Question regarding sending emails

I recently relocated to Cuenca from the US and figured out, soon after, that my emails are no longer being sent though I’m not getting an error message. The recipients are simply not getting the emails I sent. For example, I receive an email, but when I reply to the email, it is apparently not going out.

I suspect the problem is in the outgoing server settings or what is referred to as the SMTP server. I’m thinking the SMTP settings are somehow different in Ecuador. I was wondering if some of you might take a moment and inform me of what your outgoing SMTP server settings are, particularly the port number and how the password is treated.

Also, if this is a problem you have previously encountered, I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this matter. Did you find a solution and what was it?

FYI the email client I’ve been using for years is Thunderbird. I prefer to stay with Thunderbird if possible. The server type I use is IMAPP, not POP3.

I don’t want to make this sound more complicated than it is. I will be happy to answer any questions.

Your replies will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Don Mead

How do the virtual appointments in Azogues work?

Hello fellow Gringos. In the seemingly never-ending quest to get our citizenship, we tried to make an appointment to check on the progress of the application we submitted a year ago. We received an appointment for a virtual meeting tomorrow morning. Great idea! But no instructions on how to enter. Does anyone know how these virtual appointments work?

Thanks for any help you can share.


Quito courier?

Have lost a good deal of money with other couriers and am eager to find a satisfactory one. Yesterday I was told about this one. Do you have experience with the Quito courier who uses Servientrega to deliver to Cuenca, with deposit first to her bank acct. here?

How long between US deliveries to this courier and Cuenca delivery? And comparative shipping costs?
Thanks for your time and sharing.


Driver’s license renewal

I have an appointment next week to renew my driver’s license. I am over 65. Does anyone know if I need to take the mental stability exam again like I did 5 years ago?

Jerry Falls

Lost phone in taxi

I lost my phone, probably in a taxi, last night around 7 PM going from Diagnóstico Radiológico at Jose Peralta y Doce de Abril (edificio Acropolis) to Ordoñez Lasso 5-55 (cerca de Los Cedros, apartment 1002), where I live. It was in a blue/azul vinyl sleeve such as is used for eyeglasses (gafas). If found, please email to or

Rick Cameron

Ecuador redistribution of inactive land

Per Heritage(dot)org 2022 index of economic freedom:

“Ecuadorian law recognizes the right to private property. If land has not been in ‘active use’ for two years, however, the state may redistribute it.”

I know several Ecuadorian lawyers read GringoPost. Would you please share your thoughts on the above.

For example, if land is purchased as an investment without further use/development of the land.

Especially if a future Ecuadorian administration is much less conservative than the current administration.

Thank you,


Wifi connection

Hi all,

I’m renting a room in a house a couple hours outside of Cuenca. The landlord-provided WiFi used to be pretty good. Now it drops every 2 to 10 minutes. It reconnects 1 to 2 minutes after dropping.

Is this an indication that the landlord downgraded the service (to save money)?

Many thanks,



Good afternoon, I am addressing you with all due respect. I would like to ask a favor. If you could help me with children’s and adult clothes, since I have 3 babies: a 4-year-old, boy, and 2 girls, 8-years old and 12-years old. Whoever could help me, I would really appreciate it.

Happy afternoon,


City: Cuenca

Volunteer program

Hi everyone, hope you have a good day. From the University of Cuenca, some classmates and I are planning to do a website for volunteer programs, so we need to do some research of our target. If you can, please help us with this questionnaire that will be used, just for academic purposes.

Here is the survey:

Leslie Orellana

Permanent visa info

What is the law to get your permanent visa? Do you have to stay in Ecuador 21 months straight? Or, are you allowed to leave for 90 days out of your two year temporary visa for a total of 21 months in the country?

Thank you for any help with this issue.


Where to get drug tested?

Hi! I received a pre-employment drug test from my employer via Quest Diagnostics. Since there are no Quest laboratories in Ecuador, I can go to any drug testing facility.

