Health insurance options

Can anyone help me decide the best option for a private health insurance plan? I’m single, 73, pretty good health. No preexisting conditions. Thank you.


How safe is Cuenca tap water?

I’m sure this question has come up before, but I couldn’t find it in the archive. I’ve heard Ecuador tap water in general is not safe to drink, but that Cuenca tap water is fluoridated and safe(r) to drink. I realize that some people will insist on filtering their tap water anywhere in the world (for taste or other reasons), but does anybody know if Cuenca tap water is generally safe to drink, or if it must first be boiled or filtered? I’d appreciate hearing about any supporting research or websites, if available. thanks.

Pat Smith


I have canceled my October trip in response to the Australian government travel advisory, level 3. However, I follow the GringoPost and don’t see any mention of increased safety risks. Can anyone provide an update on whether it is safe to travel by bus from Quito to Cuenca, then to Vilcabamba? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Lucketta McMahon

Turi steps — open yet?


But things are looking better. There was even a little parade when I was there Sunday.

Looking better mostly, though I am completely baffled that on the ramps and walkways up there they’ve used the same cheap wooden planking that has gone into various bridge decks and miradors around town, and which will last about two or three years before it starts warping and breaking down. Go figure.


Unable to use debit card to withdraw from Banco de Austro ATM

Has anybody else had trouble withdrawing funds from the Banco de Austro ATM’s? My Fidelity Investments debit card can withdraw money from the JEP and Banco Pichincha ATM’s but not from the Banco de Austro ATM’s. This is only a recent problem. In the past I have been able to withdraw money from the Banco de Austro ATM’s numerous times using this same debit card.

David Naccari

My experience to get my visa by myself

The week before I went to Azogues to get the visa and there are no online appointments so you have to stand in line to get a number. I was waiting all morning and when they said my name, around 1:00 pm they asked me for a document from the Municipality of Cuenca that I did not know how to obtain. I had already gone to those offices before but they had given me a different certificate than the one I needed

The truth is that I am an uncomplicated person, so I decided to hire someone to help me obtain the visa. Surprisingly, with a notarized power of attorney, I did nothing more than go and take my fingerprints and my identity card at the Civil Registry. I know that many of you love to do things on your own, but I also know that many prefer to wait for their visa from the comfort of their home.

Thanks to Karina Urgiles from Expat Community for all her advice and patience.

To everyone who wants an uncomplicated visa process I recommend Karina from expat community, her prices are very reasonable.


Lost USA driver’s license

I lost my AZ drivers license. I am not sure if I can get a replacement copy with no mail in Cuenca. Can anybody please offer me any way to accomplish this without having to return to AZ?

Thank you

Richard Potter

Which is better – depositing a check or transferring the money?

It’s great that Banco Pichincha will accept a US check for deposit into your account (not all financial institutions in Cuenca do) but beware of the time differences in when the money will become available for withdrawal if you deposit a check rather than transfer the money from your US bank.

Yesterday, a Banco Pichincha employee advised me that funds might not be available for withdrawal for 21 – 30 working days if a check is deposited; but if the money is transferred, the funds are available for withdrawal in only 2 business days.

David Naccari: .

City: Cuenca

Parcel with medications from the US to Cuenca

Please share your experience of best way to receive prescribed medicine from the US. Will the customs control allow the parcel with my prescribed medications from the US?

Thank you,


Schwab debit card

Has anyone had problems using a Schwab debit card in any of the local banks’ ATMs? Thanks.

Ed Lindquist

US dollar acceptance?

Hello GringoPost,

Do US bills need to be in perfect condition in order to be accepted in Ecuador? I traveled in SE Asia and found that US money would not be accepted unless it was in new condition. The Google machine didn’t yield any results, with some information saying that US bills need to be in nice/almost perfect condition in order to be accepted in South America. Since Ecuador is on the dollar, I am hoping they will be more lenient.

Thank you,

Jefferson Johnson

Smaller phone book?

Picked up the 2022-2023 phone book today. It has half the number of pages that last year had. Also, this year is 2 columns per page vs. 4 columns per page last year. Print does not appear to be smaller. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?


Raw goat milk?

Looking for reliable goat milk delivery near OraVerde. Ordones Lasso. Any recommends?


City: Cuenca

You deserve an in-home spa day enjoying my 90-minute massage

Rejuvenation Home Massage of Cuenca understands the mental and physical challenges we face in our lives daily, today reducing stress promotes better health and well–being. Massage is a natural way to reduce these tensions and have a positive effect on other common health conditions:

Digestive problems
Aches and pains
Sports injuries


Medium-size dog air transport

I am relocating from Cuenca to Medellin. I need to take my dog. Can anyone recommend an expert or explain a system of doing that? I also will need to ship some small items. Same question. Thanks.

Fonna: .

City: Cuenca



Does anyone know of a person in Cuenca who teaches Calligraphy and type? Also, where you might buy Art supplies for Calligraphy?

Thank you so much, please leave a comment or email me.

Best Wishes,

Robin Littlepage

City: Cuenca

Reformed Rabbi

Does anyone know of a Reformed Rabbi practicing in Cuenca or nearby? Thanks.

Doreen Dvorin

Looking for 2 bedroom apartment for rent

Looking for 2 bedroom, unfurnished apartment for rent in Salinas, $400-$600, I don’t have pets.

Would prefer Salinas or Chipipe. Prefer 2 or 2 ½ baths. Prefer for Nov. 1, 2022

Marie: 095 888 6777. Call after: 9 AM.

New Balance shoes in Cuenca?

Does anyone know if or where New Balance shoes (not knock-offs) are available in Cuenca? Please respond via email or leave a comment below. Thanks.

Alan Branch



I am Dra. Daniela Carpio —a Cardiologist based out of Cuenca with a specialty in Cardiac Intensive Care. Upon my recent return from completing my studies abroad, I opened my medical practice at Hospital del Rio, and it would be an honor to serve you there.

I completed my 5-year postgraduate education at the Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiología in Sao Paulo, Brazil; a world class institution comprised of highly skilled physicians in the field. I am thrilled to me back in my hometown, with my family, and I look forward to serving my community and also bring expert medical care to the comfort of your own home, if needed.


Ecuador dog laws

Good morning all, I was walking my dog and was approached by two Ecuadorian ladies. They both have cameras and see people walking their dogs past their property and 1) not picking up after the dogs and 2) allowing their dogs to pee as they walk along the street. They are contacting the Ministerio de Salud Publica and are looking to get these people fined.

I always collect my dog’s excrement but we have a 3-block walk to the park and on occasion, she will urinate in a bushy area on the way.

Leaving excrement you should be fined, absolutely, but what about urinating? Is there a fine for that? Also, I don’t think they factor in the people that allow their dogs to roam free and do their business in the street…what’s their responsibility?

Please respond to this post if you have knowledge of the law.

Thank you,

Tony G

Little Thai restaurant?

Has Little Thai restaurant on Luis Cordero 7-33 closed?

Steven Ellison

Cultural time

My name is Karina and I would like to set a cultural moment with a native English speaker. Please contact me if you are interested.

Basically, we will have a zoom meeting where you can share your life experiences, and non-English-native-speakers will share their questions and inquiries with you.


Book donation?

Best place to donate 5 boxes of English language books from novels to math, science and history?


Shoe size availability

I am interested in finding out how available larger shoes and, more specifically, sandals are in the coastal areas of Ecuador. I will be traveling several areas of the coast including Manta, Montanita, and Salinas and am a US size 13.

I prefer to not have to pack beach sandals, etc. as I am trying to pack minimally and big shoes and sandals take a big chunk of luggage space. Will I be able to find anything that fits to purchase in these areas of Ecuador?

Thank you!

Jefferson Johnson

Lawyer required


Does anybody know of an English-speaking lawyer in Salinas; knowledgeable in a field of separation between a foreigner and an Ecuadorian citizen, involving a child?

Thank you kindly

Leon Ostrovsky

Quito to Austin, TX flight

Good morning,

What’s the best flight itinerary from Quito to Austin, TX (and then back to Quito)?

Many thanks,


Piano tuning hammer

Would anybody happen to have a tuning hammer for a piano? I always have a professional tune the whole instrument overall when it needs it, but every now and then I like to touch up just one or two strings which I could do myself, if I only had a hammer. (Remember that song) Many thanks!

Raymond Walter Horsley

Missed IESS payment

Oops! I missed an IESS payment by one day. I tried to pay today, but the system indicated that nothing was owed. Does anyone know what I need to do now? Can I just resume payments next month? Is there a penalty?

Andy Mosher


Does anyone know where one goes in Cuenca to get the annual flu shot and Covid booster?


Android 13 and Azutaxi do not play well together

I have a Google Pixel phone. It gets Android updates before any other brand. When the new Android 13 update was recently installed, I could no longer use Azutaxi. I have to carry a second phone with Android 12 to access Azutaxi.


Questions about extra charges for Paypal shopping

I linked my Paypal account with a bank card from Banco Austro. When Paypal verified the bank card, the bill showed that a few cents were deducted and not returned. After that, every time I made a purchase on eBay, the bill showed that dozens of cents were deducted and not returned. Is this normal? Has anyone encountered this problem?


Canadian pharmacy referral needed

Hello, Please help me with a referral and contact information for a Canadian Pharmacy that we can trust for processing an order.

We cannot afford the US prices for drugs and therefore I am in need of a referral as we travel back and forth from the US. While in the US we may need to refill a script for either my wife or myself and I want to be able to order from Canada with confidence.

Thank you,


Urgently require foster home for small dog

Our vet is currently housing a small rescue dog we found on the road on Saturday. We can supply more details and photos if you wish, but because he needs to be kept in isolation for suspected distemper, it would be desirable that he is placed in a dog-free home.

Understandably, he cannot stay any longer with our vet. All our dogs are street dogs and we will endeavor to have them vaccinated now but we need a short stay for this shih tzu in the meanwhile.

Can you help?


Lost telephone

Hello Friends, Must tell you of help and honesty of some people. Out for Dinner with friends on Saturday evening at El Arriero. I shall sum up my story: Left restaurant at app 9:15. Sunday morning noticed that phone was missing. Called Owner of El Arriero, Mr. David Jaramillo, and asked if he or staff found telephone. Was told no, however was told that security camera would be checked. No luck. Went to restaurant Sunday morning to check myself. No luck.

David suggested that I call taxi that drove me home. Did not remember, however, owner said that they always employ same for needy guests. David called and was told that driver had found in his cab and would return to restaurant.

As I have lost or have had stolen several phones, was pleasantly surprised that my telephone was returned. There are still many honest people in this world. A very big thank you to David Jaramillo, staff and taxi driver for return of my phone.

El Arriero a wonderful place to eat knowing that you & possessions are safe!

Ed Nadeau: .

City: Cuenca

What is the best phone service to stay in touch with the USA?

Please share your opinion for the best and most economical way to make and receive telephone calls with the United States. I’ve been a magicJack customer for years but recently I have had better results with Google Voice. Some people like WhatsApp. What has been your experience with these and other options? Thanks for sharing.

David Naccari: .

City: Cuenca

6 on 6 Volleyball: 11 AM, Sunday, September 11 – Free at Parque El Paraiso

Come join us or come to watch. Sunday, September 11th from 11 AM to 1 PM. (Weather Permitting.)
We are an international group of dedicated 6 on 6 volleyball players. The net will be set up on the green space north of the bathrooms and concession stands and west of the lake.
You can also join us on our Facebook page (Cuenca “Bump-Set- Spike” volleyball) for updates.

Garry: .

City: Cuenca

Looking to get rid of an old couch or mattress?

Sometimes you just can’t sell your old stuff. Why not donate it to Hogar de Esperanza to help the many destitute families in Cuenca. We will come to your place and pick up any donation of your household goods including clothes to be sold in our Thrift Store or given to folks in need.

Open hours for our Expat Services Center are: Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 5:30 PM, and Saturday from 8 AM – 1 PM. The Center is located at Mariscal Sucre 12-84 y Juan Montalvo, just around the corner from our Esperanza Thrift Shop. Talk with Fernando who can answer all your questions. Thanks so much for your support.
099 094 7611 mailto:

Kris Andreatta

Gregori Villa’s farm

A nice fellow moving out of town told me of this farmer with an exceptional organic vegetable farm. Scott told me Gregori has visitors sometimes and thought I would greatly enjoy this outing. The problem is that Scott didn’t know the address. Does anyone else know about Gregory’s farm? Thanks much!


Any couriers bringing a delivery to Cuenca Soon?

I am trying to get some vitamins from the States down to a friend in Cuenca and wanted to know if anyone has info on a courier that is bringing in orders soon? It’s not a big order of items, just something that someone needs right away, I already have these items and can ship to any place in the US. Thanks for your help. I can be reached on my email at


IESS health insurance

Hi folks, Has anyone recently (i.e. in last 6 months) signed up for IESS health insurance? If so, would you mind reaching out to me to answer a couple of questions?

