Thank you GringoPost

Thank you for the opportunity that’s provided by your site, to give us businesses that great opportunity to continue with our business by allowing others to visit us. You always provide excellent service to our community. Thank you from Tutto Matto Pizzeria.

Olmes Jaramillo

Sex on the Beach, Montanita and Carnival Weekend

I wanted to share thoughts on a fabulous Carnival week in Montanita, renting a car in Cuenca, and staying at a great hostel a few steps off the The Point between Montanita and Olon. No sex on the beach, actually, but I thought this needed a good title.

My friend Gail, visiting from South Carolina, drove an SUV rented from Cuenca Car Share (Emilio Morocho – While the drive during the day through the mountains was an adventure, with numerous landslides and only a few crazy drivers, we reached the Casa Del Sol ( with no problems.

Emilio was very supportive in making the rental happen and I can recommend him for service quality and ease of doing business. He delivered the car to us and picked it up when we returned. Having a car allowed us to drive up to Puerto Lopez and go out to Isla de la Plata for a wonderful day trip and to make another trip to Olon for an afternoon on the beach. (We both liked the La Punta area more than Olon, BTW. It was simply more casual, less commercial and uncrowded. But this was, after all, Carnival weekend. And there were a number of restaurants within easy walking distance.)

Jackson at the hostel was incredibly attentive to us and the other guests. We always felt supported and any requests we had were met promptly. Everyone was respectful and there was a real sense of collegiality among everyone; it was just the style of operations. Our room was great (a king bed and air conditioning) and everyone staying there shared the hospitality and openness that helped make our trip even better.

We were right at the beach, right at the point where the surf was fantastic and the where the surfers were out in numbers and fun to watch. Sunsets were fabulous and the walk down the beach to the city was easy and safe. Gail spent a lot of time picking up seashells and rocks and the beach itself was amazing – very clean and wide. We also had perfect weather, making things even better.

Walking to Montanita was always interesting with people playing in the surf (fabulous temperature!) and some amazing beachwear. Everyone was friendly and we were not bothered. Downtown, we had some really great cocktails on Cocktail Alley (I recommend Gabby for the best mojitos I ever had.) We made friends with some street vendors, ate good food and ice cream and had fun walking around.

I enjoyed the trip so much that I booked for next year.

Scott Simmerman

City: Cuenca

Best rose delivery service – Rosa Linda

The Rosa Linda team would like to thank you for your vote for Best Rose Delivery Service. Since the year we started delivering roses we have received your support. Thank you with a lot of heart, you are always on our mind. All the Rosa Linda team thank you.

Israel Lopez: 096 958 5647. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thanks from Lee Hair Salon

Thanks to all my clients who took the time to vote and help obtain the GringoPost Best Hairdresser in Cuenca, it is a big help to keep going especially in these difficult times. Thank you GringoPost for the opportunity you give us business owners. God bless you all. Ligia M. Vega.

Ligia Moscoso: 096 892 1026. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you from Joes’ Secret Garden

We are humbled and proud of the incredible support you have given us for the 2021 “Best of Cuenca” GringoPost readers awards.

Best Fried Chicken
Best Barbecue
Best Dinner with Entertainment

It’s our pleasure and privilege to serve you and are truly grateful for your business and friendship … it makes every week a joy.

We look forward to more wonderful evenings together at this very special place as soon as it’s safe to meet again.

We thank all of our loyal guests, friends, staff and associates for making this job such happy work… we are indeed lucky.

And you … you are the best.

Thank you ….KP and Ken, Joes’ Secret Garden

And a special thanks to the people of GringoPost for hosting this expat community each and every day … you help unite us.

KP: .

City: Cuenca

Black Angus Grill wants to thank you

Black Angus

Hi from the Black Angus team. Carolina, Esteban, David y Raúl want to thank you all for your support through this difficult year. We were pleasantly surprised to know that we won the Best Burger in town. Now our promise to all of you is get better and offer you always the best.

Tuesday and Wednesday 2 burgers with fries for $10
Thursday 10 wings and a half rack of ribs for $20
Every day Happy Happy Hour from 6 to 7 PM Mojito, Cuba libre, daiquiri, caipiriña just $2.50

We always have something special for you.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Saturday noon to 3 PM and 6 to 9 PM
Sunday noon to 4 PM
We want to see you soon.

Carolina Guevara: 099 282 0782. Call after: 11 AM.

City: Cuenca

Rosa Linda Flower Shop by Israel Lopez

The best Roses, fresh for your home and any social event. We sow roses with a lot of love. Our delivery is free. We are grateful for all these years of loyalty to us.

Israel Lopez: 096 958 5647. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you for voting for me for Best Massage Therapist

I am so happy to receive the honor of being voted Best Massage Therapist for the 8th year running!

I am also happy to say that I am healing nicely from my hip replacement operation and can offer you the same quality deep tissue massage that I always have.

$30/hr, or $40/90 minutes

I look forward to seeing you on my table.

Cameron Kayce MEd LMT: 099 987 4417. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thanks, Best of GringoPost

Dear GringoPost readers,

Thank you very much for the certificate as the Best Shipping Company, 2021. With humility I accept this great award, which shows our work and commitment that we have with all our clients.

Thanks to you, many people recommend our services.

I cannot thank enough to you for all the great work that GringoPost puts in the expat community.

Best regards,

Paul Wilches
Nathaly Consuegra 305 647 3237, cell 593 98 723 6479

Best of… THANK YOU!

All of us at Helping Kids in Ecuador are humbled at the vote of confidence from all the Gringo Post readers for the vote of Best Charity Event, Best Local Hero: Dr. Pablo Salamea (HKIE’s Medical Director) and Best Medical Facility: Hospital del Rio…HKIE’s partner hospital.

We have reached over 500 children and counting and want to thank all of you for your support.

Mary Freeman

City: Cuenca

Thank you from the Best Gardener 2021

In behalf of my family and myself, I wanted to extend our gratitude to the GringoPost community for voting me the Best Gardener for the second year in a row. It is an honor to be able to do what I love and to make this community happy doing it.

My clients range from people who want to green up their interior space with healthy happy house plants to people who want to grow organic food in their outdoor spaces, all the way to people who want to landscape their dream home. Whatever your project whatever you budget I am here to help.

Plants make us healthier and happier and I am proud and happy to be Cuenca’s own ‘Plant Guy’. I’ve got it all from rich black soil, starter plants, established shrubs and focal plants, to fertilizers and yes firewood. You name and if I don’t have what you need, I’ll find it. You don’t have to put off feeling good about your space.

Please call me if you need my help. Stay safe and if you want to pick your plants from the comfort of your home I can share pictures via WhatsApp.

Leonardo: 096 904 8247. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you from Linda Chase

Thank you, my friends, for writing in your vote for me for Best Emcee. There were not a great number of events in 2020, but I truly appreciate your support. It seems that no matter what I personally am going through, you are there for me. I love this community. Thank you again.

Linda Chase: .

City: Cuenca

Thank you for the Best Coffee House award

Here at Café Ñucallacta we are truly honored to have been voted Best Coffeehouse in Cuenca. We know there are so many great coffee shop options that equally deserve the honor, we are just happy to continue to be on top of mind and part of your community.

We know many of our clients were disappointed that we had to close our Plaza Otorongo location. It was a tough decision we had to make in order to stay afloat during these times. Quite honestly it doesn´t look like this year is going to get any better. We have all the equipment to open a second location similar in size as Plaza Otorongo, but will most likely start looking in 2022, (unless we find an irresistible deal). Regardless, out of our Hermano Miguel local, we will continue to deliver that fresh roasted coffee, those fresh brewed cappuccinos and those fresh baked pastries that have helped us win the title of best coffeehouse in Cuenca. You can visit us any day of the week or order for delivery via our website http://www.cafenucallacta or via our WhatsApp. See you soon.

Thank you also to the staff at GringoPost for providing this platform for small businesses. We appreciate you!!!

Ruminahui Duchicela: 096 311 4958. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank You Cuenca From Azuay Community Theater

Thank you to all the ACT Angels and other donors that responded to our call for support. With your help, Azuay Community Theater will now be able to keep our theater for the 2021 season as we work our way through COVID-19 restrictions.

Ray Lewis: .

City: Cuenca

Cuenca’s Tech Guy: A big thank you to all of you

Last Sunday was one of the greatest moments after all the difficulties we have been going through since last year.

I want to thank all of you for your support and for the trust that you have put in my service.

To all of you who know me and the future ones to meet, you can be sure that I will keep providing the best service I can give and improve it every day.

Best of Computer Repair.

If you have not done it so far, please add my phone number and email to your contacts to start a chat on WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram for more information.

Cuenca’s Tech Guy, your one-stop solution for your computers, phones, tablets, firesticks, repairs, upgrades, internet security and all tech-related needs.

Take good care and remain healthy.

Alex Mejia: 099 289 3125. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

A big thank you and an update about Ginger

For those who remember Ginger, you’ll recall she was hit by a car, removed from the road and carried back to safety in a wheelbarrow a few weeks ago. The concerned resident could not afford veterinary care and Ginger suffered for two weeks with broken bones protruding from her left arm.

That’s when Patan Rescue was contacted and they took action to get Ginger the help she so desperately needed. Patan implemented a fundraising campaign so that Dr. Gallardo, could purchase the necessary supplies for surgery to save the arm.

After a number of days it became evident that Ginger’s surgery was not successful and her arm would have to be amputated. She has endured so much suffering in her young life. She spent over a month at the vet clinic.

The good news is, thanks to your generous donations, that she is recovering nicely and doing very well now. Animals do exceptionally well with missing limbs, due to lack of ego. She will be a normal little girl in every way.

We’re hoping to find this sweet soul a permanent or foster home until she can be adopted. She is about 1-year-old, spayed, vaccinated, wormed and weighs about 8 kg. We do expect her to fill out some but she is and will continue to be a very manageable size doggie.

Would you be willing to adopt or foster Ginger? Do you know someone with a big heart who would step up for this innocent creature?

Thank you for your continued support of Patan Rescue Group. Donations may be made via Paypal through the account of Barbara Suderman.

Photos to be posted this morning.

Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Huge Thank You from Thai Connection

We just want to say “Thank you” from the bottom of our hearts to all our friends and customers who voted for us as The Best Asian Food on GringoPost. We will always continue giving our best to provide good food and good service.

Our specials of the week are:

Shrimp Fried Rice with Basil. $8.50
Drunken Noodles $8.50
Spicy Korean Ramen $8.50
Sweet and sour Pork $8.50

Of course our delicious Carrot Cake and authentic Thai Iced Tea.

Call us or WhatsApp at 098 704 6607 or 099 954 7006


Tuesday to Saturday from Noon to 7 PM, Honorato Vásquez 639 y Hermano Miguel

Ronny Bustamante

This Week in La Guarida – Thank you all for your votes.

Thank you all for voting us again as GringoPost Best Place to Watch a Film. We certainly love picking incredible titles for you to enjoy and preparing incredible and healthy dishes. We are often sold out so make your reservations now by calling 099 806 8071. We continue to be the #1 rated restaurant in Cuenca according to TripAdvisor. Come and get to know us and don’t miss our musical experiences.

Tuesday 6:45 PM. Rashomon.

Brimming with action while incisively examining the nature of truth, “Rashomon” is perhaps the finest film ever to investigate the philosophy of justice. Through an ingenious use of camera and flashbacks, Akira Kurosawa (one of the best filmmakers in history) reveals the complexities of human nature as four people recount different versions of the story of a man’s murder and the rape of his wife.

Wednesday 6:45 PM. Sordid Lives.
This film is completely sold out.

Thursday 7:30 PM. Roberto Ávila interprets Brazilian music.
Admission $8 Roberto Ávila visits La Guarida with a special and exclusive proposal. He brings us the sounds of Brazil. This experience will take us to know a little more about Caetano Veloso, Tom Jobim, Novos Baianos, Joao Gilberto, Moreno Veloso among other incredible singer / songwriters in the voice of this incredible Cuencano artist.

Don’t forget we serve breakfast from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. We thank you for your continued support in TripAdvisor and the other review platforms. We cannot be happier with all your generous comments.

February 16th, from 9 AM to 9:30 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM

A big thank you for helping Ginger, and an update

For those who remember Ginger, you’ll recall she was hit by a car, removed from the road and carried back to safety in a wheelbarrow a few weeks ago. The concerned resident could not afford veterinary care and Ginger suffered for two weeks with broken bones protruding from her left arm.

That’s when Patan Rescue was contacted and they took action to get Ginger the help she so desperately needed. Patan implemented a fundraising campaign so that Dr. Gallardo, could purchase the necessary supplies for surgery to save the arm.

After a number of days it became evident that Ginger’s surgery was not successful and her arm would have to be amputated. She has endured so much suffering in her young life. She spent over a month at the vet clinic.

The good news is, thanks to your generous donations, that she is recovering nicely and doing very well now. Animals do exceptionally well with missing limbs, due to lack of ego. She will be a normal little girl in every way.

We’re hoping to find this sweet soul a permanent or foster home until she can be adopted. She is about 1-year-old, spayed, vaccinated, wormed and weighs about 8 kg. We do expect her to fill out some but she is and will continue to be a very manageable size doggie.

Would you be willing to adopt or foster Ginger? Do you know someone with a big heart who would step up for this innocent creature?

Thank you for your continued support of Patan Rescue Group. Donations may be made via Paypal through the account of Barbara Suderman.

Photos to be posted this morning.

Jo Austin: 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you everyone from the Visa Angels Ecuador team

We are so happy to have been voted the Best Visa Assistance for the 5th year in a row. I will be honest, this was a very tough year with pandemic becoming a part of our planning. During the first several months we could submit visa applications online which was challenging, but kept everyone safe then it was the trips back to Azogues. Many changes but we did it and got many, many new first-time visas and those permanent visas for so very many friends. We look forward to 2021 and hoping things will find a “normal” so we can work face to face with our clients again. Keep an eye out for us opening our offices again soon.

Edificio Maldini D401 Gaspar de Villarroel y isabel la Catolica.

Joann Mansfield

Honored and proud; thank you Cuenca

King Smokehouse is so honored and thankful to all of you for supporting us through this difficult year. And we are especially thankful for you voting us as Best Butcher and Best Smoked Products. With your love and support we look forward to an amazing 2021 while continuing to maintain the highest standards, in our products, in our commitment to you, and to maintain the highest quality of security for your health. We also look forward to “after Covid” so we can invite all of you to a huge, Thank You! party at the Smokehouse. Wear your mask and stay safe. We love all of you.

Daily from 11 AM until 6 PM, Coronel Talbot 8-66 y Simon Bolivar

Felix Salinas: 096 904 7724

Thank You From Mujeres con Exito

Everyone at Mujeres con Exito thanks you for showing your support by purchasing the 2021 calendar. The ‘sellers’ did a great job. Thank you to Suzanne at Cuenca Consignments, Sara at idiomART, Sole at La Yunta and Karen. In addition, the call for donations of pennies, resulted in more than 60 pounds of pennies.

If you still have pennies that you want to donate, please stop by the Mujeres office on Monday or Tuesday mornings from 8 AM to noon (Baltazara de Calderon 2-26) If your bags of pennies are more than you can carry, a pick up can be arranged by calling Diana at 098 474 7919.



Thank you for building more stable futures

Food security is the foundation for:

* better lives
* greater opportunities
* and stable futures

…and that is your gift. See the attached picture for a real thank you.

Thank you for making all of this possible on Giving Tuesday and every other day.

Cuenca Soup Kitchen and Hearts of Gold Foundation

To give in Ecuador (100% of your donation will go towards this crisis)
Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 406079928700
RUC number: 0190395251002

You can also choose to give through PayPal:

or Online:

Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors: .

City: Cuenca

Message for Marshal

Hi Marshal,
Thank you very much for being such a kind person. Not only you offer to give me the silicone to seal my window, but also offer to do it yourself. This is what a community should be, people being nice to each other. Please know that you can count on me too.

I didn’t give a lot of information on my post, I was just looking for a “window sealer’, but I live on a 6th floor and t
he sealing was needed from outside, and the window is on a staircase so a scaffold is needed.
I found a guy that will do the job tomorrow.

Again, thank you very much.

Silvia Lanza: .

City: Cuenca

To this community

Thank you everyone for your responsiveness to my request re cleaners and sew-ers. You made my day.

Barbie Simmons: ibarbarita@ .

City: Cuenca

Thank you for another success story!

The food that you provide for Maria each week has given her the strength to rescue her grandchildren from a world of addiction.

Maria has already lost one son to addiction and the other is battling it…so it falls to Maria to support their children.

Maria works as a recycler and she worries every day that she will bring the pandemic home to the children. The bleach and soap that you provide in the weekly food kits keeps her and her grandchildren clean and healthy. Your gift gives Maria great peace of mind and she is forever grateful.

You also make it possible for Maria’s two-month-old granddaughter to have milk so that she can thrive.

You give Maria the strength to say yes to the future of her grandchildren.

Thank you from the bottom on our hearts!

Directors, Cuenca Soup Kitchen

For more information contact:

Des Dizney

City: Cuenca

Muchas gracias

Wow – I’d heard that GringoPost was a great venue through which to connect with helpful people, but had no idea just how accurate that claim would prove to be. I put a notice in here that I was looking for an apartment / condo to rent in Cuenca next year, and got a lot of fantastic responses. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank all the very kind people who are willing to assist me in finding the “right” place for me.


Phillip Stephens: .

City: Cuenca

Toaster oven for a poor Cuencano family

Thank you to all of the Gringos who offered up a toaster oven for a poor Cuencano family. We chose the best one and delivered it today.

I also want to thank general contractor, Carlos Leone,9 who changed out all of the ancient electrical outlets and light switches and ceiling light fixtures. Many of these had not worked for years. He actually helped to bring light into these peoples’ lives.

This is a single mother supporting herself and her sweet 16-year old son. She just finished high school and will start the university in February. The son is in his junior year and is getting good grades.

The mother is doing all of this by doing manicures and pedicures and haircuts for women and children. Let me know if you want her contact information.

Toaster ovens are a great gift to gift to these families. Many will not use the oven because they have to pay for the gas. Many do not pay for electricity. The toaster oven will allow them to expand their diet tremendously.

Thank you again to all. Abrazos

Ned: 093 998 4769. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you JD’s Muebles

The anonymous donation that we received last week through your consignment program is greatly appreciated.

Every contribution that we get – no matter how big or how small – helps to maintain our food program.

Des, Bill, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors: .

City: Cuenca

Thank you, JDs Muebles

We at the Cuenca Soup Kitchen would like to thank you for creating the Donation Assistance Program in order to help the many charitable organizations in Cuenca. You are absolutely right, money is the biggest need at the moment. It helps us buy products and services for those in need. This not only helps them, but it also helps to support our local economy.

Your generosity and the generosity of this wonderful community will make a difference.

Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith
Co-directors, Cuenca Soup Kitchen

City: Cuenca

We don’t know who you are…but we know what you do!

A huge thank you to our anonymous supporters!

You are the people who quietly donate. We don’t know your names or your faces. The only trace that you have passed by is the good you leave in your wake. Your donations come in all sizes and they all have the same impact; they uplift other people.
Below are just some of the people who you have helped over the last few years. We hope you can hear each of their thank yous.
Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors

City: Cuenca

Thank you everyone

You are very kind and generous with your help. Thank you — each and every one of you who responded to my question and requests for help! I will follow up on each and every piece of sage advice.

You guys rock,

Barbie Simmons: ibarbarita@

City: Cuenca

Thank you

When I posted for help finding a cleaner, the posts I received were so helpful. If you take the time to answer, I take the time to say thank you–your help is much appreciated.

Barbie Simmons

Thanks for Gracie’s Birthday Fundraiser for Patan Rescue Group

A year ago, I was blessed with an amazing rescue puppy from Patan Rescue Group, and named her Amazing Grace. In honor of her first birthday, I wanted to give something back to Patan. Mauricio and his team (Jill and Barbara, too) work tirelessly for these animals.

We had our first fundraiser, and I wanted to thank our sponsors who donated raffle items:

– a 30 kg bag of dog food,
– a dog massage class and a “Day at the Doggie Spa”, donated by Maria of Pet Wash (Calle Victor Manuel Albornoz & Los Cedros),
– 2 large gourmet pizzas donated by Antony of 11 Pizza and Biergarten (located next to Calvo & Co. on Los Alamos).
– Jose of Calvo & Company donated gourmet hamburgers for two,
– Andres of La Guarida donated breakfast for two, and a cash donation and
– a complimentary “Well Check” from our beloved veterinario, Dr. Gallardo.

We are going to have another fundraiser in October, a “Dog Wash” to be hosted by Pet Wash once the weather’s warmer and health restrictions eased, so stay tuned.

Muchas gracias, todos!

Gerri: .

City: Cuenca

Thank you for your donations from Sole

Thank you very much for your donations this week. We have managed to give food for a week to 25 families in the Narancay alto area, mainly single women with 4 or 5 kids.

Thank you for the clothes and blankets

Cuenca thanks you from the heart.

The situation is very hard and as long as I can keep helping, I will.

Thank you again and we will carry on doing this as long as we can.

The next area is Nero

Sole Riquetti: 098 945 6551. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thanks to the US community by (Betsy and Luis)

We want to thank all the customers who trust us and our products. We bake sourdough breads and pizzas with great love and with safety measures, we even send the products very protected. Thanks for each recommendation, we are very happy that you are satisfied with the breads, pizzas and chocolates that we make. We always work, we continue to produce every day in order to supply them all with the orders placed.

Hugs and lots of love from Betsy and Luis.

BetsyLuis: 098 413 3383. Call after: 11 AM.

City: Cuenca

Note to our Friends

To our Friends, both current and future:

We arrived in Cuenca on December 10, 2019 and were able to stay as tourists, on ultimately a visa that expired due to Covid-19, until flights could be arranged on July 10/11th. Our next trip to Cuenca will be to pursue a temporary residency visa, and eventually a permanent residency visa.

A big thanks to our friends that hosted us for the first week back in December (you know who you are) and to Chris and Lisa at for our stay over seven months. Casa Tierra Cuenca, on Hermano Miguel, is central to the historic district and has easy access to El Vergel, Parque de Madre, SuperMaxi, and other areas. Our stay was comfortable, quiet, and reasonably priced.

Covid-19 continues, and we have returned to a storm in the Portland, Oregon area and USA. That said, here is a brief update on the process and return flights to the USA. First, it took some coordination of flights between LATAM and the airline flying from Quito back to the USA; Most of the airlines are NOT partners with LATAM, so we had to make the two reservations separately. The most challenging part of this was coupling the arrival time of the LATAM flight in Quito with the Departure time of the flight leaving Quito to the USA. For us, this was much preferable to the 8-10 hour bus/taxi ride from Cuenca, as well as turning out to be the lesser expensive option.

On the day before the flight, we went to GM Laboratories and got tested for COVID. We’ve never been happier to receive a failing result: Negative! However, at no time during the exposure to airports, flights, or transport from Cuenca to Portland, were we asked for our Covid testing information. Still, we are glad we had the tests for our own peace of mind.

On flight day, we went to the Cuenca airport two hours before the flight. The experience at the airport was uneventful and professionally handled with COVID protocols. The flight was crowded and mostly full. We arrived to Quito and were ultimately able to re-check our baggage for the United Airlines flight. As in Cuenca, the experience at the Quito airport was uneventful and professionally handled with COVID protocols. We had our temperatures taken several times, as well as hand sanitizer; This was our longest layover. In Houston, the handling was less rigorous in comparison to those in Ecuador. That said, collecting our baggage, going through immigration, rechecking our bags, and boarding our connecting flight to Portland was uneventful. All of the plane boarding loaded the back of the plane first toward the front; de-boarding was done in the reverse, reducing exposure to others and keeping with social distancing. However, the professionalism was inconsistent and people in several cases did not follow the suggested process, rushing to get off the plane.

David and Sally

David: .

City: Cuenca

Park workers

We live in the Tarqui Guzho Megaparque which is over 38 hectares of grass, flowers, trees, pathways, parrillas, playground equipment and adult workout equipment. The grass during the virus outbreak was at least 3 feet high in places. Trees had fallen over and many were leaning due to the rains. Trash was piling up and the weeds around the hedges hid the hedges and flowers. When these men and women came out it took over two weeks to clean it up and make repairs, cut down trees and remove them, tie up leaning trees, dig up the weeds around the hedges and pathways, dig out the weeds around the trees and flowering bushes. They were back this week, weed whacking more and making repairs.

A big thank you to these hard-working men and women who keep the park so beautiful.

Leslie Hinebaugh: .

City: Cuenca

To everyone that works at GringoPost

I have lived in Cuenca for eight years and have used GringoPost to find and sell items numerous times. I have also referred to the recommendation site many times.

It’s important to me to acknowledge how much you folks have made my life easier living in Cuenca.

Thank you so much,


City: Cuenca

Thank you

Some words do not come so easily. You know what you desire to say but you just can’t capture them long enough to corral ’em into a sentence. This is my description of the community of Cuenca. 
How to describe or detail my deepest affection and respect for all that has been bestowed for me must be left for a later time.  However, it may be said that I have the pleasure to report that on Thursday, July 2nd, I go under the knife and summit my survival; and it was all due to y’all.

I want to give a particular shout out to VIP Homecare; a service to the community that cannot be overstated.  Pauline and her staff literally brought me back to life. And to you, the many and varied to choose to contribute to my survival. I owe you. I figure if you invested in me then I better make good on your investment. Not to worry. I will do my part.

Robert Bradley: .

City: Cuenca

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Pig Project (terrible name, we know, but it is accurate and alliterative) was very successful this week. With your generous gifts of all sizes and in partnership with Hearts of Gold, Nur, and Snow Angels in Ecuador, we delivered meat to 20 agencies, from Kallpa Warmi, to Hogar Esperanza.

We also had enough meat to feed every single family in each of our partner organizations. This number includes every staff member that unfortunately has not been paid yet or whose salary has been reduced. This went far beyond the 85 families that we are committed to each week!

This was a huge amount of work, but worth it in every way. Ultimately, 30 pigs were donated…yes, donated. We paid for transportation, slaughtering, processing, packaging, and delivery. You made this possible.

The reactions to this week’s delivery of fresh pork were humbling. There were tears and effusive thanks. Although many of the recipients had not had meat in months, when they received the meat they made plans to share with their neighbors.

The women of Kallpa Warmi, who have the space to grow fruits and vegetables, showed their thanks with gifts of produce and bread and we passed those gifts on to those who had nothing. The gifts multiplied.

The even better news is that more pigs have been donated for next week. We will still need to pay for all of the transportation and processing fees but with your help, we can do that.

Our goal is to keep this going. It is unlikely that we will get more donations of this many pigs and it is equally unlikely that we will be able to establish a regular supply chain in these times, especially for donations of this size. However, we have been changed by this experience and will continue to source high quality protein for those in need.

We are particularly committed to sparking the economy in the process of providing for those in need and we will continue to source goods and services from small providers, when possible.

If you are interested in seeing your money do double duty by providing desperately needed food relief and by supporting small business, there are three ways that you can join our efforts:

To give in Ecuador (100% of your donation will go towards this crisis)
Hearts of Gold, Cuenta de ahorros JEP
Account number: 406079928700
RUC number: 0190395251002



For more information, contact

Directors Cuenca Soup Kitchen: .

City: Cuenca

Thank you all

I arrived in Cuenca in February, 2016, knowing that my new hometown was generous, kind, and above all inviting. However, the fireworks and parades that greeted me as celebratory music echoed off stately colonial buildings overwhelmed me with wonder. I was astonished! Little did I know it was Carnival…

I am no less astonished today. The kindness, generosity, and love diverted my way these last few days will remain tattooed on my heart forever. What wonderful people we are, each and every one.
Thank you all.

I will be back in the saddle soon and anxious to pick up where I left off, serving the place that I love knowing that many hands make light loads.

I am eternally thankful.
Peace and love,

Robert Bradley: .

City: Cuenca

I am Susana, I can help you with a lot of thing: for example…

I can clean your house. I can prepare some food: can be bread, cakes or whatever you need.
I can make orders to take home, I can make you deliveries. I have been doing these activities for a long time.

Susana Pelaez: 099 564 3716. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Mil Gracias from Yolandas Rose Grower

Today I had the chance to talk for a few minutes to the lovely man who grows such gorgeous roses. When I asked him how his business is going he kind of let it all out…he’s very worried! He had a nice business going a couple of months ago. He’s not big enough to export, but he was supplying a lot of small flower shops here…they aren’t open now…what’s he to do?

He is not a big land owner with a large plantation. He rents the land where he has planted his roses and pays $1000 a month in rent. That’s a lot of roses to sell!

Your buying his roses which Yolanda brings to you with her chickens is very important to him and the farmers he employs. Thank you from the bottom of his heart.

Call 093 922 1464, Susan, for roses, and chickens etc. or WhatsApp,

Susan Correa: 093 922 1464. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

A huge thank you from La Guarida, we have reached 110+ families!

La Guarida has been able to create 110 food kits for 110 different families in need. Each kit contains 16 essential items. This effort is only possible thanks to the donations of many of our friends and wonderful and thoughtful neighbors and customers. Again, this week we will create 60 to 70 more kits to distribute to those in need. Our efforts are only possible thanks to the kindness of so many friends and strangers. Now Cuenca Expats Helping Hands Fund has decided to help us as well. We are delighted that so many wonderful people are helping out in these troubled times and have joined these efforts.

We miss you all and we hope you are staying safe. We’ll be opening soon and hope to greet and hear from you again soon, very soon. 

Thanks everyone,

Andres: 099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you for the support

First, I want to thank GringoPost to have let me post a few weeks ago about a campaign I started in GO FUND ME to help people in Guayaquil who are experiencing a really hard time due to the very well known pandemic.

Thank you all very much for your kind donations. We finally got approved for withdrawals and wasted no time getting some food and delivering. I just wanted to post this update and share with you some pictures.

If you want to keep this campaign alive please share the post in GO FUND ME

Jessica Vallejo: 096 149 3205. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

A big thank you

I want to give a big thank you to the people who have been helping us with donations of food, clothes and all kinds of supplies for the families in need in Cuenca. You know who you are, and we couldn’t do this without you.

However, the work has not been fulfilled yet.

My name is Javier Muñoz, and I’m the pastor of Iglesia Impacto Internacional. We are looking for donations of food and supplies (toilet paper, soap, diapers, etc.) for our community. We know many families who are in need, and we are doing our best to help them, but unfortunately, because of the pandemic, we have run out of money, food and supplies to keep doing this good work.

If you would like to be a part of our work, please contact me on WhatsApp; phone call or email. We will appreciate everything you can donate. And most important, all the families in need will be more than grateful.

Thanks for your help.

Javier Munoz: 099 582 0754. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

A note of gratitude

This emergency has brought out some of the best in our Cuenca community. There has been a tremendous outpouring of concern and support for those in need. The city and other government organizations have done an incredible job given the immense challenges and continuing uncertainty. Both the expatriate and Ecuadorian communities have generously donated to programs providing basic necessities to those struggling to make it during this crisis. Organizations working with the most vulnerable in our society, various shelters and many others have continued to operate throughout the crisis in order to help provide for some of the most vulnerable in Cuenca.

We are grateful for the local government’s consistent support and coordination as we continue our work. Our regulatory agency, the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES), has provided us with vegetables and tuna which allows us to use more of your donations to expand our assistance program in other ways. One of the very first things the Cuenca Municipal Food Bank did was check in with us organizations providing support to the community, and they have provided thousands of packages of food for those in need. On Monday, representatives from the city will be meeting with us and we will be assessing where we are now and how we need to move forward in the best coordinated effort possible to continue helping those most in need throughout the duration of this crisis.

What we do at Hogar de Esperanza is a bit different as we take a targeted approach to supporting the most vulnerable by addressing each individual’s or family’s specific needs. Various agencies refer people to us who are in extremely difficult situations, those with physical and mental health needs, disabilities, or experiencing homelessness. We evaluate each individual situation, and provide specific support based on their immediate needs. So a family in need with teenage daughters would receive feminine hygiene products in their support package. A teenage mother may receive diapers for her baby. We have been providing meals for the homeless, providing special food packages for those with chronic illnesses and mothers with young children. Today we delivered support packages to a woman with MS and a man with cancer.

None of this could be done without your support. We are especially grateful for you. Thank you so much.

Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you Punto Net

Friday evening around 6:45 PM we lost our internet. I was able to contact PuntoNet by phone. The tech I spoke with advised there had been an accident and it affected our service. I was assured it would be fixed within a couple of hours. An hour or so later it was back up and running fine. On my tablet waiting for me was an email from PuntoNet ensuring all was well and if not to please contact them. Very impressive. Thank you PuntoNet. At times like this, we realize how vulnerable we are without our internet service.

Lynne: .

City: Cuenca

Thank you for donation of medicines, etc.

Thank you for your generous donations of medicines and medical supplies to the Clinic at Iglesia de Fatima and FASEC, Cuenca’ s hospice.

If you were unable to see me last Friday and have medicines you would like to donate please contact me by phone at 099 174 4740 or, via email, at

Thank you, in advance.

Diana Vera, Cuenca Medical and Visa Facilitator

Diana Vera: 099 174 4740. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

A big thank you to GringoPost website

I met today a nice gentelman by last name of Benzo, who was kind enought to let me know that the post in this website was effective, I got a new costumer to visit my store and furthermore, buy the blinds advertised. I want to take a minute to thank the people behind this great site that allows locals and expats to create a new network. Thank you Mr. Benzo as well!

A big round of applause to you and to everybody that makes this site a success from Casa Flores


City: Cuenca

Update on our Baby Project

Thanks to your support we were able to offer assistance to 5 young mothers this week. They ranged in ages from 15-20. Their cases were varied from sexual abuse victims, mothers abandoned by their partners to those living in extreme poverty. Each one of them received a kit for their new babies with a diaper bag, diapers, clothes and other necessities.

Hogar de Esperanza’s baby project is part of our new program focusing on adolescent girls living in poverty. Working with the Social Workers at the Vincente Corral Hospital, we identify the young women most at risk and in need of assistance. If you would like to volunteer or support this program, please contact us or visit us at Juan Montalvo 8-18 and Mariscal Sucre.

Teresa Eklund: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca


I wish to thank the forum and members for all the help they have given. This is an excellent expat community. These snowbirds are heading to the great white north.

Chris & Jeanette.

Cuenca Medical Resources – voted Best Web Resource for Health Information

Thank you for voting us Cuenca’s Best Website in Gringo Post 2020! Also, a special thank you to our current sponsors – International Christian Community and Cuenca Dispatch who enable a webmaster to oversee our technology needs.

Run by a volunteer committee, the website lists English speaking professionals who expats recommend for medical issues. The site is a valuable resource for beginning a search to find physicians, bilingual medical facilitators, health and wellness related individuals such as chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, and many other people. We have over 100 individuals/service organizations included. 

Cuenca Medical Resources (CMR) also has free downloadable forms to use for creating an emergency wallet card, a medical history to take to the emergency room/hospital and other health related articles.

Check out the site. In September, 2019 CMR was upgraded to make it more user friendly. Further recommendations and comments are welcomed via the webpage link. There is also a place on the site for joining our exclusive mailing list for bimonthly updates on new content notifications.

Katy Johnson: .

City: Cuenca

A travel mercy, courtesy of Connie and Sam (whoever you are)

In early January, I penned a Cuenca postcard to my young granddaughter in the Netherlands, stuck the necessary $3 (gasp) in stamps to it and set off to mail it from the post office far uphill from my AirBnB near Parque de la Madre. Much huffing and puffing was involved.

With all that effort, imagine my disappointment to reach the post office only to find the card had fallen from my purse pocket. Disappointment all around.

And then … Connie and Sam, whoever you are (and I hope you see this), came to the rescue.

You found the post card ready to mail, found a mailbox or post office from which to mail it, and sent it back on its way after adding a note signed “Connie and Sam. We found this on the sand.”

Now, little Abby not only has a post card from Cuenca, she has a postcard with a story from Cuenca and proof of the kindness of strangers. Treby good.

Many thanks to Connie and Sam, whoever and wherever you are.


City: Cuenca

Big thanks from Galletas Gourmet Cuenca

Galletas Gourmet Cuenca wants to say thank you to all of the people who voted for us as the Best Cookies in town. We are so happy. This is a huge incentive to keep doing things well. We bake our cookies with all our love and taking care of every detail. As you know our cookies are adapted not to be greasy or sugary and with the perfect size for the perfect bite.

We are always creating new cookie recipes, so keep looking at our Facebook and Instagram pages for them.

Thank you all.
FB: galletas gourmet en Cuenca
Instagram: gourmetgalletascuenca

Caty Frenkel: 099 252 0103. Call after: 8 AM.

Congratulations to VIP Health Care

VIP Health Care was essential in the last month of my husband’s life. They were kind, caring, knowledgeable and understanding of his needs. Two nurses rode with us in the ambulance when he needed to be hospitalized. One was always with him in the ER, and one took care of all of the paperwork and explaining everything to me. They were prompt and comforting and flexible when I needed them for night care. I can’t recommend them more highly for qualified empathetic care.
Well-deserved honor as Best Health Care in Cuenca.

Sue Hampton

Over the past few months I have come to the GringoPost board for help

I just want to thank all of the posters on this board that have responded to my requests for advice, suggestions and guidance. In each case the suggestions or recommendations have all worked out. It is very comforting to know that there are so many willing and knowledgeable people willing to share with the rest of us. Thanks again,


City: Cuenca

Thank you, from Vanessa at Ecuador Essential Oils

Wow! I am so privileged to have been voted best Essential Oils. It makes me so proud to be part of this awesome community. To find health minded people who know or are learning that to care for our well being naturally can make the world of difference in our lives, it’s something special. Thank you guys. I’m so happy to have you all as friends.

I’m looking forward to another year of free classes, one on one’s and just getting to know you all better. Please, if you have any questions at all, reach out. I’m here to help. And thankfully, prices have gone down here in Ecuador (all over the country) lately. So that’s always awesome. And more and more is available each month. Let’s do this guys.

Thanks again,

Vanessa: 099 626 4481. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you very much for trusting Calvo & Co as the Best Burger

We have only been in business for 10 months but since the first day, we have been welcomed by this wonderful community, by our neighbors, and now we can call them friends. From the first moment we knew that it is not only about food, it is about sensations, of entering Calvo’s and feeling at home. 

Every time we were full, it took longer than normal (although you know we are slow) but instead of getting angry our friends told us how happy they were to see us full of work. 

I really want to thank everyone for the trust. Coming every day, every week, every month …. the best hamburger is because we have the best customers.

Again, thanks to everyone

Jose: 095 879 3723. Call after: 11 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you for voting for us as Best Coffeehouse

We are so very honored to be named Best Coffeehouse this year. There are so many great coffee establishments here in Cuenca who we know equally deserve the title, but to continue to be present in your minds and hearts after many years in business is truly humbling. You are the reason we continue to stay in business, we know this and I always remind our staff of this fact.

For those who do not know our background, I am Ecuadorean-American, born in Wisconsin and raised in California. I began working with coffee after graduating college. I started in sales for a coffee exporter based out of Costa Rica, I cupped, roasted and sold boutique coffees from Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and later coffees from Ecuador and Peru. After meeting my wife (she was finishing her teaching degree at the time and was also working as a barista in Chiclayo, Peru), we wanted to settle in this beautiful city and my dream was to wholesale roasted coffee. It was difficult to make ends meet selling only roasted coffee, but people loved the brewed coffee we prepared. Little by little we entered the world of food & drink. By giving us your feedback on what to offer we developed the menu we currently offer.

Now all of our cooks are trained in gastronomy to various degrees and all of our baristas are constantly trained to provide a better cup of Joe. We continue to be a family owned business and happy to be part of this community. On the little free time we have, our family loves to play volleyball on Sundays and I am always looking for a soccer pickup game during the week.

On behalf of Melissa, Tupac, Andrea, Marcela, Luis, Kevin, Karen, Kristy, Jose, Joelys, Erik and myself (Rumi) thank you once again and hope to see you soon!

Ruminahui Duchicela: .

City: Cuenca

Best mani/pedi in Esther’s beauty salon

I’m very grateful to all our clients for their support and votes to Esther’s beauty salon for the Best Mani/Pedi in Cuenca. We’re waiting for you in our Salon to offer you all our services.

Esther Zamora: 098 730 6988. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thank you from Le Petit Jardin

Thank you to all our guests who voted for Le Petit Jardin in Best of GringoPost. We are delighted to know that you think we are the Best for French Food, International Food, and Unique Dining with Great Food, and I am especially grateful to have been voted Best Chef.

This year is Le Petit Jardin’s fifth anniversary, and we look forward to seeing all our friends, old and new, sometime this year.


Giovanni Cambizaca: 096 819 1518. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Lost phone – returned

I am a very lucky man. My phone came out of my pocket as I got out of my cab on my way in to Common Grounds. Everybody there helped look for it, until I realized it must still be in the cab. A friend Calle day phone. The cabbie answered, and 15 minutes later, my phone was brought back to me. I wanted to post a counter to all the ‘my phone was stolen’ posts. Sometimes, people are good. And that should be noted as well. I’ve only been in Cuenca a week, and everybody I’ve encountered has been wonderful to get to meet.

Ken Kellerman: .

City: Cuenca

I wish to thank you for your support…

The last three years with the Cuenca Soup Kitchen have meant the world to me but the time has come for me to move on. My heart is in the creation of new projects and I have the opportunity to do just that. As many of you know, I have moved to Paute and I will be starting a soup kitchen there, closer to home.

My heart is still with the Cuenca Soup Kitchen. It will continue to serve a pressing need and I hope that you will continue to support it as robustly as you always have. People are still hungry and in need and the Cuenca Soup Kitchen will continue to feed and support them. Your monthly donations make that possible.

I’m leaving the Cuenca Soup Kitchen in the good hands of Smith, Bill O’Brien, and Des Dizney. All of them have been with the soup kitchen for a long time. They are easy to reach at For information about the programs or to volunteer, please go to

I’ll still come back to visit. Until then, thank you for all that you have done and all that you continue to do.

Bob Higgins

City: Cuenca

Thank You

I would like to thank the employees of Supermaxi Los Americas for finding and returning the money I lost there on Tuesday, January 28th. I was surprised to get the call that they found the money and appreciate the effort to get in touch with me to tell me.

Thanks again,

Timmy A Strohkirch: .

City: Cuenca

Gladys helped many of us, now she needs help. Let’s help Gladys…

My former infermeda, Gladys Delgado, at FB Rebeca Delgado is very ill. She had a breast cancer surgery yesterday. She does not have insurance and has not worked for a few months. They will release her from Solca tomorrow or Friday. No help with meds or anything after that day. I know this terrible story from her sister, Lilia Delgado, whom you can contact at FB.

Many years ago, I asked to help Gladys and Lili by donating computers to their wonderful daughters; excellent students. The kind Gringos helped! The two girls, Nathaly Labanda and Michaela , continue to excel at school.

They all live a very difficult life – Lili is the only one who has a permanent job, but she also cares for their sick mother and an invalid brother. Do you think we could help? The situation is such that every little bit will go a long way.

With permission of Lili and Gladys, publishing here bank account name and number. Please deposit what you can and share this post with as many people as you can.

Gladys helped many of us. Our turn!
Deposit what you can!!
El Jardin Azuayo. Cuenta de Ahorros 231 6426, Gladis Rebeca Delgado Carpio.

Thank you all.

Dr Jane Johnson: .

City: Cuenca

Arte Ahora, Thanks to everyone

We at Arte Ahora would like to thank everyone for coming to our opening. It was a great turnout, over 200 people.

We now have regular hours, so come back and visit us again. We are open Wednesday – Friday 11 AM – 5 PM and Saturday 10 AM – 4 PM.

Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming workshops, events and performances. If you have a workshop, class, performance, etc. you would like to do at Arte Ahora please contact us. or 095 985 6694.

Thank you from Al and Raul

City: Cuenca

Thank you for your help

Hello All,

You are a fantastic community. Thank you for all that you have done so far to help a wonderful woman who works tirelessly to help the needy in Cuenca. As you know, she and her son were in a motorcycle wreck and both were seriously injured. She will be bedridden for 5 – 6 months. Her son will be in bed for 1 – 2 months. They have lost two incomes.

But you have stepped up to the plate and taken care of some immediate needs. You have donated:

* a TV
* puzzle books in Spanish
* a few jigsaw puzzles
* healing touch therapy
* money

Thank you. You are awesome! She is smiling and has a fantastic attitude about all of this…in large part because of you.

Money is still needed and you can donate towards additional expenses of diapers and other needs not covered by IESS through PayPal:


If you have items to donate, please contact via email:

Thank you all so much for helping this kind woman who has done so much to help so many.

Des Dizney: .

City: Cuenca

Happy Holidays from Ecuador Agricultural Tours (EAT)

We at Ecuador Agricultural Tours wish you a special peace at the end of the year and a wonderful celebration of the holidays. Thanks for your interest in (EAT)

Enjoy a happy year of travels around Ecuador next year with (EAT)

Watch for our 2020 calendar of solstice and equinox events in January.

Sue and Jonathan: 096 841 9412. Call after: 11 AM.

City: Cuenca

Cetap Lucy would like to send out a big thank you to Mike’s Meats

They held a BBQ in support of us and it was a huge success especially as 10% of the days sales were donated to Cetap-Lucy. This will go towards the programs that help our children.

His store is on the corner of Doce de Abril near Parque de la Madre…check it out.

Rocio Illescas

City: Cuenca

Thanks to all who responded

Thank you to all those who responded to my post a few weeks ago requesting information about moving to Cuenca. Am here now and will attend the event tonight at Joe’s Secret Garden (Dec 7th) Am looking forward to meeting many of you.

Lucy: .

City: Cuenca

Diana Vazquez Bravo thanks you

Dear Friends,

After a few weeks back in Ecuador, I write with deep gratitude and joy to share that I participate in a 4th World Shelter Conference for Women in Taiwan was a great success. I had the opportunity to bond with people from many countries, to bring some new ideas for work with Women, children and contacts very interested in the potential of Casas María Amor and Mujeres con Exito for different supports.

The Conference was very successful, I had a full room and from that I had contact with the Global Shelter Network, there are many expectations. Hopefully everything will happen.

The trip was a great professional and personally growing experience, there were some difficulties and I proudly tell you that they were all overcome and I arrived in Taiwan happy and stronger. Thanks to those who dedicated their time to offer me English classes, to those who gave clothes and other things for the garage sale, to those who made donations, to those who gave their time to organize the garage sale, to those who put me in their prayers and they helped me preparing for the presentation. In general, to all those who believe in Me but especially in the Casa María Love and Women with Success as the way to support the brave Women survivors of violence.
Thank you for continuing to strengthen our organization and making the dreams of Women, boys and girls come true.
I hug you from my heart, may your generosity bless your life always.
Diana Vàzquez Bravo

Susan McBride: .

City: Cuenca

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