If anyone knows of a place in Cuenca that can do that, English would be helpful since the form is in English, please email me, at


Sharing process to transfer visa to new passport

Hi friends, I am at the beginning of this process, which I am doing myself, as I speak fluent Spanish. Here is what I have been told of the process by speaking with a worker in the transfer visas department at Azogues. I still have a few questions to ask him on Monday, and will follow up here with updates.

The phone # at Azogues is 07 370 1880 x 1
When the workers are busy, no one answers, I called back later and got through.

I still need clarification, and to ask if it is the new passport # they want on the
formulario (the form one has to submit). I also want to ask if one can fill out the form with black ink, or does one need to have it typed.

Read More….

Traffic lawyer needed in Ibarra or Quito

Hi, I had a car accident in PanAm being hit from behind as I was turning in December. In US it’s a clear case with guilty party who hit you. Not here apparently. Long story short – after a hearing I lost the case (rumors money from a person who hit me went to Fiscal and Perritajes) and now liable for $26K. Honestly, I am in shock. I am looking for a high-profile lawyer in the area.

My questions – can I do an appeal? (My current Ibarra lawyer said I will guarantee to lose the appeal). Can I dispute a $26K bill as the car damage who hit me was fairly minimal? They are forcing me to negotiate a deal at the moment. Can anything be done? Thank you,

Andrei Vankov

Veterinarian surgeons?

My 12-year-old hound needs surgery to remove a tumor. Of course, both my current and previous vets are concerned about her age and the problems with anesthesia.

Can anyone recommend a veterinary surgery specialist who might give me better, more detailed information about the pros and cons? Thanks in advance.

Reid Tanner

Best way travel to Salinas

I will be grateful for advice on the best way to get from Cuenca to Salinas. I congratulate everyone who celebrates Independence day on July 4 and Canada Day.


How is the road to Guayaquil?

Does anyone know if the road to Guayaquil is passable in the Cajas? Is there a better way to drive a private vehicle to Guayaquil?


How long can you be out of the Country?

Hello fellow Gringos. I know that the law recently changed. If I have had my permanent residency visa for more than 2 years, how long can I be out of the country without putting my visa at risk or paying a fine?


Seeking metal shop in El Centro


I need some basic metal repair work done – nothing fancy. Is anyone aware of a shop that might do such a thing in El Centro? I’m aware of the many shops in the Calle de las Herrerias – I’m looking for a place in El Centro.


US bank check very slow clearing

Normally checks from my US bank deposited into my Banco Pichincha account are available 3-4 days after being paid by my US bank. The last two are still not available after 12 and 14 days since clearing US bank. Anyone else having this sort of problem? Banco Pichincha tells me it is a problem with the government’s system.

Bill: .

City: La Libertad

What is happening in Ecuador? – Informative video

This is NOT a post to generate controversy here.

Maybe you don’t know the reason for the protests, but they are based on 10 demands to the Ecuadorian government.

In case you still don’t know these 10 demands, in this video I explain and analyze each of the 10 demands that CONAIE (Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador) and protesters are making to the Government, and which are the reason to keep the protests.

Click here to read more…

Steps to Turi

Are the steps to Turi open yet?


Quito lounge?

Do I have to book online or pay upon arrival.


Attorney Carla Alba

Has anyone heard of an Attorney by the name of Carla Alba?

I was talking to a group of Expats recently and mentioned I needed an attorney that was familiar with real estate and financial transactions in cuenca/ecuador.

No one had any contact information for her.

Would anyone have her contact information? If so, would you please respond to my post.

Thank you,


Housekeeper rates

Hi everyone,

Just wondering what is the going rate for a housekeeper? Minimal time; like 2 hours weekly.


Jan Wallace

New Mexicans recently moved to Ecuador

I’m trying to establish residency in Ecuador. I need a background check from the state of New Mexico. Has anyone done that recently? I contacted them, but their instructions are not very clear.

Thanks for any help you can give me,

Sharon McIntire

KitchenAid mixer repair – recommendations?

My KitchenAid locked up mid-knead on some bread. Motor turns on but won’t move. I see there are at least two “authorized” KitchenAid repair places in Cuenca. Any recommendations? Suggestions for other options? Thanks in advance.

