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Recommendation for Lucia Siguenza, Spanish teacher

After trying Spanish classes for years, where my timidity made me nervous to speak in class, I discovered Lucia Siguenza and began one-on-one lessons. Lucia has worked diligently with me for 8 years, and now I’m happy to report I’m conversational.

I look forward to every lesson, because Lucia is not only a great teacher, but having actual conversations about our lives, the Ecuadorian culture, and top news stories keeps me interested.

Lucia has very reasonable prices and teaches in person and online. If you want a program you’ll stick with and enjoy, I highly recommend Lucia.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 519 7358

Recommended by Donna Stiteler:

Recommendation for Veronica Arpi, real estate professional

Veronica is a great agent. She speaks perfect English and of course Spanish. She is a great listener and will work hard to find the rental or purchase you are looking for. Definitely a great agent.

Address: 1901 Cornwall Avenue #316

Contact information: 099 474 8668

Recommended by Andy Brauner:

Recommendation for Jenny Salinas, nails and pedicures

It is time to be pampered! We have been enjoying the services of Jenny Salinas for quite a while, now. Other people need to know about her wonderful manicures and pedicures. However, what really makes her special (besides her personality) is that she come to you! She arrives promptly, totally prepared with her supplies, ready to work. If you have any special nail problems, she will help you with those as well. Treat yourself! Call Jenny!

Address: Ivan Salgado y Victor Lloret

Contact information: 098 596 4967

Recommended by Judith Collins:

Recommendation for Karen Cumana at Pharmacy’s, Pharmacist

We visited Pharmacy’s close to Santa Ines Hospital this morning for two prescriptions for Shingles. We tried two other pharmacies first. The pharmacist, Keren, stated she didn’t have it but called around to other stores and was able to locate them at the Pharmacy’s in the Stadium. We were told it would be 20 minutes. Karen went to pick it up on her motorbike. We went for lunch and returned in 20 minutes and got it from her. Absolutely amazing.

Address: Keren Comana, Pharmacy’s, Daniel Cordova 2-78 y Federico Proana Cuenca

Contact information: 099 330 4054

Recommended by Sandy Bradford:

Recommendation for Pan Chito Chinese Restaurant

Finally some very authentic and reasonably priced Chinese food in Cuenca. This place just opened a few days ago and they sell steamed buns (like Wow Bao in the US), sesame balls, mochi, bubble team in addition to regular Chifa items. Very much Chinese comfort food that you would get in China. They will also be making tofu from scratch on the weekend. They are also gradually adding more authentic dishes to the menu. My friend is Chinese and she tells me that it is very authentic.

Google map address is:

Address: Av. Carlos Arizaga Vega, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 660 6666

Recommended by Chris S:

Recommendation for Bachata classes with Profe Diego, Dance class

Bachata classes!

Looking for a social way to move while learning new skills? I highly recommend the classes offered by Profe Diego on Sunday afternoon as a fantastic introduction to this dance style and his teaching methods. You will learn the how and why of the correct moves in addition to steps you can put to good use on the dance floor.

The first hour of classes is for beginners while the second hour is considered intermediate level. You are welcome to attend both hours but keep in mind the distinction. Speaking of putting those moves to use, immediately following the two hours of lessons is an additional two hours of social dance!

The classes are taught in Spanish. As a non-proficient user of Spanish, I have found it possible to watch carefully and understand enough to learn the basics. The more technical aspects can sometimes elude me at first. In a pinch, there is often a bilingual attendee who can clear up misunderstandings if absolutely needed. However, because dance is a physical activity, demonstration is almost always enough.

Classes are offered at Verde Pinton and Maduro on Calle Presidente Borrero between Calle Honorato Vasquez and Juan Jaramillo (just north of Goza). Doors open at 3:15 PM and warmup begins at 3:30 PM for beginners. Intermediate students should arrive at 4:30 PM for warmup. Bring a bottle of water or other preferred beverage as the bar is not open.

Additional classes in both bachata and salsa are held throughout the week starting at 6:30 PM

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Profe Diego.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 99 596 7339

Recommended by Terri Gerth:

Recommendation for Leo’s Landscaping, lawn and garden/landscaping

Leo and his team at Leo’s Landscaping are fantastic. They did a great job on my yard. They pulled weeds, planted plants, cut grass and trimmed trees. He also provides all sorts of other services for your yard such as fertilizer and gravel. He has reasonable prices and arrives promptly with all his own tools. One of the best things is he hauls off all the debris from the job when it is completed. I highly recommend Leo and Leo Landscaping.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 954 0942

Recommended by Joe Kramer:

Recommendation for Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

We were so lucky to find Monica and her team, (Marta and Martin), they have been so helpful for our new residence in Spain! They guided us through every step, took us where we needed to go and now we have our visas for Spain!

My husband and I could not recommend them enough. Her prices are very fair and we did not have to deal with any paperwork or problems along the way. Thank you Monica, Marta, and Martin!!!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Corrine Satterwhite:

Recommendation for Sayira Anduze, nail technician; in salon or home

Nail Technician Sayira Anduze came highly recommended by several GringoPost contributors and after trying nearly every technician in Cuenca with 5 star rating on Google Maps, I can say truthfully she is the best by far. She arrived at our home, laden with three bags containing a portable foot spa, all the necessary tools for a comprehensive and professional Mani-Pedi. Her polish choices for Barbara were limited but adequate, so if you have a color in mind you’ d best have it on hand.

Sayira’s English is excellent, she is gentle thorough and constantly checking in about your comfort level, which was refreshing. We walk everywhere, so getting a good pedicure is more preventative maintenance and personal hygiene rather than just trying to look good.

We are not looking for a quick nail cut or trendy polish designs. I am looking for a professional who takes the time to care for your hands and feet and Sayira does that. The Mani-Pedi together lasted 2 hours. It was a real treat to have her help us, we agreed she has the skill, professionalism and sweet temperament to do a stellar job.

Cleanliness, disinfecting tools, taking care of issues we mentioned including tender toes and talking to the customer is a key part of the service and we are more than willing to pay a fair price for this. In any personal care situation good communication is essential. She is a consummate professional and after some initial tenseness on my part due to not knowing how good she really was, I relaxed and enjoyed a relaxing and thorough mani-Pedi.

Full disclosure, my horror story, many years ago, before meeting Sayira, is that I ended up in the emergency room here after getting an infection due to an enthusiastic and sweet, but poorly trained technician who did my pedicure. Besides the pain, the expense was considerable. So believe me my fear factor is heightened because I know what can happen. This woman enjoys the work and we will not use anyone else

WhatsApp +593 95 873 5663

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp +593 95 873 5663

Recommended by Doug Morgan:

Recommendation for Visa Angels, visa assistance

Sara Carcamo at Visa Angels has twice helped me with visa renewals: once for temporary and just now for my permanent visa. She is very efficient and up-to-date on the latest regulations. Also, given the client’s power of attorney, she can take care of everything without the client’s presence (except for cedula change from temporary to permanent). Prices are very reasonable, too.

Address: Gaspar de Villaroel and Isabel la Catolica, Ed. Maldini D401

Contact information:

Recommended by Brahmi Ishaya: +1 843 450 6946

Recommendation for María Maldonado, manicures and pedicures

I had a world class pedicure today at the new “Nail Care Salon” where Maria and her sister work. It’s a beautiful, brand new, spotlessly clean salon with professional equipment and very caring, well-trained women working there.

It’s conveniently located on a short street that runs between Del Tejar (the street that the driving entrance to Supermaxi Las Americas is on) and Las Pencas. It’s parallel to La Verbena, 1/4 of a block west and its 2 buildings in on the right-hand side.

My pedicure lasted over 1 ½ hours and the cost is $15 for regular polish and $17 for gel. They actually respond when you send a WhatsApp message, which hasn’t always been my experience here, and they are open 7 days a week. The WhatsApp number is +593 96 289 7874.

