Recommendation for David Jackson, WiFi/TV/Computer Nerd

David set up my wifi and TV in my new apartment almost 2 weeks ago. He really knows what he is doing. I am so happy with everything he did including my TV programs. He even checks with me to see how things are working. Definitely recommend.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Lonita Jensen:

Recommendation for reduced waste, great food quality, food products

I’ve been using Qorighee for almost a year now, and it’s been consistently great. Their organic, raw butter and cheese are first-rate with excellent prices. Very importantly, I can receive their products in my own containers, avoiding single-use plastics. Check ’em out in the links below.

Location is changed from Google Maps, now near Yanuncay River on Fernando de Aragon 2-70.


Contact information: 098 146 0912 WhatsApp, Instagram QoriGhee

Recommended by Pete Meyer: 098 284 8203 with WhatsApp

Recommendation for Cuenca Medical Resources, an informational website

Many times I have used this website to find English speaking doctors – both primary care providers and specialists, medical facilitators, a medical history form, the list goes on and on. The website is run by volunteers. There is no profit motive involved. Thank you to the volunteers who continue to compile new information and recommendations based on expat input from GringoPost or through the website: . You can copy and paste the website or email me for a link.

Address: Cuenca Medical

Contact information:

Recommended by Katy Johnson:

Recommendation for 2 retreat destinations from Cuenca, accommodations

Thanks to all who have shared their great recommendations with us – I thought I’d pass on our own feedback for two great overnight trips from Cuenca:
1) Hacienda Chan Chan (45 minutes from Cuenca)
2) Hosteria Izhcayluma (Vilcabamba, 4-6 hours from Cuenca)

1) Hacienda Chan Chan is primarily a dairy farm in the mountains outside of Cuenca, run by a well-traveled American family (fellow Returned Peace Corps Volunteers!). They have constructed guest houses on their property so you can enjoy a peaceful getaway in nature.


Recommendation for Dra. Olga Silva Romero, dentist

A couple of months ago, there was a recommendation for Dra. Olga Silva Romero. The recommendation was correct. A very good dentist. Reasonable prices. Payment plans. Multiple specialties: Surgery, esthetics, endodontist, periodontist, pediatric dentistry. One correction, however. The address was listed as Avenida España, Cuenca. The correct address is Clinica España, which is on Ramirez Davalos and Del Chorro. Just behind Terminal Terrestre/Bus Station. Tranvia to Chola Cuencana or Terminal Terrestre.

Highly recommended.

Address: Clinica España, Ramirez Davalos and Del Chorro, near Terminal Terrestre

Contact information: 098 706 6236

Recommended by James Polk: 097 937 3826

Recommendation for Maureen Seals, English tutor

For the last two months Maureen Seals has been tutoring my two Ecuadorian kids living with me. She is truly competent and experienced in teaching English as a second language. I am particularly impressed with her patience and how she makes it fun to learn. In the last week I have noticed how my kids are able to communicate with me in English and this has been a fantastic transformation. When they first came to live with me, neither of them spoke any English; and, now they are mostly understanding me in English and speaking English to me. If you want or need to learn English, I heartily recommend Maureen as your English tutor. I believe you will be most impressed with her results.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp: 593 96 711 7397

Recommended by Rod Bass:

Recommendation for Monica, facilitator for citizenship, facilitator

Monica and team helped me with all the paperwork, translations, and prep to get my Ecuadorian citizenship through marriage.
I passed my interview and had my ceremony and now I’m getting a new cédula.

Address: Cuenca Ecuador Benedicto XV 1-53

Contact information: 098 384 1691

Recommended by Hilary Overcash:

Recommendation for USA Valet, US goods shipper

Website is useful and user friendly. No damage to anything I’ve ordered. Option to deliver to my home or nearby location for later pick up. Prices are reasonable. And the best part is timely and friendly communication from Judy and Wilson. I had unpleasant experiences with another shipper, so I’m extra pleased to recommend USA Valet without hesitation. When folks do a really great job, I think it’s appropriate to give them a shout out.

Address: USA Valet

Contact information:

Recommended by Elizabeth Richards:

Recommendation for Christopher Minchala, cleaning

I recently hired Christopher to clean up my apartment, I provided him with everything and for 4-5 hours he charged me only $20. I have had experience where just giving $25 other people will get pissed off. Christopher did an amazing Job. It’s been more than a year he has been cleaning my place up and I recommend him to anybody that needs their home, room, apartment or yard cleaned up.

Address: All Cuenca

Contact information: 096 339 6807

Recommended by Kevin Jay: 099 457 2586

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design

Fernando Mora built several pieces of furniture for me according to my specifications and internet pictures. I was looking for a simple bed frame and side tables. I shopped around and found the bedroom furniture available in conventional stores to be very strange . . . black, fussy, padded, low, and just odd and expensive!

Fernando built exactly what I wanted. He also built six dining room chairs upholstered with a zebra print that I found to be stylish and exotic. He happily returned to tweak a couple of issues that I wanted adjusted. He speaks perfect English. His prices are reasonable. He and his wife are a pleasure and are very honest and reputable.

Address: Calle Las Totoras con Av. Ordonez Lasso 13-13

Contact information:

Recommended by Rebecca Lockwood:

Recommendation for La Posada del Arte, hotel, restaurant and art gallery

La Posada del Arte is a delightful Banos de Agua hotel, restaurant and art gallery. The rooms are so comfortable, colorful and filled with lovely art. The breakfasts are huge and delicious. The proprietors, Karl and Priscilla, are lovely and so helpful. The art they have is the best collection we have seen.

Address: Banos de Agua Santa

Contact information: 098 488 2027

Recommended by Phyllis Theodos:

Recommendation for Manuel Arellano, custom furniture

Manuel is an amazing craftsman who has provided his talents for a few of our friends. After finding a photo on the Internet of a chair we liked, we sent it to him and asked if he could replicate it. It does have lots of curves and bars in the back. He said, “It will be a challenge, but I can do it.”

When he delivered the chairs, we were amazed. They were like they were pulled straight out of the photo we provided: truly identical.

We highly recommend Manuel for custom furniture.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 96 273 9781

Recommended by Ryan James:

Recommendation for Daniela Velez, House Cleaning

I have used Daniela for seven years and she has proven to be a reliable and thorough maid. She drives and has a car and can do light errands. She is on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 99 537 8546

Recommended by Wendell Thoene: 099 232 0178

Recommendation for Kelly Cordova, visas, cedulas, legal services

Kelly is terrific. She speaks English and is great at follow up and follow through. While she lives in Loja, she is in Cuenca (and Quito) very often. She is reasonable and efficient. We had our Visa’s in few short weeks and our Cedula’s just a short time later.

Got a question, just give her a call.

Address: Loja, Ecuador

Contact information: 096 737 9130

Recommended by Andy Brauner:

Recommendation for restaurant China Zhong Hua

Today I had a wonderful fish dish, corvina with black bean sauce, stir-fried fresh vegetables and fried rice. All the menu is very reasonably priced. When going, ask for Chan the chef/owner or his wife Michel. You will not be disappointed. Tell them Gerald recommended them.

Address: Simon Bolivar 3-69 and Vargas Machuca. Cuenca

Contact information: 0998 751 3786 / 099 996 3339

Recommended by Gerald Dougherty:

Recommendation for Daniela Velez, shopping and other services

Need assistance with shopping and other services?

Count on Daniela Velez!

Native of Cuenca
Great References
English Speaking

Reference for Daniela Velez:

For seven years, Daniela has been a helpful and loyal friend. A native of Cuenca, Daniela speaks English and drives her own vehicle.


