Recommendation for Edwin Loja, driver, handyman, Jack of all trades

I have used Edwin’s transportation services in the past and when I recently asked him for a referral for a handyman and I explained the project he said that he could take care of it.

Just as he always does, he went above and beyond. I wanted to construct a living wall and thanks to him I have one. He did an amazing job! I highly recommend Edwin! If by some chance he’s unable to take care of a particular project for you, I guarantee you he will be able to refer you to someone who can and can be trusted.

Very fair pricing as well. This app says that my pictures are too large and I have some nice ones of the work he did so if you’d like to see them just send me a message and I’ll be glad to send them to you.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 371 3936

Recommended by Sharyn Bergholt:

Recommendation for Edvi Limpieza Total, house cleaning, painting, handyman

I invited Edgar, Anita, and Mateo to come clean the house once again. Sure is amazing how dirty a home can get even with small regular cleanings. Dust, dirt, maybe volcanic ashes, street grime all accumulate. They arrived at 10 AM with all their cleaning equipment and vacuum cleaner and they were gone by 2, leaving a much cleaner space behind. Thank you very much. They work hard – it is a team of 2 to 3 people depending on the needs. There is no unnecessary chit-chat. “We are here to work and we will work until we finish and you are satisfied” is their attitude. If there are small handyman items that need attention, let Edgar know when you make your appointment and he can bring the tools and equipment to fix it.

Address: Vía al Valle barrio el Coco, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 382 0014; WhatsApp +593 99 382 0014

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

Recommendation for Bryan Catsa Travel, Catsa Travel Agency

Bryan made the process of visiting family back in the States much more pleasant than doing it myself. Having the opportunity to go through his company I was able to get a discount since I’m over 65. Even though it was a bit more than I would’ve spent on my own I got a much nicer travel experience, being able to take more luggage and a more direct route. I highly recommend him and his company.

Address: 12 de Abril y Av José Peralta Lobby floor. Near Millennium Mall

Contact information: 099 492 3033

Recommended by Carla Stillman:

Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, massage

Annie has been coming to my home for a weekly massage and life is better because of it. She’s very adept, strong and accommodating, not settling until she achieves just the right amount of pressure for you. Annie brings her own table and everything else she needs so no preparation is necessary. Therapeutic, blissful, affordable and you don’t have to leave home!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 426 0054

Recommended by Taylor Brooke: 099 203 6812

Recommendation for Rob’s Reflexology, massage therapy

Hello friends, I want to recommend Rob’s reflexology for getting rid of your stress. I have been going to get his reflexology for 3 years and I enjoy every session. His therapy relaxes my mind, body and soul. I always sleep better after the sessions and my stress disappears. Rob is a true professional, always kind and caring

Address: Los Pensamientos y Los Geranios

Contact information: 096 975 7287

Recommended by Alfredo Quintero:

Recommendation for Sisa Bowl, Restaurant

Oh my goodness – My husband and I just came from The Sisa Bowl and we LOVED it!
I had a Chicken Sisa Bowl, rice noodles, with cilantro lime sauce and it was yummy and plentiful! (Brought some leftovers home with us). My husband had a hamburger with bleu cheese and bacon with sweet potato fries and he thoroughly enjoyed his (quite obviously because there were NO leftovers). The place/location is awesome just east of Puente Roto. The owner, Steve, was quite a pleasure to talk to as well!!

Address: Tres de Noviembre just steps from the “Broken Bridge”

Contact information: 099 430 6408

Recommended by Corrine Satterwhite:

Recommendation for Talleres Avila, Car mechanic

I have been using Fabian Avila for 8 years he is a great mechanic and his prices are very reasonable. He does speak English!
His shop is behind the Super Stock on las Americas. You can reach him at 0987527701 or on WhatsUp.

Address: Juan Larrea y Av las Americas

Contact information: 0987527701

Recommended by Gary A Sisk:

Recommendation for “Capitan” Seafood Resturant, Seafood Restaurant

Now we know why it is voted best seafood restaurant. The food is amazing. When you think it can’t get any better, desert is served. After we were seated, I asked if credit cards were accepted because I had about $10 on me. The answer was no but you can eat now and come back and pay me the next time you come by. (Imagine that happening in the states.)
They treated us like family.

Address: Waze link in Cuenca:

Contact information: 0996889993

Recommended by Philip Sapp: 1 904 261 2716.

Recommendation for Treats from Vivaldi, by Carlos

Home made ice cream AND pies!

Carlos’ home made ice CREAM and pies are made from scratch! Real cream, real vanilla (he doesn’t use artificial flavorings). Beautiful fruit and homemade meat pies. The crusts…oh my.

I’ve watched him cook pies and churn ice cream! His kitchen and equipment is clean and sterile and he’s meticulous about everything! These treats are to die for! Not only delicious, but presentation is beautiful!

Address: Cuenca, Carlos Paez

Contact information: 096 254 6303

Recommended by Sarah Raber:

Recommendation for Ulises Acosta, immigration services in Loja, Cuenca, Vilcabamba

Ulises handled, perfectly, getting my visa and cédula. He even helped me get an apartment and otherwise helped me to settle in Loja. I call him with all sorts of questions, and he is always willing to help. He is my guy in Ecuador.

Address: Loja, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by John Del Gaudio:

Recommendation for Calvo & Co, restaurant

Most of us know Calvo & Co for great burgers, amazing French fries, and Jose’s outstanding hospitality.

But did you know this Spanish chef also makes an amazing paella?

Recently I hosted a small celebration at Calvo & Co for a few friends. Jose made us seafood and vegetarian paella, numerous tapas, and sangria. It was amazing!

The paella needs to be ordered in advance, but you won’t be sorry if you crave a taste of Spain in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Address: Calvo & Co Los Cipresses 1-133, Cuenca

Contact information: 593 95 879 3723

Recommended by Jo Ellen Kuney:

Recommendation for Diana Palomeque, nursing

Introducing an outstanding nurse who is currently available in Cuenca. Diana Palomeque is a fully certified, experienced, Ecuadorian nurse, whose skill set is equal to a RN in the states.

Diana tirelessly, professionally and compassionately cared for my husband, Jerry Joe Holland, during his last 7 weeks of life. Jerry adored her. She was an “angel’ and lived with us 24/7.

Not only did she provide the necessary palliative services around the clock, she helped with preparing food for Jerry, keeping the kitchen spotless and helped with any household tasks and errands that were needed. Her value-added services were remarkable.


Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, massage

I called Annie on Friday in a rush for a good massage after having horrible neck pain causing me a migraine for two days. Annie was able to see me at 2 PM that same day for a massage, and it was wonderful! The massage is technically 90 minutes, but she spent two whole hours working on me. She used a hot compress and special techniques to help me with my horrible migraine. I am so grateful to Annie for seeing me so quickly and putting in extra effort to get me feeling my best again! She even followed up with me to see how I was doing after.