Address: Del Mirto in Cuenca

Contact information: 096 289 7874

Recommended by Bella La Coste:

Recommendation for physical therapist, Jose Illescas

I highly recommend registered physical therapist, Jose Illescas. Jose has helped me tremendously. He speaks excellent English and will come to your location. He will design a program to fit your needs. Not a cookie cutter program.

Address: Cuenca,

Contact information: 098 498 3598

Recommended by David May:

Recommendation for Alejandro Arvelaez – Servisolutions, handyman

Our ‘To Do list’ had grown to well over 13 items, with many of which required immediate attention, specialized tools and a high skilled craftsman. Like many of you we have worked with local handymen over the years, with some good experiences, but more disappointments and stories of no shows or coming late, not having the right tools and ending with settling for an adequate job while lamenting “well its better than it was”.

We come from a construction background and have had to shake our heads so many times and just accept what we got, grateful for them showing up and helping us. This all changed when we met Alejandro from ServiSolution.

While searching through GringoPost for a handyman after our last and best handyman moved, we kept coming across recommendations for ServiSolutions. The recommendations were nothing short of glowing, look for yourself. And if we know nothing else, we know many Gringos come here with US work ethic and work product expectations.


Recommendation for Dr. Maria Jose Sanchez, dentist

Amazing experience, super modern office…
My wife and I visited Dr. Maria Jose Sanchez yesterday and we were extremely happy with her. With a soft tone of voice she explained, in anticipation, what she was about to do next.

The procedure was painless. She was caring and extremely professional. Additionally, she took the time to explain the follow-up for the next visit; over all 5 star treatment and experience.

Address: Dr. Grace Ordonez, Work Center, Miguel Cordero Davila, Cuenca 010107

Contact information: (07) 409 1958

Recommended by Benny Hevia:

Recommendation for Marco Leon, investments specialist/ account manager

If personal, concierge service, exceptional value and someone and a company going above and beyond your highest expectations mean anything to you then please read on. Our experience with Marco Leon and Cooperativa 23 de Julio has once again reminded us of why we came to Cuenca, why we remain impressed and what kind of business is possible here.

Opening our second CD with Cooperativa 23 de Julio in a year was an easy decision to make, the rate offered was exceptional and the financial institutions risk rating was more than acceptable. But what made our decision even more comfortable was the personal attention we have received over the past 10 months and the service Mr. Leon has afforded us.

On this particular occasion while opening our second CD with them Marco offered to pick us up at our house, drive us to the two cooperatives which held our funds to facilitate the transfer of the monies to his cooperative for our second CD. In one instance the scheduled power outage at the first Cooperativa’s office made an electronic transfer impossible for 3 hours. He immediately drove us across town to another office where our business was successfully conducted. At the second cooperativa there was a mistake on the transfer document, not of our doing. He picked us up the next day and helped us obtain a physical check to deposit.


Recommendation for Jenny Salinas, nail care plus

Due to problem bones in my feet, I develop calluses that cause me to walk imbalanced. This adds to the back issues I already have due to an injury. Due to these things, I am not able to properly care for my feet.

After going an inconvenient distance to a salon for pedicures, I happened upon Jenny Salinas who was willing to provide home services. Jenny comes once a month to provide a pedicure. She sets up her tools like a professional. She brings her own water basin and a little stool for her to sit. She transforms my feet within 30 minutes providing me with pain-free walking for another month. I don’t need polish, but her foot massage is fantastic.

Jenny has informed me she also provides manicures and does full body hair removal, neither service that I need, but others may be interested.

Jenny is a treasure. It is best to use WhatsApp. Her English is limited, but we do very well with both our language limitations and Google when needed.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 596 4967

Recommended by Ryan James:

Recommendation for Tienda Nectar, health food store

Tienda Nectar is by far the best health food store I’ve ever shopped at. It is always well stocked, and there’s always something new to discover there. Yanni, Tania and Ken are so knowledgeable about anything related to health, and I trust their opinions and suggestions regarding remedies. They only sell what they can stand behind, so we can be sure we’re getting the best quality products there.

Please consider picking things up from them that you might ordinarily buy at a big box store, such as coconut oil, ghee, coffee, tea, soap, lotions, olive oil, salt, honey, spices, ACV, supplements, etc., then see all the products they have that you can’t find anywhere else – it’s important that a community shop like this has our steady support. Thank you, Nectar!

Nectar delivers anywhere in Ecuador. They never close for lunch.

They are in the same block as Coral (same side of the street). Just 2 doors in from Manuel Vega. Ring bell for entry.

Address: Mariscal Sucre 1-127 y Manuel Vega

Contact information:
See their WhatsApp catalog 593 96 263 5078.

Recommended by Marilyn Steenburgh:

Recommendation for Lucia Siguenza, Spanish teacher

I have been studying Spanish with Lucia for the past 5 years and highly recommend her. She is patient and is great at explaining the rules/reasons.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 519 7358 and

Recommended by Brittany Brown:

Recommendation for María Daniela Ordóñez, dentist office

I just received 2 dental implants from Dr. Danny with 0 pain 0 complications with every detail paid to time, comfort, professionalism and most of all she cares and is a fluent English speaker.

Her office is also running a special 15% discount on all implants for the month of Nov.

Dr. Danny has been my dentist for 7 wonderful years and I highly recommend her.

Address: Edificio Acrópolis

Contact information: 099 166 6605

Recommended by Paul Marquis:

Recommendation for Café Ñucallacta, coffee shop/restaurant

We wanted to have Thanksgiving at home this year, so we decided to give Café Ñucallacta a try with the Thanksgiving dinner they advertised.

We were going to be a group of eight, so went with the whole turkey and a meal to serve 8-10 people. Based on past experiences with other caterers, I decided I had better supplement the dinner with a few sides of my own.

It turned out to be entirely necessary. The meal was delivered at the exact time I requested by Rumi himself. There was enough delicious food for the eight of us, I made a huge plate for our building guard and gave two overflowing plates to our two Ecuadorian neighbors.

I am so pleased with the results and would not hesitate to order from Café Ñucallacta if the occasion arose in the future.

Address: Av. Loja 2320 and Juan Bautista Vasquez

Contact information: 096 311 4958

Recommended by Ryan James:

Recommendation for Leonardo Moco, tailor

Looking for an expert tailor in Cuenca? Leonardo Mocho did a wonderful job altering a half dozen men’s blazers for me, everything from sleeve cut and length to the fit along the shoulders and back.

He’s very expert in understanding and delivering on what you want, his prices are more than reasonable, and he provides a great level of at-home service–coming by to take measurements and then to deliver the finished coats, plus altering one coat for me as a quick-turnaround for a specific occasion.

Highest recommendation! DS

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 99 988 1633

Recommended by David Sprinkle:

Recommendation for Force Fit (fitness facility), yoga, dance and exercise fitness center

Thanksgiving is in the books. Christmas looms, and with it, the New Year, and its resolutions. Why not get a jump on those resolutions, and start a challenge early?

Pedro has been instrumental in guiding a fitness program, that has not only improved our fitness, but posture, well-being and overall health. Our GP is very pleased. A custom program can be designed and implemented to suit every need.

To add to the challenge, instruction is given in Spanish, but demonstrations are in both Spanish and English.

Address: 23-30 Mariscal Lamar (near la Cuadra)

Contact information: 097 927 5323

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for Roosvelt Rojas, Rolfing – bodywork therapy

Rolfing by Roosvelt is a form of bodywork therapy which assists in the correction of problems in the client’s overall posture, connective tissue, and/or musculature in order to bring about greater ease of movement, less discomfort, and a higher level of energy in daily activity. Roosvelt has been trained in various modalities in different countries.

If you would like pain relief, more flexibility with better posture I would suggest Roosvelt’s service because they speak for themselves.

Address: 8463 NW 68th Street

Contact information: 098 870 9134

Recommended by Susan Swanson:

Recommendation for Nomadas Bistro, restaurant

Sun 11/26/2023 10:43 AM

Nomadas can become one of the great cafes of Cuenca. It has the food, warmth, service and the passion necessary to be one of in-place, must-visit food location in this quaint city. It’s located off the street, so street noise levels are acceptable and pollution is none existent.