Recommendation for Ni Tu Ni Yo, Italian restaurant

I most heartily recommend Ni Tu Ni Yo, a charming, intimate Italian Ecuadorian restaurant. It’s owners, Jorge and Christina, both speak excellent English. The cuisine is mostly Italian with some of the most delicious lasagna. Christina, whose mother was Italian, makes her old family recipe lasagna from scratch. The facility is exceptionally clean and enchantingly decorated. A perfect local for that intimate weekday dinner. Only a block off the Corazon de Jesus tranvia stop.

Address: Baltazara de Calderon 3-76

Contact information: 099 985 3891

Recommended by Dr. Steve:

Recommendation for Dr. Mario Sanchez, dentist and bio/neuro specialist

When I went to get my teeth cleaned, I asked Dr. Sanchez if his neural therapy included healing varicose veins. Mine had begun to protrude from my calves.He said he could help that. The neural therapy is done with an extract of the coca leaf, giving power and energy to the cells.

He used a very fine needle and syringe, and one week later, the large varicose veins disappeared! He then injected the smaller veins, and now they have disappeared.
I asked if he could assist with memory problems, and, yes he can! He uses a homeopathic remedy that he injects into the head. The needle is so fine I could barely feel it.

I highly recommend Dr. Sanchez’s therapy to make varicose veins disappear! Much less expensive than surgery, and almost non-invasive, except for the needle pricks.

Address: Ave Dias de Agosto, Edificio Pelicano

Contact information: 099 827 0149

Recommended by Jeannie alvin:

Recommendation for Ismenia Marchan, personal care

Ismenia Marchan is above and beyond caring and very attentive. She doesn’t wait to be told what to do and she takes the initiative when it comes to cleaning or doing chores, not to mention the fact that she is good with incapacitated people. Reach out to her. You won’t regret it: 096 268 6652. I forgot to mention that her English is limited, but you can exercise your Spanish.

Address: Mariscal Sucre

Contact information: 096 268 6652

Recommended by Gary Math:

Recommendation for Dr. Oswaldo Cobos, DVM, veterinarian

I’ve used the services of several veterinarians in my now twelve years in Cuenca, some better than others – but Dr. Oswaldo Cobos, of Cuenca Animal Clinic tops them all. When my new baby doggie got really sick last week, my regular vet prescribed some medication to treat what he assumed was another bout of a previous illness. However, she got worse, not better, over the weekend and when my vet wasn’t available yesterday (Sunday), I called Dr. Oswaldo, who had previously been highly recommended to me by several friends. Dr. Oswaldo lives way on the other side of town, a good hour’s drive from my house, and Sunday is his day off. However, he showed up at my house within less than two hours of my WhatsApp distress call. He had never seen me or my dog before. Dr. Oswaldo spent more than an hour with me and my baby, examining her and talking to me, explaining a lot of things in detail, with patience and compassion – and in excellent English – which is a great plus in cases of emergencies, when my fairly decent Spanish fails me. He took samples of my dog’s most recent stool and even a vomit sample back to his clinic, Cuenca Animal Clinic, for lab testing. A few hours later, he was back with test results and the necessary medication to treat what ails my baby (which is totally different from what my regular vet had assumed). And this afternoon, he was back again with a test kit to check my dog’s ears for what looks like an infection. He’ll be back tomorrow with those test results and whatever medication may be needed. I cannot even begin to express the level of my appreciation for this jewel of a veterinarian. I had previously hesitated to contact him because I thought his services would be expensive. I was wrong! If you’re new in town and are looking for a great vet, or if you’re in need of a new one, give Dr. Oswaldo Cobos a try. Dr. Francisco Morales Leon, DVM, also works with him, but I don’t think he speaks English.

Address: Miguel Cordero 1-180 entre Cornelio Merchán y Francisco Moscoso, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 597 9719

Recommended by Ingrid Triki: 096 927 1008

Recommendation for Dreams 5Zero, YouTube Channel

Hi! My name is Annica and I want to recommend you to check out my YouTube channel called Dreams 5Zero. You will find videos from Cuenca and other places. Enjoy! Here’s a link to my last video where I interview new restaurant owner “El Patron del Callao”

Thanks for watching.

Address: Misicata, Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Annica Terrones:

Recommendation for Jerri Ridley, massage therapy

A few weeks ago, my whole body was really hurting so I decided to see Jerri, masseuse extraordinaire. You ask why do I say that? Because since she has great knowledge of the human physiology and did put this knowledge to work on my body which, after seeing her a few times, I am feeling like my old self.

I cannot thank you enough Jerri and she can do the same wonderful things to you if you go see her. Make an appointment today.

Address: 6-54 Roberto Crespo y Miguel Moreno, 1st floor

Contact information:

Recommended by George Fedyna:

Recommendation for David Jackson (My Cuenca Nerd), all things IT

If you are having computer problems, internet issues, network glitches, need IT help or wanting user friendly virtually unlimited availability of live US TV/ movies/ sports/ premium channels/ streaming, David Jackson (aka My Cuenca Nerd) is the man to call.

David has decades of experience in the US and Ecuador working with all types of IT issues and can solve your problems skillfully, efficiently, professionally and affordably. He is punctual, friendly, kind hearted and is almost OCD in maintaining timely communication and responsiveness and even “service after the sale” with his clients.

Give him a call — I promise you’ll be impressed not only with his technical skills but even more with the man himself. He does this work out of his desire to help others and it shows — a real gentleman in every sense of the word.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Karl Sweetman:

Recommendation for Hosteria El Barranco, hotel/resort

We spent a few days at the Hosteria El Barranco with friends and we couldn’t have been treated better. They picked us up in Cuenca and returned us at the end of the trip. They were accommodating in every respect, recommended restaurants and things to do. Although the rooms are a bit rustic, you don’t spend much time in the rooms. Lovely balconies to enjoy the view. One of the best things is the pool. It is heated and big and most enjoyable. Hosteria is very close to the river and there are nice easy walks to take through the area. But Luis will take you wherever you want to go. Give it a try.

Address: W6X2+H6R, SigSig

Contact information: +593 7 226 6051

Recommended by Pat Simmons:

Recommendation for Leo Loza, driver / assistant; driving, handyman

Leo is an ex-taxi driver who knows Cuenca and surrounds very well. He will be your personal driver anywhere you want to go; he does pick up and drop to Guayaquil or Loja. Leo is also a great helper; through the last few years of coping with an illness, I don’t know what I would have done without him. He is an adviser, if you want it; he can get your shopping; do gardening with great help from his lovely wife, Margui; he has made wooden gates for me, helped me pack to move, dealt with plumbing disasters and more. He speaks English very well having lived and worked in USA; he is prompt and best of all, he is totally honest. I can’t recommend Leo too highly. I would add his lovely very smart wife, Margui, who often helps, but is also a skilled seamstress – does repairs and makes clothes to your specification. A great couple and a great find. 

Address: Cuenca and surrounds 

Contact information: 099 772 9691

Recommended by Pamela Storer: 096 398 5529

Recommendation for Onigiri, Japanese culinary products

A Japanese emporium of culinary delights! Rice vinegars, noodles, beautiful rice pastries, assorted beers, seaweed salad, wasabi`s and much, much more! Great attention and Japanese foodie magazines.