She is super knowledgeable and an all-around great person. I enjoyed chatting with her during my massage, and I left with new stretching techniques and a great massage therapist to use in the future. I highly recommend her!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 426 0054

Recommended by Molly Wafer:

Recommendation for Dra. Lina Ulloa, legal advisor/attorney

Let me start with the fact that I am bilingual/fluent in Spanish. I got my cédula the same day I got my visa in Guayaquil in 2012. This year it came time to renew my cédula, which expired 7/22.

Unlike other people, I do learn from what other people go thru. If you tell me it is hot, I have no need to touch it. I also do not like to procrastinate; started doing research about the renewal procedure back in June. All I got was conflicting/outdated info and stories about issues and difficulties.


Recommendation for Manuel Natera, carpentry

Manuel Natera advertized his carpenter services here in GringoPost. We hired him a week ago to repair a recliner chair that 3 other carpenters were unable to do.

Manuel surveyed the problem, assembled the necessary materials to repair it, used a creative approach and successfully completed the project. His prices were very reasonable.

We highly recommend this young man’s creative carpentry services.
Linda & Ron Wooten-Green

Address: Cuenca, EC, Super Maxi El Vergel area

Contact information: 096 273 9781

Recommended by Linda Wooten Green: 098 732 3044

Recommendation for Nami-Japanese Sushi Restaurant, Japanese cuisine

Recently opened, the sushi is the best I have had in Cuenca. The restaurant design and table settings are authentic Japanese. Having lived in Japan and tried all the options here in Cuenca, I can attest to the quality of the sushi. Enjoy.

Address: Av Remigio Crespo and Agustin Cueva

Contact information: 099 544 2253

Recommended by Julia Rux:

Recommendation for Rob’s Reflexology, foot reflexology

I have been a regular user of foot reflexology having been a dancer and subsequently having had multiple foot surgeries.

In all of my many years of experience using such services, at times, weekly, I would highly recommend Ron. He is well trained and extremely skilled in this discipline. He is one of the best reflexologists I have experienced.

In addition, Ron is very professional and a nice person.

Address: Avenida Diez de Agosto 5-36 y Francisco Moscoso Edificio Torres Del Yanuncay

Contact information: +593 096 975 7287

Recommended by Michele Sarlat:

Recommendation for Jerri Ridley, massage therapy

As I am getting ready to leave Cuenca after five wonderful years, I wanted to make sure to leave a recommendation for Jerri Ridley – massage therapist. I cannot even count the number of massages I have had from her and I will miss her! She is uniquely talented and intuitive and has great understanding of our physiology and offers amazing deep work or whatever the client is needing. When I come back to Cuenca to visit I will be sure to have an appointment with her!

Janet Engel

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Janet Engel: 096 993 3052

Recommendation for Lina Ulloa, attorney – visas

I retained Dra. Ulloa to obtain my permanent visa and was impressed by the professionality and capability of her and her whole office. She handled everything and I only had to supply documents she requested. What’s nice is, included in the fee for obtaining the visa, she will also handle the process for obtaining my new cedula.

For the visa, it took about 2 weeks from the initial Ministerio appointment to having the visa in hand. I especially am pleased after having used a “budget” visa service to obtain my temporary visa 2 years ago with which I encountered nothing but problems and setbacks and excuse making by the provider. Ultimately, due to add-on fees such as translation fees, transportation fees, etc., that service turned out to be more expensive than what I paid Dra. Ulloa.

Her office does translations in-house as part of the fee, and costs of her or employees going to appointments are also included, as are the filing fees, etc.
I highly recommend her!

Address: Ave José Peralta 1-19 Y Ave 12 De Abril Edificio Acrópolis Ofics: 311-312

Contact information: +593 7 410 3588

Recommended by Alex Olivas:

Recommendation for Tere Beauty Center, beauty salon

Tere offers a superb haircut and styling and great manicures and pedicures at extremely reasonable prices. She offers any service you need, hair coloring, eyebrow tattoos, hair and beauty products. The salon is modern, extremely clean, and everyone is very professional. I don’t go anywhere else.

Address: Ordóñez Lasso and los Alamos. Around the corner from Supermaxi Las Americas.

Contact information: 098 481 1365

Recommended by Leslie Hinebaugh:

Recommendation for Red Tag Moving

There are services in a company that elevate it above its competition, and Debra Lynn and her Red Tag Moving crew ticked all the boxes for me in this regard.

If you hire this moving company, you can expect:

1. Timely, consistent, and enthusiastic responses by Debra to all emails, texts, and/or phone calls
2. Very fair pricing with an amazingly accurate estimate, following the initial walkthrough
3. On-time arrival
4. An accommodating, friendly, happy, and very smiley crew. No, seriously. I never saw such smiley faces coming up the stairs loaded down with boxes at 10 PM
5. Assurance of the safety of your possessions during the move. Papa stays in and guards the truck at all times while parked on the street
6. Complete honesty. A trashcan I had shipped from the US in a container had already been dinged a little. Debra pointed it out to me so I was aware of its condition prior to the move
7. Professional yet relaxed and easy attitude from start to finish
8. Careful, thoughtful handling of your possessions
9. Your former home will be left in immaculate condition


Recommendation for Fri-Da, Mexican restaurant

If you have tried all the options for Mexican food in Cuenca, and you might like one more really authentic Mexican meal…I totally recommend Fri-Da. The flavors are what reveal the depth of the Mexican soul…a delicious chicken, tortilla soup in a divine red sauce; a dish of choclo with melted cheese…have mercy…and either corn or wheat tortillas. Sandwiches on Pan Bolillo. Enchiladas, and Tacos of course, abundant, fresh everything. Margaritas, too.

The restaurant is small and tastefully decorated. The owner, Eve, will serve you. Reasonable prices.
Arriba y Arriba, Andale, Andale…

Address: Avenida Isabel La Catolica, y Cieza de Leon (not far from Las Americas, parallel with Primero de Mayo)

Contact information: 096 396 5281

Recommended by Julia Rux:

Recommendation for Cristy Mora, IESS functions and refunds

I highly recommend Cristy for doing IESS refunds and any function to do with IESS. She does my refunds for a very reasonable fee and also tells me when money is deposited. She has accounting training and is very efficient and I have used her for a long period of time.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 98 977 2330

Recommended by Karen Smith:

Recommendation for Tosta Bakery

Recently, Tosta Bakery has relocated from Tarqui y Gran Columbia to Estevez de Toral 9-44 between Gran Columbia and Simon Bolivar.

