Recommendation for Mattias and Elizabeth, pet sitters

I’m so pleased I was able to have Mattias and Eli take care of my 2 dogs. The care they received was stellar! I received videos and photos every day and the house was perfect when I returned. It gave me the ability to relax and enjoy my vacation, knowing the pups were in good hands. Can’t recommend them enough.


Contact information: +593 99 848 1355

Recommended by Leslie McCann:

Recommendation for Mustafa……my wingman, technology

Mustafa…news fit to print

From whole house internet trouble shoot on the heels of original installer to on-lining our new printer/scanner. (Avoided outdated printer onboard screen instructions) for a user friendly scanning process, complete with his supervision of my first few scans, just in case I needed a wingman.

8 years as the go to tech for many expats.

Address: Fray de León y José Zorilla

Contact information: 099 408 7897

Recommended by Wes Elliott:

Recommendation for Mustafa Aladawi, IT specialist / computer tech

I want to recommend Mustafa as a computer specialist. He came to my home, made all necessary installations for scanner, printer, other computer installations and gave me clear instructions how to do it by myself.

I found him highly professional, clear, knowledgeable, very reliable and always on time.

Highly recommendable.

Address: Cuenca – Don Bosco

Contact information: 099 408 7897

Recommended by Elzbieta Jablonska:

Recommendation for Blue Box Insurance Broker, medical insurance/broker

I highly recommend Blue Box Insurance. The whole staff are very helpful and respond to your questions promptly. I needed to see a doctor urgently and found one that took me right away. I did not know the doctor was out of network. However, Pedro Torres was right by my side every step of the way! He even called my doctors and went to the hospital to get the proper documents for the insurance company. When the major medical denied my claim, Pedro Torres and Carlos Ramirez were there for me and got the claim approved!! I am forever grateful for their help and support and will continue to be a client. You won’t go wrong with Blue Box!


Address: Avenida Ordonez Lasso y 5-55 y Los Cedros- Edificio MonteCarlo Cuenca

Contact information: 098 246 5168

Recommended by Nancy S.:

Recommendation for MyCuencaNerd, computer guru

David has helped us get our Internet and TV working as they should. Even if a problem arises, I call and he walks me through fixing it. His customer service is exceptional. I highly recommend David for any of your computer or TV needs.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Pat Simmons:

Recommendation for Cooking with Rey…

excellent, Cambodian-style restaurant

Rey’s husband and gracious maitre d, Joe, welcomed us into what must be one of the most beautiful, surprise settings behind the unstated elegance of the upscale entrances on this quiet street near San Sebastián plaza. And, that was the beginning of our 2 ½ hour culinary adventure. Brisk gin and tonic (real tonic and Bombay Sapphire), sweet and spicy shrimp, well done (in many ways) thick sea bass filet, and traditional Cambodian dessert. Opened 8 weeks ago, but with the ambiance and cuisine of a well-established “must eat there” restaurant with a bright future.

Address: 7-70 Coronel Talbot y Sucre

Contact information:

Recommended by Bob Elliott:

Recommendation for Tecnos Metal.Fabian Méndez, Pérgola

Fabián, Xavier, Esteban and Alfredo: Excellent craftsmen, superb construction, on time completion, reasonable pricing.

Arguably one of the best penthouses in Cuenca deserved the best pergola. Looked at several companies, including ICIZA, who installed pérgola at time of construction 6 years ago. None of the reasons above could be matched by any of the companies we interviewed.

Armed with our trusty phone app translators and mutual respect the project was

WhatsApp Fabian Mendez at 099 196 4674 or Bob at 093 953 7301.

Address: Galapagos 3-35 y Remigio Tamariz, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 923 0238

Recommended by Bob Elliott:

Recommendation for John Chapman, musician, guitar player, teacher, bandleader

John Chapman is a friend and artist. He is moving to Ecuador in July. He is a Guitarist-bandleader, singer-songwriter, music educator
real estate photographer, holistic health coach (iin), fitness trainer (cpt-nasm), permaculture designer. My experience with John is that he is talented in gardening, I guess that would fit under permaculture designer. You may contact me after July 10. Please take my name and email below for questions on how he may integrate into the music community here.

Address: Cuenca. Contact through my email until he arrives.

Contact information: +1 (914) 420 2977 cell

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for housekeeping by Laura Guaman

I wanted to know I could trust the person coming in to clean my house. Laura has clients who have trusted her for years. I too trust her.

Laura does excellent work. As someone who has cleaned apartments and houses for years, she exceeded my expectations.

If you want someone who can trust, who does excellent work, and does it all with a bright smile, I recommend Laura Guaman.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Quinn Price:

Recommendation for Gabby Naula, manicurist and pedicurist

Gabby is a highly skilled, very nice to work with young professional who gives excellent manicures and pedicures. Her prices are reasonable and she comes to your home. Manicure is $7 and the pedicure is $15.

Her vaccines are current and she follows all safety protocols.

Contact information: 099 128 3396

Recommended by Quinn Price:

Recommendation for Leonardo Loja, landscaping and houseplants

As others have recommended before, here is another recommendation for Leonardo Loja Landscaping. He helped us get house plants for our apartment and potted plants for our terrace. He is very responsive, speaks excellent English (he worked in the US for several years), and is very helpful. We wanted to get potted plants for our place and it was much easier to hire Leo, who was able to make plant-type recommendations and get all the materials for us.


Recommendation for Attorney Michelle Cordero

Abogado specializing in constitutional/civil law

Big shout out to Michelle, who is bright, articulate, trustworthy and generous with her time and talents. Years ago, she wrote up my EC power of attorney documents and has been attentive when I’ve updated it and had questions. Her English is great and she really knows her way around the legal system in Cuenca.

Do you have your legal last wishes written up yet? If not, contact her today!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 475 7023

Recommended by Mary B:

Recommendation for Red Tag Movers, movers/storage/consignment

Debra Lynn is the mastermind behind this excellent moving company. Her conscientious crew has been together 7-plus years and it shows! Fluent in English, this is a team there to keep your moving day stress to a minimum – I am living proof! All items arrived safely 3 hours after departure from previous residence. Affordable, efficient, professional – what can I say?

Address: Cuenca, Azuay

Contact information: 098 477 7596

Recommended by Katriana Collins:

Recommendation for Paola Zuniga, dog groomer

Paola Zuniga, owner of Paw Lovers, is a dog groomer who takes great care to individualize each dog’s care according to the owner’s wishes. Since she is in veterinarian training, she also has a broad understanding of your dog’s health. She will pick up your dog and deliver it clean and groomed back to your home. Her office is near the Work Center on Paucarbamba on Miguel Cordero 1-124 across from the Aroma restaurant.