Little by little I am finding that prime tables are more difficult to secure. Since I am a people watcher, I am going a bit earlier on weekends to make sure I get the best cat bird view seats to watch the comings and goings. It’s the perfect place to catch-up with friends and enjoy great bistro food in an unhurried location.

Nomadas has the location. It’s inside-outside garden setting is calming, inviting and lovely. Even more appropriate, for a post pandemic aware traveler, air circulation was a key design consideration, you are in a semi covered open air garden.

Kelbert Bartone and wife, Mariana are a well-known and beloved foodie family hereabouts. They established an enviable reputation as a high-end bakery when they ran what evolved into Artesan Bakery. And when they briefly left Cuenca more than a few people myself included mourned this city’s loss.


Recommendation for D’Ellas handmade, Christmas decorations

What a great surprise! Last week, D’Ellas posted an article about their line of handcrafted Christmas ‘statues’. D’Ellas is a Cuenca Ladies organization, striving to make a living to support their families by cleaning houses, running a thrift store, and now, offering darling Christmas decor to enhance your Holidays.

I ordered one just to support these fine ladies but I received a real treat. This little guy is over 28 inches high, has a sweet smile, elfish ears, and a darling costume He’s even holding a present he must have just made in Santa’s workshop…

If you email me, I’ll send you the photo.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 96 387 8374

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:

Recommendation for Dr. Willan Chavez T., pneumologist and lungs function

A long time ago, my Dad, Alex, started suffering from his lungs and heart, provoking him difficulties to breathe and so on.

Until, my family met Dr. Willan Chavez, and sincerely we can’t express with words, our sentiment. Dr. Chavez is the best pneumologist; very patient, friendly and caring person who doesn’t mind the time. He’s available 24/7 if the patient needs to.

My Dad’s illness got better since then, he has to remain with medicine, therapy, and all sort of things, but we trust Dr. Chavez. He’s there when we need him. He’s a nice guy, his vocation goes beyond his own life, he loves what he does. He’s a Doctor with quality, sincerity, and we are so happy he became part of our lives.

A huge thanks for his humble support and unconditional love for my Dad.

Address: Consultorio 206. Torre IV. Hospital Monte Sinai. Cuenca.

Contact information: 096 763 8819

Recommended by Alexa Maldonado G.:

Recommendation for Jackie. Guerrero, IVA refund

I highly recommend Jackie from. GandG. for your IVA refunds. She is very knowledgeable in the IVA refund process. She speaks fluent English and her staff is very efficient and helpful.

I received my IVA refund the same day and she charged me only 10%. She is friendly and easy to work with.

Address: Calle Alfonso Borrero y Rafael. Ramirez. Fontana di Leandra bldg.

Contact information: 098 776 3540

Recommended by Nancy Sharif:

Recommendation for Pet-Me Vet, pet sitting service

We needed someone to care for our cats while we were traveling – gone for 5 weeks. We spoke to several people and met with them all and Pet-Me Vet was organized, asked pertinent questions and offered several options for us at reasonable rates.

They have a wonderful team of individuals who ensured that our cats received lots of attention and love. Our primary contact was Elizabeth, who is also a veterinarian! We met her, and her parents prior to leaving and felt confident that we made the right choice. She not only cared for our cats, but stayed in the apartment so the cats would not be alone. She regularly sent WhatsApp videos and pictures while we were gone.

Both our cats are happy, healthy, and well cared for. We will use them again for any future trips! If you have a trip planned, or just need pet services, we highly recommend Pet-Me Vet – they are terrific.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 848 1355

Recommended by Leiala Brauner:

Recommendation for Ignacio Carmona, Optimex, optometry – eye exams, lenses, frames

I had seen an eye doctor in Australia a year ago and because of my multiple RK surgeries the doctor couldn’t tell if I had cataracts or even give me a good prescription for my eyes. He said they were too damaged.

Ignacio said my eyes were amongst the worst he had ever seen but he managed to get a prescription for reading and distance that was almost perfect. He also discovered that I did have cataracts in both eyes but shouldn’t need follow-up for 2 years.

Ignacio spoke perfect English which I appreciate in a medical setting. My Spanish is improving but with medical you shouldn’t take chances with a bad interpretation.

Thanks Ignacio … my wife and I are both extremely happy with our new glasses.

Address: Optimex – Sucre 5-09 y Mariano Cueva, el Centro de Cuenca

Contact information: 099 595 7034 / (07) 284 2892

Recommended by Denis Cruickshank:

Recommendation for Javier Vallejo with Cuenca Bestours, Tours and Driver

Need a driver? Need a tour guide? Need a travel agent? Call Javier Vallejo with Cuenca Bestours.

Javier is a local guide with exceptional English skills and even better knowledge of Cuenca and the surrounding areas. Additionally Javier has a wealth of information about the Cajas National Park. We spent two days with Javier doing a Cuenca city tour and then a day in the Cajas Park. He was on time and his car and his small tour bus were newer, roomy, and comfortable. He was very knowledgeable about Cuenca history and architecture and answered any questions we had about the city.

Javier is a partner in the Cuenca Bestours tour company so he is truly invested in presenting the best possible experience he can provide. His wife is another partner and is in charge of helping people in Cuenca make travel plans overseas. Their partnership makes for a one-stop travel shop.

Our tours were reasonable in cost with the city tour at $160 for two people, private, and for over 8 hours of touring – that’s ten bucks an hour per person for a dedicated guide. The Cajas tour was the same amount.

I would highly recommend Javier for your touring needs especially if you have never been to Cuenca or Ecuador before.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 593 98 779 6896

Recommended by Arthur Sexton:

Recommendation for Dra. Marcela Pessntez C., comprehensive care

We are recommending Dr. Pessntez for Comprehensive Care. Dr Pessntez will come to your home for a very in-depth health history intake and she will discuss any health concerns that you may have.

She‘s very knowledgeable, kind, caring and patient. She recommends excellent specialists as needed and she has assisted in surgeries. She will pick you up (if necessary) for specialist appointments and she provides excellent translation services, when needed. She will make sure your questions and concerns are addressed.

If needed she can assist with insurance paperwork.

Contact information:
Dr Marcela Pessntez
+593 99 262 4038

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Susan Greenlee:

Recommendation for 23 de Julio Cooperativa, financial institution

I would like to recommended Marco Leon at 23 de Julio for a marvelous job transferring my CD from another Cooperativa. Of course, the reason is the amazing interest rate of 10.50% at the moment.

Marco speaks English well, is very personable, with good customer service. He walked me through all the process and even offered to bring my new debit card to my home.

It’s a win-win situation.

Address: D. Torresj y González Suáez, Cuenca

Contact information: 99 291 3161

Recommended by Chris B.: 99 490 9048

Recommendation for Sebastian Ojeda, Facilitator

It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend Sebastian!. He is the most wonderful facilitator and a super nice guy. Sebastian drives a new SUV and can pick you up at your door.

If you need help with banking, going shopping or any other errands, he makes everything very simple and stress free. He is punctual and speaks excellent English. If you need help then please contact Sebastian and I am certain that you will be as pleased as I am with his services.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 981 6014

Recommended by Steve M:

Recommendation for 23 de Julio, outstanding returns on investment

Who ever heard of getting 10.5% on a CD? A 23 Julio is credit union with a rating of AA-. Combined with in-home service, Marco’s ability to communicate in excellent English (or understand not-so-great Spanish) makes investment both easy and profitable.

The interest rate is a time-limited offer.

Address: Totoracocha, Av. Gonzalez Suarez and Calle 13 de Abril, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 291 3161

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for Dr Rafael Saavedra, geriatric doctor

I had the opportunity to meet in person with Dr Saavedra. I heard very good things about him from several customers of La Yunta.

Last week a dear friend of mine needed a geriatric doctor so I called him. It was an emergency so in 30 min he was at my friend’s house.

Excellent English and excellent human being.

He does house calls ($50) and works at Hospital del Rio

I highly recommend him


Address: Hospital del rio

Contact information: 096 252 4000

Recommended by Sole Riquetti:

Recommendation for Casa Hermosa Real Estate, real estate rentals or purchases

100% recommending Casa Hermosa Inmobiliaria Real Estate company.

If you are selling your home, renting and want to find/see a property, call this company.

This married couple works as a team to make sure you have the best experience ever and that you are thoroughly satisfied. Honestly, the first Professional Relator’s we’ve ever worked with here! Yay! They gave us 100% attention when we contacted them with question or concerns.

They were never pushy and they were respectful toward our needs! And they are the happiest people we’ve met here and there’s a lot of happy people in Cuenca.

Address: Pompeya 1- 44 y Cumanda, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 815 5855 or 098 498 3710

Recommended by Susan Greenlee:

Recommendation for Munanzas Espinosa Movers, household movers


Call Munanzas Espinosa Mover’s (99 751 5644). They provided us with excellent service. Very professional and very reasonably priced, based on the service they provided to us.

They wrapped all our furniture in plastic or covered it with blankets. They took such care when packing our whole kitchen. They carefully packed my refrigerator contents and securely wrapped the tops of each opened bottle. And not one item was lost or damaged.

The movers packed us then moved us across town in less than 8 hours.

They labeled all the boxes, unwrapped all the furniture and asked where I wanted each piece placed. I can’t say enough about this company.

Save yourself a lot of stress and work. Give them a call they will gladly give you an estimate.

Munanzas Espinosa Mover’s (099 751 5644)

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 751 5644

Recommended by Susan Greenlee:

Recommendation for Aleppo, furniture

Aleppo furniture is outstanding. Every piece is hand made with exquisite care. I took a photo of what I wanted and the results were beyond expectation There was so much attention to detail and the piece was so well made that it will probably last longer than I will. It was fun to pick out the fabrics and to hear the suggestions for improvement.

These people are not carpenters. They are craftsmen. The prices are reasonable and the results more than pleasing.

Address: Via al Tejar y Bernardo Sisniegas

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Dona Nadeau: 098 421 2740

Recommendation for, marketing

I am delighted to recommend, a fantastic platform that has truly enhanced my business and networking experience. makes marketing a breeze!

What sets apart is its innovative approach to networking. The platform not only facilitates traditional networking, but also encourages meaningful conversations and leads. From handling of social media to targeted strategies helped me reach my business needs and goals.

I particularly appreciate the seamless integration of management tools, such as Metricool and Trello, that made the collaboration process so easy and above all, transparent. I saw the work being done by the team. The platform’s emphasis on building authentic relationships rather than just amassing leads aligns perfectly with my professional values.

I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone looking to elevate their business and stay afloat in today’s competitive, ever-changing business landscape. Thanks again to Iasia, Ashley and the entire team!

Address: Online

Contact information:

Recommended by John Levitt:

Recommendation for Patricia Tenemaza, maid, house cleaning

If you want a reliable, self-motivated, kind, quiet person to come to your home and clean it the way you would (if you still could) call Patricia. Every other week, Patricia comes and cleans my apartment. I give her a small list if there is something special, leave her money and a Coca Cola and literally go to

bed while she works. I have back problems and just cannot do this work anymore.

Patricia tells me when she is finished and I thank her and enjoy a very clean apartment with all of my photos and things dusted and in order.

I really value the peace and quiet, no nonsense way Patricia cares for my apartment. If you need someone on a regular basis or if you are just moving in or out and need help cleaning, Patricia will do a wonderful job for you. Email me, Janet, for more information.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Janet Mitchell:

Recommendation for Viktoria K., dentist/stomatologist Alcal Dental

Hi all! I would like to recommend a good doctor, Rafael. He removed my tooth painlessly and generally gave me good consultations. He explained everything in detail and gave good recommendations.
Doesn’t speak English, but that’s not a problem. Google translator is available.

Condominio “El Barranco”. Av. 3 de Noviembre y Pasaje 3 de Noviembre.

WhatsApp: 099 593 1951 / 099 423 9259

Address: Condominio “El Barranco”. Av. 3 de Noviembre y Pasaje 3 de Noviembre.

Contact information: 099 593 1951

Recommended by Viktoria K.:

Recommendation for Gabriel Avila, Dog Walker

Hey everyone.
I would like to recommend a dog walker in case any of you is looking for a good one. His name is Gabriel Avila, age 33. He has walked my three year old Shitzu “Lulu” for almost two years now and helped her with some anxiety and disorderly conduct. Usually he walks other dogs, but likes to take care of them individually, showing love and respect for the little companions.

Gabe speaks very good English and used to live in the states.
He is respectful and someone you can trust. He has keys to our house, so he picks up my pet for the walk and brings her back safe and sound.

Don’t hesitate to write him.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 0983824949

Recommended by Briggith Pernia:

Recommendation for G&G Asesores, Accounting

G&G Asesores en Tributación y Contabilidad
Are you looking for an accountant?
Jacky is the right person, she speaks perfect English.
We have been working many years with Jacky and she is amazing, she knows the tax laws and regulations to ensure your taxes are done properly. She will take her time to walk with you step by step. If you need help this is the right place!! 0987763540

Address: Edificio Fontana Di Leandra, C. Alfonso Borrero, Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Franz E.:

Recommendation for Ricardo Servicio Tecnico del Austro, Appliance repair

Our older model Whirlpool washer began having issues last week. We were given Ricardo’s name and contacted him. He immediately responded and came to our home the next morning to assess. He gave us his evaluation, estimated cost and picked up the washer to take to his shop. He was complete with repairs within 48 hours. His service, communication and promptness was excellent ! Highly recommend Ricardo for any appliance repairs! Thank you so much!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 0984393242

Recommended by James and Julie Lester: 0992213666

Recommendation for Dr. Olga Silva Romero, dentist

I recently visited Dr. Romero after seeing a recommendation for her dental practice in GringoPost. I visited her for a consultation for two issues that needed immediate attention. I was very impressed with her professionalism, cheerfulness, rapport, and expertise. Although she does not speak English, she is adept at using Google Translate and we were able to communicate with each other without problems. She is very thorough and explains everything in detail and is easy to understand.

Although I did not ultimately use her excellent services for my procedures, I have full confidence in her practice and really appreciate her cheerful demeanor.

Address: Sebastián de Benalcazar and Gil Ramírez Davalos Avenue

Contact information:

Recommended by Melanie Lemley:

Recommendation for Sayira Anduz, expat support

Recommendation for Sayira Anduz, expat facilitator.

When I moved to Cuenca, I knew no one, had no Spanish and very little money. Sayira Anduz and her husband, Kevin O’Dea, who is a realtor here and in Chicago, helped me find an inexpensive, but lovely, 2 story condo, helped me get cellular phone service, helped me get my cell phone fixed, helped me get high speed internet, helped me buy a mattress and all the accouterments I didn’t bring with me. Recently I had a plumbing problem and an additional handyman need and she led me to an inexpensive and very skilled handyman. 

She is a gift to our city and I would have been lost without her. 

Address: Cuenca 

Contact information: 593 99-560-3009 
Recommended by Alan Bolotin:

Recommendation for MyCuencaNerd, electronics, computers, internet, phones

For several years now we have worked with David at MyCuencaNerd to fix our internet issues, for advice regarding computers and technology in general. He has promptly answered our questions and provided support for our Firestick issues that crop up from time to time.

Last week he reviewed our computer settings and found that we had a major battle going on in the house with our internet provider and our wifi boxes. Within minutes he had analyzed and offered a solution for that problem. He also suggested a way to prevent it from happening again.