Reid Tanner

Do I need to have my visa renewed?

Just renewed my passport, unfortunately they did not renew my visa. Do I have to renew my visa?

Martin P Doherty: .

City: Cuenca

Group of 7 not needed for Pfizer shot

Yesterday morning I walked into the Central de Salud next to the military hospital for a Pfizer shot by myself and was out within 10 minutes. My wife got the last Pfizer shot the afternoon before at about 2 PM so it is best to arrive in the morning. There have been a couple of posts in the last week claiming that there needs to be 6 people to open a vial which I found to be untrue at least at the one next to the military hospital.

Nobody wants to hear about personal views regarding vaccines—keep them to yourself. This post is to help others get what they feel they need.

John: 867 5309. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Filing for Social Security Benefits

I recently emailed the Santo Domingo FBU (Federal Benefits Unit) requesting what information and documents are needed to apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits in December this year.

I received a response within two hours. Unfortunately, they did not answer my question. Their response simply stated they would contact me in 60-90 days to complete my application for benefits.

read more…

Fingerprints not acceptable for visa applications

I have had my fingerprints rejected three times and the person taking them the last time said there was not enough definition in my fingerprints and it wouldn’t work. I’m not getting great assistance from my visa person who tells me to just get a letter from the company and have it apostilled in the state they operate out of. That’s Texas where I just spent $350 getting something apostilled. Had I known, both would have been done at the same time. I’m hoping someone else already solved this problem.


Jurassic Dominion movie?

Can someone let me know when new Jurassic movie will be shown in English or with subtitles in English at Millennium Plaza? Thank you so much.


Angela’s Dream Story

Dreams usually occur at night when someone is sound asleep.
But when children with meager backgrounds, and little expectation of gaining anything tangible that could foster their hopes and confidence begin to daydream, wishful thinking takes place. They start to fantasize about what if.

Angela is a 5-year-old who is being raised by a single mother in Tarqui. The child’s thoughts were focused on a doll with a bottle. Her dream was to nurture the fantasy doll. To cuddle it. To care for it.

Angela’s mom is a beneficiary of Hearts of Gold, the Ecuadorian Foundation that operates training programs and administrative services for other foundations, and provides services to disadvantaged individuals and families in need in the community. Maria Jose Ramirez, a friend of the staff of Hearts of Gold, learned about the foundation’s program “All Children Deserve to Dream.”


Cooperativa Daquilema

A friend of the family recently invested there at 9.75%. Does anyone have knowledge of or experience with this co-op? Have not previously heard of them but she was told they have been in business for 15+ years and have branches all over EC.


Permanent resident visa question


I obtained my temporary visa in 2019. As the 21 months date approaches, I am wondering if anyone has recently gone to the process of applying for their permanent visa.

A friend mentioned something about a new rule change stating that an individual with a temporary visa was not allowed to leave for the 2 years it lasts. That was not the rule when I got mine and I have traveled back to the States for medical reasons. Does anyone in that same situation have any input to share? Should I be concerned? Will I be facing problems obtaining my permanent visa because of my travels?

Any information/advise will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

A Concern Individual

Inti Raymi near Quito

We’re planning to be in Quito to see an Inti Raymi celebration June 21-22, and would like to know where and what day there will be a celebration in or nearby Quito. I’ve not found any specific information about the where, when and how to get to the celebration. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Eden Cross

ATM fees?!?

Does anyone know when the ATM fees increased at JEP?

Two weeks ago we paid 50 cents for each transaction. Today, they wanted $5.

Gypsie Restin


Yoga classes in El Centro area? Days and cost?


JEP ATM charges

I can’t contact JEP. My last 2 ATM withdrawals have charged me $5 per, according to the receipt and my bank statements. It used to be 50 cents per.

Has anyone else experienced this massive increase?

For some unknown reason, my texts and FB messenger are not connectable to JEP.

Jerry Straka

City: Cuenca

Safety in Cuenca?

Hello GringoPost,

I am looking to get feedback on the general safety in Cuenca.