Address: Miguel Cordero Davila 1-124

Contact information: 099 672 2197

Recommended by Katy Johnson:

Recommendation for Visa Angels, visa assistance

I was recently helped by the amazing team at Visa Angels to get my professional visa. When we encountered some obstacles, they spared no effort in making sure that the process was still successfully completed in time. I stay in Quito but did not even have to travel for the application as they took care of everything for me. I would highly recommend them for their expertise and dedication to their clients.

Address: Gaspar de Villaroel and Isabel la Catolica. Edificio Maldini D401 Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Ralph Medema: +593 95 926 7957

Recommendation for Pet-Me vet, pet sitters

Elizabeth (Eli) Gavilanes and Mateo Ñauta are a wonderful and caring team.
Eli is in her last year of vet school and Mateo graduated last year and is doing his residency. They took care of my scaredy kitty for the month that I was out of the country, and I had every confidence that should an emergency arise that they would be more than competent to deal with it.


Recommendation for Visa Angels, Daniela Dunia

My passport recently expired and, once renewed, it was necessary to transfer my Ecuadorian visa from the old number to the new. Due to the frequent changes of government requirements, the not-so-convenient location of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs being in the town of Azogues, and the need to make an appointment in advance, I chose to use the services of Visa Angels to facilitate the process. It was definitely a wise decision. Daniela Dunia proved to be well worth the reasonable fee. She is knowledgeable, up to date on requirements, efficient, punctual and totally professional in every way, not to mention being very personable. I highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to have a pro guide them through the governmental maze. For me, it was huge relief.

Contact information:

Recommended by Lydia Crichton:

Recommendation for Kolo Restaurant and Bakery

Best pot pie and pastries

This is now a regular order for me. The best pot pie I’ve had in all of Cuenca. The most amazing spices explode in your mouth with every bite. The flakey crust, tender chicken and creamy sauce is more than you would ever expect here in Ecuador. The chocolate chip cookie and cinnamon rolls will satisfy your sweet tooth. A big must after a delicious meal.

Address: Altos del Hotel Vieja Mansion, Luis Cordero 5-65 y Juan Jaramillo y Honorato Vasquez

Contact information: 099 297 5788

Recommended by Rob Lumpkin: 096 975 7287

Recommendation for Muak Café bakery and pastries

I saw the cheery ad for this place in this morning’s GringoPost and decided to stop by on my way to the gym. What a pleasant surprise it was. The interior was obviously designed with love and happiness and it was a pleasure being there.


Recommendation for Ulises Acosta, visa facilitator

I will preface by saying this was my second time applying for a visa in Ecuador. My first experience was just terrible. It took months. I constantly got hustled for more money, and I was frustrated beyond measure.

I learned of Ulises through a community Email in EC. He responded to all my questions in a timely manner with accurate information. Accurate information is very important as the immigration laws change frequently and without notice.


Recommendation for Dog Barber, mobile dog grooming service

This morning I contacted the folks who run the dog barber and they were outside my door at 1 PM today. This husband-and-wife team listened to my requests for grooming and handled my dog with obvious love and care. They did an absolutely great job – and for what I thought was a very fair price. I will use them again when needed.

Address: Outside your door

Contact information: 093 944 1107 or 096 724 4554

Recommended by Sara Bayles:

Recommendation for legal solutions attorney Mateo Zalamea, legal services

My experience with Mateo was beyond expectations. I am an expat looking to start an export business. Armed with many questions, I rattled them off in rapid succession and Mateo had answers for them all. He is well versed in his legal knowledge and even more helpful with his business and cultural ties to communities near and far.

There was not a single question I raised that Mateo didn’t either have an immediate answer, or a researched response later forwarded to me.
I would not hesitate a second to use the highly professional skills of Mateo for any legal issues in any business endeavors.

Address: Edificio Acropolis, Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Jerry Straka:

Recommendation for Monica Carabajo, cleaning

Looking for cleaning services?

Look no further than Monica Carabajo.

Monica is an experienced and professional person and a pleasure to work with.

I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 98 579 3489

Recommended by Andrew McLemore:

Recommendation for Monica Gonzaga Facilitator Services

I required Monica’s services since I wanted to get a new visa and cedula. She was very professional and helped me with all the requirements and paperwork. First, we met by zoom and she gave me all the detailed information of what I needed so I didn’t receive any “surprise” when I arrived here. Her explanations were very clear and I didn’t have any problem.

I want to recommend her to all the expat community. Monica and her staff will help you with whatever you need.

Address: Benedicto XV and Leon XIII 

Contact information:

Recommended by William Smith:

Recommendation for Carnales Mexican Grill, Mexican restaurant

I am originally from Arizona, so I know a little something about Sonoran cuisine, and Carnales definitely nails it. They make their own flour tortillas every day, which is a huge plus, but also they offer a range of meats to choose from. My favorite is the braised beef, or carne guisada as it is listed on their menu. Wonderful place to have dinner, and the owner speaks English as he grew up eating Mexican food in New York City. Great place, fun atmosphere and attentive service, you just can’t ask for more.

Address: Gonzales Suarez

Contact information: 098 434 8665

Recommended by Alison Meyers:

Recommendation for (Nutritionist/”Diet Nazi”) Daniela Guillen

Weight-loss and maintenance

When my friend, Mauricio, of Bigotte started to look extremely fit, I had two options; silently be jealous or ask how the heck he did it. (The truth; It was both.) He shared his experience with Dra Guillen, a young, personable nutritionist. Danni’s English is really good, and her passion for her client’s health, even more impressive.

We were assessed and given the low-down of her plan for us, for our weight-loss journey. Ours was ten weeks of twice-weekly trips to her Santa Ana clinic, where we checked-in and submitted to being weighed and gently “pummelled” on her toning machines.

A bit costly? Maybe (not gonna share that here), but what’s adding a few years of life worth? I reached my goal in the exact amount of time planned. And, having retrained my brain and stomach, I’ve rather easily stayed at my healthy weight, for weeks already. Mauricio has done so, for months.
My cardiologist, too, is extremely happy with me, and the change, having earlier “threatened” medication to control my blood pressure.

Address: Santa Ana clinic 4th floor (or third…)

Contact information: 099 323 0799

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for David Jackson, Cuenca Nerd

Computers/WiFi/Internet Tech Service

We’ve been working with David for several months now in several situations. He helped set up WiFi in our big house so that we can access it anywhere. He patiently has walked us through various internet setups and changing of the provider and all that that entailed. Last Saturday, our computer would not boot. Called him and he came over the same day, reviewed the situation, analyzed the problem and had it back on Monday afternoon in working order and at a fair price.

Thanks, David.

We recommend calling him whenever you need assistance. He comes to you.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 665 5450

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, massage

Annie is a great masseuse – I’ve been in lower back pain, she came out and gave me a wonderful body massage, with special attention to pain area – it is so much better, and all of the massage was lovely, professional, warm.

Address: She will come to your house.