Address: Miguel Vèlez y Simòn Bolivar

Contact information: 099 019 0983

Recommended by Diane Ferchel:

Recommendation for Martha Pulla, Spanish teacher

Recommendation for Martha Pulla, Spanish teacher for many years. Martha is teaching Basic Spanish at the art center in town. In my first lesson we went over dates, seasons and numbers of people, in Cuenca as well as in Ecuador, and it was definitely enlightening to be able to learn to pronounce and be corrected in person. It’s fun.

Address: IdiomART Presidente Cordova 1-77 between Manuel Vega y Huayna Capac

Contact information:

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Edvi Limpieza Total, cleaning service

We wanted our home to be neat and tidy for the arrival of a friend from Canada, so we called Edvi Limpieza Total. Edgar arrived at the appointed time with his crew. They divided the work and cleaned the house from top to bottom. They bring their own equipment and rags as well as cleaning liquids. I love not having to go out and purchase all the housecleaning essentials. 3 people came and worked swiftly through the house, leaving each room as well as the patios front and back in impeccable conditions. Text them for your cleaning today. Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is just next month. They have extension ladders to clean upstairs windows, too.

Address: Vía al Valle barrio el Coco

Contact information: WhatsApp +593 99 382 0014

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel:

Recommendation for Raul and Kathy Canino, housesitting

I would like to recommend Raul and Kathy Canino for housesitting. They watched our house, cat, and fishies for 5 weeks. We were very happy and impressed with them. They also clean houses so the house was spotless when we came home. They sent us pics of our extremely shy cat laying on their laps while we were gone. They are honest and responsible, I wanted to share our experience with everyone. We are confident that you will also feel comfortable leaving your house and animals in their care. They also have been cleaning our house for a while and they are excellent.

Raul and Kathy Canino – WhatsApp +593 96 081 0363

Address: Cuenca Ecuador

Recommended by Eileen P:

Recommendation for Constructora Andromeda, home/cabin construction

I cannot recommend Constructora Andromeda highly enough. They built a cabin for me at The Oasis Center in Jadan (This is in no way a recommendation for the center, I will do a separate recommendation for that in the future), and the cabin is almost a work of art. Mauricio gave me a quote and stuck with it. The cabin was completed in a timely manner, and everyone who has seen it remarks on the high-quality materials used and the craftsmanship. His brother, Augusto, worked in the US and these brothers know how to deliver a completed home, fulfilling US standards. This is a family business and they take pride in their work. Their nephew, Wilson, is on the sales team and speaks English.


Recommendation for Cristian Oliver Capelo, in- home appliance repair

Five, 5 star recommendations

Cristian has 25+ years’ experience in appliance repairs with Whirlpool and then he has been an independent businessman for several years. I have used his help for about three years.

Where other repairmen replace parts (OEM) that last just months to maybe a year, Cristian will reprogram the existing parts for better and longer lasting results. He is clean, logical, fast and very reliable.


Recommendation for Martha Puula, Spanish teacher for many years

Martha is teaching Basic Spanish at the art center in town. I learned basic dates, seasons and numbers of people in Cuenca in Spanish on my first lesson.

Address: Cuenca IdiomART Presidente Cordova 1-77 between Manuel Vega y Huayna Capac 99 447 2951

Contact information:

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Diana Vera, end of life and medical facilitator

I had Diana help preparing and registering End of Life papers. The painful part is filling in the forms (not her problem). Once I provide her with the answers to the forms, which she provided, she had the proper forms prepared, an appointment made with a notary to have the forms officially stamped, escorted me to the meeting with the Notary and handed me the documents.

Her services also include assisting people with medical, visa renewal and other ways to help expats negotiate the EC bureaucracies.

Contact information: 099 174 4740


Contact information: 099 174 4740

Recommended by Rex Ageton: 093 970 0732

Recommendation for Jonathan Mogrovejo, web design

Good experience. Jonathan is knowledgeable and easy to work with. He is prompt at returning emails and calls and works with you to get the right website for your business. Overall a good experience and my Website was up and running in no time.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Regina Weitzel:

Recommendation for Laboratorio Clínico Platinum, testing including COVID-19 PCR

We hosted a guest from the US who needed a Covid-19 PCR prior to departure. I messaged the lab and received confirmation in English for an in-home test the following morning. Two technicians arrived as scheduled and took the sample using excellent technique, and the results were emailed the same afternoon. $47 including house call. You may walk in to the location on Paucarbamba if desired. Highly recommend!

Address: Manuel J Calle 1-145 y Paucarbamba, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 828 5188

Recommended by Marshall and Nadine Devall:

Recommendation for Fix It Cuenca, tech repair

I had a PS4 lying around for some time that required light maintenance and an upgrade, but could not figure out the correct procedure. A friend recommended that I contact Fix It Cuenca, as they specialize in repairing all things tech. Cody visited that same day to take a look at the console, and within a few hours had the system up and running. It has been working smoothly ever since. Thanks for the assistance.

Address: Gonzalez Suarez Avenue

Contact information: 099 036 0092

Recommended by Richard Totoy:

Recommendation for Sebastian – Mudanzas y Transporte, moving company

I just moved this past week and used Sebastian’s company because so many people I know recommended him.

He was actually in the US during my move so his wife, who is also his business partner, handled giving me the estimate and supervised the entire move. They both speak English.

The movers were on time, and packed everything in moving blankets and/or heavy duty plastic wrap. Everything made it to the new place and nothing was broken.

They used their time wisely and completed the move in just a few hours.

And I was amazed at the low price.

I chose to pack all my belongings so they supplied the boxes, foam wrap and tape for a decent price.

I don’t plan to move again, but if I do, I will call them again to help me.

Here’s their contact info if you’re interested.

Facebook: Mudanzas y Transporte Xpress
WhatsApp: +593 99 751 5644

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 751 5644

Recommended by Nancy L:

Recommendation for Visa Angels, facilitating visas and cedulas

Visa Angels’ charges are quite reasonable. I paid about 1/2 of what other facilitators quoted. Sara Cárcamo, who worked with me, is both efficient and very pleasant to work with. Her English is excellent.

The physical address is by appointment only, as the facilitators are generally out in government offices, etc. Best to make first contact at the email given below.

Address: Edificio Maldini Gaspar de Villarroel e Isabel la Catolica Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Brahmi Ishaya:

Recommendation for Carlos Geovanny, carpenter

I had been looking for a round mirror to fill a spot in my home. I found several plain ones, but I wanted one with character. I found one that I fell in love with at a high-end furniture store but it was much more than I wanted to pay. I took a photo and started searching for a carpenter to make it for me. Walking down 12 de Abril (near the Los Nogales center where Juan Marcet is) I found Carlos working away in a little shop. I showed him the photo of the mirror and gave him my dimensions, we agreed on a price and I walked away with my fingers crossed that all would come out the way I had envisioned. When I picked it up, it was exactly what I wanted, I could not be happier!

Carols and his brother do fantastic work, are the nicest guys and finished exactly when they promised.

Note: they don’t speak English – but all is good with Google translate!
Mirror is much larger than it looks in the photo (35” in diameter)
Carlos Geovanny – 099 898 3629 WhatsApp

Address: 12 de Abril y Guayas

Recommended by Tammy Lowe: 098 888 5937

Recommendation for Fanny de Yeya’s Spa, salon service

Had a truly wonderful experience with Fanny at Yeya’s Spa. Cut, color, hair removal with thread and henna eyebrows.

