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Best television prices?

Wasn’t there a guy on here a couple years ago with great prices on TVs from Guayaquil?


Solidarity pan de pascua

This Christmas we spread love and solidarity. We from the non-profit organization FUPEC (familias unidas por personas con enfermedades catastróficas) have an amazing opportunity for everyone that wants to help people with catastrophic diseases, people with disabilities, and people deprived of their liberty.

Until the 24th of December we sell the traditional pan de pascua. The price depends on the amount of pan you want to buy. The exact prices are in the attached flyer.

If you want to participate, please call us 24 hours before, on this number: +593 98 703 2442. 100% of revenue goes to the people that are listed above!

FUPEC wishes you a holy advent season.

FUPEC volunteers

Calling USA from Ecuador

Is anyone using Tello ? How much will be the cost for making a call from Ecuador to USA? I am aware of wifi calling, still checking,


CD renewal?

We have our permanent residency visa connected to a JEP CD. Our CD matures next week. We will go to JEP and renew the CD.

Because visas are electronic now, is there any need to go to immigration office in Azogues and register our electronic visa like we use to do in past years?


Someone to speak English

Hi, I am looking for an American woman who wants to speak English and I could to help with the Spanish. I am studying English and I would like improve my spoken English.



I sell: Nutraceutical drinks that contain fruits, roots and tubers extracted from Amazonía, they are free of refined sugars, artificial colors and flavors. We have patents and certifications that guarantee the quality of the product. The presentation is in boxes, with envelopes for each day.

Familia Gonzalez

Direct Express card

I get Social Security from the US with Direct Express MasterCard.

Unfortunately, it’s a bank card and all bank cards have an expiration date for no apparent reason.

Will they send a replacement card to Ecuador? Has anybody done this?

Ron McBride

Package to Cuenca, Ecuador


I’m traveling through Ecuador. There is an important package my family needs to send me from Holland. Around the time the package will arrive I’m in Cuenca Ecuador, I want to send it to a post office in town. When looking online I see different ones but I can’t make up which ones are still in use.

Does anyone have tips for post offices I can use?

Thanks in advance!

You can send an email to:

Butcher shop?

Any recommendations for a good butcher shop?


Visiting in December and January – any Expat meeting places or activities?


I am visiting Ecuador mid Dec to mid Jan with interest in retiring there (from GA, US.)

Planning to visit in Cuenca, Salinas, and Guayaquil (flight in and out.)

I would enjoy meeting some of you expats while I am there. Are there meetings or activities for expats that I can attend?



Info about Correos de Ecuador

Please Help! We live in Cuenca and we were having a surprise box of candy delivered to us from the United States. It is for the Tadeo Torres Orphanage Children’s Christmas party that the Military Veterans of Cuenca are giving them. We received an email from a company called “Correos De Ecuador” saying they had our box and were confiscating it due to no apartment number on it. It said to please contact them.

We have tried several times. The WhatsApp response won’t deliver. We looked them up online and sent an email to where it said to. No one has responded to the email. The phone number listed is not in service and we went to the address in Cuenca listed online and the building had been vacant for 3 years.

We keep sending emails to the only address we have. Google says there is an office in Quito and Guayaquil but doesn’t list any phone number. Does anyone know how to get a hold of this company? Or had a delivery from them?

Any help would be appreciated, we are running out of time.

Clarke and Cathy Brown 093 939 8919 or 093 939 3918. We live at Rocas de Misicata, Unit A-201. Thank you so much in advance!

Clarke E Brown

I need a new international cell phone provider!

Here’s what’s happening. My husband and I had JVOIP where we could make and receive international calls to the US and were able to keep our US number. Then JVOIP changed their interface to Vodia phone which was kind of ok…for a while… until I changed my local phone provider from Claro to CNT with a new SIM card. Lo and behold, all our Vodia phone calls are interfered with in some way by CNT and I can’t make or receive international calls properly.

My husband’s phone is still with Claro and Vodia phone works on his phone. I was literally on my husband’s phone with a Vodia phone tech support person all day on Monday and the only temporary workaround is using the Vodia phone app on my computer to make and receive calls.

Has anyone heard of something like this before and do you have any suggestions?

Thank you!

Jofannie Karla

Why does my SSI direct deposit first go to Bank of New York then Ecuador

I am worried because I applied to get my SSI direct deposit sent to Ecuador and it didn’t work. So, I emailed DR like SSA told me to and now they changed it so the Bank of New York gets it first then it would go to Banco de Guayaquil checking account.

First, I am wondering if I will get it and how long will it take now that I waited 60 days already.