Contact information: +593 98 426 0054

Recommended by Dorian Rinehart:

Recommendation for Franklin – dog doors, handyman

I would guess that Franklin does a multiple number of handyman chores, but we hired him to put a dog door in our sliding glass door. We had read other recommendations for work he had been done, but we were still a little concerned how this was going to play out.

Franklin came to see the door and at the same time to measure our dog’s height and width. He took out one side of the sliding glass door, while covering it with heavy duty plastic to keep the cold out. Within two days he returned with the newly remodeled door; it now has a flap allowing our dog easy access to the terrace. Until now, we had kept the door open so our dog could come and go freeing us having from having to go upstairs to put him out or bring him in; this in-between his outside walks. He does love to sun himself, weather permitting.

We are extremely pleased with the work that Franklin has done, the fee he charged, and the promptness in his returning the door. We highly recommend Franklin for anyone who is considering a dog door.

He does not speak English but we were able to communicate well with WhatsApp and Gmail translator for the things that we could not communicate on our own.

Address: United States

Contact information: 099 244 8394

Recommended by Ryan James:

Recommendation for Hernán Roldán, carpentry and woodwork

Recommendation for a skilled carpenter for interiors and furniture design, build and repair. Photos of finished works available upon request.

He speaks some English.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 847 7422

Recommended by Terri Pedone:

Recommendation for Pet-Me Vet, pet sitting

I have used Elizabeth and Mateo to pet-sit for our dog, Luna. They will stay in your home or come by daily. While we were away, Elizabeth sent photos and videos of their walks with Luna, so I was sure she was getting all the attention she needed. Mateo is a vet and Elizabeth is in her last year of veterinary school. They love animals and will love your pets too.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 848 1355

Recommended by Linda Leyerle:

Recommendation for (The ever-impressive) Aleppo Furniture, furniture design/build

Once again, Fernando and Carolina carried out our design idea, economically and punctually, with a creative flair. A bamboo-frame mirror, which might be a challenge for the best of us, was delivered and installed with visible pride.

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture & Design, reupholster and design furniture

We had a recliner with a broken seat and a shredded back (cat’s scratching post). We sent it to Aleppo with a request to fix the seat and recover the chair. We received the chair back yesterday and it was absolutely incredible. The seat is fixed and feels very comfortable and the fabric and color are perfect. I highly recommend Aleppo if you have furniture that needs repairing or even if you want something new created. I will definitely use them again.

Address: Calle las Totoras con Av. Ordonez Lasso 13-13

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Pat Simmons:

Recommendation for Gisella Viteri for facials, massages and more

Gisella is a trained cosmetologist, she does amazing facials based on your medical issues and skin type. They are relaxing and the products she uses smell delightful. She also offers paraffin treatments, massages, lymphatic drainage and advice on skin care products. She can attend events for makeup prior to weddings or parties. Gisella speaks English, and is a professional who is lovely and kind.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 253 1085

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos:

Recommendation for Mateo Leon, real estate and facilitator

Originally we met Mateo when we saw an apartment he was showing. He has since found exactly what we wanted and our list was long. Historic home, historic central, multiple stories and a large green space…. This home is over the top, but has everything with amazing views of Cuenca.

He has assisted us numerous times at the bank and other businesses with translation, solving all issues. Mateo is a good and gentle man. It’s obvious he puts people at ease. The bank took several visits. When we walked up the the counter the staff was smiling and welcoming. He’s a joy to work with.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 593 099 110 2534

Recommended by Gail Lochner Dahl:

Recommendation for Henry Ho (ANT simulator), Software phone app

Yesterday Henry posted his SimANT app for study in preparation of getting an EC driver’s license. This caught my attention as I have been studying for the last few weeks using the online simulator on the ANT website. I have to say that SimANT is much better, for me at least part of the challenge is Spanish, he added a switch so that if you do not understand something you can read the translation, brilliant. I have communicated with him and he is very responsive, he confirmed that it is only available as an app (no windows version), and he will add a feature that I requested.


Recommendation for Carnales Mexican Grill, Mexican restaurant

I have been to this restaurant a few times after a few friends invited me to a Selena tribute event that took place back in January. The show was very entertaining, but the food was definitely the highlight for me. They braise most of their meats making them very tender and juicy. The pork cheek taco is my go to every time I stop by, which is a lot. Very laid-back place for good Mexican fast food.

Address: Gonzales Suarez

Contact information: 098 434 8665

Recommended by Jennifer Langdon:

Recommendation for Rafael Sucozhañay, gardener, construction and so much more

I love-love-love working with this man! A++++

For gardening, for construction, repairs, advice. It seems there’s nothing he can’t do.

Take a look at Ryan James’ recommendation from April 20, 2022. Or my own earlier recommendation from January 28, 2022.

There has been confusion about his Cañari name, so let me set it straight. It’s Rafael Lliguisupa Sucozhañay, and he goes by Rafael Sucozhañay.


Recommendation for Angel Panchez, tour guide, driver, handyman, helper

I like to joke that Angel has been an angel in my life and that is not far from the truth. He has helped us find all sorts of items we were looking for. I needed a bathtub chair and my husband and I stopped in medical supplies stores without any luck. We did find some but they were not appropriate for me. We went around with Angel to more medical supplies store without better luck. Then Angel remembered a medical supplies distributor close to the airport. He knew they had moved so he drove around until he found it. The very first chair they showed me was the one and, because there was no middleman, it was 40% less than at the medical supplies stores.

Angel is very knowledgeable about Cuenca’s history so we enjoyed a tour of the different neighborhoods, we went to Canar and the Ingapirca ruins, the Cajas, fishing. We are now planning a trip to Gualaceo and Chordeleg. Angel is a very careful driver, soyou are in good hands. He is also fluent in English, resourceful and funny.

Angel and his wife run the Cafe del Rio restaurant that opens on weekends. We had some of the best empanadas there. I am not a big fan of cheesecake but I converted after eating the mora cheesecake there. The space is bright and spotless, with a magnificent view. A beautiful cup full of coffee was painted on the wall by Angel. We definitely plan to go back with friends.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 589 9643

Recommended by Sandra Lebrun:

Recommendation for La Jauría Italian Restaurant

La Jauría Italian Restaurant is the place to go for unique homemade pasta, you have a choice of regular, green (herbs and spinach, or black), a large selection of choices of sauces, and unique fillings for stuffed selections (like ravioli). The pizzas are amazing and the salads huge and filled with delicious ingredients beyond the regular. But save room for the desserts, I wish I could have tried them all, but I will be back for a different one next time! They have a great selection of beers and offer specials some nights for two beers plus a pizza. The courtyard is lovely and the service is excellent. Treat yourself today to the delicious feast you will experience here.

It is on the tiny side street just north of Loja near Doce de Abril. The door is on the north side of Del Farol, the side street.

Address: Del Farol and Av 12 de Abril, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 334 6069

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos: 099 115 9163

Recommendation for Karla Merchan, dog walking, grooming, pet care/boarding

I have been using Karla’s services for dog walking, pet sitting (at my house and hers), and dog grooming for 2-1/2 years. She is simply the best! Karla is easy to work with, my dog loves her and her family, and I can trust her with anything. She is also a professional groomer.

Karla’s rates are very affordable and she also speaks excellent English.

I enthusiastically recommend Karla without hesitation.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 096 9070

Recommended by Pauline McKean:

Recommendation for Leonardo Mocha, tailors and alterations

I would like to give my highest recommendation to Leonardo Mocha for alterations. Over the past year I have lost over 50 lbs. and my entire wardrobe needs alteration including, but not limited to, dress and jean jackets, shirts, pants and skirts.

After I sent him a text and made an appointment, Leonardo came to my home took the measurements and then returned them in a timely manner. The fit and work was beautiful and the prices competitive. At all times he communicated clearly with me in a timely manner.

He speaks excellent English as well. I am beyond pleased with his services and i believe you will be too.

Address: In person service

Contact information: 099 988 1633

Recommended by Christina Ragle:

Recommendation for Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

We met Monica back in 2020. She came to our hotel and explained the temporary visa process to us. We finally moved to Cuenca on 11/30/21, armed with our apostilled paperwork.

Once my application was in, it took one month to get my visa. Monica was given an appointment and they gave her the visa right then. About a month later I had my appointment to get the cedula. Monica went with me, early to try to get ahead of the crowd. Actually, a guard came over and took us to a special line because of my wheelchair. Even in the fast line it still took about 3 hours. I am now a proud cedula owner.

Tomorrow Monica is going with me to fill out paperwork for Tercera Edad person with disabilities. This will allow me to get a discount on many different bills, including airline tickets.

Monica has been there every step to help me every step of the way. I like to think of her more as a friend than a facilitator.

It took a while longer for my husband to get his visa, but he did and now is waiting for his cedula.

Monica gets results. No matter how difficult your case is, if you want results contact Monica. She is The One.

Address: Benedicto xv 1-53 y Leon xIII. Cuenca Azuay

Contact information: +593 98 384 1691

Recommended by Sandra Lebrun:

Recommendation for Stefany Flores, insurance: auto, health, and home owner’s

Stefany was very helpful with describing the products that she offers, She answered and returned my calls and emails promptly. Stefany speaks both English and Spanish, so it was easy to communicate with her. Everything was completed in a timely manner.

Address: Manta

Contact information: 593 95 877 2137

Recommended by Jason Joslin: 931 205 9802

Recommendation for Vicky’s Mexican Food, food delivery

We have been ordering from Vicky for a few months and now we crave her Mexican food.

We love the pork tamales and the cheese tamales but she also makes them with beef or chicken. Her Chile Rellenos are incredible. She has many other items on her menu and recently added jalapeños, carrots and onions in a vinegar sauce. She delivers every Saturday. If you love Mexican food, you will love Vicky’s cooking.

Address: Home Delivery

Contact information: 099 987 1580

Recommended by Mike R.:

Recommendation for El Mono Chico, restaurant

I’m sure that most people already know this – but I have to give a big recommendation for the best ‘Sanduche de Pernil’ in Cueca. This restaurant has been here for 36 years. The owner, Oswaldo, is ridiculously nice. I walk by El Mono Chico almost every day and he always waves me in and offers me a free Jugo de Coco and an opportunity to practice my Spanish. I tell him it tastes like Christmas in a glass. Lol. It’s my favorite in the city. Great sandwiches, great juice, great people. I love El Mono Chico.

Address: Baltazara de Calderon 3-14 y Miguel Heredia

Contact information: 099 997 1969

Recommended by Kevin Pelton: 098 687 7590

Recommendation for Dr. Lara, Dentist

A few months ago I fell and broke my tooth off at the gum line. I went to the dentist and was given 2 options. An implant for $5000 or a 3-tooth bridge for $4000, both after insurance which only covers 50%. I immediately called my dear friend, Lorraine. She immediately said, come visit. (She has lived in Ecuador for about 4 years.) she started asking around and found Dr. Jairo Lara, whoso office is within walking distance. She went to his office and was told that a bridge would cost $1500. I came to Ecuador and met with Dr. Lara. He took me to get X-rays then we sat down to discuss my options.


Recommendation for Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

Mónica has been a great help since I’ve arrived here in Cuenca 4 years ago. I don’t know how I would’ve been able to go through all the visa processes without her help. I know she will be able to do anything that you need her to do, she’ll get it done, even if it means going to a different city with or for you to make it happen.

Address: Benedicto XV 1-53 y Leon XIII Cuenca – Azuay, Ecuador

Contact information: 098 384 1691

Recommended by Shauni Lustig:

Recommendation for The Blue Llama Secret Message, dinner/movie

A movie you don’t want to miss. It’s fun to see a well-made movie that stars our expat friends and neighbors. Plus, a delicious meal from Andres and his staff. Friday at La Guarida is your last chance to see this mockumentary, made in the Cajas and starring your friends.

The Blue Llama Secret Message
a mockumentary by Daniel Osorio.

Friday, June 3rd at 7 PM
Admission: $5 (this fee goes directly to Daniel Osorio).
Reservations with dinner are required
Tel. 099 806 8071

Address: La Guarida

Contact information: 099 806 8071

Recommended by Janie Noble:

Recommendation for Namaste India restaurant, Indian food

My family and I had dinner today. I haven’t got words to explain the quality of the food. When we entered the restaurant, the smell of spices was breathtaking. Even though the restaurant was almost occupied but the attention and caring shown by the restaurant team was amazing and also the ambience. I sincerely recommend Namaste India to all the Indian food lovers.

Address: Calle Larga y Benigno Malo 8-81

Contact information: 0984154229

Recommended by Noha Abd: 099 992 5078

Recommendation for Dr. Geovanny Leon general practitioner, medical clinic

Dr. Geovanny Leon is the owner and manager of Centro Medico – Mega Salud.
He also works with his brother Vinicio and if you are in need of medical attention or advice, this is a great place to go. Need a test? They can do a Rapid PCR test on site or they will be happy to come to your home at a very reasonable price. Friendly and professional as well as fast and efficient.

Additional to general medicine, he works in pediatrics and gynecology. Very nice and professional and some English is spoken. If you have any specific needs or concerns, check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

WhatsApp +593 97 934 8276

Address: Ave. Loja and Nicholas de Roacha – just a couple of blocks south of Don Bosco

Contact information: 097 934 8276

Recommended by Greg Goodwin:

Recommendation for Chocolate Galeria and wine store

The Chocolate Galeria is a store for chocolate and wine that is just opening up to the public. It is located on Ordóñez Lasso between the Hotel Oro Verde and Edificio River View on the opposite side of the street.