Open Monday to Saturday, they make many bread products with a variety of types of flour including quinoa, amaranth, wheat. They also make cheese, Jamon, chocolate, and other types of croissants. Our favorites are apple pastry and cinnamon rolls. Prices are very reasonable!

Address: Estevez de Toral 9-44, Cuenca, Azuay

Contact information: 099 553 1738

Recommended by David McDevitt:

Recommendation for Roots Juice

I recommend Roots Juice for a healthier life to all my Cuenca friends. They deliver a different fresh liter of delicious juice either 5 or 7 days a week. My blood work has improved as well as other aspects of my health. They will even prepare a special blend if you have special needs.

The basic price is $47 per month with 5 drinks being delivered to your door on week days. You discuss time you wish delivery and other options. I am very pleased with the product and the service.

Address: Contact Magdalena Diaz in Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 712 7340

Recommended by Linda Kathryn Chase:

Recommendation for Maureen Seals, tutoring for any age/many subjects

My kids just did a 3 hour session of English grammar with Maureen. 1. They said they had a blast and they thought it was only 1 hour. 2. As I sat there at the end while Maureen reviewed with them, I could see they had learned more in 3 hours than all last year with a really great homeschool program.
Sometimes a classroom interaction is what they need to “get it!” Plus, Maureen is so passionate about teaching it’s infectious.


Recommendation for Transpo Ecuador, driver

Jon has driven me back and forth to Guayaquil many times. He is very safe and never takes any chances passing other vehículos in the Cajas. He is always on time. He speaks English and Spanish fluently. His prices are reasonable and he has a new double cab truck. I recommend him.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 494 9008

Recommended by Mike Re:

Recommendation for Cafe del Rio, restaurant

We went to this lovely little gem in the San Joaquin area of Cuenca. We had been on a tour and were tired and hungry so we ordered cappuccinos, empanadas, and dessert (carrot cake and Oreo cheesecake). The owners greeted us and took our order promptly. Everything we had was wonderful, inexpensive and high quality. The setting of the restaurant is beautiful and so peaceful. They are open only on the weekends and serve breakfast as well. We will be returning soon.

Address: Biocorredor del Rio Yanuncay

Contact information:

Recommended by Teena Robertson:

Recommendation for Organizate by Ana Caro, home organization

Ana Caro is the only fully trained and certified home organizer in Cuenca. However, her instinct to create order out of chaos seems well beyond anything she was taught to do. When my wife and I moved into our apartment from our house, there was a tremendous amount of downsizing and compacting to be done, and Ana Caro got us squared away quickly and efficiently. She’s great with problem areas like closets and kitchens.


Recommendation for Angel Panchez, tour guide / transport / facilitator

We booked Angel for a tour and left it up to him to decide where to take us. We have a friend visiting from the US and want to be able to show her as much of this beautiful country as we can. Angel picked us up at exactly the time agreed upon in his very comfortable vehicle, and took us on an incredible tour of Giron, Laguna de Busa, El Chorro and Yunguilla Valley. Angel is such an informative guide and knows the history of the areas we visited as well as the plants in the different areas. Angel speaks excellent English, is very friendly and a safe driver. We had such a wonderful experience, we booked him for 2 more days. I highly recommend using Angel for any transportation, facilitating, or tours.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 589 9643

Recommended by Teena Robertson:

Recommendation for Liz Sostoa, dog boarding/grooming

A short trip to the US got extended into months. Our incredibly spoiled Frenchie babies were stranded, and we should have been panicked.
Liz came and picked our girls up, and cared for them like family. We got videos almost daily, and our worries were eased with each assurance of their happiness.

On our return, they were delivered to our door, freshly bathed and with short nails.

Liz and her incredible son, Facundo, will love your puppies almost as much as you do.

I understand they do grooming also, but my Frenchie ladies are wash and wear.

Address: Los Pinos y Ordonez Lasso

Contact information: 099 542 5447

Recommended by Lovey Hendon:

Recommendation for Angel Panchez, tour guide, driver

My partner and I used Angel to drive us from Cuenca to Tena. Angel was quick to respond gave a very reasonable price. He turned up on time and throughout the drive gave us information about the places we were passing. He knew a shortcut to get us there quicker and he even stopped at the best place to eat, Hornado, for lunch so we could try it. Definitely recommend and would use again.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 589 9643

Recommended by Katie snow:

Recommendation for Orlando Siguenza, tour guide, driver, facilitator

We wish to highly recommend the services of Orlando Siguenza to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, reliable tour guide, driver, or facilitator. My husband and I have relied on Orlando for taking care of the transportation and translation help we needed as we established our home here in Cuenca, but had yet to enjoy his tour guide services. With a friend visiting from the US this week we turned to Orlando to visit some of the sites outside the city.


Recommendation for Emilio of All Trades, handyman

In July I asked a bilingual handyman who has been highly recommended to fix my oil radiator heater. He replaced a knob on a control that had melted and did nothing more. Why did the knob melt? Why was it necessary to put a metal knob on the heater so that it wouldn’t melt? The heater is at least 30-years-old, an old fashioned, heavy duty radiator style heater that had worked beautifully and suddenly started overheating. Now this gentleman speaks English and I speak Spanish, so there should have been no misunderstanding when I told him we needed him to open the heater to see why it was overheating the thermostat knob. He replaced the knob, telling me he hunted all over to find one that wouldn’t melt and charging me $20 for a knob replacement and explained that he had not opened the heater at all.


Recommendation for Miguel Lugo, Dentist office name, Perimplant

Miguel is an excellent dentist. He performed a root canal and a crown for me. Valentina his wife does the teeth cleaning and if extensive work is needed, Miguel takes over.

He also does veneer work on teeth. He matched the color of my teeth perfectly.

They are easy to contact and can usually accommodate your need the next day.

Address: Avenida 10 de Augusto y Avenida Torres de Yanunacay, oficina A1 piso 1

Contact information: 098 386 2336

Recommended by Elizabeth Easterling:

Recommendation for 4 x 4 tires, tires and rims

I bought a new Jetour SUV a few months ago and love it…except for the low-profile tires. They are great for the city but not for the country roads where we live. After two flat tires, I decided to change out the rims and put on traditional 17” rims and tires. I went to 4 x 4 tires and worked with their manager, Pablo, who speaks English. He was extremely helpful and I am extremely happy with the product he sold me and the service his team provided. Truly a five-star business.

Address: Calle Vieja and Calle Armenillas, on Calle Armenillas, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 553 6453

Recommended by Michael Soares:

Recommendation for Rami Riden, hair salon

I was looking for a new hairstyle and after reading all the great posts about Rami Riden, I decided to give him a try. I have been disappointed in the past by people who claimed they knew what would look good on me, so I didn’t expect much.