He is your English speaking nerd ready to serve.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

Recommendation for Orlando Sigüenza, private driver

If you are looking for a safe and dependable private driver, I highly recommend Orlando Siguenza! He drove me from GYE (Int’l Airport) to Cuenca and was professional, safe, and courteous in every respect. He also serves as a tour guide in Cuenca and is a wealth of information and quite an enjoyable conversationalist. Again, I highly recommend his services! Orlando’s contact info is below:

Orlando Sigüenza
+ 593 98 585 4587

Recommended by Ben Lindquist:

Recommendation for Cooperativa 23 de Julio, cooperative bank

Another recommendation for Cooperativa 23 de Julio and Marco Leon. I renewed my CD there for another year. Everything went smoothly the first time and their rates just went up to 10.5%, so renewing it was a no brainer. Marco makes things easy, the renewal took 20 minutes max.

For those curious about their credit rating, their official government published rating is AA-:


Address: Av. Gonzalez Suarez y Calle 13 de Abril sector Totoracocha

Contact information: +593 99 291 3161

Recommended by Kevin M:

Recommendation for Maria Elisa Maldonado, nail care salon

Hello there,
I have been doing my nails with Maria Elisa for about 2 years. I absolutely love it… very professional and excellent work. She does Russian manicure and all the rest. She knows her job from A-Z… Excellent pedicure also! You have to give her a try and I am sure you will stay with her… like I did.

She is located behind Supermaxi de las Americas.

Calle del Tejar y Mirto.

Contact information: 093 96 289 7874

Recommended by Anya Mirpour:

Recommendation for Priscella Roderiguez, seamstress

I have only used her services once: 4 different items, each requiring different work including taking in a sweater just ordered from US, so no sending back. All were done very well, promptly and for a reasonable cost. She speaks some English.

Address: Address: Apt.5A, Torre 3, Ed. Portal del Sol, Calle Emilio Carrera y 12 de Octubre.

Contact information: Phone +593 99 841 1833 (She’s on WhatsApp.)

Recommended by Brahmi Ishaya:

Recommendation for Primitivo at Solano, restaurant

Primitivo recently opened what I believe is its third location, which is on Solano Avenue. It is in the old Metal Museum, adjacent to the Rosenthal Condominium. What a great break for the folks who live there!

Like its two brethren, this Primitivo offers superb baked goods and sandwiches. (As steady customers, we have been enjoying their baked products and sandwiches for months at their Primero de Mayo location.) The Solano location goes one step further, however — it offers a large variety of terrific, oven-baked pizzas. The products used are fresh, scrumptious, and in large quantity. The thin crusts remind me of what Tutto Matto once offered — the best in town in my opinion.

Customer service is beyond reproach. The word “family” comes to mind in terms of interaction with the staff.

They are open 1-10 PM Tue-Sat. I wholeheartedly recommend giving Primitivo Solano a visit at your earliest convenience. You will not be disappointed.

Address: Av Fray Vicente Solano 11-83

Contact information: 098 312 8473

Recommended by Terry Moss:

Recommendation for Marco Léon, Coop Bank

Recommendation to obtain a CD for your Investor Visa for Marco Léon at 23 De Julio Cooperativa

Marco was very helpful in helping me set up my Savings Account and my CD for my Investor Visa. He speaks English well, is friendly, very patient and was quick to respond to my questions. Sometimes he responds within minutes using Whatsapp! That is super-fast for Ecuador!

When I was having difficulty setting up my Wise transfer from Canada, Marco helped me out every step of the way. He went above and beyond my expectations and he has so much patience.

He got me a very good interest on my CD for 10.35% and we are looking forward to working with him again in the New Year.

Banking Agent: Marco Léon
Address: Av. Gonzalez Suarez y Calle 13 de Abril, Cuenca
Contact information: 099 291 3161

Address: Address: Av. Gonzalez Suarez y Calle 13 de Abril, Cuenca

Recommended by Justin Sojda: 099 426 3973

Recommendation for Dr. Jamie Larriva, dentist

I worked as a dental hygienist in the US for 30 years. I have seen good dentistry and I have seen the worst dentistry. In those years I can count about eight dentists that were exceptional and made dentistry an art. Luckily one of these dentists is here in Cuenca. Dr. Jamie Larriva of The Dental Company.

If you would like a cleaning, consult with Dr. or questions please contact me.

Address: Rafael Faharda y Daniel Munoz

Contact information: 098 311 7028

Recommended by Holly Brouker: 098 311 7028

Recommendation for Emilio Morocho, guide

With family and friends visiting from the USA, I wanted to share with them some fascinating local history and archeology. Emilio was recommended to me as a great guide to the ruins at Ingapirca. Indeed, he was that and more! He safely drove us from Cuenca to the site and showed us around some of the nearby points of interest while we waited our turn to enter the main archeological grounds.
When the official guide couldn’t offer us the promised commentary in English, Emilio took over and gave us insightful explanations of what we were seeing and the history of the Cañari and Inca peoples.

Throughout the day, as we drove Emilio explained the history of these peoples, their cultures, and the challenges that came with the arrival of the Spanish. I couldn’t have hoped for more for my guests!

Address: Cantón Saraguro y Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 699 5694

Recommended by Kevin Codd:

Recommendation for Dr. Olga Silva Romero, dentist

Dr. Olga is a wonderful person and dentist and I highly recommend her. I visited her for a second opinion after another dentist recommended a ton of work. Dr. Olga reviewed my x-ray and did an oral exam and assured me 90% of what the other dentist recommended was unnecessary – saving me a ton of money and an extraction!

Dr. Olga is not only kind, but her pricing is transparent and she provides a written estimate of all work done in advance.

Address: Clinica Espana

Contact information: 593 98 706 6236

Recommended by Kristin Marie: 617 953 1656

Recommendation for Life in Colors, socks

Step into a world of vibrant possibilities with our colorful socks collection! Elevate your style game and make each step a celebration of uniqueness.

Ready to walk on the bright side? Dive into a spectrum of sock awesomeness now! Tap the link to explore and add a pop of color to your every step.

Address: Mall del Rio

Recommended by Life in Colors: 097 948 6664

Recommendation for Facilitator Services Cuenca, facilitator

When I found out that renewing my expired cedula required a trip to Azogues, I immediately reached out for help (we’ve learned over the years going there with our inadequate Spanish skills is not a fun DIY project).

Elizabeth Fernandez set up the appointment and made sure all my paperwork was in order. Karina picked me up right on time and drove me there. Surprise–the employee said we needed one more form. (Sigh) Karina figured out a solution, took me to a house nearby to get the required copy made, then escorted me to a bank to pay the fee. Next we drove back to Cuenca to some other government building where, against all odds, I walked out with my new cedula. All in one busy morning!

This story would not have had the same happy ending if I’d attempted any part of renewing the cedula on my own. I highly recommend Facilitator Services Cuenca. They are very professional and offer reasonable fees.

Address: Isabel y Santa Cruz, Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Edd Staton:

Recommendation for CDs; Black Friday CREA, Cooperativa CREA/ Giovanna Rivera

Greetings dear expats,

Due to Black Friday Holiday Cooperativa CREA Will be paying the most special interest rates in the market on new CDs!

Book your appointment now, email me or call me by WhatsApp to be into the list of clients attempting to invest in BF.

I do home visits as well just let me know.

A reminder of all the benefits You Can have at CREA:

– CDs with not only higher interest rate but safety and security (Our priority)
– We receive international wire transfers within 1 to 3 days
– Passport or cedula to open up your account
– Dematerialized CDs for visas
– Electronic and joint accounts
– Make changes on your CDs without coming to the office
– Account’s management on line and by the mobile app (even when you travel)
– Visa ATM debit card and credit card available now
– Personal customer service at home in you need it!


Recommendation for Laura Armijos, cleaning, alterations, pet and plant care.

I’ve used Laura for 8 years now as a cleaning lady. She speaks some English, does an excellent job, goes above and beyond.

She also does alterations plant care and pet sitting as well.

I highly recommend her.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: Spanish 099 382 6213, English 097 909 4619

Recommended by Mary Jones:

Recommendation for Rosana Córdoba, Spanish lessons

Rosana Córdoba is an amazing Spanish instructor! She is a professor with many years of experience and is clearly well-versed in the field of linguistics.

She is flexible and willing to go out of her way to make the learning experience work for you. But what stood out the most to me was her patience, kindness, and encouraging attitude. Thanks to Profesor Cordoba, I was able to communicate in conversational Spanish in only one month.

If you want the best-of-the-best in a Spanish professor, this is who you need! I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Address: Avenida 24 de Mayo

Contact information: 593 99 380 7844

Recommended by Leo C.:

Recommendation for Luigi Roman, painter

I can’t say enough about the quality of Luigi’s work. In another life for almost 4 decades, I was a painter and I also taught it. I have a very observant eye and I’m a hard man to please. But, Luigi went far beyond my expectations. He peeled and scraped and filled and sanded, correcting decades of crappy work without any guidance from me. My bathrooms are whole new spaces.

I’m actually sorry I didn’t have more for him to do.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 387 7127

Recommended by Reid Tanner:

Recommendation for Eddie Remache, facilitator

Ecuadorian cedulas have to be renewed every 10 years. In order to accomplish that, your visa must first be transferred to your new passport. That process has to be performed in Azogues and requires multiple appointments to present the mandated documents in very precise form and fashion.

Fortunately, we contracted with Eddie Remache to help us negotiate all the tricks, traps and pitfalls that await hapless gringos who aren’t as experienced and intimately familiar with the system as Eddie. Even though I am relatively fluent in Spanish, I would have been totally flustered if I had tried to accomplish this on my own.

Eddie made every step of this process as smooth as possible. He arranged for transportation for us to the multiple appointments in Azogues and Cuenca. He accompanied us every step along the way. I can’t begin to thank him enough for all his help, kindness and professionalism and I highly recommend him for whatever tasks for which you need a first-class advocate.

He is punctual, honest, conscientious and just an all-around good guy. And yes, he speaks perfect English.

Address: Cuenca/Azuay

Contact information: 098 058 4551

Recommended by Karl Sweetman: 096 060 5268

Recommendation for Marco Leon, investment banking

I strongly recommend the services of investment specialist, Marco Leon at Cooperativa 23 de Julio. He made the experience of opening a savings account, and then setting up my investment CD a pleasurable one. He speaks English well, so this will really help you feel at ease. Also he can do either a paper CD, or an electronic one, whichever one you prefer.

The rate of return is one of the highest for an AA rated cooperative and your CD is insured up to the highest level possible by the government, which is segment 1. You may also, if you choose, have your monthly interest deposited in another local bank as I did, if that is more convenient for you.

Address: Av. Gonzalez Suarez y Calle 13 de Abril, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 291 3161

Recommended by Christian Larsen:

Recommendation for Debra of Red Tag Movers, moving company

Debra and her crew from Red Tag Movers are very conscientious and go to great lengths including double wrapping your fragile items to ensure that nothing is broken. They are fast, efficient, and the price is very reasonable. Debra and her staff are very pleasant and they all speak fluent English. I highly recommend them for your next move!

Address: Red Tag Movers, Cuenca

Contact information: 593 98 477 7596

Recommended by Nancy Sharif:

Recommendation for Aleppo furniture and design, custom furniture

Once again, Fernando and Carolina came through, with well-made and on-time pieces, Whether it’s custom frames for gigantic tapestries or a (very hard to find) two-drawer filing cabinet, we are always happy with the quality, timing and pride, built into each piece, by these two.

Address: Ave Tejar, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for Christian Ordonez, professional painter

I very highly recommend Christian Ordonez to do a very professional painting job.

I used his service a couple of weeks ago to paint over a very bad paint color in my new apartment.

It was done on time and on budget with attention to detail.

I most definitely will use Christian again for any future projects.

Address: Mariano Cueva 6-18, Cuenca

Contact information: 096 300 1578

Recommended by Alice Mendell:

Recommendation for Emilio Morocho, driver/handyman

Emilio has helped us in so many ways to get our new apartment set up, from hanging pictures and mirrors to properly setting up our bed to recommending the best products and stores. He recently drove us to Macas (4 1/2 hours) for a glamping adventure and returned to bring us home several days later.

He speaks perfect English, is totally dependable, and charges an extremely fair rate for his services.

Emilio Morocho is a true treasure to the Cuenca expat community. We appreciate having him as a resource, and more importantly as a friend. He can be reached on WhatsApp at +593 98 699 5694.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 69 5694

Recommended by Edd Staton:

Recommendation for Freddy Delgado, rug and upholstery cleaning

After being in storage here for 2 1/2 years, all of our stuff needed a thorough cleaning. Freddy met us at the storage facility to pick up our rugs for cleaning before we moved into our new apartment. Once our furniture arrived, he brought the rugs and did a terrific job cleaning all of our upholstered furniture and mattresses.

Freddy speaks perfect English, is always punctual, and charges a fair price for his services. We appreciate his help and highly recommend him. He can be reached on WhatsApp at +593 93 937 9979.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 093 937 9979

Recommended by Edd Staton:

Recommendation for Vegamon S.A. Insurance Co., home, auto, life, accident insurance

This company was very attentive to our claim when our washer/dryer combo was stolen. The claim was resolved quickly and we were reimbursed for our loss. We were very happy with the service provided.

Address: Av. Primero de Mayo 3-47 entre Felipe II y Carlos V.

Contact information: 593 7 281 4414

Recommended by Robert J Minervini:

Recommendation for Juan Malo: Driver, facilitator

Hi All: I wanted to make a recommendation for a driver named Juan Malo: 99 413 6993. He’s a young man, but very mature, a good driver, and speaks exceptionally good English.

I had a flight canceled recently at the Cuenca airport, and Juan got me out of a jam by being willing to take me to Guayaquil on short notice. Maybe add him to your contact list of drivers/facilitators if you need someone. Thanks.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 99 413 6993

Recommended by Bill Greene:

Recommendation for Piedra Ámbar Spa

We just had an amazing massage at the Piedra Ámbar Spa, which just opened a week ago, next door to us, and right next door to the Nómadas Bistró, on Calle Larga. We got their deluxe therapeutic massage package, which is $40, but they are offering a discounted price of $30.

It was supposed to last for 2 hours, but we ran overtime, and we found ourselves there for 3 hours.

The owner, Betty Molina, is a chiropractic doctor. Our massage package was a combination of massage, acupressure, chiropractic adjustments, and jacuzzi.

My husband and I were in a room together, and for much of the time, they had four people working on us simultaneously. While the chiropractor is working on you, someone else is massaging your feet at the same time.

I had a pedicure there a week ago, and we plan to start getting massages there frequently. I highly recommend the Piedra Ámbar Spa.

Address: Calle Larga 10-11 y Padre Aguirre

Contact information: 098 396 1442

Recommended by Bruce Engle: 098 150 1858

Recommendation for Alejandro, Servi Solutions, handyman and general construction

I used Alejandro recently to repair missing/damaged grout in my shower. My previous handyman covered the damaged areas with something (not sure if it was grout), but it didn’t last more than 3 months before the damage reappeared. Alejandro came in and removed the old grout completely and replaced with similar color grout and it is holding up great! I also had him change an electric shower head in my other bathroom.

Alejandro is very professional, shows up on time and makes sure everything is done correctly and cleans up very well when he is finished. I will definitely be using Alejandro again in the future.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 336 1572

Recommended by Jeff F:

Recommendation for Daniela, Visa Angels, facilitator

Visa Angels saved me! Having been told incorrect information, I closed my investment account to pay off medical bills based upon the false information. After my husband died, I needed to change my cedula to “Widow” only to find out I had made a huge mistake.

To the rescue: Visa Angels, particularly Daniela Dunia. She held my hand through the long process and the long lines at the counter. She was very clear about what I needed to do, how much it was going to cost, was incredibly prompt and with boundless energy. It was painless, thanks to Daniela and Visa Angels.

I now have a temporary cedula which will need changing back to a permanent cedula in two years. But I can stay in Ecuador!

Contact information:

Recommended by Kathy Kaulitz:

Recommendation for Marco Leon, 23 De Julio Cooperativa

Cooperativa 23 de Julio. I contacted Marco León Thursday morning and by 3 PM he assisted me to implement my new CD.

Marco responded quickly and professionally. I provided the required documentation via WhatsApp and things went smoothly from that point.

He gladly picked me up from my residence to nearby Cooperativa 23 de Julio office on Las Americas. He answered my questions and guided me each step of the way and opened a saving account.

I can highly recommend him to others.

Address: Av. Gonzalez Suarez and Calle 13 de Abril

Contact information: 099 291 3161

Recommended by L Wyllie:

Address: Av. Gonzalez and Calle 13 de April

Recommended by L. Wyllie: 098 417 5429

Recommendation for Marco León, banking Investments, opening accounts and CD

I would like to recommend Marco León from Cooperativa 23 de Julio to all expats considering opening a saving account or CD. Marco is very knowledgeable in investments and banking in general. He speaks fluent English and conducts CD opening process that way, translating every detail to his customers as required.

Setting up an account and opening a CD was very easy. Marco provides outstanding customer service with quick response. During a process of opening an account and creating CD he communicated all steps via WhatsApp, including photos of documents. At this time, he offers high interest on CD (some conditions apply)

Highly recommended.

Address: Av González Suárez y Calle 13 de Abril, Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 291 3161

Recommended by Henry Dabski:

Recommendation for Pet-me Vet, pet sitting

Recommendation for Dr Elizabeth at Pet-me Vet. Our parents went on vacation and we really missed them. They hired a veterinarian named Elizabeth to take care of us. We were not sure of her at first given that she is a vet and they are not our favorite people.

To our surprise, she fed us well, cleaned our litter box to perfection, played with us and did everything that our parents normally do.

If our parents dare to leave on vacation again, we will accept Elizabeth as our caregiver. We highly recommend her to all the other pets that may require her services.

Los 3 gatitos

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 848 1355

Recommended by Mike Rey:

Recommendation for Priscilla Delgado, AirBnB host

To everyone who is planning to visit Cuenca and is looking for clean and inexpensive housing for rent, I would like to recommend you excellent apartments near the downtown. There is closed parking, excellent internet, clean and bright apartments with everything you need and a very hospitable family.

Here is the link:

Address: Cuenca, Calle Vieja y M.Quinde

Contact information: 098 482 9203

Recommended by Oleg Velisav:

Recommendation for Mayra Naula, house cleaner extraordinaire

If you need to have your house sparkling clean, we highly recommend Mayra Naula.

Her rate is a very reasonable $5/hour. And her cleaning ability is wonderful.

The first time she visited us, we were quite busy and only gave her some general directions on what to clean. The house sparkled when she left. When I went to use the microwave, I was shocked at how clean it was – it looked like it had never been used.

She has now cleaned our house many times and has always done a great job.

She is honest, punctual, and friendly.

One trait that she has is pretty unusual here in Ecuador. She is proactive! When she moved our dining room chairs to do her cleaning, she noticed that one of the chairs was wobbly. She pointed out a missing “button” on the bottom of the chair. She offered to pick one up for her next visit. She also offered to buy cleaning supplies for us at a much better price than available at the “big box” stores. She always presents receipts.


Recommendation for restaurant at Hotel Victoria; head waiter Alfredo

Until a few days ago I had not heard of this hotel in old town. But others did not offer the special delicious, nutritious dinner my family and I wanted for my particular birthday in advanced age. Our reservation was for 6 PM before the 8 PM dinner hour for most.

The cordial head waiter, Alfredo, met us as we got off the elevator (no stairs to handle) at the restaurant door one floor below street level, and escorted us to our beautifully assembled table, including the special place card at my seat. Alfredo was assisted by two other waiters though I’m sure he could have efficiently handled our party himself.

The restaurant decor is exceedingly attractive! Additionally, the early hour allowed a wide view of the greenery around the south side as well as the Tomebamba River area, and the notable high 12 de Abril in the distance. For about half an hour they played only US English music of my younger days, not too loudly.

We greatly enjoyed the perfectly prepared Pollo a La Plancha with asparagus and a raw vegetable. Individual drinks were attended to promptly, including freshly ground coffee beans for one ordering coffee.


Recommendation for Maestro Eduardo, remodeling and repair

If you are having difficulty finding people who understand your repair ideas?
we are the solution!

We are a work team, with experience in:

remodeling areas in your house.
experts in painting and decorating
old furniture, we repair it.

Address: Maestro Eduardo

Contact information: 099 862 8438

Recommended by Maestro Eduardo: 099 862 8438

Recommendation for Dr Laura Rosalia Leon, beauty and aesthetics

Dr. Laura is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable in the ways to enhance natural looks. I used her recently to create eyebrows for me. I have no eyebrows due to hypothyroidism. I have had this procedure done several times in the past in US.

I have been looking for years for someone here who does micro pigmentation. She did beautiful natural looking brows for me. And she is an actual MD which to me was just a bonus. She uses that knowledge to provide a clean sterile place for the different procedures she can do. I highly recommend her services to anyone.

Address: Av. 12 de Abril 5-14, Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 098 739 5278

Recommended by Loraine Askam:

Recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo, ozone, stem cells, and weight loss

Dr. Romo is a miracle worker! I had a lot of problems with back pain, herniated discs and degenerating discs. After treatments with stem cells and ozone therapy, my herniated discs are now closed and no gel is leaking into my spinal column anymore. I was in a massive amount of pain from that.

Back pain

My degenerated discs are also regrowing, little by little. It’s a process since I was in a state of barely being able to walk. It does take some time, but as Dr. Romo says, the body will indeed heal itself if given the proper treatments.

If there is still cartilage, the situation is salvageable. Works in other places there is cartilage, not just the spine. If there is no cartilage, then surgery is the only option, but if there is still cartilage, don’t wait! Stem cells and ozone therapy are miraculous!

Weight loss

I also lost 20 pounds in 30 days with Dr. Romo’s prescription, just wonderful! I couldn’t lose weight even with tons of exercising and eating very little. I had metabolic syndrome where the body refuses to let the weight go. I’m 58 years old so the old ways of losing weight, exercise and eating very little, didn’t work like they did in my 20s and 30s!

Knee pain

Also, knee pain disappears with one ozone injection every three months!

Thank you Dr. Romo! I am so grateful for getting my body back at 58 years old!

Address: +593 98 027 2399 WhatsApp

Contact information:

Recommended by Christine Breese: 098 669 6468

Recommendation for Cooking Class at La Yunta, Restaurant

I took the cooking class at La Yunta and learned a lot including a new way to taste what you are cooking without using 100 spoons. There is one more class on the 31st and if you call quickly you can reserve your spot.

This class is all things quinoa and features local produce, spices, and quinoa.

They also have the fresh veggies, quinoa, and spices for sale. It’s only $15 and you get to taste everything the amazing Chef Patricio from Carvel in Paute is making in front of you. The class is small so you can see and hear (and smell – wow!) everything.

Next class is October 31st, from 9 AM to noon at La Yunta Restaurante. Here is what you will be learning to make:

Quinoa Llapingacho
Quinoa Soup
Prawns Quinoto
and Chocolate and Quinoa Budin

It’s a great class. I have taught a few cooking classes and I recommend this one. I learned a lot about quinoa and will make the flavorful dishes Chef Patricio demoed. Sign up quickly as there are only a limited number of seats!

Address: La Yunta Restaurante, Av Primero de Mayo cerca Av de las Americas

Contact information: 098 945 6551

Recommended by Kerry Plancon:

Recommendation for Marco León, Cooperativa 23 Julio, banking

I love this guy because he always responds very quickly and offers a personalized service and he even came to my house in the country for me to sign the documents, no other bank has done this. He explains everything very clearly and is very proficient with any questions you may have.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 291 3161

Recommended by Mark D: 098 343 3313

Recommendation for Thai Lotus, restaurant

A marvelous new Thai restaurant recently opened in Cuenca. Oh my gosh! Fabulous food, beautiful presentation, excellent service and great ambiance,

Such an extensive menu that it was hard to choose, so our party had five appetizers and three main courses. Everything was delicious. We’ve already figured out what to order the next time we go.

Give them a try real soon.

Opened Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 8 PM.

Address: Paucarbamba 4-114, Across from Clinica Paucarbamba

Contact information: 099 590 6470

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:

Recommendation for Edvi Limpieza – recommendation, cleaning business

We hired Edvi Limpieza to wash all of the windows of our house, inside and out. We have many large windows and ironwork to work around, as well as, 3 skylights (one on the third floor). The team of three did an amazing job. They worked professionally and spent all of the time needed to make our windows sparkle. As my husband said, “The windows are so clean, it looks as if there is not glass there.”

They were prompt and brought all of the materials that they needed with them. The job took an entire day. Their price was reasonable for a wonderful result. For those of you concerned about a language barrier, Mateo has adequate English to make communication work.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 382 0014

Recommended by Kimberley Wood:

Recommendation for Priscilla Rodriguez, seamstress

I would like to recommend Priscilla Rodriguez for all your tailoring needs, from creations to alterations she does excellent work with expert attention to details.

Address: Portal del Sol, 12 Octobre y Emilio Carrera, Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp 99 841 1833 (text)

Recommended by Janet Engelhard: 098 100 5155

Recommendation for Juan Coronel, auto body repair and painting

I have a 2014 Dmax that needed some bodywork and a full paint job. Since my friend Emilio Morocho has a car rental business and has a lot of contacts, I asked him for a recommendation. He recommended Juan Coronel. This last week I picked up the truck after being in the US for a couple weeks. Juan did a wonderful job and had it ready when I returned. I highly recommend his work.

I believe Juan only speaks Spanish so if that’s a problem you may want to contact Emilio Morocho for some help. Also the shop is a bit hard to find but Emilio can help with that allso. WhatsApp: +593 98 699 5694

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 644 1820

Recommended by Ric Shellhammer:

Recommendation for Sayira, Sayira – hair color and stylist

I have been trying to find someone who could color and cut my hair as well as my last hairdresser who retired. It has been a long disappointing 9 months but finally I found Sayira. You may have seen her name recently posted. I can tell you she has done wonders with my color and cut. Her prices are reasonable, her English is excellent, and her training and knowledge of hair is incredible. She really is awesome. Please call her and use her once. I am sure you’ll be impressed! I was.

Address: Sayira

Contact information: 099 560 3009

Recommended by Lorraine Askam:

Recommendation for handmade, jewelry making and repair

I broke a silver necklace and stopped by Handmade to see if they could repair it for me. I don’t have any tools to do it myself. They put a new “o” ring on it, and charged me…$.05. I gave a dollar as I couldn’t give anyone $0.05 for a job well done! Added bonus, they speak English!

The store is darling, with everything you need to make your own jewelry.

Come check it out! They have a store in Cuenca and a store in Quito.

Address: Benigno Malo 5-49 y Calle Larga

Contact information: 096 95 6160

Recommended by Jennifer Cory:

Recommendation for Edvi Limpieza Total, cleaning

We were pleased with the cleaning provided by Mateo and Anita Wednesday. They were very thorough. Even a guest commented, “saying the house sparkles.” I highly recommend contacting Edvi Limpieza Total for your next cleaning. They clean offices, homes, cars, gardens, etc. by appointment. You can WhatsApp them. Mateo speaks a little English. They have been serving Cuenca more than 15 years.

Address: Cuenca – they come to you

Contact information: 099 382 0014; WhatsApp +593 99 382 0014

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, masseuse

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first massage with Annie. Right from the start I felt I received personal care and interest in my back problems. She is an excellent masseuse and is up to date with many different techniques.

She has education in nursing as well as massage therapy. For this reason, she is very careful about not going beyond her qualifications.

She speaks English which is very helpful when you are trying to explain your problems in detail.

Address: Calle Larga and Benigno Malo

Contact information: +593 98 426 0054

Recommended by Natalya Geidarova:

Recommendation for 23 de Julio, Marco León, Cooperativa/bank

I highly recommend Marco León from Cooperativa 23 de Juli. He is very knowledgeable concerning investments and he easily walked me through the process in English. Setting up an account and opening a CD was very easy.

Address: González Suárez and ll.Abad

Contact information: +593 99 291 3161

Recommended by Natalya Geidarova:

Recommendation for Hilda’s Beauty Salon, hair, mani/pedi and more

I lost my hairdresser of 3 years here in Cuenca and had two pretty bad experiences looking for a replacement. I ended up with a hair color opposite of what I wanted when a friend recommended Hilda’s Beauty Salon to me. I had nothing to lose, my hair was already the wrong color so I went.

Hilda’s is a well-kept, comfortable salon where I felt welcome and pampered. Hilda understood my issues with what had happened to my hair and she seemed to understand exactly what to do to fix it. I was surprised and delighted with the outcome!

Hilda really knows hair! I felt like I finally had someone who would listen to me and knows how to get what I want. Once again, I have a hairdresser I love and trust in Cuenca! If you’re looking for a great experience – Go see Hilda!

Address: Hilda’s Beauty Salon Av. Americas 29-127 Across from Supermaxi Los Americas

Contact information: 098 195 6056

Recommended by Kristen Crawford:

Recommendation for Monica Jurado, real estate

When we first moved to Ecuador in July 2022, Monica was a great help in arranging our rental in a suburb of Guayaquil. She worked with the owner to work out all the details of the lease until we were completely comfortable. Because she speaks English, we really relied on her!

But more than that, Monica and her husband have helped us with all the little things that are so necessary, but you don’t realize they are important until you are here in a foreign country. They assisted with setting up our internet service, recommended local restaurants and connected us with a driver, among many other things. She truly cared that we had a successful start here in Ecuador.

Her specialty is the region from Guayaquil and up the coast to Olon, so if you are looking to buy or rent in that area, I highly recommend reaching out to Monica.

Address: Samborondon, Guayaquil

Contact information: +593 99 967 0993

Recommended by Rick Blythe:

Recommendation for Orlando Siguenza, mover

Orlando Siguenza is the best!

100% Reliable
100% Punctual
100% Fluent English/Spanish

No games, no garbage.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Paul Acee:

Recommendation for Dr Juan Ordoñez, dentistry – teeth whitening

Teeth whitening. The best experience imaginable. Dr Juan has the steadiest hands and carefully protects your roots from the usual pain from bleaching. There was zero pain in the days following. $180. Speaks English. Easy get to. You can contact him through Cuenca Medical Resources if that’s easier for you.

Address: Building at intersection Av. 12 de Abril y Jose Peralta, second floor “Pro Dentist”

Contact information: 099 871 1578

Recommended by Heather Conley:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design, furniture

Aleppo Furniture and Design rescued me! Several years ago, I ordered a small kitchen table and two chairs to be made from a popular local vendor. I just wanted plain white; what I got was not white and it didn’t look right in my kitchen. So, I sent it back and what I got was a cheaply made table and a bad paint job. I gave up and kept it. Then recently I saw an ad From Aleppo, featuring furniture painted with a beautiful midnight blue lacquer. Fernando did an amazing job turning a piece of junk into a piece of art.

Address: Tejar Bernardo Cisniega

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Sheryl Cooper: 098 781 8622

Recommendation for Leo Mesi, house and apartment gardens

Leo helped me redo my terrace garden with super knowledge of design and plant light needs. He was fast, brought beautiful plants, repotted some others and left my terrace and apartment spotless. His fee was reasonable and he speaks English. I highly recommend him!

Address: Cuenca and surrounding areas

Contact information: 096 954 0942

Recommended by Nina Sazer O’Donnel:

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