Melissa is the owner of the business and has extensive experience as a sommelier in the US, Europe, and Latin America. I’ve attended two of her wine tastings over the last couple of months and highly recommend her. Intimate setting for 10 or so people, and presentations are given in English and Spanish. A great way to learn about pairing wine with cheese and chocolate and the health benefits.

Address: Ordonez Lasso y Jacaranda

Contact information: 095 872 2684

Recommended by Jeff S:

Recommendation for VPower, healthy cafe

Amazing menu options crepes, protein fruit bowls, and so much more! Great for post workout or fit snack.

Address: Parque de la Madre right next to the planetarium

Contact information: 098 638 3240

Recommended by Paola Bunay:

Recommendation for Jesus Arellano for sofa beds, furniture and more

I would like to express our gratitude for the work Jesus Arellano performed in making our sofa bed. He was able to raise it up slightly, double the padding, and add arms so it looks like a sofa, at a very reasonable price. We chose a queen-size set up for our office so we could sleep additional guests comfortably. There is a wide selection of fabrics to work with.

The couch is very well made and Jesus is great at communicating in English. Everything we wanted he delivered on and was timely.

Thank you Jesus! David and Terri

He can also be reached at:

Address: Avenue of the Americas

Contact information: 220 542 8734

Recommended by David Nichols:

Recommendation for William Reyes, massage therapy

I can highly recommend William Reyes for massage therapy. I have received weekly massages for 2 months and will continue to use his services. He is very dependable and professional. He always arrives at our home on time and speaks English quite well. He is also very friendly and eager to provide whatever type of professional massage you wish.

Self-employed in Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 098 348 5626

Recommended by Ron Schmitz:

Recommendation for FR-Fraga Bath and Fragrance shop

Essential oils, Bath oil, Soaps

I have known the owner, Fernanda Suarez, for years, and she told me that she had opened a store selling specialty bath supplies, so I stopped by to check it out. She has essential oils made from a variety of local fruits and medicinal plants, soaps, bath oils, and a variety of related items.

If you are interested in such items, you should pass by to see what is available. Her store is a block from the Work Center, where Dr. Grace Ordoñez has her office.
Fernanda speaks no English, but is friendly and eager to help.

Address: Ave. Francisco Moscoso 1-34 y Carlos Ventimilla

Contact information: 099 252 7103

Recommended by Gordon Foreman: 098 348 3798

Recommendation for Luis Avila, Handyman, Personal assistant, Driver

Luis has been a great assistant and personal friend to me for quite some time now, He’s a professional driver who lost his job driving for the Cuenca public school system when Covid hit hard. Since then, Luis has supported himself by accepting any kind of work he can get, drawing on his vast experience gained over the course of his life. He does home maintenance and cleaning, cares for house plants and yards, accompanies clients to medical appointments, walks dogs (he takes my spoiled pooch for morning and evening walks to the river park and she actually cries when he leaves and goes crazy with happiness when she sees him the next day).

Luis no longer owns his own car, but he will drive you in your vehicle wherever you need to go, locally or nationwide. He can also help with legal documents, and tutor you or your children in Spanish.

Luis spent several years in the US where his twin sons were born. His English is good, if not perfect. Luis is absolutely honest, reliable, punctual, and friendly. I trust him completely to be alone in my house while I’m out and about. He is also humble and grateful for any reasonable payment you would offer him for any of his services.

Contact him via WhatsApp text msg and he will respond promptly.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: + 593 99 677 8807

Recommended by Ingrid Triki: +593 96 927 1008

Recommendation for William Reyes, massage therapy/physical therapist

About 14 years ago, I hurt my back. For years I had tried different medical solutions that did not involve surgery. Prior to coming to Cuenca, I lived in Budapest, Hungary where I sought out medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists for pain relief. The range of motion in my legs was limited; putting shoes on that were not slip-on was near impossible.

About six months ago, I read about William Reyes, the massage therapist and then booked him for weekly sessions in my home. I started getting relief from the constant back and leg pain after each massage, but it would only last for a few days. Although we had not discussed it, later I had read recommendations that stated William is a trained physical therapist as well.

William started a weekly physical therapy routine with me the day before massages. After assessing my lack of movement, he showed me specific exercises to do. He continued to reassess my progress making suggestions and alterations in my exercise routine. It has been a miracle. I no longer suffer with back pain when walking more than a few blocks. My leg discomfort no longer keeps me awake at night. I am getting better nights rest.

I cannot praise William enough. He had accomplished what no one else has done in over a decade.

He speaks excellent English, which really is a bonus.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 348 5626

Recommended by Ryan James:

Recommendation for Soledad Maldondo, Spansh Language instruction

I highly recommend Soledad Maldonado for Spanish lessons. She is very well organized, punctual, and provides Spanish lessons in your home or elsewhere if you desire. She includes Ecuadorean history and culture in her lessons incorporating Spanish grammar and conversation at the same time. Her methods are well rounded and provide great insight into the language and culture of Ecuador and Cuenca. I’ve come a long way in my comprehension with Soledad! She can be reached by email, phone or WhatsApp.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 773 0401

Recommended by Diane Breault:

Recommendation for Carnales Mexican Grill, restaurant

A few friends invited me to check out this local taco spot for dinner, and although it was raining and a bit chilly that evening, I am so glad that I attended. They serve up a range of different meats for their delicious tacos, and you just can’t beat the price: $1.

I enjoyed the food so much that I took a few more tacos and a couple of burritos to go, for my hungry and anxiously awaiting family. The place was packed the entire time we were there, and the staff was nice enough to secure us a table for 7 people. I will definitely be a regular, and have told all of my friends about this cute and cozy little taqueria. Give them a try, you will not regret it!

Address: Gonzalez Suarez

Contact information: 098 434 8665

Recommended by Amy Thompson:

Recommendation for El Oasis, restaurant

My husband and I were fortunate and pleased to be a part of a 4-hour, 9 course dinner at the El Oasis restaurant Friday evening, May 25. The focus of these events, offered 4 days per week, is to acquaint participants with plant-based culinary cuisine, explain something of the processes involved and experience a delicious and unique meal in a private home.

The explanations and descriptions between each course by chefs Mico and Annie were fun and interesting. The food delicious and the company of 6 other diners including 2 very good friends of our most enjoyable.

Reservations are necessary.

Address: Mariscal Lamar y Escultor Ayababa

Contact information: +593 99 183 7205

Recommended by Linda Wooten Green: 098 732 3044

Recommendation for Isabel Mosquera, document facilitator

I recently lost my visa and needed to replace it. A friend recommended Isabel Mosquera. I contacted Isabel and from that point she handled everything without a single problem. She has so much experience she knows exactly what to do and beyond that it is obvious that she has the respect and cooperation of the personnel at every government level. She speaks perfect English, is punctual and is very efficient. Her fees are reasonable and she guarantees success or no charge. Give Isabel a call and I am sure you will be as satisfied as I am. Richard Griffin

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 960 3663

Recommended by Richard Griffin: 098 448 7657

Recommendation for Cooking With Rey, restaurant

At the restaurant, Cooking With Rey, on Sunday afternoon was a delicious introduction to the art and taste of Cambodian cuisine. The “home restaurant” in San Sebastian Plaza is most attractive, with pleasant music, the collaborating atmosphere of co-owner Joe, and cooking done by Chef Rey.