Imagine my surprise when he turned me around after cutting and styling my hair and it looked fabulous. As promised, it perfectly suits the shape of my face and has been a breeze for me to style myself. I’m so happy with my look and I recommend giving Rami a try.

Address: Alfonso Borrero north of Remigio Crespo, around the corner from SRI

Contact information: 099 900 0427

Recommended by Kathy Osborne:

Recommendation for Bryam Morocho, pet friendly, taxi driver

He is always punctual. Bryam’s English is perfect. I’ve known him 9 years and even though he took English in school and won awards he rarely spoke to me in English. You will be amazed; barely an accent.
Bryam is a safe and conscientious driver.
I can’t recommend him any higher than his dad, Emilio. Like father like son. Please give him a call or text you will not be disappointed.

Address: South of Cuenca

Contact information: 098 667 7118

Recommended by Joanne Bushman: 096 779 6146

Recommendation for Celso Guaman, delivery driver/handyman

Celso has been recommended to me by numerous people. He is very reliable, communicative and reasonably priced.
I have hired him multiple times because of the quality of his work.
His English is excellent. He also worked in the US for a period of time.
He will deliver things, including groceries.
He also can do small repairs and such.
I believe if you hire him you will feel the way that I do about him and his work.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:
WhatsApp is +593 96 929 9378

Recommended by Sally H:

Recommendation for Pig and Cow, smoked ham

We were gifted a premium boneless smoked ham for our birthdays. What a treat! Not too salty or smoky. Tender and juicy. Slice it thinly for sandwiches or dice it for omelets and salads. You won’t be disappointed.

Visit their website to learn more about this and all of their products.

Address: Delivery service only, Cuenca

Contact information: 096 095 3106

Recommended by Dawn Wolfe:

Recommendation for Jamil – Movingcrew, household moving

Great experience, awesome crew, totally recommended.

Address: Avenida Don Bosco s/n entre Pedro Bravo y El Salado

Contact information: 098 400 1020

Recommended by Robert S.:

Recommendation for Emilio from Cuenca Car Share, car rental

We’ve recently rented a car from Emilio and the process couldn’t have been easier. We’ve rented cars for years and I was a little apprehensive but found there was no need to feel worried. We were offered an SUV, which was clean and in good condition.
Emilio even dropped it off and picked it up at a time that suited us.
We can happily recommend his services and would not hesitate to use him again.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Jan Ras:

Recommendation for Centro Óptico Integral, optometry

Dr. Carlos Sánchez speaks English fluently, which is a major plus for those of us who are still struggling to learn Spanish.

He is professional, respects that his clients are all different and adjusts his eye exams to accommodate these differences.

I highly recommend him and his company to care for your vision correction needs.

Address: Ordóñez Lasso in the Edificio Alamos Plaza PB

Contact information: +593 99 642 7771

Recommended by Jeri Burbage:

Recommendation for Chile Bravo Mexican Bistro Grill, restaurant

Hungry? Traveling to or through Yunguilla? This is the place to stop and enjoy the best Mexican food and more; Pass La Asuncion. When you see the Macova Ferretería near the 59 kilometer post on your left side, make a right turn and travel about a half of a kilometer, and Chile Bravo is on your right side. Try and finish their huge and incredibly delicious fajitas. Enjoy a filet mignon like you haven’t had since you left the States. You will not be disappointed. Every dish on their menu is a treat to behold. Enjoy.

Address: Yunguilla

Contact information: 099 156 6385

Recommended by Sam Cantor: 098 688 8528

Recommendation for Sisa Restaurant, great food

If you haven’t tried Sisa Bowl Restaurant, your tastebuds have definitely missed out. We all had a different bowl and each of us proclaimed them as fantastic. But bowls are by no means the only thing they offer. We are going back for a panini next time and the homemade ice cream.

Open Wednesday to Sunday, Noon – 7 PM.

Address: Paseo tres de Noviembre, just east of Puente Roto

Contact information: 099 430 6408

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos: 099 115 9163

Recommendation for Sebastian Alonso, cell and computer professional

Sebastian has helpfully shared his knowledge saving me to buy a new cell phone, and the headaches that involve transferring applications and contacts with it. Besides, he is very well trained in computer hardware and software, and able to fix or advice in solving any issues that you may encounter with your equipment. He speaks English well enough; so you can communicate and chat with him about any technical issue you want to discuss.

Contact information: WhatsApp +593 98 728 7978

Recommended by George Avenia:

Recommendation for Crozcell, cell phone repair

My old Samsung 6 phone died. It would not charge at all. It would not start. I looked at GringoPost for a recommendation and found that Carlos Orellana had repaired phones others said could not be repaired. I called him and within 15 minutes he was at my door to pick up the phone and charger and cable. It was around 10:30 AM. At about 1:30 PM, there was Carlos returning my phone. He had called and explained the problem and the fee for fixing it and told me the cost but he didn’t say he would be delivering the phone to me that quickly – I expected to pay for the repairs before seeing the phone again. He cannot receive credit card payments, but it was worth it. For those who have used Carlos at Crozcell, he has moved and is no longer at the previous address.

Address: Av. de Las Americas 29-127 y Gran Colombia. Across from Supermaxi de Las Americas y next to Alfombras Cindyc.

Contact information: 098 458 4915

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

Recommendation for Bryam Morocho, English speaking taxi driver

Sometimes when one goes to the bank, one doesn’t want to be out on the street with cash, so I called Emilio Morocho – a good friend. Emilio was busy but he gave me Bryam’s phone number. He arrived when he said he would, drove quickly and safely, and left me at the bank while he picked up another passenger to fill in my time at the bank (with my permission because I didn’t know how long it would take). When I was ready, he returned to pick me up and bring me home. Bryam speaks English and knows the city well. He could be a big help to those who are challenged when speaking to a Spanish only driver.

Thanks Bryam and Emilio. BTW, Bryam is Emilio’s son.

Address: Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 667 7118

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

Recommendation for Nicolas Lukin, exercise

I have been taking Pilates classes for many years at various studios and in my opinion Nicolas at Physiogym is the very best instructor. He is very attentive to each individual in his class, paying particular attention that each routine is done correctly to avoid injury and to maximize the most benefit for strength and flexibility. For anyone interested in a quality Pilates class I recommend that you contact Nicolas. He also offers other forms of exercise specific to individual needs.

Address: Isabel la Catolica 2-86

Contact information: 098 423 0884

Recommended by Michelle Pennock:

Recommendation for Madeleine Gonzales, health insurance

Hi I’m writing in to recommend Mady Insurance. Madelyn has been taking care of my insurance for 6 years now.

I had to have meniscus surgery, knee replacement and recently, carpal túnnel surgery. She made certain I had a great doctor every time. And the service was fantastic. They helped out with my prescription.