We lived a few blocks from Parque Calderon in 2016 and were very impressed with how clean and secure the city was, especially compared to Quito. Given all that has happened in the past couple years, we’d like to hear from people who are on the ground as we are seriously considering moving back to Ecuador from the Philadelphia area.

About us:
2 Adults (1 American, 1 Ecuadorian-Quiteña)
2 Children (15 & 2)
1 Bun in the oven

Thanks very much for your help. Don’t hesitate to ask any additional questions.


City: Cuenca

Best way to ship credit card from US to Cuenca

I need a credit card sent to me from US to Cuenca. What is the safest way to do that? The envelope has already been opened in US, so it is not the original seal, if that makes a difference.

Thanks, Patricia


Volunteer opportunities?

I’m staying in Cuenca for the month of June and am looking for volunteer opportunities or suggestions – either visiting residents in a long-term care facility (nursing home) or tutoring children adults/children in Spanish. I speak a low-intermediate level of Spanish and hope to make my visit here a more meaningful cultural experience. I can be reached at

Terri Pedone

SS benefits for an Ecuadorian spouse

I recently inquired to the SS administration if my wife was entitled to any of my SS benefits. Their answer was that she is entitled to spousal benefits at 60 and death benefits at 62. She just needs to get in touch when the time comes due.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Bruce Cook

City: Cuenca

Legal advice for CDs?

Are there attorneys who advise regarding CD legal aspects? Would appreciate hearing from such, or from someone who knows of one, with communication info.


JEP notification and home calls?

JEP used to make house calls for those unable to get there. How is CD “notification” made by those unable to go to JEP? Taxis don’t help the elderly and infirm out of the cars; and drivers are costly. What to do?


Hiring a part-time Ecuadorian housekeeper – please share your input

We are considering formally hiring our part time housekeeper so that she will be able to get some health insurance. I have recently been advised of the legalities of the process: they seem fair but are pretty complicated. I hope you will be able to share your experiences and opinions about this matter. Please contact me by email at the address given. FYI we live in the Monay shopping area. Mil gracias for your thoughts.

Sharon Walker

Facilitator recommendation

Hello All, my lawyer helped me open an account at Banco Pichincha. Since then, I have done nothing but stumble around making mistakes due to language. I can’t access my account online due to who knows what. It could be blocked. I can’t use the ATMs. I need someone who can take me to a Pichincha to speak with someone about what exactly they need from me, and to walk me through the steps. I don’t want to make a deposit to a bank that I can’t make a withdrawal from. This may not be a big chore for a facilitator, since many seem to be into bigger chores, but someone should be able to help me. I appreciate any recommendation. Thanks,


Looking for vascular surgeon

Anyone know of a vascular surgeon in Cuenca? Someone who specializes in thrombosis and chronic venous insufficiency in the legs.

Knowledge of the English language would be a huge plus point.


Can I arrive with seeds?

I’m returning to Quito from the USA shortly and want to land with two (2) small envelopes (8g) of seeds for flowers to plant indoors (Violet, Johnny Jump-Up Flower Seeds – 5 Grams; Edible Flower Mixture – 3 Grams).

Does anyone know if this is legal or have any experience with this kind of thing? I don’t want any trouble with the aduana.



Questions about TESCO Financial Company

Has anyone contacted Tesco Financial Co. (who advertised here in GringoPost not long ago) for a loan? Can you give me your opinion and describe your experience? TIA

Linda Hellstrom

Deliveries not delivered to courier

Past due orders that I was notified had been delivered to my courier are not being delivered by USPS I am told. Amazon is now re-shipping UPS though problems have been reported with that carrier as well.

From my courier in Miami:
“…this problem started about 3 weeks ago…, all our partner companies have exactly the same problem…:”

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


Renew US passport from Cuenca

Are there any local arrangements in the near future for the US Consulate to make a visit to Cuenca as they have done in the past for passport renewals?


No way forward for work permits for Venezuelans?