Reservations are necessary, meal choices are limited, but superbly prepared. We plan to return!

Address: 770 Coronel Talbot & Sucre

Contact information: 099 544 3977

Recommended by Linda Wooten Green: 098 732 3044

Recommendation for Paradise Indian Restaurant

My husband and I are visiting Cuenca and we’re delighted to find the family-owned Paradise Indian Restaurant, located across the street from Parque de la Madre. We loved our meal and enjoyed conversing with one of the owners who waited on us. She was sweet and helpful, explaining that some of the dishes were authentic to Southern India. We had a great start with the best Samosas ever and a yummy tamarind and spicy sauce, followed by Paradise Chicken masala and Lamb roganjosh, vegetable Kurma curry. We ordered naan but she also recommended one of the Paratha breads. I think it might have been Kerala paratha, which is now my favorite bread. We will definitely return here for another meal…

Address: Federico Malo y Tadeo Torres Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Wilhelm Whee:

Recommendation for M & E Pet Lovers, pet sitting/pet care

Mateo and Elizabeth are wonderful! They tended and cared for our 2 ten-year-old cats while we were away on vacation. They sent us pictures and videos every day so that we could see that our fur babies were happy and as content as could be while we were away. Mateo is in his residency as a veterinarian and Elizabeth is in her last year of veterinarian school. We also purchased healthy pet food and some litter from them. Fantastic team!

Address: By appointment only – Cuenca

Contact information: 099 848 1355

Recommended by Tina and Ted Sheaffer:

Recommendation for Jesus Arellano, cat towers and other muebles

Jesus has made cat towers/scratching posts, a catio and now some beautifully crafted chairs and cabinet for us. He’s very talented, professional and great to work with. He has done some amazing work for us and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Address: By appointment/call – Cuenca

Contact information: 96 273 9781

Recommended by Tina Sheaffer:

Recommendation for Restaurant Paris Chiquito

I am not a huge person for recommending high priced restaurants, but restaurant number 16, Paris Chiquito, at the terminal Terrestre really hit the spot.

Two beautiful plates of rice with large shrimp, plantain, and avocado, plus a massive fruit salad with ice cream and yogurt, plus three batidas made with fresh juices, including a custom-made, off-menu banana batido, + a cup of coffee con leche was just $15, and really couldn’t have been any better. Also delightfully laid out and prepared in nice quality China and glass plates and glasses. First-class.

Address: Terminal Terrestre

Contact information:

Recommended by Jonathan Mason: 098 388 2912

Recommendation for Francisco for iPhone repair

I noticed that the screen on my iPhone X had begun to separate from the base. I searched GringoPost for recent recommendations for iPhone repair and found several for Francisco (a.k.a. Frank). I brought my phone to his shop (see address below). He quickly diagnosed the problem as a swelling battery. He quoted me a very reasonable price to replace the battery. Two hours later, Frank contacted me to say the repair was complete. I appreciated both his fair price and quick service.

Address: Honorato Vazquez 1-147 and Manuel Vega

Contact information: 097 891 6577

Recommended by David Kaplan:

Recommendation for Arturo Nieto, dryer repair

Arturo arrived on time to determine why our 13-yr. old Maytag dryer was taking so long to dry a load of wet laundry. Arturo quickly determined the problem. He ordered the parts and picked them up. He was back in no time with the new parts. Within 15 minutes the dryer was running like it was new. His price was very reasonable. He is able to be reached by WhatsApp. He speaks English.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 965 8066

Recommended by Diane Jordan: 099 175 6588

Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, massage

Hello friends of GringoPost. I want to recommend the excellent service of Annie Paladines, excellent massages adjusting to the needs of the patient. In my case I had been suffering from shoulder and neck pain due to stress for more than a year, I went through several specialists who did not help me with my need and a dear friend recommended it to me.

In two sessions with her, I was able to relieve my pain, which at that point was disabling my work as a photographer. You can be sure that your services will be excellent, you cannot be in better hands.

Address: Calle del Inca – Cuenca, Azuay

Contact information: 096 378 6433

Recommended by Josselyn Montalvo: 098 745 7874

Recommendation for Annie Schinksky, massage

OMG. I just had the most incredible massage from Annie. I injured my neck last Friday at yoga. I had pain in the right side of my neck, face, jaw, ear, cheekbone, eye and forehead.

Annie to the rescue.

She came to my home within 30 minutes and I received a fabulous one-hour massage. I’m happy to report that I’m pain free at the moment and I’m forever grateful to Annie for her quick response time and expertise.

I highly recommend Annie.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 426 0054

Recommended by Jo Austin: 099 535 7378

Recommendation for Cooking with Rey, restaurant

Oh.. my…my…my… let’s talk about Cooking with Rey! An authentic eating experience of Cambodian Southeast Asian food prepared with such attention; you can taste the love! Seriously!

Rey and her husband, Joe, have opened up their home and the invitation to come in and participate in a first-rate dining experience is beyond comprehension. Try it, it’s highly likely you will return again and again.

Address: Just off of San Sebastian Park

Contact information: 099 544 3977

Recommended by Cindy Benson:

Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, massage therapy

Annie Schinsky arrives at your home promptly, sets up her massage table, turns on the heated blanket and even brings essential oils to add to her massage oil. She adjusts her massage to your needs. My favorite is a medium massage with Annie eliminating all of the tightness. She will also provide an exercise to help the tightness from returning. Can’t get it better than that! 098 426 0054

Address: Home service

Contact information: 098 426 0054

Recommended by Mike R:

Recommendation for Relojeria San Francisco, watch and clock repair

I needed to have my wristwatch and a wall clock repaired.
The watch crystal was badly scratched and the owner, Manuel Yunga, simply polished it to new again.
The wall clock had fallen and stopped working. He also got it back to working.
He charged a reasonable price.
He was recommended to me and he is highly regarded in his community.
All his work is guaranteed.
His shop is located near the San Francisco Market

Address: Padre Aguirre 6-38 y Juan Jaramillo

Contact information: 098 834 7378 / 07 414 0964

Recommended by Alice Mendell:

Recommendation for Gallardo veterinaria, Clinic

With deepest regret I had to send my beloved dog “Bananas” to Doggy Heaven this week.
Dr. Gallardo, did everything medically possible to reverse the outcome, of my tragedy .
His commitment, medical expertise and compassion in this time of need will always be remembered and appreciated.
I highly recommend his services.