Hopefully someone could help me that has also gone thru this.



KitchenAid mixer (broken)

Does anyone know a person who can fix a KitchenAid mixer?

Thanks in advance!


Transaction’s percentage

Hello community. What percentage is charged now for transferring money from Ecuadorian personal bank account to personal bank account in the US?

Deeply appreciate any suggestions.


IESS appointments

Does anyone know how to actually make an IESS appointment? Their website always says “no appointments available” and no one answers their phone numbers. If you’ve figured it out, please share the secret.


Edd Staton

Cuenca Carnival?

I am wondering what Carnival is like in Cuenca; whether the city gets as crowded as it was for the Nov 3 independence celebration or whether the city shuts down.

Wendy L

Has anyone found this item?

Has anyone found Bob’s Red Mill Muesli in Cuenca?

Kev OKane

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble! Gobble! I had a call with Lasso and Noboa and convinced them not do blackouts on Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving eve. You’re welcome.

Hope you enjoy the day. I am having pumpkin pie. And I don’t want to hear anything about sweet potato pie. That is nonsense.


Christmas parade?

Does anyone know the date of the big Christmas parade downtown? I know there are many but this one is apparently the largest in Latin America. Thank you!


Banco Guayaquil debit posting errors to Direct Express / Comerica

For 2+ years, I’ve withdrawn money with no fees from my Direct Express (DE) card where my Social Security deposits are made, using the teller window of Banco Guayaquil (BG), the only bank that has the system. Recently BG made a duplicate post of my last withdrawal, of $900, more than 2 weeks after the transaction was settled by DE. I empty this account ASAP, yet DE retained the duplicate transaction until my next SS deposit, then processed it.

I called DE’s international help desk number and was transferred to the Claims dept. I was informed of a ridiculous paper-based claims process and explained I lived abroad indefinitely; paper is not an option. I was given an email address to perhaps get an exemption from the paper form.

Meanwhile, I attempted via WhatsApp to resolve the error with BG customer service. It was escalated to a supervisor, but the decision was because I am not a BG customer, DE must pursue the claim on my behalf.

I provide this as a warning for any expats who use DE. I ask if anyone else using DE has had any errors to comment below. Please, no comments about “switch to Schwab” or “Austro ATMs didn’t dispense my money once”, as this is a very specific and worrisome bank error issue for retiree expats. Thanks for your help!

Catherine B

Malaria and dengue confusion

I am moving to Cuenca from Vancouver, Canada in January. I hear conflicting information about mosquitoes and malaria and dengue in Cuenca. I’d like to hear opinions. Are malaria and dengue an issue in Cuenca or Quito?

Colin Baur

Feet swell at lower altitudes?

Hola, When I go from Cuenca to Costa Rica, elev. 2400 ft, my feet swell like balloons within three days of arriving. They stay that way for months.

Walking, for at least a kilo, temporarily relieves the swelling. Holding my feet up or compression socks help a little.

It has baffled the doctors here. Within three days after returning to Cuenca, my feet are back to normal.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Gary Brown

Yerba Mate?

Is Yerba Mate found in Cuenca stores or served in any of its cafes?


City: Cuenca


How long do the blackouts in Cuenca last, typically? Is advance notice given? Have there been security issues associated, such as looting, break-ins, etc.?


Etapa free internet

I have Etapa Internet, but with the power outages, my internet and router go out. I was wondering: Does anyone know how to set up your account to do the free internet in the parks?


Hearing aids Under IESS?

Hola Todos –

Lost the hearing in my left ear. Permanent. Went to the ear doctor at Mt. Sinai Hospital where I was told that the hearing in my left ear was gone. Yes, I know. I was also told that a hearing aid would be necessary to regain my hearing.

At $900 – $2,000 that option is out of the question for someone on a strict budget with just social security monthly payments.

I have IESS, although I have never used it (for many, many, reasons). But now… maybe. Does anyone who has IESS know if hearing aids are covered under IESS?

Any information from someone who has IESS and has used it for hearing problems would be most appreciated.

Thank you,

Johnny Fontaine

Prostate surgeon?

I am interested in finding a prostate surgeon in Cuenca. If anyone has had any experience, I would appreciate letting me know.



Paypal allows now to be connected with Ecuadorian banks account

Hi all, It´s a nice surprise, that now PayPal can be connected with an account in almost any Ecuadorian Bank. I added my Banco de Loja account and it worked fine but, the interesting part is they asked for a national ID card number, Cédula.

Please, if some of you have a Banco de Loja account connected with your passport and a PayPal account, let me know if you were able to connect both of them.

Ulises Acosta: .

City: Cuenca

Pill cutter – where to buy?

Does anyone know where I can buy a quality pill cutter? Thank you.


English speaking oncologist

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good English speaking oncologist? I need some tests ordered.

Prostate oncologist would be a bonus.


WhatsApp +1 907 299 2814

Mark Robinson

BBC World Questions: Ecuador

From the BBC…

Ecuador was once a relatively peaceful country, perhaps best known for its rich biodiverse landscapes, Amazonian rainforests and the world-famous Galapagos Islands.

But the murder rate has quadrupled between 2018 and 2022 – an increase caused largely by the drug trade and the violence it brings.

Now the country is in the grip of an unprecedented crimewave which has seen a rise in not just murders, but also kidnappings, extortion and widespread corruption.

Last month, Ecuador elected a new President, the billionaire businessman Daniel Noboa who at just 35, will be the country’s youngest ever leader.

Can this politically inexperienced newcomer tackle the powerful drug cartels? With just 18 months until the next election and no majority in the National Assembly – what are his chances?

Jonny Dymond presents a panel of Ecuadorean politicians and campaigners as they debate the big issues and questions from the public across the country.

The panel:

Andrea Gonzalez Nader: Environmental activist, entrepreneur, and politician

Guillaume Long: Former Ecuadorean Minister of Foreign Affairs under President Rafael Correa

Leo Cerda: Climate activist and indigenous rights defender

Maria Sol Borja: Political journalist


Direct link to audio:

David Johns: .

City: Cuenca

US debt and recession + Social Security + CBDCs – any thoughts?

Wondering if anyone has thoughts on any or all of these topics, either individually or together, or similar themes?

It appears that a major recession in the US is in the cards for Q1 2024, given the recent Treasury auctions and comments from numerous financial professionals. The amount of US government debt has been compared to a household earning $100K/year but having debt of $5.5 million.

Assuming the USD becomes weaker going forward, what is the effect on Social Security payments? Could US citizens living outside of the country receive a different level of benefits than those in the US? It seems like the ability to arbitrage a strong currency by living in a country with a lower relative cost of living is going to be significantly reduced.

Regarding CBDCs, I personally don’t see these being widely accepted, especially in countries where economies are cash based to a large degree. But could Social Security payments or USD transfers to foreign countries be impacted?

Just trying to come up with different scenarios of how this could play out over the next 10 or 20 years. I know that there are some pretty astute members on this site.

PS: I imagine the same comments regarding the US might apply to Canada and Europe as well, but I’m not familiar with those economies.

Jeff S

Collaborate with a choir/voice teacher

I would like to collaborate with a male, retired choir director or voice teacher who can teach people to sing in 4 part harmony. I would like to work with a conservative Christian who could help with formation of a traditional hymn/psalm singing “school.”

This would be mainly be aimed at teaching harmony singing (SATB) to Ecuadorian Christians and expats. Let me know if you are interested.


Property manager

I am considering buying an apartment in Cuenca from a friend. I live in the USA right now, and hope to rent out the apartment for a couple of years until I retire and start my expat life. Does anyone have a great contact for a local, English-speaking person that could be my local contact for taking care of unexpected issues at the rental?

Thank you,


Cataract surgery under IESS?

I have just been told that I will probably need cataract surgery on both eyes in the next year or two. I have seen some recommendation for Dr Cabrera doing an excellent job for around $1250 an eye.

Does anyone know if cataract surgery is covered under IESS? If so, what is the name of a surgeon that does it?


Denis Cruickshank: .

City: Cuenca

Unfurnished apartment costs?

Hi all, I’m interested in hearing from people who have rented unfurnished apartments in Cuenca and purchased their own appliances, etc. What were your total upfront costs? Do you think it was worth it or not?

I realize there are semi-furnished apartments but I’m curious about others’ experiences with unfurnished since this concept is new to me here in EC. Thank you!



Looking for a barber to help my bed ridden husband with custom face shave who can come to our home in El Centro.

Martha Hooper: 098 858 0006. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Ingredients for Thanksgiving Dinner

Where is the best place to find ingredients for Thanksgiving Dinner? For example, are there real sweet potatoes or yams here? Canned pumpkin? Cranberry sauce? French green beans? Etc.

Thank you,


Depression at altitude?

Has anyone used 5-HTP successfully either alone or in combination with an oral medication for depression? There is a small body of research that suggests that there are changes in brain chemistry at altitude that have a noticeable effect on depression.

Obviously there are a lot of useless supplements. Maybe it’s worth a try.

Also, does anyone have a list of anti-depressants most commonly available at a pharmacy?


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