Many thanks,

Fiona Mitchell: 099 071 3501. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Cuenca Alternative Press

Does anyone know what happened to the group that was going to start up a Cuenca news site as an alternative to the censorship found on other news sites? Many of us were hopeful.


City: Cuenca

Sukasa electrics

Hello friends. I want to give my experience. I’ve been here for 3 mos. I have purchased a hand-held blender from Sukasa. I had to take the machine back 2x because they gave us the wrong parts. We finally, on the 3rd try, got a Black ‘n Decker with all the parts. Why didn’t we just get a refund? It is not possible at Sukasa. Only if you buy 1 standalone product. If you buy more than one product at a time, they say they can’t give the refund, only credit. This is why we had to keep getting another 1 that was no good. We also bought a coffee maker. The heating element got too hot, I assume, and cracked the pot. It’s 2 mos. old, has a 6 mo warranty. But they have to send it to Quito to make sure it wasn’t a power surge that caused it to crack. Which could take over 2wks. So, no coffee maker for a while. We have purchased towels and sheets with no problem.


Richard Minkin’s funeral

He was an angel for so many people. One of his closest and dearest friends Isabel Mosquera who was more than a friend but a sister.

A few words for Richard’s Memory:

“It will always be difficult to understand that death is part of life, but the most important thing is to recognize that good memories, lived experiences are what will remain in each of us. Richard was and will continue to be my great friend, a person who trusted in me and my family. I feel grateful to God for putting people with such warmth and with such a noble heart, I owe him my work and a network of friends that I consider as part of my family. Richard is an example of kindness, charisma and empathy, it is incredible how his solidarity spread and managed to help so many people who need support and a helping hand. I am sure that now he will be an angel who will be there from heaven to take care of us and protect us all. Thank you Richard for these years of friendship, always in my heart with total gratitude and affection.
Thank you for these years of friendship, you will be always my angel and I will keep you in my heart with total gratitude and affection for ever”.

We are having a memorial this Sunday, September 4th at 11:30 AM at the Campo Santa Ana, Sala Esperanza.

Everyone is welcome to join us.

Richard was born in 1953 in Wisconsin, USA.

Isabel Mosquera

City: Cuenca

Covid antigen spit (saliva) test for international flights to Ecuador

I was unable to get vaccinated based on my health history.

I need to make a trip to the US. Regarding my return flight to Ecuador, are antigen spit (saliva) tests currently being offered by labs in the US, with a 24 hour or less turnaround time. And will it be accepted by the airlines and Ecuador?

I prefer to avoid having a testing swab in my nose or throat

Many thanks,


Thank you for helping us help the kids at Mujeres Con Exito

We are delighted to announce that the Southern Comfort event on August 31st raised $1849!

The proceeds from cash donations and the event have brought our total to $8000 just $1500 shy of our goal of $9500 for back-to-school shoes, clothes and school supplies for our 100 shelter children.

Thank you for your support. If you haven’t donated and would like to help us out, Scholarship payments can be made through PayPal or dropped off at Mujeres Con Exito.



Hello. I’m travelling to Cuenca. On which visa and how long can I stay?

Thank you for your answer.


Family areas for living

Hello, can someone recommend good and safe areas in Cuenca with good kindergarten for family?

Thank you,


International arrivals to Quito and Guayaquil airports

My doctor advised me to forgo vaccines based on negative reactions I’ve experienced previously.

For those without a vaccination card like myself: The Quito airport website says a negative RT-PCR test is required. The Guayaquil airport website says a negative RT-PCR or antigen test is required.

1. Is the above information still accurate?

2. Any chance the Guayaquil airport accepts at-home rapid antigen test results?

Though based on YouTube videos, the test “card” results are only valid between 15 and 30 minutes after the test. Thus, apparently you wouldn’t have contemporaneous results to present (unless you took a photo?). So, unless I’m missing something, I don’t think at-home tests would be accepted.

Thank you for any insight you can provide,


Why I can’t read the comments?

One reason I subscribed here is because I want to read the comments under some posts. After I subscribed I found I still can’t see the comments. Could anyone tell me why?



Electric bill DOUBLED?

Our electricity bill doubled for July/August. My housekeeper said hers did too. Was this a city-wide phenomenon in Cuenca? Can anyone explain?


Non-Bcc mailings

Is there any way to stop these by a former courier?


Info on Banos de Agua Santa

I am planning an exploratory visit to Banos in November to see if that would be a good area to call home when I leave the US next year. This will be my 5th visit to Ecuador, but the first time in this region. Any information / suggestions / experiences / warnings, etc., would be greatly appreciated. I understand that everyone has a different perspective, but I would like to hear them all. I have researched the main tourist attractions , so what I would like to know is:


Men’s sport shoes size 11 US, 44.5 EUR

Anyone know of sport stores in Cuenca selling shoes in size 11 US? …45.5 EUR.

Thanks for any leads.

Steven Ellison

Options on how to spend long layover in Quito airport?

Next week I’m flying from Cuenca to Seattle via Quito. I arrive at the Quito airport at 8:30 AM and my AA flight is not until 1:30 AM the following morning. I booked the Avianca morning flight from Cuenca because I didn’t want to chance the evening flight being cancelled (heard that happens). There’s a 3-hour stay limit in the Quito airport lounge, and the Wyndham Quito Airport check-in hour isn’t until 2 PM. I plan to call the Wyndham to see if they have another option, but I thought I’d ask if anyone has had a similar challenge and how you spent your long layover in the Quito airport.

Carolyn V Hamilton

Cajas -vs- Canar (For Holly)

Hi, my name is Christina. I just came back from Guayaquil 3 days ago through Cajas at 11 AM and the road was ok, and usually when I need to travel after 3 PM I get back to Cuenca through Canar which is much safer but a little longer (1 more hour). If you are in a rush, go through Cajas. However, if you are worried about safety, Canar is the way to go.



I’m in the process of getting my visa. My question is: does getting an “inversionista” visa have any advantages over a “jubilado” visa in relation to getting the state insurance? I’ve received conflicting information and would really appreciate some accurate information.

Thank you,


Covid shots

Where can I get free covid booster shots? Thanks!

Kev OKane

Sending small parcel through DHL

I am planning to order several items overseas (including several writing pads, a mug, and a small pencil case) as a gift. The ordering website includes free shipping with DHL worldwide. The total amount I order is less than $100, and I expect they will be less than 1.5 KG. Does the recipient in Cuenca need to pay any tariff, tax, or as I read, extra $42 for delivery through DHL? Will DHL directly send the parcel to the address or they need to pick up at their shop?

Thanks a lot,


Permanent visa

Has anyone recently applied for and been refused or gotten their permanent visa? If so, the income required when you got the temporary visa was a lot less than that required now. Were you grandfathered to the old requirement or were you told you had to have the new income requirement and were refused?

Thank you!

Kevin OKane

Condo investment risk

Of course natural disaster risk in Cuenca is much less than on the coast or northern Ecuador. Regardless, how can we minimize financial risk in Cuenca?

Is it easy to verify that the HOA is current on its insurance premiums?

And how would we know if the insurance company would have the resources to pay claims, especially if several buildings were destroyed?

Can condo owners get parallel building insurance?

Thank you for your thoughts,


Cataract surgery after lasik surgery

Good morning. Has anyone out there had cataract surgery after having had Lasik surgery years previously? I had Lasik surgery in 2000 and now need cataract surgery. What were your results and were you satisfied? My thanks in advance to those who are willing to share their experiences.

Christina M Ragle

Equine therapy for those with disabilities

Every Thursday, Foundation Hogar de Esperanza Foundation, in collaboration with the “Santa Ana de los Cuatro Ríos” Equine unit of the National Police of Ecuador, has an equine therapy session for families with children who suffer from disabilities. We have the support of EMOV Cuenca, the transportation unit of the City of Cuenca who provides us with a special bus to transport the children.

In this activity, our children have the opportunity to develop their motor skills, and stimulation through the sensations of confidence and tranquility that these wonderful beings of nature offer them. To find our more about our program:

To support our work, you can make a donation at: or see our website for more options.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Bank 21 day hold & $250 charge!

