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Looking for a barber to help my bed ridden husband with custom face shave who can come to our home in El Centro.

Martha Hooper: 098 858 0006. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Ingredients for Thanksgiving Dinner

Where is the best place to find ingredients for Thanksgiving Dinner? For example, are there real sweet potatoes or yams here? Canned pumpkin? Cranberry sauce? French green beans? Etc.

Thank you,


Depression at altitude?

Has anyone used 5-HTP successfully either alone or in combination with an oral medication for depression? There is a small body of research that suggests that there are changes in brain chemistry at altitude that have a noticeable effect on depression.

Obviously there are a lot of useless supplements. Maybe it’s worth a try.

Also, does anyone have a list of anti-depressants most commonly available at a pharmacy?


Renewal of USA Passport?

General guidance regarding renewal of my USA Passport.


Baggage charges Cuenca to Quito / Guayaquil?

Does anyone have an idea what the airline/s charge for check-bags on the airlines flying from Cuenca to Quito or Guayaquil?

Also, do the airlines on these routes typically always allow for carry-on free of additional charge?

I’m having difficulty searching this inquiry on the airline travel sites. We’d be happy with just an estimate. We’ll be traveling 1st week this Dec. and suspect these charges don’t change in accordance to season (?).

Thank you in advance, Jerry
WhatsApp: 593 99 002 3733

Jeraldo Lawrencio

Mahjong groups/teacher(s) in Cuenca?

I’m wondering if there’s a mahjong group here and if anyone teaches how to play; I’m interested in both and all ears!

Scott L

Schedule a taxi pickup with Azu or other service?

My houseguest has the early morning flight out of here Thursday morning. Can he schedule a pick-up using Azutaxi or another service for the trip to the airport?

If anyone has other options, please advise. Thanks in advance.

Reid Tanner

Recommendations for travel to Spain

I am traveling to Spain for the first time and will be there over Christmas and New Years. I would appreciate any travel tips or recommendations.

Thanks to all,

Kevin Hattaway

Writers? Help proofreading

Hi there! I’m looking for a writer or someone knowledgeable in literature to help me proofread two, 500 word essays; the sooner the better! Please text me to the following WhatsApp if you could provide this service. (if you are a British English writer, better.)

Claudia: 099 699 1534

Citizenship process questions

I started my process for citizenship before Covid, but it got lost in the mess…could not get apostille from the USA, my lawyer got sick, et cetera.

Now I’m ready to start again…

Has anyone over 65 recently been through the citizenship process, successfully?

Can you share your experience with me?

Specifically, which office you did the process, and how was the verbal language test?

My Spanish is the most basic…

I understand for elders there is no written test?

And, did you have to deposit your pension in an Ecuadorian bank. I was told this is not legally required but some offices may ask for it. ?

How long did it take?


Looking for information on health insurance

At aged 73, and despite making only 3 claims during my tenure 6 years with my health insurance company I received an unacceptably high monthly rate increase, of nearly 28%. This increase was without any prior notice from either my insurance company provider or agent. Obviously and with my partners active and enthusiastic encouragement I am searching for a new agent and insurance company.

If any of the GP community can help me with recommendations, their stories of hopefully exceptional or good service I would appreciate it, as I am actively seeking a new agent and health insurance provider.


Golden retriever near Cuenca?

Does anyone know of a golden retriever breeder near the Cuenca area?


Refrigerator filters?

Just recently moved to Ecuador so still learning the ropes. Wanting to change the built-in water filter on the Samsung fridge. All appliance stores I’ve been to do not sell them. Even those that sell the fridge!

Can anyone help?


Rachel and Mike

Health issues

No trouble in the States but since I’ve come to Ecuador, I have major bloating.

Any ideas why?


What does a dog need to travel?

In the beginning time I need to take my dog from Ecuador to the States.
What papers or supervision do I need?

Thanks in advance.

Miguel A Sumba

Taxi driver needed

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a suggestion for a reliable taxi driver who could take me out of town, like Canar? I don’t need English or a tourist guide, just a safe taxi/driver so I can avoid a few bus rides.



Discrepancy in B driver’s license test

I am studying for the B driver’s license test. The study bank questions do not match the simulator on the ANT website.

I was informed about the Simulador ANT app. Here the app simulator matches the bank of questions from the ANT website.

Does anyone know if the Simulador ANT app is the correct simulator to study?

Thank you for your help,


Average price for teeth whitening?

I’m looking for the average price for teeth whitening at a dentist office here in Cuenca or any info for an inexpensive dentist.


Inexpensive place to get plants?

I’m looking for any information on an inexpensive place to get some plants, fruit trees and gardening equipment in Cuenca.



Is there a new procedure for individuals over age 65 to attain citizenship (from a permanent visa) without taking oral of written Spanish tests? Just paying a higher fee.

John T Trotter

Alausi Devil’s Nose train ride, 2023 update after repairs and restart

Has anyone done this adventure since the train adventure restarted, and care to comment? I am a bit concerned and have heard very little from anyone I know in Cuenca.



Hotel with generator?


I am a digital nomad here in Cuenca and I am aware of the power cuts that are coming. Can anyone recommend a hotel that has a generator so I will not get fired?


Health Insurance – check the details on your policy

Hi all,

First time poster here, just want to give you a heads-up.

I have Ecuador health insurance, bought from a major expat insurance broker in Cuenca. In August, I checked the details on the contract and the cell phone was wrong and expiry date said September, so I went to the office and was assured they would fix everything.

Fast forward to now, and my monthly auto-debit for the insurance premium did not happen, so I am not at all sure if I even have health insurance anymore.

Went to the office today, and was given same assurances, that everything is OK and I still have insurance. I am not at all satisfied that this is accurate so will now escalate with the insurance company and the owner of the broker.

You just might want to pull up the details on your insurance policy and check the expiry date (vigencia), address, cedula, phone no., etc.

I welcome any comments, advice, warnings, etc., from all of you. Thanks

Bill Kan: .

City: Cuenca

Looking to register a Canadian vehicle here

Does anyone know how to legalize a Canadian vehicle in Ecuador? Not a new car.

Thank you,


Anyone want to cycle Cuenca?

Hello, my name is Liz. I’ll be spending some time in Cuenca next week. In addition to Pickleball playing I’m hoping to explore the bicycle routes along the rivers. If you are interested in a group cycle day or can recommend a tour group please let me know. Maybe we can get a group together?

Elizabeth Tuson

What happens when a facilitator goes out of business?

Wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question or has experienced (hopefully not) this situation?

I’m not speaking of people who provide assistance with tasks like opening bank accounts, obtaining drivers licenses, or running errands, because those are mainly one-and-done situations. What I am curious about is facilitators who handle money, contracts, personal and private documents, etc., as part of their business.

As far as I know, the ‘industry’ here is unregulated. There are no licensing obligations, professional liability insurance requirements, segregation of client funds from personal funds to prevent commingling, and so on. One could literally wake up one day and decide to become a facilitator.

What happens if – hypothetically – a facilitator is convicted of a serious crime and imprisoned, or sued one too many times and decides to make a midnight run with other people’s money? What recourse, if any, do the clients have? Or is it better to work with an attorney, assuming there are more stringent requirements?

I’ve not seen this discussed before. I imagine that many foreigners arrive here assuming that the same legal structures and ethical practices they are used to in their home country apply here, not realizing that every country has its own unique way of doing business.

Jeff S

Banking ATMs

New tricks but no treats at Banco del Austro ATMs…

Tried two different locations and no money using the bank debit card I have used here for years. Called my bank and they said there was no problem on their end. What’s the deal?

No Happy Halloween here!

Lane King: .

City: Cuenca

Due to moving, I am selling a desktop computer

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
Eight-Core Processor 3.70 GHz
Memory RAM 16.0 GB
Operative System de 64 bits
AMD Radeon Graphics Processor 5800 Series 16gb

keyboard, Screen HP 20′
Mouse Genius.
Wireless Router, Onikuma headphones noise cancelling.
Camara HD.
Prize $500

Diego Romero

Construction at night

There is construction happening between 10 PM and 2 AM near our apartment downtown. Is this allowed?



Hello all, we are new to Quito, it is our 6th day. Anyone have luck opening an account at a bank with a notarized lease for 10 months and passports? Our 2-year were just submitted – so no cedula. Any recommendations would be helpful.

The Mikes


Hello all, we are new to Quito, it is our 6th day. Anyone have luck opening an account at a bank with a notarized lease for 10 months and passports? Our 2-years were just submitted – so no cedula.

Any recommendations would be helpful.

The Mikes

Help getting driver’s license

Would like someone that could help me get a driver’s license, register the car, renew car registration.

Terry Wilson

Train from Riobamba

Has anybody ridden the train that leaves from Riobamba since they recently reopened it?


Help sending CD

Hello. I need to send a CD to my doctor in Chicago. I am in Cuenca. Can anybody help? Thank you. Ned 093 998 4769

Ned Meisner

Is it necessary to renew my investment CD?

My investment CD (Póliza) matures at the end of the year and I don’t know if it’s necessary to renew or not. Does anyone know how this works?

My investment visa dates back to 2016, before the Temporary/Permanent system began, and I have always had to go through a process to renew my investment CD, gather other documents, and go to the Ministerio to prove to them that I haven’t liquidated it.

I understand that things have changed, and with a Permanent Visa, it’s no longer necessary to do that. However, my visa predates the Temporary/Permanent system.



Cuenca-specific cultural calendar?

Can anyone direct me to the best(s) calendars for upcoming events? Especially, the upcoming Nov 3 Independence Day? Have a friend coming from the US and would like to give him a full immersive experience . . . complete with some crispy cuy? Thanks in advance.

Here or

Reid Tanner

Airbnb IVA refund

I will be renting an Airbnb in Cuenca soon. How do I get a factura for the senior discount? Any suggestions appreciated. I do not think Airbnb has a RUC, but they do business in Ecuador.


Document Apostillado

Hello fellow expats, Can anyone please tell me how I can get a document apostilled without going back to the US?



LATAM and Tercera Edad?

Has anyone worked with LATAM directly with an English speaker to get discounted flights for Tercera Edad gringos? Any information is appreciated.

Jofannie Karla

ATM Fees after TD Ameritrade Transition to Charles Schwab, Inc

How is your experience with the dissolution of TD Ameritrade and transitioning to Charles Schwab in the month of September?

TD did not charge an ATM Fee. But Charles Schwab does. And calls it a “dynamic currency conversion fee” (cardholder preferred currency fee).

First, I sent a message to Schwab online. Then, after several days, I followed up with a phone call. The agent said that she would investigate it at Schwab’s processing center and get back to me.


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