Like many people here, we have become friends with some Venezuelan refugees. So we provided short term help, but I felt guilty not to be helping Ecuadorians. So, I wondered, why are the refugees selling black bags for years? Is it mysteriously a better job than it looks? I asked one of our favorite facilitators and I found out that there is no formal work without a cedula and the cedula requires a Venezuelan passport, costs about $200, then visa cost on top of that, requiring insurance and a job.


Guayaquil airport hotel?

I’m flying into Guayaquil airport on the 31st of May and I need a hotel recommendation for the night. One that preferably has an airport pickup. I’m arriving extremely late on the 31st and just need a place to rest for a couple of hours before the bus ride to Cuenca in the morning of June1st. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance,

Joey Stitches

Memorial Day meet-up in Cuenca


Will there be a Memorial Day service this coming Monday, May 30th in Cuenca?


Charlie Deignan


I, a gringo with a permanent Ecuadorian visa, and my Ecuadorian girlfriend, want to get married in the Bahamas. Will this marriage be recognized by Ecuador? What paperwork will need to be completed? Anybody familiar with this? Thank you, kindly.


Disqus, the comment system

For quite some time now, each time I needed to sign in with Disqus, I received the message attached. It was a real pain, but each time I went to the site they provided, put in the exact same password I had been using and then was able to log in.

I tried finding customer service for Disqus, but it does not exist unless you are a business apparently. I sent them messages via Facebook and Twitter, but nothing.

The people behind the scenes at GringoPost did respond to my pitiful pleas for help, but they were not able to resolve the issue. The fact they responded several times made me appreciate that someone was listening.

Now, I do hang my head in shame when I admit I had one of those EUREKA moments. Up to now, I had been using Microsoft Chrome. I went back to Firefox and VIOLA! Disqus worked without any commotion or nonsense.

In case anyone has an issue with any website, just try changing browsers. I have done this in the past with other sites, but it did not strike a chord to try it with Disqus until I became fed up.

Ryan James: .

City: Cuenca

JEP English speaking staff email replies

Good morning,

Has anyone not been receiving replies to their emails sent to the English speaking JEP staff during the last 10 days?

Many thanks,


Van Service to Guayaquil

I am flying out of Guayaquil on June 1 and will need van service from Cuenca to Guayaquil on May 31st. There are many van services on Remigio Crespo. Can you recommend one (or more)? My email is

Bobette Jones

Weather reports

I have been using theweathernetwork. I have noticed that they are frequently wrong. Does anyone have a better source?


Visa transfer to new passport

Hello GP community:

One of the documents required is an apostilled marriage certificate (or is it?), then translated by a certified translator. Don´t know where the original is located, and trying to get through to NYC City Clerk to obtain a copy has been almost impossible. If anyone has been through this recently, please advise. Maybe there is an easier way.

Thank you all in advance.

Andre Alban

Medical insurance for 2-year visa holders?

Hello, I won’t name who is handling my insurance now, but somehow my prescriptions are a difficulty and I did not even go in to the appointment with all my meds because I had so many come with me from the US. There are more to add to the list, but at this point, I do not expect it to go right. So, how much is the minimum requirement we are supposed to have?

Considering going out of pocket for the rest of my needs. Or, who are you using and what is the cost and how do you like it? For what it is worth, I only took in 5 meds that I was already prescribed from the US. Fortunately the blood pressure meds and the gout med are being handled fine, but the prostrate med can’t get straight. I like being able to pee. Wonder if the fact that the prostrate med is by far the most expensive one is a contributing factor?

Frustrated and looking for suggestions,

Randy Church

ClickCourier Unlimited?

I heard of this courier today and wondered if others may have; and if so, what their experience is. I googled it and got where I found a long list of services including courier to EC.

Do others have experience with ClickCourier as a courier?


Need “certified” translator for my vax cert

I’ll be traveling to Canada in June and need my Ecuador vax cert translated by someone who can give me:

A certified translation which must include the stamp or membership number of a professional translation association.

Can anyone recommend such a person?

Bobette Jones

Home for abused dog

This is Agnetha, a very polite and sweet dachshund needing a home immediately. The people who abandoned her threw her out of a moving car in a garbage bag. My name is Deni and I brought her to my studio. The owner does not allow pets and I don’t have the economic resources to take care of her either. This is because I am trying to regain custody of my 7 and 8-year old daughters. For this reason, emotionally I can’t be responsible for Agnetha either. She urgently needs a home.

Please help for Agnetha 099 509 5380


Covid test results in English needed

Hello. I’m planning to enter a country which requires test results in English only – they’re very clear on this. Does anyone know of a testing site which can provide results in English? Antigen or PCR are accepted. Thanks.


English movie in Millenium Plaza

I would like to find out when Millenium Plaza movie theater will show the Jurassic Park new movie. Can I see this movie in English or with subtitles? I think it comes out in June.

Thank you so much.

Richard Potter

Cuenca Health Centers that are offering the Pfizer Vaccine

I need a second Pfizer vaccination but do not know which health facility in Cuenca has Pfizer. If anyone knows for certain — or has had a Pfizer vaccination within the past few weeks — can you post the name and location of the facility.

This would save me wasted trips only to learn the facility does not have the vaccine.

Thank you for taking the time to share this information,


US Passport renewal?

How and where do I renew a US passport here in Cuenca?

Patrika Vaughn

City: Cuenca

Advice on cedula renewal process

What is the renewal process for a permanent resident with an investment visa: needed documents, fee, use assistance to do it or on my own (can manage decently in Spanish)?

Understand that they are backlogged; any recent experience with it?



Advice – A great CD rate other than JEP?

I currently have a 1-year CD at JEP. I’m looking for advice from anyone who recently opened a CD (last 4 months).

Amount would be between $10k to $50k; maybe more, if needed. Would like 9% rate from a safe, reliable financial institution.

Looking for simple advice/guidance from a fellow expat who only has a US Passport. I appreciate your time.

Dan P

Shipping personal items from US to Cuenca

I have stuff from the States that I would like to have shipped from the US to Cuenca. It will consist of my stereo and speaker which are 3 feet tall, a nice guitar, my desktop computer and personal pictures. I am guessing the weight to be around 300 pounds. I am aware that the this will cost quite a bit but the stereo speakers alone cost $2,500 and of course the pictures are priceless.

Thank you for any advice you may be able to give.


Purchase returns: a cautionary tale

I haven’t seen this topic discussed for a while. Perhaps it will help future expats.

I wanted to buy the cheapest multifunction pressure cooker AKA Instant Pot, primarily for its Yogurt function. I bought the Brentwood Easy Pot at Juan Eljuri for $111. What I failed to do is to look at its reviews on Amazon, which were few and 4-years old, but documented exactly the problems I encountered. This unit wasn’t defective, the product was defective, particularly the Yogurt function, and Brentwood couldn’t care less. A big complication was the yogurt making detailed instructions were only in the English section, not the Spanish or French section.


Concerned about unmasked, unvaxxed mouth breathers?

Our personal air purifying necklaces can help keep you safe from icky exhalations. (For the other side – they possibly even protect from airborne spike proteins.)

But seriously, they are also always great for repelling pollen and other pollutants.
Simple, light, quiet, effective, and rechargeable. Now that this new technology is available, everyone should have an air purifying necklace.

2 Styles to choose from:

$29 to $35 each

Visit our easy-to-find store just 5 blocks west of Parque Calderon or online.
Simón Bolívar 13-49 y Estévez de Toral
(Comments welcome)

Kent Mills

Best/cheapest money transfer option?

My bank in Australia is threatening to close my account because I am permanently in Cuenca. They can tell because of all of the ATM withdrawals here. I want to change to transferring money to my brother in Oz and him sending it to me in a transfer to a bank (?). What would the best and cheapest option be? I think Zelle doesn’t work from Oz. It would involve maybe $1500 USD/month.


Denis Cruickshank

Eye glass prescription filled

Unfortunately, I dropped my glasses in the case and they were run over. The prescription is new from the US this year. I am looking for a recommendation from an optician that can get me new glasses. Recommendations? I am in the Puertas Del Sol area. Thanks,

David Nichols

Any interest in a sci-fi reading/discussion group?

Hi, I’m Charles Castleberry, I’m a retired software engineer, and I’ve been living in Cuenca a couple of years now (since the pandemic hit and put the brakes on my world traveling).

I’ve recently started feeling a bit itchy to see more of people than my just remote friends over the internet and, as I’m a lifelong sci-fi nerd, I thought I’d see if anyone was interested in some kind of geek-interest reading/discussion group. Subjects could involve sci-fi/fantasy fiction and movies, anime, video games, etc. We could meet up at coffee shop or lunch place every couple of weeks or so, read a book-of-the-month or something, or argue over whether Star Trek or Star Wars are better, and why movies almost never get time travel right.

If there are any fellow nerds around who’d be up for that, just speak up in the comments and we can set something up.

Optimistically Yours,

Charles Castleberry

Beautiful rescue dog for adoption

Looking for a responsible new family for a beautiful rescue dog. Last week I found a beautiful and playful dog in Parque de la Madre. I’ve been taking care of him for now, but I cannot keep him as I don’t have the space needed for him to have the happy life he deserves (he’s kind of big). I’m looking for a responsible and loving person or family to adopt him and give him a happy, healthy life. I’m sure he will make his new family happy and he will give back all the love he gets.

If you would like to give this doggie a loving home, please contact,

Daniela Torres: 096 977 5010. Call after: 7 AM.

Receipt of IRS forms

I will not be getting a return from the IRS. However, I would like to know when they receive/process my forms. Is there any way to determine this electronically?

Mike L

How to register rental contract with ‘juzgado’ in Cuenca?

I am told that there is a place to register the home rental contract in Cuenca. This will be needed, with a certificate, for the naturalization (citizenship) process.

Does anyone know the name of this office and the location?



Hello, I am interested on Pilates classes, Zumba, stretch, cardio. Also
I am in Cuenca for about 3 weeks. Is there someone who knows it? Thank you very much,

Vera Schnapp

Satellite TV/Internet

Can anybody advise a good company in Cuenca to install a satellite TV/Internet system? Mostly for sport, English football and F1, movies, etc.

Many thanks,

Peter Tierney

Massage therapy cost

What is the going rate for an hour of massage therapy?

Mike L

Where is Juana?

I have read many posts about the wonderful Juana’s Vivero up near Control Sur. I drove up there yesterday and got utterly lost. Came home with no plants at all.

Can someone tell me definitively where Juana’s nursery is? Someone posted that it is across from the last Tranvia stop. Is this true? Thank you community. I appreciate it.

Matthew Blau

Safety on social media platforms

We prefer to trust the content we read here as coming from our fellow expats that we’ve never met in person but we’d like to think of as “honest folks”. However, newcomer expats hear from the old timers the stories about a very sketchy Canadian expat who founded a Cuenca charity that is still operating after he fled the country, along with other tales of expats being perp-walked out of a Gringolandia highrise (“X was nice, quiet and kept to himself”). Unfortunately, my 30 years in a technology career have taught me to have the right amount of wariness and employ best practices for safety online.


Real estate rentals

Lizza, are you still in Real Estate? I need your help.




Good afternoon, I am looking for a job. I am a nursing assistant and social communicator. with experience in patient care at home, accompaniment at home. and I also have experience as a television assistant.

WhatsApp: 096 315 7207

Esther Villafuerte

Condo mgr

Does anyone have the email address for Liz, the administration manager at Condominio Terrazas on 3 de Novimbre?



Getting a Tranvia pass in Cuenca

I have been trying for seven weeks to buy a Tranvia, and bus pass at the Feria Libre Tranvia stop, and at the airport. I have made seven efforts, with no success. The attendant cannot say why they are not selling them, or when they would. Has anyone had success in the past week, or know anyone who has? Knowledge shared is good! Thanks!



Is it possible to go to Azogues and get a few questions answered without an appointment?
If now, how to get an appointment?
Still need vax papers to go in?