Address: Edificio Cuartro Rios Primero de Mayo 1-94 y Las Americas

Contact information: 099 100 8653

Recommended by Dyann Cook:

Recommendation for Christian Ordonez – painter, painting

I highly recommend Christian for painting your home. He uses Sherwin Williams paint, stops by for a free estimate and you pick your colors. He set up our appointment for the next day. We painted our bedroom and highlighted our skylight. Prices were reasonable and he was flawless. He removed all the furniture and covered everything else. Then, he put everything back. He’s very talented. If you want to freshen something up for the holidays, you won’t be sorry that you chose Christian. He also does general construction for your further needs.

Address: faceconstructios@gmailcom 099 573 4584

Recommended by Jennifer Cory:

Recommendation for Sandro Rodriguez, facilitator, driver and tour guide

I am Dagwood Streets, host of the Electric Scooter Podcast and I personally recommend Sandro Rodriguez as a personal guide and driver for Cuenca and the surrounding areas. My wife and I recently visited Cuenca and Sandro showed us a great time not only in Cuenca but in Cajas, Baños and Turi. Afterwards we had a delicious meal of cuy. Sandro speaks excellent English and has a friendly and accommodating nature and his SUV is comfortable with leather seats. If you would like to ask me any questions I can be reached at: Or you can contact Sandro directly by calling 09 873 2181. You won’t be disappointed.

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Carlos Rodriguez: 099 642 7468

Recommendation for El Oasis, vegan restaurant

I can’t say enough about Mico, Annie and Steve; consummate chefs and a charming maitre d’.

As Steve warns, “Pace yourself”… the gastronomical delights that tantalize your eyes and taste-buds are amazing.

Going back tonight for 3rd time in 2 months. Every month a new menu.

Great atmosphere around common table to meet new people or set a date with a group of old friends.

Address: Mariscal Lamar y Escultor Ayabaca

Contact information:

Recommended by Wes Elliott:

Recommendation for Isabel Mosquera, visa facilitator

We would like to highly recommend Isabel Mosquera for obtaining your visa or renewing it. We had a difficult situation that was very time sensitive. Isabel went above and beyond to make sure we received our visas in time. We were able to give her “Power of Attorney” so we wouldn’t have to make the trips to Azogues, which is a huge relief for me because I have MS and am not yet comfortable being out in public areas. She is very professional and very knowledgeable. I believe she has been doing this for over 8 years. What an excellent experience. Thank you Isabel,

Contact information:

Recommended by Corrine and John Satterwhite:

Recommendation for Matthew’s Bagels Store, panaderia and deli

Got gastritis? You might want to go to Matthew’s and ask for their sour dough bread. It doesn’t taste like the sour dough bread we bought in San Francisco. This bread uses lactobacillus bacteria to make their dough which is a probiotic bacteria that promotes stomach health. He uses another bacteria which gives the bread a more natural taste. Before I bought my first loaf, I had eaten another sour dough bread made by the local community. The bacteria they use is very strong and I was sore and achy for the next two days. I bought Matthew’s bread and by the end of the day, my stomach, aches and pains were all back to normal. I’ve been eating it ever since, and it has really helped heal my stomach. It’s like taking medication without taking it.

I eat the white bread, but they offer other flavors such as carrot and ginger, beet root, rye, cereal, and eggplant. Of course they offer other goodies, too. So even if you don’t have gastritis, visit Matthew’s and try their sour dough bread to take care of your stomach. The staff is friendly and very accommodating and ready to help you with your needs.

Address: Av. de las Americas, Comercial Eloy Alfaro (between Ordonez Lasso and Tomebamba tram stops

Contact information: 099 860 4290

Recommended by L. Juanes:

Recommendation for Fredy Ordóñez, personalized Spanish lessons

If you would like some personalized tutoring to help you improve your Spanish pronunciation, grammar, conversational skills, get some cultural lessons about Ecuador, etc., then I highly recommend Mr. Fredy Ordóñez.

Fredy started his studies in Tourism in 2006 and then changed his major to Spanish Language and Literature in 2008. He’s currently pursuing his Masters in Tourism. He has worked as a Spanish teacher for over 12 years, both in Spanish language schools and other academic institutions. Currently, he is self-employed and tries to combine both education and culture, working in private classes and arranging cultural trips around Ecuador.

Fredy is a well-trained teacher with a deep understanding of his native tongue, as well as being fluent in English. I’m finding his lessons to be lots of fun, as he teaches me how to pronounce Spanish like a native speaker, answers my many questions, gives me short cultural lessons about Cuenca and the surrounding areas, helps me to understand the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of Ecuador (along with local politics), and just generally makes me feel more comfortable using Spanish. I love that he mostly speaks Spanish during our lessons so I have practice listening, and he has me read aloud to work on fluency and pronunciation. He’s extremely personable and knowledgeable, a joy to be around.

You can reach him on WhatsApp at +593 98 344 8505. His Facebook page is

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 344 8505

Recommended by Marla Hill:

Recommendation for Fausto Mora owner/ Sofatto Muebles, custom furniture

Fausto is very professional. His workmanship is impeccable and prices are reasonable, far better than any retail store here in Cuenca. He worked with me on choosing fabrics and styles. I contacted him while I was still in the United States, before my move to Cuenca so he could start before my arrival. I couldn’t be more pleased with the sofa, upholstered bed and sofa bed that he made for me. He delivered everything on time. I would not hesitate to use his services again and I highly recommend him for any furniture needs. He also has a catalog.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador, you can find him on Facebook

Contact information: +1 593 892 2531

Recommended by Sabrina J Ramirez:

Recommendation for Victor Ojeda, facilitator

I would like to give my enthusiastic recommendation, as have many others on GringoPost, to Victor Ojeda. Victor is an incredibly versatile guy who has had years of experience helping people with spoken and written translations, offering day trips around Cuenca, transportation to/from Guayaquil airport, helping with cell phone, internet, and utilities setup, any type of shopping, taking our pet to the vet. Most recently, Victor helped me complete the process for obtaining an Australian Passport.

Thanks again Victor,

Ron Scott

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Ron Scott:

Recommendation for Movitec Celulares, cellulars and electronics

I want to give a shout out and a big thank you to Pablo Méndez from Movitec Celulares, located at Bolivar 9-77 and Padre Aguirre. I had purchased $54 worth of Google Play gift cards for my friends’ two children, but couldn’t validate them because they could only be validated in the United States. I was worried that I was going to lose the money I spent, but Pablo was very understanding and helpful in asking me to try to get someone in the US to upload them to my Google account, and he told me that if I couldn’t, he would gladly refund my money. I tried and was unsuccessful, and true to his word, Pablo refunded my $54. He is an honest and professional, and in the future, I will shop his store first for any of my electronic needs.

Address: Bolivar 9-77 y Padre Aguirre

Contact information: 099 591 7124

Recommended by Charlie Jones: 096 847 9554

Recommendation for Christian Ordoñez, painter at face constructions

You have probably seen Christian’s ads here on GringoPost offering to paint a room with Sherwin Williams paint for $75. We took him up on that deal and are thrilled with the results.

Christian painted each of our rooms with colors we chose, using Sherwin Williams paint. He is one of the most meticulous painters we have ever encountered. A true perfectionist. We could not fault anything before Christian pointed out a problem that he was going to remedy. He filled in every crack, nail or screw hole after removing everything from each room’s walls. He even found and repaired areas we did not even know needed fixing. He took photos ahead of time so he could replace each piece exactly where it previously was hung.

We could not have been happier with his work and recommend him fully and completely.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 573 4584

Recommended by Ryan James:

Recommendation for Wes the Mentalist, entertainer

I have recommended Wes’s show in the past, but last night was an entirely new show for us. Wes is a real showman who provides quality stories as well as truly amazing feats of mental telepathy.

One example from Thursday night’s show, Wes had me draw something on a piece of paper which I then put into an envelope and sealed it. Another person was to write the name of a childhood pet and seal that in an envelope. Wes was nowhere near our table as we were following the instructions.

As he stood in front of the audience, he wrote the name “Smokey” on a small white board. This was the exact name our friend had written and sealed in her envelope.

He had me stand beside him as he covertly drew what he thought I had drawn on my paper while chuckling and saying “How seasonally appropriate”. When he was done, he asked me to replicate what I had drawn on a second little white board. Without looking, we exchanged whiteboards. We both had Jack O Lanterns.

It was a fun filled evening and highly recommended.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Ryan James:

Recommendation for Adrian Puli, translator, transportation and handyman

Adrian is extremely resourceful and very knowledgeable. He knows who sells what and who has the best prices in Cuenca. For instance, who would know that each of the Supermaxi prices vary from one another? Or that there’s only three places in all of Cuenca that sells one type of light bulbs? Adrian not only knows where to go but if your Spanish is not that great, he can translate for you and keep you from being gringo. If you need something and aren’t sure where to go, give Adrian a call!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 317 4172

Recommended by Susan Saitta:

Recommendation for Jose Gabriel Cabeza, personal trainer who gets you results

Hi, My name is Amy Sindicic. I am new to Cuenca. I arrived in May of 2021. I have gotten serious results with my personal trainer, Jose Cabeza.

Please see below a before and after photo. The before photo was taken 3-years ago with my first personal trainer with whom I lost 25 lbs. in 6 months. He got angry when I took meds and gained weight and so I stopped working out till I met Jose Cabeza in May 2021, weighing 282. After 5 months of training 3 times a week, my weight was 238. I started taking meds again and gained 5 lbs. in a week. Jose designed a diet and my weight is below 236.

Address: Home visit or gym of your preference

Contact information: 098 708 4339

Recommended by Amy Sindicic: 095 873 7723

Recommendation for San Franciso Relojero, watch repair

Recently had a problem with my Casio G-Shock electric watch. I took it to Manuel Yungo at Pare Aguirre 6-38 and waited as he opened the watch, diagnosed the problem, and resolved the issue. A few days later I returned with my Helbros electric watch which had recently had a battery installed and would only run for 40 minutes. I left the watch with Manuel and returned in 90 minutes to see the watch running. Manuel handed me the battery which had recently been installed and a small piece of metal that was inside the watch.

His work ethic is outstanding. If you don’t speak Spanish, use Google Translate to compose a note and hand it to Manuel when you arrive and hand him your watch.

Address: 6-38 Padre Aguirre. This is one half block before the San Francisco Market and is on a one-way street

Contact information: 098 834 7378

Recommended by Richard Mateyko:

Recommendation for Orlando S, driver, tour guide

I have used Orlando several times now and he exceeds expectations. We had to catch a flight in GYE and came upon a strike at a bridge on the way. Orlando negotiated with the strikers and the police and got us through the blockage and we made it to the airport in time for our flight.

We also used him as a driver/guide from Mindo thru Quito to Cuenca. His recommended stops and conversation were priceless as we saw cloud forest birds, climbed a bit on Cotopaxi, swam in Baños, visited Ingapirca and sampled good food and hotels along the way.

He knows how and where! Great driver/guide.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 (0)98 585 4587

Recommended by Julie Combs:

Recommendation for Diana Vera, medical facilitator

If you are looking for the best medical facilitator in Cuenca, I believe Diana Vera to be your go to person. She speaks perfect English first and foremost, is very personable, very patient and generous with her time, does excellent research, has a car if you need someone to pick you up and take you home from your appointments, and has an excellent network of medical professionals. She has helped me to find who I believe to be the best ENT at Mount Sinai, and she has just done an all-around amazing job for me and my family. I have used her twice now, and plan on using her whenever I need a medical facilitator. Diana Vera is the best.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 174 4740

Recommended by Rob Kidd:

Recommendation for Leonardo, landscaping and wood delivery

I’d like to highly recommend Leonardo Loja for wood delivery. I finally got around to placing an order, and Leonardo and his lovely wife, Doris, delivered the wood yesterday. A friend of mine has also recommended him for any type of gardening work – After meeting him, have decided to hire him for a project I have in mind. Leonardo speaks English, is hardworking and punctual, I hope you’ll consider him for your firewood and gardening needs.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096.904.8247

Recommended by Marilyn Steenburgh:

Recommendation for Aleppo Carpentry, design and make furniture

A while ago I saw a recommendation for Aleppo, so when I needed something made, I called Fernando. Both he and his wife are dedicated to their work, are 100% dependable and my order was delivered a week early. I am thoroughly pleased with the product that was delivered.

Address: Av. Ordonez Lasso and Calle Totoras 13-13, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Enid A.:

Recommendation for Leonardo Mocha, Leltomm, tailor

I have used Leonardo at least 5 times to update my pants wardrobe. His work is excellent (as is his English), his prices are very reasonable, and he’s revived clothing I thought was headed for the garbage can! He comes to your house; no need to take your clothing anywhere. He also makes men’s and women’s suits and shirts. He’s gotten rave reviews in the past on GringoPost–deservedly so.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 988 1633

Recommended by Bobette Jones:

Recommendation for Chanel Hair Studio, Maggy stylist

I highly recommend Maggy of Chanel Hair Studio. Maggy has been cutting, trimming and coloring my shorter hair monthly for several years. Maggy who is a master colorist, gets it right each time – her color is done perfectly and she will make great suggestions for a better “look”. Maggy takes her time and is always professional.

Maggy has wide experience and product knowledge from her 10 years in New Jersey and also in Cuenca many years. Her recently opened salon is easy to find and fully equipped to offer all her services to her clients.

Maggy is cordial and welcomes the opportunity to show off her new salon! Walk-ins welcome.

Call Maggy for an appointment today: 098 345 8433

Open: Monday – Saturday 8 AM-7 PM

Address: Lorenzo Piedra 7-18 y Jose Burbano Cuenca

Contact information: 098 345 8433

Recommended by Susan Schloth: WhatsApp 096 841 9412

Recommendation for Leonor (Noshy) Pinos, homemade granola and pure honey

I’ve now bought excellent organic homemade granola from Noshy several times. The taste and texture are much better than those of commercial kinds I’ve tried, and I love the different items in the mix. It comes in 500 gram (17.6 oz.) packages, for $8, with free delivery for two packages. Or, half-size package at 250 grams (8.8 oz.) for $4.

I never even liked honey until I tried Noshy’s, made by bees feeding on wild flowers in private, non-commercialized hives in the Riobamba area. It’s organic and 100% pure. (No chemical preservatives, pesticides, or fungicides.) Sold in sanitized glass jars for $7/pound (16 oz.), with free delivery for 2 pounds. The taste and texture are like no honey I’d had before, and I’ve now gotten several jars.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 150 5795 for WhatsApp or phone

Recommended by Jean McCord:

Recommendation for Mixing School, cocktails – ready to drink

I went to a friend’s party here in Cuenca last weekend and was surprised by how they were serving great vodka, rum, gin but with really bad mixers. The following week I attended another get together but our host had pre-ordered already mixed drinks. Mixed by a professional bartender in already mixed glass bottles. I found the cocktails to be delicious. The classics: Cosmopolitan, White Lady and Mai Tai and others. My favorite was the Oreo creamy liquer, the best after dinner drink ever. I was so impressed, I ordered every type of drink they sold, just to have them on hand whenever I had unexpected guests.


Recommendation for Mustafa Aladawi, computer technician

After several stressful weeks of trying to get a few of my systems up and running again, I contacted Mustafa. I sat back and watched him run his fingers over the keyboard and poof! Up and running again.
(It was actually a little more than that, but you get my drift.)

Don’t wait and let frustration develop, call Mustafa.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 408 7897

Recommended by Donna Cumming:

Recommendation for Servicuenca, leak repair

We started noticing moisture and slight discoloration all around the ceiling of our living room and bathroom located on the first floor of our home. We searched online for someone that could help us and came across Servicuenca. They were prompt in responding to our emails and stopped by to look at the damage. The very next day they started working on the roof, sealing up all of the entry points where water could be filtering into the house. After a few hours of completing that part, they then proceeded to fix the visible damage on the ceiling of the living room and bathroom. The entire project took 2 days, and after a few rainy days, no more leaks!

Great company with outstanding customer service.

Address: Avenida Gonzalez Suarez

Contact information:

Recommended by Margaret Miller:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture Design, custom made furniture

We’ve had several pieces of custom furniture made by Fernando Mora Lascano at Aleppo Furniture & Design, including raised double beds with drawers and a Morris chair. Fernando and his wife Caroline produced and delivered exactly to our specifications. Fernando speaks fluent English, does excellent work, communicates in a timely manner, and shows up on time. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Address: Avenida Ordóñez Lasso #13-13, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Carolyn V. Hamilton:

Recommendation for Bigotte Barbershop and Lounge

I visited Bigotte Barbershop today for a simple haircut. Instead, I had an amazing spa experience.

The owner, Mauricio Granda L., was an impeccable host with excellent English. He guided me through extensive and enjoyable spa services.

I highly recommend Bigotte to every man wishing to be spoiled.

Address: Edificio Dalí, Miguel Morocho, Cuenca 010111

Contact information: 099 580 0977

Recommended by Rob English:

Recommendation for Kolo, restaurant and catering

Where do you go when you have a hankering for a Cuban sandwich? To Cuenca’s favorite Cuban, of course. Frank Gonzalez makes a real Cuban sandwich, not one of those skimpy little things with Wonder Bread and a thin slice of ham. Beautiful, thick pieces of smoked ham and roasted pork will leave you with a smile. And don’t forget to grab some cinnamon rolls to take home. Lots of flavor and a great moist texture, they’re a safe bet.

Address: Luis Cordero #5-65 and Juan Jaramillo in the hotel La Vieja Mansion

Contact information: 099 297 5788

Recommended by Taylor Brooke: 09 920 3812

Recommendation for Christian, awesome painter/art installer, painting and makeover/art work hanging.

We decided our condo needed a makeover and contracted Christian, who is not only very reasonable, but detailed, professional and uses high-quality Sherwin Williams paints.

When you contract Christian he will give you a great quote, paint schematic, set a date and you have a new room.

Christian also speaks English, which is a plus.

We love to do business with local businesses who not only do great work but feel like family. We recommend Christian with full endorsement.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 573 4584

Recommended by Rosemary Rein:

Recommendation for Ta’Lico, restaurant

An interesting thing happened to me the other day. I was supposed to meet friends at Ta’Lico, a Chinese restaurant across from Hotel Oro Verde for lunch, but for some reason the others ended up at a neighboring Chinese restaurant and I ended up sharing lunch with Ta’Lico’s owner all by myself.

Another interesting thing is that many years ago I lived and worked in China for a year and I developed a great love of Chinese cuisine.


Recommendation for Dr. Mario Sanchez, holistic dentist

Have you ever wished there were an alternative to traditional dentistry in which not just your teeth, but the rest of your body were taken into consideration with any proposed dental treatment? Dr. Mario Sanchez is your guy. He is knowledgeable, gentle, kind and fair and I would highly recommend him to you.

Address: 10 de Agusto 4-140 y Agustin Cueva

Contact information: 099 827 0149

Recommended by Susan Arlitt:

Recommendation for Dr. Marco Carrión Monsalve, orthopedic surgeon

After seeing two other orthopedic surgeons here in Cuenca, I found the one that worked for me. I tried other remedies suggested and performed by other orthopedic surgeons that were unsuccessful. Fortunately, I found Dr. Carrion. Not only did he diagnose my problem before an x-ray, which he was (spot-on), he completed two hip replacements (3 months apart from each other). As a result, I have recovered 100%. I can walk without the use of any aids. (no wheelchair, walker, crutches, or cane). I am back to my usual activities, including biking, dancing, yoga, and long walks.

Dr. Carrion is highly professional and demonstrates a perfectionist attitude, which is evident in his results. I almost lost hope for this type of surgery here in Cuenca, but he restored my faith. I appreciate his kindness and honest opinion and recommend that anyone seeking a hip replacement consult with him first. Also, he speaks fluent English. His helpful aide, Tania, also deserves two thumbs up with her quick responses via WhatsApp and procedural assistance. A great team!

Address: Monte Sinai, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 938 9305

Recommended by Cynthia Connell:

Recommendation for Alex Mejia, Cuenca’s IT Guy; IT and more

My hard drive crashed a couple weeks ago, and I got a guy to come replace it. I ended up paying $250 for a 500GB hard drive (that apparently can be purchased here for around $100) and $25 per hour for the work.

Unfortunately, the guy installed an older Spanish version of Windows and then just changed the language to English. I had nothing but problems afterwards, lag like you would not believe in the game I play, to the point it was simply unplayable; typing in Word or Excel was horribly slow; the “sleep” function had completely disappeared as an option when closing the lid of the laptop, Windows was no longer compatible with the upcoming Windows 11, I had to get the printer to work myself, and I was frustrated to the point that I did what I should have done in the first place, called Alex Mejia, the guy with super recommendations by many expats.

Alex, who charges $25 for a two-hour house call and only $5 per hour if it takes longer, came to check it out. He figured out that Windows was using way too many resources to decode the language from Spanish to English. He let me sit next to him and watch everything he was doing (boy, he’s fast!), and it was obvious he’s a professional with 25 years of experience. Unfortunately, there was no way to make the computer function better without installing a newer, English version of Windows, no matter how he tweaked it. He came today, backed up all my stuff, installed the new OS, reinstalled all my programs, answered all my questions, got rid of all the junk that comes along with Windows (I had no idea how very intrusive Windows is), and my computer is running faster and better than it has since it was brand new.

If you need anything done with a computer, Windows or Mac, Alex is the man to call. He’s been here in Ecuador for three years and has been helping the gringo community all along. He’s an extremely nice guy who now has my trust 100%. Who you gonna call? Alex, that’s who.

Phone 099 289 3125 (he speaks perfect English as well as Spanish), email

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by M Hill:

Recommendation for Andrea Picon, physical therapist

After going through several physical therapists, I found one that was on top of her game. Andrea Picon (Praxia) worked with me through an unsuccessful hip arthroscopic surgery for several months. Finally, when things were not improving, and I had (2) successful hip replacements, her expertise and encouragement led me to a full recovery. Andrea is professional and very competent in her field. She is knowledgeable in areas of healing and pushes the patient (me) to their maximum potential. Also, since I had to attend P.T. 3x a week, her father could pick me up at my residence for all appointments. A private pick-up made it extremely convenient, as a taxi or bus would have been challenging. It’s a family affair that genuinely cares about your recovery. Andrea has WhatsApp and speaks English.

Address: Cajabamba 4-91 y Joan Tenecela Esquina

Contact information: 099 943 4648

Recommended by Cynthia Connell:

Recommendation for Kelly Cordova of Cordova Asociados, legal / visa / wills

I was fortunate to be referred to Kelly Cordova, Abogada, working as a lawyer in Loja and her associates at Cordova and Asociados Servicios Legales.

Honesty, professionalism, integrity. All watchwords and standards for Kelly and her organization.

Kelly assisted me with obtaining my temporary visa in record time with the Cedula following shortly afterwards. I have not had the need yet but Cordova and Asociados Servicios Legales also specialize in:


Recommendation for Olmes Mejia l Salon, hair and nail salon

Need a haircut or manicure or pedicure while at Plaza Las Americas? We have been clients at Olmes Mejia for almost 4 years. This is a family-owned business. Their service is superb, absolutely professional and the location is very convenient. Stop by and find out about how they can accommodate you.

Address: Plaza Las Americas

Contact information: 098 407 3864

Recommended by Varsi Padayachee:

Recommendation for Yeya’s Spa, spa and salon services

The services offered and received are top notch. I have had Botox and fillers provided by Yeya. Yeya also offers micro blading and microshading as well as eyelashes that lasts for 3 months. Cut and color provided by Fanny and nails and pedicures provided by Verocito. The spa is new, spacious and very clean.

Address: Edificio Cuarto Rios Primero de Mayo y Las Americas. Ground Floor

Contact information: 099 100 8653

Recommended by Dyann Cook:

Recommendation for Sra. María, food and drink delivered

It’s that time of year for Colada Morada and Sra. María makes the best. She also makes humitas and other delightful treats. You can have these great foods delivered to your house by Sra. María herself. Please contact her via WhatsApp at 098 527 9571.

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Kim Curls:

Recommendation for Kolo, restaurant/catering

Many folks know Frank’s restaurant, Kolo, is a great place for breakfast and lunch, but did you know they are excellent caterers as well?

Last Wednesday my wife Linda and I hosted 40 people to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Helping Kids in Ecuador at our apartment. Kolo did the catering, and the food was delicious and plentiful, the service was impeccable and Frank handed the bar personally.

Need some catering? You can’t beat Kolo!

Address: Luis Corderro 5-65, second floor Hotel Vieja Maison

Contact information: 099 297 5788

Recommended by Ray Lewis: 099 514 8449

Recommendation for Origin Bistro, restaurant

We tried a relatively new restaurant in Cuenca – Origin Bistro near the 911 building. The restaurant has outside and indoor seating and is protected from the elements.
We had the onion soup and French Dip and both were excellent. You won’t be disappointed.

Address: Rafael Torres Beltran and Victor Leon Vivar

Contact information: 096 137 5642

Recommended by Eliot Rose:

Recommendation for Eddy at Formas and Estilos, re-upholstery

I contacted Eddy to re-upholster two ottomans with hinge opening storage and unique stitching design along with six dining room chairs. I wanted the foam and fabric replaced. Along with replacing the foam and fabric, I wanted the fabric sewn more like a cushion rather than simply stretching the fabric over the seat and fastening.

Eddy always responded to me timely via WhatsApp, arrived on time and delivered when promised. The ottomans look amazing with all the detailed stitching and the dining chairs were sewn exactly as requested (provide photo). Eddy takes pride in his work and wants his customers to be satisfied, I highly recommend him.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 579 8862

Recommended by Tammy Lowe: 098 888 5937

Recommendation for 3-star Michelin chef, restuarant

We are so privileged to have Nick Vanhasselt, a 3-star Michelin Chef here in Cuenca. My wife and I, along with a couple of friends, had a delicious 6 course dinner there at El Lobo Café this past Thursday (5 course for my wife). The 5 course for my wife included beef, and the 6 course included beef and fish. The food and service were fantastic. We don’t normally dine from 8 to 10 PM, but once in a while we will do so for a special dinner with friends with Nick as our chef. The price of $30 for the 5 course and $40 for the 6 course is a steal compared to 3 Star Michelin restaurants in North America and Europe.

Address: Parque de La Madre, Cuenca

Contact information: 096 411 8310

Recommended by Joe Hill:

Recommendation for Adrian Puli Gustavo, driver, handyman, painter,

Driver for shopping, tours, knows Cuenca and other cities. Reasonable prices. He is consistent that his car is in safe shape overhauled engine, new tires.

He has facilitated in helping me to make doctor appointments, lawyer appointment for visa renewal, IESS, my end-of-life services. I liked his help in airport trips for myself and visitors, as well as tours to historic sites.

Adrián, compatible, steady worker. He fixed my outdoor wall water heater, installed garden brick walkway, improved fence gate has equipment for grass cutting. Inside work; he installed railings and fixtures for hanging paintings, found a part for the portable gas heater that everyone else said was unavailable.

He can help with vehicle registration and inspection. Adrian builds nice living room furniture. Ask for photos.
Adrián can provide personal references from satisfied clients

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Kolo, restaurant

A friend and I recently visited Kolo for lunch. I had the Gumbo which was delicious, and a small salad. The salad was filled with fresh crisp vegetables and a light vinaigrette. My friend had the cinnamon roll pancakes; so decadent and delicious.

We all know and love Frank, but his staff is just as friendly, accommodating and efficient as Frank is. The restaurant is bright and cheery, with tables spread out. We’ve tried almost everything on the menu, and haven’t been disappointed once.

Address: Luis Cordero and Juan Jaramillo

Contact information: 099 297 5788

Recommended by Rose Christensen: 098 304 4260

Recommendation for Jazz Society Cafe Japanese Sunday Brunch, Restaurant

Go check and enjoy the Jazz Society Cafe´s Japanese brunch.
The food was delicious and plentiful.
They have plant-based option, homemade soba noodles, wonderful salads and sushi.

Address: Los Cedros y Los Claveles

Contact information: 096 322 3377

Recommended by Michelle Pullman: 098 732 8117

Recommendation for Patricks, bar and restaurant

It is a beautiful place from the outside. I have seen it small, but upon entering it has a second floor with a terrace with a unique view.
I saw it for a post by Patrick world.
Their BBQ ribs are from another world.
Visit it!

Address: Luis Cordero and Honorato Vasquez

Contact information:

Recommended by Jesse Brookshires:

Recommendation for Olger Avila, Ecuador tours

We recently completed a four-day tour to Soraguro, Loja, Vilcabamba and Zamora using Olger’s services. Olger has arranged many tours over the years for a number of clients. Andre can arrange “canned” tours where everything is carefully planned out, or “al la carte” trips where you make arrangements on the go.

Our trip was more or less a hybrid. We had some prearranged stops with accommodations, and some of the activities were on the go.

Accommodations and activities are selected based on your particular likes and budgets. Olger spent many years in the US, and he understands how we expats think, what we like and don’t like. He can provide valuable insights into what you are experiencing. His English is excellent.

My wife and I look forward to our next trip with Olger.

Address: Cuenca, EC

Contact information: 098 431 5433

Recommended by Doug Greenlee:

Recommendation for Paradise Indian Restaurant, honest businessman

Yesterday my friend and I dined at owner, George Abin’s restaurant for lunch. An unhurried yummy meal, as usual. Ready to leave we were caught in the common afternoon downpour and I was without rainwear or even an umbrella. My friend was well equipped so walked home and I asked George if he could call a taxi for me, as I’ve tried numerous times to download the Azutaxi app on my phone but to no avail.

The driver promptly appeared, dropped me home but once in my house I discovered my wallet was missing. A call back to George had him contact the driver through the app. The driver found my wallet, delivered it back to Paradise Restaurant and George drove it to my apartment, all contents intact.

So at least two honest people crossed my path that day and I’m very grateful for that outcome.

Guess what kind of food I’ll be eating more often?

Address: Parque de Madre, Tadeo Torres y Federico Malo

Contact information: 09 846 2876

Recommended by Mary B.:

Recommendation for Sandra Mejia, Spanish Lessons


I have been taking Spanish lessons from Sandra Mejia online since the beginning of the year. I highly recommend Sandra.

Sandra’s schedule is very convenient. Her classes are designed to your interests and Spanish level.

Sandra lives right in Cuenca.

JC Mancuso

Address: Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by JC Mancuso:

Recommendation for Jesus, manufacturer of furniture and scratching posts

I contacted Jesus to make furniture in my apartment, a closet and two tables, Jesus came and took some measurements and explained the material to me. He is a young boy with experience. I ordered from him a closet and two tables in pine wood. His delivery was punctual, the furniture was as I wanted and the work very well in the details. I also ordered a scratching post for my cat, Sole. We are both very happy with his work. I recommend him for any furniture project and his scratching posts for cats.

Address: Cuenca Centro

Contact information:

Recommended by Ava Mitchell:

Recommendation for Visa Angels, visa facilitators

My wife and I have recently had the great pleasure of using Visa Angels to acquire our temporary visas and cedulas. From the time we contacted Visa Angels – while we were still in the States and some year-and-a-half before we arrived in Ecuador – Jodie Mansfield, their director, let us know exactly and precisely what we would need to do and how and when to do it; she left no T uncrossed and no I undotted. In addition, she was always available and responded to our emails almost before we sent them.

We followed Jodie’s instructions to the letter and had absolutely not one problem or glitch in getting our visas and cedulas. Jodie and her associates (Giovanny Vallejo, Sara Carcamo, and Dani Dunia) at Visa Angels could not have been more helpful and expert; it is no exaggeration to say that they worked at helping us get our temporary visas and cedulas as if they were working to get them for a close friend or family member. We joyfully and confidently recommend Visa Angels as the “go-to” group to get the job done in a manner characterized by high professionalism and empathetic understanding. The fact that the overall cost of Visa Angels was significantly less than many other similar services was simply icing on the Cuenca cake.

Larry & Chrystal Holley

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Larry and Chrystal Holley:

Recommendation for Viva Mas, health products and services

Viva Mas is a new addition to the Cuenca community that offers an integrated program of healthy foods, supplements, and professional care. Its owners, Farzin and Kafa, are healthcare providers with a wholistic approach that includes diet, nutritional supplements and medical attention. Their commitment to their work is obvious in everything they say and do, and they bring a wealth of experience to the job. I highly recommend Viva Mas as a great source of sound advice, quality supplements, and tasty healthy foods.

Address: Luis Moreno Mora 5-47 y Roberto Crespo Toral, Cuenca

Contact information: 093 900 9760 (English) 098 944 4492 (Español)

Recommended by Paul Anthony:

Recommendation for Naná Mil y un Deleites, desserts

Naná Mil y un Deleites offers the best desserts made with choux pastry in Cuenca.

Following her great-grandmother’s steps on baking desserts with the love that she puts into each dessert that’s requested by her clients, reflects the effort and dedication she puts into her delights.

We have had the opportunity to order the karpatka and profiterol cakes, putting her own Venezuelan touch on both occasions they have been exquisite, and with affordable prices from $14. She has always been punctual in her delivery and her English is fluent.

Address: Luis Moscoso y Manuel Ochoa (Cuenca)

Contact information: 099 619 1208

Recommended by Veronica Torres: 098 559 4745

Recommendation for Pan Artesanal La Danesa, bakery

Pan Artesanal La Danesa is a wonderful Danish bakery, run by the professional baker, Vibeke Moberg. She makes all kinds of breads, dinner rolls, muffins, and pies and cakes, too.

Vibeke does a spectacular rye bread (with seeds or without), perfect for soups for dinner on a cold evening. She can also do a regular whole wheat loaf with yeast, and a delicious sour dough.


Recommendation for Hugh Prather, The Rose Guy

After seeing a notice in GringoPost about 50 roses delivered to any US address in 4-5 days, I thought what a wonderful birthday present it would be for our daughter in a tiny town in Nebraska. I ordered 50 of her favorite color, there is a large selection, with a delivery date in 4 days for the special day. However, I didn’t think they would ever make it to her remote area on time.

I was so wrong! Hugh Prather sent me frequent notices about the delivery as the roses were en route. They arrived exactly on time and as described in GringoPost, are the most beautiful roses, so fresh like she had just picked them from her own yard. She is so thrilled and will be able to enjoy them for a long time. I will definitely be sending more in the future.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Phyllis Theodos: 099 115 9173

Recommendation for Bryan Vidal, travel agency

Planning a trip? Call Bryan at CATSA. Very knowledgeable, efficient, courteous, service minded and excellent English. Available and willing to modify your travel plans/schedules while on your trip.

Address: Av 12 de Abril y Peralta. Edificio Paseo del Puente #5. 099 492 3033

Recommended by John Helms:

Recommendation for Laredo’s TexMex (Otorongo Plaza)

I have to give a shout out to Laredo’s TexMex in Otorongo Plaza. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant with amazing TexMex food. The owners speak English and Spanish fluently. If you like spice they can turn up the spice combined with great flavors. Best Mexican style food in Cuenca in my opinion.

Address: Otorongo Plaza

Contact information: 93 917 3689

Recommended by Jeffrey Mack: 99 348 5141

Recommendation for Segundo Prado appliance repair

I used Segundo for repairing my floor cleaning Roomba once before. Another part on it needed to be replaced and both Segundo and I thought the current repair could be done in 10 minutes. This was impossible. Segundo worked on this for nearly 2 hours and worked right through his dinner to help me out. The Robot can once again find its home by itself and I am forever grateful for Segundo’s ability and perseverance.

I give him my strongest recommendation.

Address: Cuenca,

Contact information: 593 98 446 3480

Recommended by Lina Maria Hernandez Holguin:

Recommendation for “Go To” guy – various jobs, handyman, cleaner, translator

Please consider Elix Solorano for your household jobs including house cleaning. I have known him for over 3 years now and he has become a close friend who I trust implicitly. He is from Venezuela and has all his papers in order and also his visa for work. He painted the interior of my house, hung pictures, installed curtain rods, cleaned my floors and windows, even prepped food for a function I was hosting. He moved heavy furniture, watered my plants when I went away for a week, walked my 2 dogs when I had surgery and my garden looks beautiful now that he has brought it back to life. He can also assist you as a translator with doctor’s appointments, opening a bank account, legal matters etc. He worked for over 3 years as a waiter and food prepper at various restaurants here in Cuenca. Elix speaks perfect English. He is your “go to” guy to help you in many areas.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: Cell: 096 043 1473 / WhatsApp +593 96 043 1473

Recommended by Cindy Benson:

Recommendation for Dr. William Vinueza, physiotherapist

Due to severe sciatic pain from compressed discs, we had gone from walking 5 plus miles a day to maybe one half block. A friend with a similar problem had recommended Dr. Vinueza.

After 10 sessions there is a 70% improvement, allowing us to walk almost as before. While the doctor does not speak English, he is easy to communicate with.

Address: Edifico Coumbus Felipe II and Isabela de Catolica

Contact information: 099 912 7911

Recommended by Tod Freeman: