I got my Tranvia pass in the underpass near Feria Libre. They have a little office there in the tunnel on the side opposite Feria Libre. They used my digitial cedula picture for the Tranvia pass. You can put money on the pass when you buy it. When I got my pass, I walked up the stairs and was at the tranvia stop. A helpful man in Tranvia uniform showed me how to use the pass. Make sure you validate your pass before you get on the Tranvia or you can pay a hefty fine.


Reclining sofa repair?

The cable on one side of my reclining sofa broke. Does anybody know of a repair person? Thanks in advance,


Guayusa tea

Does anybody know where to obtain Guayusa tea or the leaves locally. The store that had things from the Amazon is now closed. Thanks,


Regulations for electric vehicles

Six months ago, there was news that these regulations would be reviewed and possibly modified. It was mentioned that new regulations, if any, would be put out withing six months. Has anyone heard anything about this recently?


CONADIS Card – need expert advice

Hola all,

I just moved here a few months ago and I am permanently (mentally) disabled (complex trauma) and receive Social Security Disability.

I would like to find someone who is an expert in helping those get a CONADIS Card and to advise me on using my Disability Determination Letter from Social Security Administration for proof as well. This is of course from the US and it’s a Federal Judge’s determination. Brutal process but I won!

I understand generally the process to apply for the CONADIS Card but someone with good experience in this process, personally helping others with mental disability, is who I wish to work with.

Thank you all in advance.

Any comments from others with mental disability and what you are willing to share, with what you experienced personally, would be great to know as well.


Banks and seniors

At a branch of a large Cuenca bank today, as a senior I was waiting in the senior line while another senior did lengthy business with the teller for seniors in front of us. Finally, when a customer left the next teller the senior waiting in front of me went to that teller, whereupon the guard went to her and told her to get back in the senior line. I said to a nearby customer, “That is not right.” She replied, “I know but the guard decides who is to be helped next.”

After 5 customers in the regular line had been helped by 3 tellers and the senior line had not moved, I went to a bank rep and told him what was going on. He went to the next free window and told the teller to take the next person waiting in the senior line.

Seniors, the disabled, and pregnant women are to be given preferential treatment, otherwise what good are such lines for these? I could have gotten in the regular line and received service much faster. I know that some other banks do indeed give preferential treatment to these needy groups and that is the purpose of the “senior line.” Otherwise the senior line discriminates against these groups that may find standing and waiting difficult.



Hi everybody,

I hope you are all well and enjoying life, I am a Gringo from the UK and looking forward to moving myself to Ecuador, I am very torn between living on the coast or the mountains. I favor somewhere like Cuenca having watched so many videos. etc, but I suffer with COPD and I was hoping maybe, that somebody (not wishing anybody ill health) has experience of COPD at mountainous heights such as Cuenca. Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward to meeting some of you in the future!

All the very best,


Tax Notice on Cuenca GOB site?

What is this about,

“Dear taxpayer, remember that all natural persons, obliged and not to keep accounts, as well as national and foreign companies that carry out economic activities in the canton of Cuenca, must file the Municipal Patent Tax declaration according to the tax calendar and subsequently must do your payment. Similarly, taxpayers required to keep accounting and companies, must also make the declaration of the Tax of 1.5 per thousand on Total Assets. To make the declaration online, go to Tax Services/Declarations and then, from this option, you can cancel the declared values.”

Found that on the Cuenca GOB site when I paid my condo taxes. Anybody??


Taxes for non-US expats

Any non-US expats know how taxes work for buying and selling on the stock market?

For USA Citizens it appears if you pay taxes in the US you don’t have to pay in Ecuador but I’m wondering about people from other countries who are going to become foreign residents for tax purposes and how this works (I’m from Australia) We do need to pay taxes in Ecuador like an Ecuadorian but how does this work here?

According to []( if you hold stocks for longer than 12 months you don’t pay capital gains but what about if you hold them for less than 12 months? Appreciate anyone who know anything about this.

And sorry to post about the boring stuff,


Covid test

What are the current covid tests required to enter Ecuador

Bill: .

City: Cuenca

Information whether vaccine restrictions were approved or denied

Two weeks ago there was some information that a lawyer was doing something with COE about Covid Restrictions against unvaccinated persons not going in banks, stores, public buildings, etc. I think the hearing was supposed to be January 28, 2022 I was wondering if anyone had information about whether or not there was any decision on that.


Enjoy at my bilingual school in Sigsig.

Hello, my name is Oswaldo. I am from Ecuador and I live in Sigsig town. Here we have a lot of attractions to visit and enjoy. I have a bilingual school where I teach English and Kichwa. Eventually, we will be offering French too. I am algo a native guide and knowledgeable about: history, cultures, languages etc… In fact, I would like to contact American people to help me with my English classes and, in an exchange, I can show you around here where we have beautiful archeological, natural, historical, delicious places to eat, swimming pools and other places to enjoy. Really hope to see some of you very soon.

My contact is: 099 788 9388 / 226 6653

Oswaldo Zhiminaicela

Taxi fare info

I will be staying in Cuenca for a few weeks. Do the taxi drivers use the meter to determine the fare or do you have to negotiate the price before you get in the cab? What is the rough cost from the airport to the center city?

Thank you.


Extreme dog barking at night

My neighbor works at night and has three dogs that live in the parking pad/patio next to my house and below my bedroom. They are never allowed inside her house. I have dogs, and I have rescued dogs, so I am well aware that barking is a part of being a dog. My dogs bark but I discipline them. However, the barking has become so intense that it goes on for hours and hours until the owner comes home in the morning, Then she opens her gate and the dogs run the neighborhood and park all day without any supervision or training. And they are not friendly dogs and attack other dogs in the area. I don’t mind the occasional barking at night, that’s normal. But 6 to 8 hours is too much. Is there an ordinance in Cuenca against unattended dogs who bark for 8 hours? The neighbors tell me she is connected to people who could harm us if they so desired. I read somewhere there was an ordinance.

Any answers or ideas?

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Does anyone know if there are breeders of Sacre de Birmanie (Birman) cats in Ecuador?

Pauline Philibert


Well… 5 weeks into my new adventure in Cuenca and I found myself in broad daylight fending off two pickpocket individuals right near Supermaxi El Vergel. They were shoving papers of some type in front of me as a distraction, and one started to unzip my jacket pocket, had his hands on my phone, before I caught on to their scheme. Luckily, I was able to free his hand and not lose anything. While I am in my sixties, I weight train daily and have some martial arts background, and felt I could have easily taken down at least one of these individuals if not both. But not knowing the local laws I simply shoved them and they ran off. I now feel it necessary to carry some kind of personal protection device; mace, brass knuckles, slapjack, or other (not guns or knives).

Am looking for any advice here. Thanks.

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City: Cuenca

Asking for IDs

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about being ID’ed in the two main tourist parks – San Francisco and Calderon – here in Cuenca – by the “police” while walking around.
So, I asked my wife and my son, both Cuencanos, about this. They said you are not obligated to ID yourself to anyone. The exception is if you are driving and stopped by the police and/or military at check points or are stopped by the transit police for an infraction. That’s it folks. Never pull out your ID – cedula or passport – and hand it over. My son said if it happened to him he would tell them to kick rocks.

Both of these tourist parks are frequented by the ladrones (thieves) and scammers. These “police” are definitely the latter, especially with them taking pictures of your ID. You can count on them taking your ID to forge fake IDs for some nefarious deed.

Another tip for you all. Carry a copy of your cedula with you at all times. If you lose it or have it stolen, no big deal. You should have your original cedula with you when you do banking, municipal, hospital, or other government business. My daughter lost hers and it took her months to get an appointment with the Registar Civil to get a new one. The best place I found to make laminated copies is on the corner of B. Malo and Sucre, the Zerox copy store. Costs a couple of dollars and they do a great job. The only way I can tell the difference is the hologram on the original.

Been here for 13 years and I have never been asked to ID myself except at the banks and government offices. Just say no. Maybe ask them for their cedula and / or name and get on the phone so as to verify their status as cops. Bet you they’ll disappear faster than an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day.


City: Cuenca

Alianza Van Service to Guayaquil/ticket purchase

Good morning, I have used Alianza Microbuses for transport to and from Guayaquil for years. I tried to purchase a ticket today from their Unidad Nacioal offices for a return from Guayaquil to Cuenca mid-February. I was told that I could not buy a ticket except for the day before. In that event, I will need to stay an extra evening in Guayaquil which I would rather avoid. Does anyone know if Guayaquil to Cuenca tickets can be purchased same day from the Alianza offices in Guayaquil? All information is welcome and thank you in advance for your time and comments.


Shingles vaccine

There have been questions about getting the shingles vaccine in Ecuador. Google search: The shingles vaccine is only available in the EU, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and China. It is a 2-shot vaccine given 2-6 months apart.

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