Address: Guayas 4-53 entre Moreno y Remigio Crespo

Contact information:

Recommended by Wade Hunter:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture & Design, furniture design and fabrication

These guys are the best! Fernando and Carolina designed and made a lovely little sofa table for me. One of the drawers was a little sticky, so I called them back–and they came twice to be sure the drawer was fixed. They also fixed a sticky drawer in my desk and completely cleaned up after themselves.

This is service like you don’t usually find in Cuenca–and Fernando speaks English!

Address: Av. Ordonez Lasso 120, Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 781 8622

Recommended by Bobette Jones:

Recommendation for Segundo Prado, appliance repair technician

We needed repairs on several appliances, and Segundo provided prompt and effective services. He replaced a major part in our Whirlpool dryer, repaired our hot water heater, and managed to extract and repair the icemaker from our fridge, saving us from buying an expensive ($170) part. Nice to have ice cubes again! He is prompt and attentive and his prices are reasonable. Will use him in the future.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 98 446 3480 WhatsApp

Recommended by Brenda Langdon:

Recommendation for Atrévete Salon, hair salon

Maria and Miriam handled the reservation process well with me. Kept me reminded and informed of location. Their location is 1 block of the Hermano Miquel tranvía stop which was perfect. They did exactly what I asked for with my hair and nails and were very kind and complimentary.

Address: Gran Columbia 5-10 suite 11

Contact information: 096 269 8578

Recommended by Margaret Westlke:

Recommendation for Diana Vera, medical facilitator; general facilitator

I highly recommend Diana Vera as a trustworthy and competent medical facilitator for the English-speaking gringo community in Cuenca.

I met Diana about three years ago, and since then she has opened up the city’s private medical services to me. With guidance from my GringoPost, who Diana recommended, she has scheduled quite a number of medical consultations and various tests on my behalf, with excellent results. She knows the best general practitioners and specialists, many of whom speak English. And she can also help you navigate the IESS healthcare system, if you are a member.


Recommendation for Jesus Arellano, cat trees

Jesus at catservices constructed my kitty the perfect cat tree. It is a nice piece of furniture, well-constructed and fits my cat’s physical needs with toys, scratching posts, climbing as well as plenty of space for him to take his cat naps. I’m so glad I chose Jesus to build it for Eugene. If you love your cats but hate them scratching your furniture, have Jesus help you out.

Contact information: 593 96 273 9781 WhatsApp

Recommended by Kathy Kaulitz:

Recommendation for Franklin, doggie door

Franklin made and installed a doggie door for us last week. His work was professional and efficient. He doesn’t speak a lot of English but we were able to communicate well. Franklin is an overall handyman and can help you with all types of chores including electrical, plumbing, woodworking, etc. We highly recommend him to you. Contact him on WhatsApp +593 99 244 8394

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 244 8394

Recommended by Larry Cochran:

Recommendation for Fabiola Maldonado, medical facilitator

This is an endorsement of Fabi Maldonado for medical facilitator. She has extensive experience navigating the medical system of both independent hospitals such as Monte Sinai as well as the IESS health Care system. She has been indispensable in guiding me through the IESS system for the treatment of prostate cancer and advising me as to such things as discount pharmacies and alternative health care options. I would have been lost without her assistance.

Address: Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information: 099 876 4973

Recommended by James Morgan:

Recommendation for Diana Vera, Medical Facilitator-Personal Assistant in Cuenca

Medical Tourism with Diana Vera in Cuenca

As a 60-year-old businessman from the US, I’ve been and continue to be impressed with Diana’s work ethic and competency. Diana was born and raised in Cuenca but lived in the US for 11 years. Not only is her English excellent, but she “gets it” when it comes to timeliness and administrative accuracy in her work. Especially since she specializes in medical facilitation, Diana’s attention to detail is most welcome, plus she has a car and grew up in Cuenca.


Recommendation for Carmen Carabajo, cleaning / help with your business

Carmen helped me with my business for over 7 years. She cooked and cleaned. She proved herself to be reliable, trustworthy, and followed direction well. She doesn’t speak any English, I’m happy to help with the initial translations if you need help communicating with her. She has 3 children, one of whom needs extensive medical care. She desperately needs work. I paid her $3.50 per hour. Feel free to ask any questions.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 751 2816

Recommended by Hayley MarsdenKroll:

Recommendation for Nelson with the truck! Facilitator, driver and mover

I would like to give a shout out for Nelson.

I called him on a Sunday and he was there in half-an-hour!

We all need a mover who we can count on to be careful & trustworthy.

He worked all day loading and was carful and conscious with all my belongings and we had no problem communicating. His English is fine.

He has others talents as well: He can take you to your doctor’s appointment, shopping and any other needs that you required.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 98 100 4683

Recommended by Angel Michel:

Recommendation for Dr. Lorena Villa, dermatologist

Soon after moving to Cuenca, I found myself in need of a dermatologist (getting old is so much fun). I reached out to the expat community for help and numerous people mentioned Dr. Lorena Villa. I could not recommend her more highly. She is so nice, extremely knowledgeable and professional, and her English is fantastic. In addition, I was in direct contact with her through WhatsApp. Any questions or concerns that I had, I simply texted her and she always got back to me immediately. I ended up needing minor surgery and I am very grateful to have found her.

Address: Hospital Del Rio – 1st Floor – Office 124

Contact information: 099 978 5002

Recommended by Kevin Pelton: 098 687 7590

Recommendation for Artex Interior Design, interior design and custom furniture

I recently hired Artex to help me with a small project in my new condo. I needed several roll down shades made for my balcony and a custom-made arm chair. I contacted Gina Calle who owns Artex with her husband Pablo. Their shop is a few steps west of Ital Deli Solano. They have been in business for over 20 years in Cuenca. Gina came to my home with many samples and ideas for what I wanted made. We agreed on the design. construction and fabrics as well as a reasonable time for completion.

My experience with Artex was wonderful. Gina is an outstanding interior designer and speaks English She also listens well and understands expat tastes. She kept me informed of the progress and the two projects were completed exactly as specified, on time and reasonable. I must add that Pablo is a master craftsman. He completed my dream chair perfectly down to the last piece of nail head trim. Based on this experience I am now having them work on another project for me. Give them a try, you will glad you did.

Richard Griffin

Address: Alfonso Morena Mora 1-111

Contact information: 099 262 8174

Recommended by Richard Griffin:

Recommendation for VIP Nursing Services, nursing care and emergency intervention

While dealing with a long term illness, I experienced an emergency event on May 1st of this year. Because I wear one of their emergency call alarms, I was able to summon them for immediate assistance. They arrived and quietly took over, called an ambulance, came with me to the hospital, stayed with me thru labs, x-rays, MD assessment, and finally admission.

Without their assistance, I feel very strongly that I might not still be alive.