I just want to say thanks and if anyone needs Medical insurance
She’s the one to go to.

Address: Edifico Los Alamos oficina 202 Ordonez Lasso y Los Alamos

Contact information: 098 630 4185

Recommended by Richard Lortie: 096 953 7069

Recommendation for Facilitator Monica Gonzaga, visa experts

Working with Monica and her team was very nice and professional. Their English is very good and communication is within time. They are reliable and passionate. My overall experience was very good and I would recommend them to others living in Cuenca.

Address: Benedicto XV 1-53, Cuenca- Azuay, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 98 384 1691

Recommended by Frank Padych:

Recommendation for Elsa Roja, nursing, IV therapy, massage therapist

My name is Teresa. I am a retired military RN, and home health provider. I am extremely delighted to recommend Elsa for everyone looking for home care.
Elsa possesses a profound expertise in the nursing arena, as well as massage therapy. Her compassionate nature, strong attention to detail, and excellent patient skill sets would be beneficial for everyone!

I have enjoyed 3 weeks of full body lymphatic massage and weekly vitamin infusions. I have more energy, increased stamina, and a bright outlook for each new day. The best decision I have ever made was to choose Elsa for all my in-home healthcare. She is truly a gift from above!

Address: Bringing care to your home

Contact information:

Recommended by Teresa Parrack: 098 177 4961

Recommendation for pharmacist, Cruz Azul at San Sebastian Plaza

I recommend Bryan at Cruz Azul at San Sebastian as he always informed me of specials and discounts and has saved me a lot of money over the last months! This month I got my expensive BP pills for free due to a special! He is responsive and delivery is free!
He does speak English.
His contact number on WhatsApp is 98 443 5270

Address: Coronel Talbot Y Simon Bolivar

Contact information: 98 443 5270

Recommended by Karen Smith:

Recommendation for Belen Camposano – Delilia, in-home spa services

Delilia provides in-home spa services. She is a true professional and brings all of the equipment she will need, along with up-to-date knowledge. Her mani/pedis last longer, the hot stone massage which includes reflexology is incredibly relaxing. I have also enjoyed many of her cosmetology services. I have never been disappointed. Her prices are competitive. Discover Delilia. You will be glad you did.

English: 093 913 7908
Spanish: 096 831 3061

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 093 913 7908 English

Recommended by Marsha Davis:

Recommendation for Avery Jones, teacher including college prep.

Recommendation for a teacher.
If you are looking for a serious student who needs a real teacher I have over forty years’ experience and I have only witnessed a few real teachers like Mr Avery Jones

This is no ordinary teacher; he is demanding and develops a level of critical thinking in his students’ learning experiences. I believe this is a must in the world we have before us. I would put all of my many grandchildren in his care without hesitation. This is a no-nonsense teacher.


Recommendation for Christian Canseco, Spanish teacher

I have been taking online Spanish classes from Christian Canseco for over a year. He is a long-time resident of Cuenca. I just want to say that he is an excellent teacher! Very patient but pushes me hard enough that I feel like I’m making progress. His rates are reasonable and it’s very easy to connect with him.


Recommendation for Isabel Puyol, Physiogym, physical therapy

Isabel Puyol is the physical therapist at Physiogym. I cannot say enough wonderful things about her. She is expert, professional, extremely knowledgeable, up-to-date, intuitive, and very caring. She has gone out of the way for me, and my situation! Isabel lived in the USA, and speaks USA English. She works with a team of local doctors, if you are interested in that. Physiogym has all of the PT facilities and equipment you would need. Isabel is my PT Angel!

Address: Av. Isabel La Catolica 2-86; Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 878 1364

Recommended by Jane Hiltbrand:

Recommendation for Kathy Gonzalez, real estate/rental agent

Kathy Gonzales has been an excellent real estate agent to work with as I searched for, found, and transitioned into my new home. She has been unstinting with her time, during my search and especially with my move and issues I’ve experienced with the property. Her English is excellent, she answers texts promptly, and communicates clearly to set expectations.


Certified organic coconut oil, only at Gracie’s Naturals

We sell certified organic coconut oil at $9.5/615ML.
It has certificates approved by USDA Organic, EC-BIO-141, Certificación Orgánica Ecuador, and Kosher.

It is suitable for cooking, baking, or frying. Please click the following link to find out the benefits of coconut oil.

The coconut oil is from an Ecuadorian company, Agroapoyo, born in 2001. They work constantly and consciously with local farmers to produce authentic organic products with superior quality.

Hermano Miguel 5-74 y Juan Jaramillo

Gracie Yin
099 895 4800
FB/Ins: @gracienaturalshop

Recommendation for Santa Cruz Mexican Restaurant

I saw their post Friday morning here and decided to check it out so I invited a friend to dinner. Very nice restaurant! Decor was bright and colorful and welcoming and the staff were friendly and attentive. My friend had the chicken burrito and it was massive. I had the shrimp fajitas and they were delicious! Some of the best guacamole I’ve had in Cuenca, too. They also have some really great drink specials. I will definitely be going back and I highly recommend.

Address: Calle Esmeraldas 2-20, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 511 2381

Recommended by Sharyn Bergholt:

Recommendation for Maité Depreeuw, primary health care doctor/GP

I highly recommend Dr. Maité Depreeuw. I was having a bad case of food poisoning and had contacted her. While we weren’t able to schedule an appointment as it was the weekend, Dr Depreeuw took the time to kindly provide me with advice over the phone and was so understanding, helpful, and kind.

Her advice and gentle demeanor gave me great assurance during the time I was unwell, as my partner and I are travelers and, as you know, it’s always stressful seeking medical care and attention in foreign countries. So thankful I found her!

She has a private office in the city of Cuenca and speaks four languages (English, Spanish, French and Dutch).

Address: City of Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 212 3992

Recommended by Nicole Y: 096 723 0214

Recommendation for Amazing Spanish classes, Spanish teacher

I want to recommend Vamos Spanish school. I have been having classes there and it’s helped my Spanish so much! I’ve travelled around South America and this has been the best by far!! Carmen has been teaching Spanish for years and is such a great teacher, really well prepared, clear and fun classes. I cannot recommend enough. Great price too.


Telephone: 098 299 9083

Address: Near 10 de Agosto Mercado in Center. Right by bus stop.

Contact information: 098 299 9083

Recommended by Katie snow: 0 781 759 3629

Recommendation for Rami Ridan, hair salon

I have been getting my hair cut in Cuenca for several years but was never happy, even when I took a picture for the stylist to copy. I was letting it grow out to avoid the disappointment of another bad haircut when I saw the recommendation for Rami.

He is wonderful. He is what you always wanted your stylist to be. You don’t have to tell him what you want. You want your hair to look good and flatter your face. That is why you go to the stylist.

He looks at your hair, feels its texture, etc. then he looks at your face, then he goes to work. When he finishes you look into the mirror and think, “Yes! That’s what I wanted to see.”

To say that I highly recommend him is sadly not praise enough. I won’t be going to anyone ese.

Address: Alfonso Borrero just off Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 099 900 0427

Recommended by Sherry Nadeau:

Recommendation for Cuenca Car Share, car rental

We recently rented a vehicle from Emilio Morocho, owner of Cuenca Car Share, and had an excellent experience with the vehicle, the cost, and especially the service Emilio provided. We highly recommend Cuenca Car Share for all of your car rental needs
Frank and Margie Grillo

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Frank Grillo:

Recommendation for Paige Westerfield, psychologist

If you need to speak with someone, I highly recommend Paige. I have been to psychologists before, and Paige is absolutely the best. She listens and asks the right guiding questions to help you sort through things. At only $40 per hour, you will be making an investment in yourself. What is more important than that?

Paige is an English-speaking psychologist who works in general practice, consultation, and clinical health psychology services for adults, teens, and children. She is in El Centro. She gives in-person, video, and phone appointments.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp: 099 510 8922

Recommended by Maureen Irvin:

Recommendation for Cristian Cordero, Locksmith

Cristian was recommended as a trusted locksmith by a friend who had used his service years ago. Cristian diagnosed and repaired my increasingly sticky door lock. Part of the problem was a sagging door due to the absence of a needed screw to hold the door in place. He arrived promptly at the agreed time and worked quickly. He was professional and thorough. Communication was in Spanish.

Address: Calle Cajas entre Av Los Andes y Av Yahuarcocha

Contact information: +593 99 472 8218

Recommended by Katy Johnson:

Recommendation for Dr Jean Saint-Eloi, Chinese med / acupuncturist

When I arrived in Ecuador from the US the digestive system was already several weeks, how do I say this politely, lagging far behind my desire to consume delicious Ecuadorian food. It was serious enough to see a gastroenterologist in Quito. He was of no help.

Dr. Jean Saint-Eloi was recommended by a new friend in Cuenca and he treated me once a week, which included an easy to take herbal tincture. Within several visits all was right again, in fact, not this good since my 20’s! I’m 66 now.


Recommendation for ¡Vamos! Spanish School, Spanish instruction

We just wanted to add our recommendation to the others for the Vamos Spanish School. It is conveniently located across from the Mecardo 10 de Agosto which is on many bus routes.

The school will be opening officially in September.

My wife and I have worked with Carmen Pais (the founder) for well over two years. Initially, my wife met her at a group Spanish class that Carmen conducted. My wife loved both her class and Carmen and insisted that I meet her.


Recommendation for Elsa Rojas, massage therapist/ nurse

I am very happy that I finally found the best massage therapist in Cuenca. Elsa Rojas is professional, nice and kind. She has been giving me weekly massage for the last 4 months. She is the best. She is always on time and very cheerful whenever I see her. She gave massages to our friends who visited us in Cuenca. They loved it as well. She is full of knowledge. She is like my family now.

Thank you Elsa.

This is her WhatsApp number: 098 177 4961

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 177 4961

Recommended by Maya Andersen:

Recommendation for Roman Uyaguari Guartatanga, van service

Roman is an excellent driver. He takes his time and makes sure that we are comfortable riding with him. We have used his van service going from Guayaquil airport to Cuenca and vice versa. He does not speak English but his lovely wife Ruth always is with him and she communicates well in English. We will be using their van services in the future as well. They are very reasonable with the price as well. Thank you Roman and Ruth.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 186 7060

Recommended by Maya Andersen: 099 186 7060

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design, carpentry and upholstery

We have had a great experience with Aleppo! After having a lot of difficulty with other carpenters, they have come through every time. We had a solid wood desk made to look exactly like a picture. The desk is beautiful, solid and was exactly on time to the day. They also added cushion to an upholstered chair that was not comfortable and did the carpentry work for our wall oven. We have been very happy with all of their work. They are very nice, professional, and prompt. Highly recommended.

Address: Calle las Totoras con Av. Ordonez Lasso 13-13

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Waldo Hampton: 096 820 1063

Recommendation for Rami Ridan hair salon, hair, nail and massage salon

Rami Ridan is a true artist. I’ve been looking for a haircut like this for over 15 years, in the US and in Cuenca. He will do whatever works best for your features and the shape of your face. I walked out of there feeling like a new woman. And only $15.

His salon is located on Alfonso Borrero just off Remigio Crespo, around the corner from SRI. Across from Sushi Cat.
Rami Ridan
099 900 0427

Address: Alfonso Borrero north of Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 099 900 0427

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:

Recommendation for Redtag Moving Company, moving services

Debra Lynn and her team from Red Tag Moving did an excellent job for us last week. They were professional, efficient, reliable, and friendly. Members of the team speak English, a real plus during a stressful situation. They helped keep me sane. We hope we never have to move again, but if we do, we know we’ll call on Debra and her crew.
098 477 7596
WhatsApp +593 98 477 7596

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:

Recommendation for Rami Riden, hair salon

Rami has been cutting my curly hair for six months now and I always leave his salon with a perfect haircut. He has styled the hair for contestants in the Miss Universe contest and has many years of experience. I brought in a picture of how I wanted my hair to look and he copied it exactly. I think that you will find him to be very personable and professional. He is located one block from the SRI building. WhatsApp 593 99 900 0427

Address: Alfonso Borrero y Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 099 900 0427

Recommended by Barbara VA:

Recommendation for Christian Canseco, Spanish teacher

In one word, fantastic! Chris is an excellent teacher. Very patient and moves at your own individual pace. Funny, entertaining and I now consider him my friend.
He speaks English very well so he is easy to understand and translates well for you.
I would highly recommend him.


Contact information: 539 99 898 6482

Recommended by Andy McKay:

Recommendation for Violet Window Cleaning, window cleaning

Having a two-floor apartment on the 5th and 6th floor, we were in real need for having our windows washed, especially the outsides. Violet came with her workers to measure the windows and later that day provided a quote.

We agreed on a day and time for her two workers to start work. They showed up on time, 7:30 AM — not my best hour, but they started right in. Around noon, they ate their lunch, cleaning up after themselves. They finished about 4:30 PM.


Recommendation for Sreymom – What’s Cooking (Rey)

Cambodian cuisine – private dining

If you haven’t tried Rey’s exquisite Cambodian cuisine you are missing out on one of the best meals in town as well as a great experience with the wonderful hosts, Joe and Rey, in their beautiful setting.

We’ve, been there several times. My wife Pamela and I have never been disappointed. We’ve introduced many friends and will probably continue to add more to the list.


Recommendation for Pet-Me Vet, pet sitters – pet supplies

We had an emergency in the States. We found Elizabeth Gavilanes and her partner Mateo Ñauta through a recommendation and we’re able to secure their services.

Amazing! They stayed in our home while we were away for 9 days. We received daily communication including updates, photos, and videos of our 3 dogs and their activities. Any concerns were immediately brought to our attention. They took amazing care of our animals and our home.

And the comfort of knowing that our babies (one who had only recently had emergency surgery) were being looked after by, not only, caring humans, but humans who were also veterinarians was such a comfort.

Highly recommend!


Contact information: +593 99 848 1355

Recommended by L Jay Edenmeyer:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design, wood-crafted furniture designs

I wanted to share my excellent experience with Aleppo Furniture and Design. I needed a new dining room table for a smaller condo. I contacted Fernando and Carolina to design a glass-topped table. I was warmly greeted and sat down to discuss the design. I only had a small picture to illustrate what I wanted. Carolina quickly drew out the design and offered suggestions on the type of wood and thickness of the glass. Fernando diligently looked for the appropriate thickness of glass needed.

My table was finished before the anticipated delivery date and he kept me abreast as to his progress with pictures or texted with any concerns.

My experience was the best I have had here in Ecuador in the past 8 years as far as reliability, marvelous customer service and a beautiful piece of furniture at a reasonable price.

Address: Avenida Ordóñez Lasso, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Chris Benda: 099 490 9048

Recommendation for Paola, Paw Lovers Grooming

I was very nervous about finding a groomer here in Ecuador. One of my dogs is an absolute gentleman and the other is quite the opposite. Back in the States I had been asked by three groomers and one vet not to bring my little JoJo in for nail trims anymore. Her violent and aggressive behavior was disruptive to their business and actually frightened their groomers. I warned Paola about her and she said that she would do her very best. And she did! Both of my dogs went for baths and nail trims and came back looking wonderful and not only did she trim their nails but she shaped them so that they were not sharp. She did a phenomenal job! I highly recommend her! She is studying vet medicine right now and I cannot wait for her to get licensed so that I can use her as our regular vet as well! She has a very good eye for animals and noticed that my one dog had a slight ear issue which I will address. Cannot thank her enough for taking care of my dogs as well as calming my fears!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 672 2197

Recommended by Sharyn Bergholt:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design, custom built furniture

Terri and I would once again like to thank Fernando and Carolina for such fine work on our coat rack. We wanted something functional but also a “piece of art”. They delivered. Thank you! This is now the 3rd time we have used them to build for us and we love their work and guests in our home always compliment the teak dining room table he made for us earlier this year (and honestly, our king-size bed and full-length matching mirror, too – when they see it!).

Cannot say enough about the design, build, and great communication. What a great team and family. Thank you for doing us the honor of building for us. David and Terri

Address: AVe Ordonez Lasso 120 – Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by David Nichols:

Recommendation for Dra. Maite Depreeuw, medical doctor

We have been seeing Dra. Depreeuw for 5 years now and can highly recommend her as the best doctor we have ever known (we’ve known several lol). She really takes her time to understand your medical situation and history and makes recommendations accordingly. Her patience, empathy, and sense of humor makes a doctor’s appointment something to look forward too.

She has and is currently helping many of our close friends here in Cuenca and all have had positive experiences. Almost forgot to mention that she speaks English, Spanish, Dutch and French. If you’re looking for a caring, excellent doctor, she is great!

Address: Arupo Consultorios #205, Ines Salcedo 2-41 and Federico Proano (corner building next to Torre 1 of Cinica Santa Ines)

Contact information: Whatsapp 593 98 212 3992 and email

Recommended by Diane y Brian Brown:

Recommendation for ¡Vamos! Spanish School

I have been enrolled at ¡Vamos! Spanish School for the last 2½ years. I’ve previously tried Spanish lessons with other schools in different countries and ¡Vamos! Spanish School is by far the best learning experience I have ever had.

The teacher Carmen is absolutely awesome! She is a native Spanish speaker who speaks fluent English and knows so many nuances to the English language that the lessons are seamless. Not only are the classes organized and the lessons well prepared and tailored to my level they are fun and make learning even more enjoyable. Carmen is organized, patient and has a gift of clearly explaining concepts and incorporating different types of learning.

Absolutely incredible experience at a very reasonable price! Highly recommend if you’re looking to learn Spanish and meet some great people!

Address: Calle larga 11-43, Cuenca-Ecuador

Contact information: 098 299 9083

Recommended by Kara G.:

Recommendation for Annie Schinksky, massage

Annie is very kind and gives excellent massages. She asks about pressures and areas of pain to help tailor the experience to your needs. Couldn’t recommend enough if you are looking for a massage in Cuenca. She is located very close to Milenium Plaza / Parque del Madre so it is very easy to get to her location as well. I think she does in home services as well, but double check with her about this.

Address: Next to Milenium Plaza

Contact information: 098 426 0054

Recommended by J D:

Recommendation for Victor Ojeda, facilitator / translator

Recommendation to renew your car’s Matricula. I recently had to renew both of my two car’s Matriculas. Not always an easy task to do with so much paperwork to file, forms to fill, fees to pay at banks, and on and on. One of my cars had some issues that I didn’t think we would be able to overcome, but thanks to my friend and facilitator of going on ten years, Victor Ojeda made it happen… flawlessly.

I have recommended Victor several times over the past so many years, as many others have done as well. Victor has always come through for me from banking, real estate, auto and motorcycle sales and purchases, medical needs, insurance,


Recommendation for Elsa Rojas, Deep Tissue Massage +++

Elsa gave me the very best deep tissue massage I have ever received yesterday, in the comfort of my home. And, when she says, “full body,” she means it! I benefited from foot reflexology and cranial therapy, as well as torso, legs, arms, shoulders and neck work. Sigh… She is nurse, and provides her own massage table and oil. She also does vitamin infusions. I highly recommend her services!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Jari Holland Buck:

Recommendation for Soledad Maldonado, Spanish language teacher

Ms. Maldonado is a very good teacher and a nice person. She has a way of making a student at ease from the start. Soledad is punctual, efficient and kind.

Not only her teaching is great, she provides me cultural awareness which is obviously of great importance. Being a language teacher, I easily recognize a good teacher.

Therefore, I recommend her services.

Contact information:

Recommended by Gilles Bélanger:

Recommendation for Priscila Delgado, social media and facilitator

I would like to strongly recommend Priscila Delgado for a variety of valuable services.

I have lived in Cuenca for one year now.

Priscila has helped me with my social media campaigns and we have been generating leads for my financial services business through Facebook videos she has produced.

Priscila has served as translator, facilitator, and friend.

She even assisted me in navigating a surgical procedure here which could have been a daunting experience without her help.

Priscila has excellent English skills, is easy to work with and is of the highest moral character.

Please call Priscila for help with your social media needs or as a facilitator.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 095 884 5936

Recommended by David Hesseltine:

Recommendation for Tere Beauty Salon, unisex beauty salon

I know Tere for years and continue to go to her because of her experience, especially for hair and you can take advantage while you are there for your mani and pedicure.

Tere speaks English and Spanish.

Call for appointment 098 481 1365

Address: Ordoñez Lasso y Los Álamos next to Ewok restaurant.

Contact information: 098 481 1365

Recommended by Madeleine Mensch:

Recommendation for Jauria Artesanal Pasta Bar, restaurant

This is a hidden gem which offers value.

Between the San Roque church on Ave. Loja and 12 de Abril runs a quaint little street – Calle del Farol. Close to the corner with 12 de Abril you will see a sign on the side walk for Jauria (i with accent) in front of a wood framed archway. It leads you to an intimate garden restaurant, with a few tables indoors. On the left side are large murals of dogs: Jauria is Spanish for (dog) pack.

They are open from 4 PM to midnight. Closed Sundays and Mondays. If you go there, it will get busy with ambiance around 8 PM. Ecuadorians eat late and this place has not been discovered by early dining gringos.


Recommendation for Anubis, restaurant

I recently visited Cuenca after being away for some time. Anubis was at the top of my list to re-visit. I ended up ordering food for an invalid friend, who could not get out to go to the restaurant. The food was as spectacular as any we have shared before in the restaurant. Nothing was sacrificed by having the food delivered. This is one of my favorite restaurants!

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 99 755 6107

Recommended by Dot Kaufman:

Recommendation for Pajaro y Bestia BBQ pit, BBQ

Leroy came through for us. Ordering ahead was the key, and even though he’d had lots of demand for them, he kept our ribs hot’n’ready for us, when we got there. Sure, the coleslaw and baked beans were a bit spartan, but the BBQ sauce was generous, and two of us were quite full, sharing an order of each, for supper.

Looks like he may have to step-up his game, in producing more of his product, to satisfy demand. Staff may need a bit more training to enhance efficiency and service too.

Order line; 098 321 8273
P&B (Leroy) 099 837 2632 may

Address: Gran Colombia and Estevez de Toral

Contact information: 098 321 8273

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for Pajaro y Bestia, restaurant

I would just like to say how good the food is at P & B. Leroy Kent has created this place as a labor of love, and he has faced many challenges in doing so. Patrons should try to be understanding and consider how very difficult some of those challenges, which continue, would be. Leroy’s offerings are absolutely wonderful. I’ve had the ribs, and they were the best I’ve ever had. The sandwiches are massive. Even the buns are top quality. We are lucky to have a place to enjoy such delicious food and prices you would not find anywhere with that quality.

I highly recommend this restaurant.

Address: Gran Columbia 13-100 y Cuenca

Contact information: 099 837 2632

Recommended by Susan Arlitt:

Recommendation for Abogado R. Arízaga Coellar, attorney

If you are in need of an attorney, contact Abogado Rafaél Arízaga Coellar. If your need isn’t his specialty, he will connect you with the appropriate person in the office. He speaks excellent English and is very professional.

Address: Los Fresnos 1-100 y Av Parucarbamba

Contact information: 096 703 2414

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos:

Recommendation for Jan Wallace, massage therapy

I have had massage for many years and, although most were very good in my homeland. unfortunately, for the last 20 years after immigrating to the US, I wasn’t lucky to find my massage therapist, although I used to work in the spa industry. I can’t say that the massage therapists were unprofessional, but I didn’t like their technique which didn’t bring any benefit…until I met Jan Wallace in Cuenca.


Recommendation for César Mejía, chef, restaurant

Big kudos for food prepared by César Mejía of T-Rex Burgers Pizza! In addition to his usual fare, he’s now offering special 3-course meals in the $15-20 range on Fridays. He announces each Friday’s menu on WhatsApp, so message him (097 891 8295) and ask to be included on his list. He’s a most congenial host who speaks excellent English.

This week’s special dinner: Panko shrimp salad, sea bass & seafood casserole (butter, white wine, cream, coconut milk) served with rice & plantains, and crema Catalana — $18.50. Seatings at 5 or 7 PM by reservation only.


Recommendation for Carmen Pais, Vamos Spanish School, New Spanish School

I am excited to learn that Carmen Pais is opening a new Spanish School in Cuenca, Vamos. I have been studying with Carmen for over two years and can attribute my ability to navigate in the Spanish language to her excellent teaching. I have learned Spanish from Carmen in three settings: Private Zoom classes, a group class of Intermediate Spanish, and a language exchange of English and Ecuadorian speakers.


Recommendation for Creación Muebles y Complementos, custom-built furniture

Fernando Córdova and his team have once again created a stunning piece of custom-built furniture for me. This time it is a small bar/counter to fit against the window so I can take advantage of the stunning views from my new kitchen. The piece is perfect and even has a spice rack on one end.

The workmanship, materials, finish and attention to detail are impeccable. If you are looking for beautiful, handmade furniture at a price that compares favorably with good quality mass-produced furniture, contact Fernando. This is the fifth piece he has made for me and all of them are incredible.

Fernando’s son, Pablo, speaks English well and is present at all consultations.

WhatsApp +593 99 682 3249

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Heather Griffiths:

Recommendation for Jia Ji Comida China, Restaurant

After a 5 year dry spell of not eating in a Chinese restaurant in Cuenca, I finally found a real Chinese restaurant. No beef and broccoli on the menu. Not a beef item at all! When the Jia family finally found their choice location in Gringolandia they opened the Jia Ji Comida China. The menu consists of 27 main entrees. None are the American inventions chow mein and fried rice.
On my first visit I ordered the Braised Whole Fish. Thinking that would not be enough for me, I also ordered Mapo Tofu (medium heat). Surprise! The whole fish was at least 24 oz, deep fried, and then served in a gravy. Easily enough food for leftovers.


Recommendation for Alejandra massage therapist, Radiant Skin Spa and Massage

I have been going to Alejandra for massage for several years, and find her professionalism, communication, and technique some of the best that I’ve ever had. Recently I awoke with a stiff and painful neck that would not improve, so I asked her opinion. She recommended targeted massage therapy, manipulation, and trigger point therapy of the affected side of my neck, shoulder, and upper back. One 30-minute treatment each week for 4 weeks, plus diligent rest from reading and watching media at home totally released the severe muscle spasms. It was a much better initial treatment than seeing my doctor or a physical therapist, who would have most likely recommended massage therapy. And it felt so good in the process!