Last year this was for deposit of a US bank check in my account here. I simply wish to move funds out of politicians’ grasp. This year there was no such delay or charge until recently. I can get along with one ATM withdrawal/mo. The bank manager just said that the 21 days and $250 charge has been reinstated by the national bank chief due to so much fraud now. I have been a loyal and excellent customer at this bank for many years, maintaining a moderately high balance (not wise I know) but this is not taken into consideration (I was a bank accountant years ago). I am lumped together with all dishonest customers, regardless of my sterling, long record. Do all banks in EC charge this now for deposit of a personal US check every 3 or 4 months? My bank there does not do wires.


Is Cajas currently open?

Hello! We keep asking this question because in a month we drive to Cuenca from the coast, through Guayaquil via Cajas. I have the government version of road conditions but stupidly don’t know the names/numbers of the roads involved. (I have a driver)

So if your travels take you through this route, can you tell me of the condition, hours of passage (if any), if there is a great deal of traffic, etc. It is a long trip and I want to be certain that I can even get to the hotel where I have reservations.

Thanks for any and all help.


Change bank account for IVA devolution deposit

Currently, my IVA refunds get deposited directly to my Pichincha account. However, I will be closing my account at Pichincha soon due to the new and excessively long time for US checks to be credited (24-28 days). I have opened a Banco Guayaquil account (14-15 days to clear), however, I have not been able to figure out how to change the account on the SRI website. I went to SRI, but the agent here (I live in La Libertad) told me I have to do it online and was not too helpful. Any help would be appreciated,


Buying from Amazon inquiry

I believe Amazon is shipping directly to Ecuador now. Has anyone had experience and if so, were there any extra charges such as taxes, etc?

Has anyone brought in any electronics via Amazon and also where is their pickup location?


Jane Hunt

Banco del Austro problem

Is anyone else having problems with Banco del Austro ATMs? I have only been able to withdraw from an ATM with buttons but not from ATMs with touch screens.

Sheila: WhatsApp 098 933 5089. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

IESS payment

Went to pay my IESS and was refused at Western Union. Apparently my bill is now over the maximum they are allowed to accept. Does anyone know where we are supposed to go to pay? Thanks for the help.

Terry Woodruff

How to travel to Azogues by bus

Hi, It has been more than five years since I have made the trip to Azogues for a visa related matter. Can someone who has made the trip recently by bus give me the name of the bus cooperative, the fare, and any suggestions?


John Garabandi

City: Cuenca

Solar Power

Is it possible to get solar power/roof panels in Cuenca? Vilcabamba? Just curious, as I know energy is already cheap. Looking into sustainability.

MB Haz

Stretching canvas

I have a few paintings that I need stretched on frames. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thank you.

Larry Picard

Professional Italian leather furniture cleaner

Does anyone know of a professional fine leather cleaning company?

Or another question, does anyone know where I might find saddle soap and a leather conditioner for fine leather goods? I looked at both Kywi and True Value with no luck.

Thank you for your help, in advance.

Robin Littlepage

Boomers, did your father get exposed to atomic radiation during WWII?

My father was a 20 year Navy vet who died at age 72 from lung cancer. A few years ago, I saw a little blurb in AARP’s newsletter discussing a benefit program for vets who were exposed to atomic radiation during the years when the US was testing bombs a lot. I began the process of applying as a dependent of such a vet. I’m just about done with gathering everything needed to apply for the $75,000 benefit which I’m told I’m eligible for. The cash can’t make my father’s suffering go away or lengthen his life, but it is a way of the feds paying for having made my father one of its many guinea pigs.

If you think this may apply to you, do some reading on it. A good site is this one: Feel free to contact me if you want more info based on my personal experience (no expert here). I just thought gosh, there must be so many folks out there who don’t know about this program and I really should share the information. God bless all those vets who gave so much to us all. And best of luck to you!

Elizabeth Richards

Skin cancer specialist/IESS question

This is a 2 pronged request:

1) I have had 16 skin cancers … 14 basal cell and 2 squamous cell and need a specialist in Cuenca that can do a complete exam and removal if necessary. Any recommendations?
2) Because I use private doctors for everything, I am thinking of not paying my IESS for 3 months while I am out of Ecuador. I was told that when I come back, I can just pay that one month and would qualify immediately for emergency care but would have to wait 3 months for other things. I haven’t used them in the 8 years I have been here so that wouldn’t bother me. Is that information correct?

Denis Cruickshank

Pay all your bills in one place

Are you new to Cuenca and still trying to figure out where to pay for all of your services and utilities each month? Struggling with your Spanish while learning to navigate the systems here? Or perhaps you have lived in Cuenca for many years and just want to simplify your life while supporting a good cause. You can do it all and more at Hogar de Esperanza’s Expat Services Center. One stop shop for bill pay: Come on by to conveniently pay all your bills at once: water, lights, phone, cable, IESS and more. We speak both English and Spanish.


Yunguilla vet and groomer

Hola, a todos!

Does anyone know of a vet and groomer in Yunguilla?



Spanish Classes


I am new to Ecuador, living in Challuabamba and looking for Spanish classes. I am happy to come into Cuenca a few times a week. Looking for true beginner classes.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Susy Williams

Moving cash to and from US

Can anyone recommend the best and most inexpensive way to move large amounts of money to and from the United States/Ecuador?

Maria Maloney

Seeking Cooperativo investment experience

I have chosen 2 Cooperativos for CD Investments. But I am concerned about collecting the funds at the end of the term of the CDs. Unfortunately I have read of clients having difficulty withdrawing at certain Coops.

Seeking advice from persons who have cashed out on CD Investments with any advice, recommendations or precautions.

Todd Hebert: 099 393 0923.

City: Cuenca

Claro phone questions

Can someone help me understand why Claro is asking for payment tomorrow when my plan doesn’t end until the 23rd of August? Also, a few days ago, with the help of my English speaking taxi driver, I added $10 to increase international minutes, but instead they may have upgraded my plan, but not sure. Any help or advice is appreciated. Or did they restart my plan since it shows 50 minutes again for international calls.

Dennis G

Banco Del Austro savings account

Hi all,

I’m planning on opening up a savings account. I have a cedula. Can anyone recommend Banco Del Austro?

Thank you,


Clearing of US checks

For many years I would deposit a check from my US bank into Banco Pichincha, and it would become available funds in Pichincha in 10 days or less. Now I am told it will take 21 days. Has anyone had a similar problem with other banks in Cuenca?

Mike L

Asset map

There was an article in GringoPost some time ago regarding filing list of assets with Ec. gov’t. The filing date was end of May, then there was an extension of 3 months later. Does anyone know who files these now?


Canceling CD securing my investment visa and leaving Ecuador

Good morning GringoPost viewers, I am seriously considering leaving Ecuador when my CD expires. I have had a permanent / indefinite resident visa secured by my CD for seven years.

Has anyone first hand or known an expat that has not renewed their CD attached to their investment visa… had their investment returned to their Ecuadorian bank… successfully had their funds returned to their home country via SWIFT from their Ecuadorian bank?


Green Screen Studio/video producer

I’m delivering a Virtual Keynote Presentation in December in the US and am looking for someone who may have a Green Screen Studio in Cuenca and expertise in producing video presentations including incorporation of B rolls, video editing for interactive virtual presentations via Zoom and/or Teams.
Reach out via email at to connect.

Rosemary Rein

Asset map?

There was an article in GringoPost some time ago regarding filing list of assets with Ec. gov’t. The filing date was end of May, then there was an extension of 3 months later. Does anyone know who files these now?


Thank you Orlando

My family and I wish to thank Orlando Sigüenza for all of his hard work. Orlando is an amazing guide who worked very hard to provide our family with an experience of a lifetime while we were visiting the Cuenca area recently. He not only took us on tours, but really taught us Ecuadorian culture and history, not to mention a few needed Spanish lessons. He went above and beyond to ensure our trip was exactly what we wanted it to be. His connections throughout the area, showed us how well trusted and respect he is in the community.


Amojonamiento required for purchasing land?

Good morning,

I’m looking to purchase a piece of land in Ecuador. I was told approx 10 years ago that the property boundaries must be newly documented and registered prior to any new land sales after the effective date of a new law referred to as an “amojonamiento”.

I was told the amojonamiento process usually takes several months, delaying the land purchase.

Can anyone elaborate on this?

Many thanks,


Glass/plastic recycling

Does anyone know if there are places to drop off glass jars/bottles for recycling? Or to drop off plastic bags?

Thomas Leong

Glass/plastic recycling

Does anyone know if there are places to drop off glass jars/bottles for recycling? Or to drop off plastic bags?

Thomas Leong

Dentist in Chulluabamba

Hola folks,

I am new person in Chulluabamba and a most unfortunate thing just happened. My front crown fell off.
Can anyone suggest an English speaking dentist who can fix my smile.

Thanks so much,