I highly recommend them and their services.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 329 8243

Recommended by Nancy Belle Hofmeister: 096 789 3306

Recommendation for Veronica Begue, in-home nursing

Veronica works independently to provide care at home. She made my transition from hospital to home workable. She is available for 12 hours shift or occasional overnights.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 259 0446

Recommended by Nancy Belle Hofmeister: 096 789 3306

Recommendation for Grace Parra, Spanish teacher for private lessons

Grace Parra is a well-educated Spanish teacher who customizes lessons to each student according to the individual’s existing language skills, general abilities, expressed goals, and preferred learning modes. In the process, students generally learn a considerable amount about Ecuadorian customs. Importantly, Ms. Parra is always patient and encouraging with students of all levels. Lessons can be in person or virtual.

Address: Across the Tomebamba from Otorongo Plaza

Contact information: 099 625 5124

Recommended by Laurel Nelson:

Recommendation for Patricio Fernandez, driver and guide

Patricio Fernandez is simply the best driver around. He is punctual, reliable, friendly and always puts the customers’ safety first. We had several drivers and services before finding Mr. Fernandez; we now use only him. He never disappoints. And he is a delightful and entertaining guide – in English or Spanish.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 489 6472

Recommended by Laurel Nelson:

Recommendation for Adriáno Puli Gustavo, van, taxi driving

I recommend contacting Adrián Puli Gustavo as a good driver. His van seats seven passengers. The van has regular maintenance. He is insured as a taxi driver. Adrián facilitates and translates. When I arrived here three years ago this month, I was surprised that he was available for shopping. I live out of the city proper. He brought parts for my gas heater when gas guys told me parts didn’t exist. He built sitting room furniture from palettes with cushions. He fixed my hot water heater, adjusted locks, helped with electronics and electrical outlet repairs.

I requested to have cataract removal, and to see an acupuncturist who is a medical doctor. Adrian will facilitate for a client who is a hospital patient. He recommended the restaurant KOLO for me. I made a contract with the owner for a regular painting exhibit in the front room. Adrian’s family is based in Cuenca. He wants to arrange day trips for towns to visit, as well as trout fishing trips at Lake Prado, and a pond closer to town. Respond if you are interested in day trips.

Address: Auto Pista, Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 098 317 4172

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Daniela Cordero, Millenial Brokers health insurance in Cuenca

I recommend Daniela Cordero for health insurance in Cuenca When I found myself getting nowhere with my then insurance company, I called Daniela Cordero whose ad I saw in GringoPost. After a couple of emails, an appointment to discuss policies, I had an insurance policy by the end of my appt. day. No hassles, no bartering, and no problems getting my questions answered.

Daniela makes herself available to her clients 24/7 in case of medical emergencies. She will refer you, most likely, to a physician who speaks English. She will follow you through your visit, hospital visits if any, and the final paperwork to get reimbursed. Contact Daniela to figure out your health insurance needs. Rest assured that, if needed, she will make your insurance work for you. I recommend Millennial Brokers.
—Aaron Mul

Address: Remigio Tamariz 1-62 y Av. Solano Edificio Office, Oficina 5-5 Cuenca

Contact information: 099 520 6384

Recommended by Aaron Mul:

Recommendation for Jesus Cat Services, Cuenca, cat scratchers, towers, catios

Jesus just delivered our new giant 3-level cat scratcher / hangout and we are thrilled.

You can choose among several colors and designs. Jesus has samples with him so you can see what it will look like when you order. The posts are solid wood wrapped with heavy duty sisal and the flat surfaces are wrapped in a textured carpet that my sweet, damaging girl loves to get her claws into. Turnaround is quick and Jesus is a pleasure to work with. Bilingual too. I only wish id gotten one sooner.

His online catalogue:

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Tamara Gordy:

Recommendation for Jonathan Zhanay, general contractor

Jonathan came very highly recommended to me by people I’ve known for several years. He is an experienced general contractor in drywall, painting and repairs. He’s on time, does great work and wants your total satisfaction.

Jonathan replaced an old damaged shower head and fixed the resulting damaged ceiling. He also painted two bathroom ceilings with a premium grade, mildew-resistant Sherwin Williams paint.

I will definitely have Jonathan return for future work and repairs.

He speaks some English and has a very pleasant personality.

You can leave him a WhatsApp text message.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 777 6834 WhatsApp

Recommended by Alice Mendell:

Recommendation for Soledad Maldonado, professional Spanish teacher

Having taken Spanish tutoring lessons from Ms Maldonado for several months, I can unequivocally recommend her as an excellent teacher. She is well-prepared, speaks English when needed and enjoys helping people. She teaches at a private school and tutors me at my home in the late afternoon.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 098 773 0401

Recommended by George Bagwell: 099 995 1987

Recommendation for Red Tag Moving Company

If you are looking to move in the Cuenca or surrounding area, Debra Lynn of Red Tag Moving Company and her team are absolutely the best! I have moved a few times in Cuenca, and they are head and shoulders above any other moving company I have used. They are dependable, so easy to work with, professional, careful, and very reasonable in the pricing.

Debra also helped me sell the items I could not move into the new place. Her team members painted, did repairs, made shelves, and more for us as well. All done top notch. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Debra and her team make your move as easy as possible.
Thank you Debra and team for all you did for us.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 477 7596

Recommended by Cheryl Baldwin:

Recommendation for Manolo Flores, window and curtains treatment, “casa flores”

I would like to thank Mr. Manolo Flores, owner of “casa flora” – window and curtains treatment, excellent mattresses, pillows, blankets. He is a first person I met in Cuenca, since I started to use many services in my brand-new apartment, who is easy going person, very attentive, accurate and excellent service. He is owning more than 30 years, as his father is more than 50 years. This company has an excellent reputation and is not as expensive as other offices. You never make a mistake to use Manolo’s services.

Address: av. Ordonez Lasso and Olivos, esq

Contact information: 099 125 8002

Recommended by Vlad Bir:

Recommendation for Felip Vintimilla, Spanish language course

I had some exposure to learning Spanish though Felip’s courses. He gives each participant time to repeat and ask questions. Now that he is available on Tuesdays (Beginner) and Wednesdays (Intermediate) I can choose to go to either day’s class for the exposure. I want to be able to speak with sales people, my neighbors, other activities such as sports, taxi rides, art galleries, including the neighbors and their kids. I think dogs in my territory are bi lingual. They respond to “No”, and “Sit”.

Address: Flora Cafe, Plaza Ortotonga.

Contact information: 095 925 8782

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Tere, hairdresser, beauty salon

Looking for a good hairdresser? Manicure and pedicure?
You have to go to Tere. She is the best. You only have to explain what you need or ask what is the best for you and you get it. Tere speaks English and Spanish.
Caro is the perfectionists in manicure and pedicure.
Call for an appointment 098 481 1365

Address: Ordoñez Lasso y Los Álamos next to Ewok restaurant.

Contact information: 098 481 1365

Recommended by Madeleine Mensch: