Recommendation for Santa Cruz Mexican Restaurant/Bar

This is a wonderful new restaurant and bar in all ways. The food is outstanding and portions large; the drinks delicious and generous (largest pour of a glass of wine I have seen anywhere in Cuenca); and the staff friendly, helpful and efficient. Margaritas are 2 for 1 all day, beer also. There is even a very good Mariachi band some evenings. There is a covered patio, several areas of indoor seating, and room for private groups. Great place for card playing groups, book clubs, birthday parties, etc.

It is certainly worth a visit! They welcome all, your pet included.
Visit them and help these young entrepreneurs to succeed while simultaneously giving yourself a treat. Open 7 days a week, noon – 10 PM. See photos on Facebook.

Address: Esmeraldas 2-20 y Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 099 926 9635

Recommended by Anne Sangine:

Recommendation for Guey Tortillas Mexicanas, manufacturing authentic Mexican food products

If you only shop at the major super markets here in Cuenca and have tried to cook real Mexican food, I feel your pain. You have to be imaginative, forgiving and willing to roll your sleeves up. Even then it’s a tossup and you may not get anything close to good or much less authentic.

One company has made it infinity easier for those of us, who enjoy Mexican food; Guey Products Mexicanos. They make authentic, delicious Mexican food products.


Recommendation for Bryan Vidal B., travel agency

I recently went to CATSA Travel Agency to book a flight to the US. In past years I have always booked my own flights. This year flight costs had gone much higher and I finally gave up on looking for what I wanted. I had read several good reviews about Bryan Vidal B. in GringoPost in the past, so I stopped by the agency. He listened and checked airlines for what I wanted.

He understood what I was looking for, and found an excellent option for me that fit all my needs. He was able to get my cheap seat upgraded a bit, and even booked my LATAM flight an exceptional rate. Basically, he saved at least $300 over anything I had found.

Of course, I’m a senior and got every discount I could, which helped. But his attention to detail and the ease of this booking were incredible. He followed up on everything he said he would. I don’t rave about many people, but he is everything a travel agent should… and more!

Address: Edf. Paseo del Puente Ofc. 5 Av. 12 de Abril y José Peralta

Contact information: 099 492 3033

Recommended by Lorraine Askam:

Recommendation for Viverocuenca, Gardening

Raul and Marcia delivered new plants from their nursery for my terraces and interior and did a great job of cleaning up and refreshing my existing plants as well as adding new ones. Their plants were all healthy and beautiful. They arrived at the appointed time and did their work efficiently and neatly.

I recommend them highly. Contact Mateo at the email address and he will manage your requests.


Contact information:

Recommended by Cynthia Mills:

Recommendation for Emilio Morocho, travel guide / private transportation

We used Emilio to drive us from Guayaquil to Cuenca, to take us on a day long tour of the arts and crafts towns outside of Cuenca, and to drive us from Cuenca to Puerto Lopez. Emilio speaks fluent English, has extensive knowledge of the history of Cuenca and Ecuador, is friendly and reliable, and charges reasonable rates for his services. Highly recommended!

Address: Cuenca Car Share, Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 699 5694

Recommended by Diane Bancel: +593 98 610 5426

Recommendation for Jia Ji, Chinese restaurant

The best dumplings in Cuenca. After living in Los Angeles, I became
spoiled with the many Asian cuisine options, especially the dumpling. After many years of a dumplingless Cuenca, we now have a lot of options available to us.

The cream of this crop is Jia Ji. Chicken/pork/veggie/and shrimp options are made fresh in house and served with a spicy sauce. These are also the best price in town. I’ve only tried a couple other dishes here, all of which were delish. I just prefer to fill up on the dumplings. Conveniently located right at a bus stop on Ordonez Lasso just past the first light after Av. Americas.
open 11 AM to 9 PM Monday thru Sunday

Address: Ordonez Lasso 6-108

Contact information: 096 139 9316

Recommended by Ken from Nectar:

Recommendation for Jissy Hernandez, physical therapist

The best physical therapist of Cuenca. 099 067 0833 , she does home calls.

Address: Juan Jose Astudllo y Eduardo Crespo Malo

Contact information: 099 067 0833

Recommended by Roosvelt Rojas: 098 162 6813

Recommendation for Colibre adventures, hiking

We had an amazing experience with those two young guys. We had a hike in Pachamama and Guaguazhumi which were great! They took the time to show us magnificent places. We strongly recommend them. Don’t hesitate!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 174 1765

Recommended by Nathalie Vansippe: +593

Recommendation for Fixitcuenca, IT business

I wanted to wait to write the recommendation so I can confirm, but now that I have no further issues, I can recommend this gentleman without concern. I was having issues with my computer constantly turning off. The screen goes black multiple times throughout the day. As I create content, you can imagine the frustration.

I took the computer to a local shop here and they “fixed” it, but I still had issues for months after. I saw Fixitcuenca’s post and contacted the gentleman, Cody. Needless to say, I was skeptical, but I took my device to him and within a few minutes he identified the problem. It took him about one hour to resolve the issues with the cables inside the device, and even cleaned the device for me and made sure to test all other hardware (no issues). It’s safe to say this young man saved me and now I can continue creating video content without any issues.

Address: Gonzales Suarez, Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Jasmine P:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design, custom furniture

From our first email contact to design to delivery, we couldn’t be happier with our experience with Aleppo Furniture and Design. Every requested detail was delivered on time and beyond expectations. From a stock internet photo to finished product, we couldn’t be happier with our new, custom puzzle table.

Address: Ordoñez Lasso, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Brian Riggs:

Recommendation for Cooperativa 23 de Julio, banking

I would like to put in a recommendation for Marco Leon at the cooperative de Ahorra y Crédito 23rd of July. They are a strong and safe co-op and they offer the best rates on a CD. You can contact him at his office at Gonzalez Suarez y Calle 13 de Abril or 593 99 291 3161. He speaks English.

Address: Gonzalez Suarez y Calle 13 de Abril

Contact information: 593-99 291 3161

Recommended by John Foote:

Recommendation for Jimmy Ortiz, runs errands, GYE pickup

I had saved Jimmy’s contact from over a year ago when he delivered an office chair I bought from someone repatriating. His great English struck me plus he’s got a spacious SUV. We helped me bargain furniture at Rotary and drove me safely back home.
Looking for someone new to make your life easier? Give Jimmy a call!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 301 0279

Recommended by Mary B:

Recommendation for Bernan’s Pantry, homemade food products

Bernan’s Chicken Pot Pies

In the almost eight years that we have lived in Cuenca, we have been steady customers of Bernan’s Pantry. We love all their products that we have tried. We are big Tex-Mex lovers and buy a lot of their No Tell Rotel, Picante Sauce, etc.

When I saw their post announcing their Chicken Pot Pies, I knew I wanted to try them. The pot pies are amazing. There are two crusts, both of which are great. I thought the bottom crust might be soggy, but it wasn’t. It was as good and flaky as the top crust. Their filling is not too thick nor too runny. They have struck just the right balance and it’s loaded with chicken and vegetables. The pie is a full meal deal and for the price is a great value. I plan on keeping several in my freezer at all times for those many nights I don’t feel like cooking.

I can highly recommend Bernan’s for all their products including their new Chicken Pot Pie.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Carol Boughner:

Recommendation for Amapola, restaurant

We had a truly amazing experience this week in Cuenca. We visited the home of famed Ecuadorean ceramic artist Eduardo Vega and were taken on a guided walk on the family’s nature trail by the artist’s daughter, Frederica.

Afterwards, we visited the Vega Gallery and museum and we were absolutely blown away by the beauty and creativity of the works. From mosaic murals to serving dishes to intricate figures, every piece told a story.

The grand finale was a sunset dinner at Frederica’s recently opened restaurant, Amapola featuring local and sustainable ingredients. I was too engrossed in the three-course meal to capture sunset photos, but I was able to photograph the Cuenca city lights through a cleverly placed porthole in a beautiful ceramic mural that echoes the view beyond.

There aren’t enough stars to give to this lovely experience. Special thanks to Martin Avila for facilitating the excursion.

Address: Turi, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 757 0908

Recommended by Lesley Groetsch:

Recommendation for Mustafa Aladawi, tech guru, technology

Just finished with another successful session with Mustafa. Even though he is on an extended stay in the US, we were able to connect via WhatsApp and he updated my Firestick by controlling it through my laptop. He updated everything and added a new and excellent live streaming app. He is available to help via WhatsApp. Give him a call!

Address: Currently the US

Contact information: 593 99 408 7897

Recommended by Barbara VanAbel:

Recommendation for Tere’s Gabinete, hair, nails, etc.

Tere has been cutting my hair for a few months and she has managed to make my fine hair look thicker and more stylish. She takes her time and pays attention to details and ends with a very professional job. Tere confirms what she understands are my wishes in English.

In addition to her precision hair styling, Tere has manicure and pedicure service and will also arrange for other services such as massage at your request and she offers quality hair products for sale. Currently, she has new travel sets of shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment available.

Address: Ordoñez Lasso y Los Alamos (next to EWok)

Contact information: 098 481 1365

Recommended by Cynthia Mills:

Recommendation for Pawsome Volunteers of FAAN, Animal Shelter and Rescue

FAAN (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) has been saving animals and raising awareness in Cuenca for 8 years with – unbelievably – all volunteers. Every day including holidays, President Jose Gomez drives the “Faanmobile” up into the Tarqui mountains to cook for and care for the 140 + dogs now in our temporary sanctuary. These are the most vulnerable of our dogs included, rescued, senior and unadoptable dogs

The dogs would like to thank Jose and all the volunteers at FAAN by asking for your vote in this year’s “Best of Gringo Post” Award. The Foundation is taking on a big challenge of purchasing land to build Ecuador’s most modern and sustainable shelter but the dream is within our reach thanks to our donors and volunteers. Visit us a

Address: Tarqui Shelter in Cuenca

Recommended by Rosemary Rein:

Recommendation for Colibre Adventures, hiking in Cuenca

If you are looking for a beautiful hikes and experiences, do not hesitate to contact them!
Wonderful hikes. People know what they are talking about.

Facebook: Colibre_Adventures
Instagam: Colibre_adventures
TikTok: Colire.Adventures

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 174 1765

Recommended by Jessy V.:

Recommendation for Cat Services Cuenca, scratching posts

Jesus made two beautiful scratching posts for our new kitten and she just loves them. One post is made from a pylon and the other is a straight post that even has her name on it – Skittles. The posts are made with high quality materials. His love for cats and for his work are obvious. He and his wife are very professional, prompt, and speak some English. He also uses WhatsApp. Thank you, Jesus, for keeping our kitten happy!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 273 9781

Recommended by Katie Bishop: 098 026 5238

Recommendation for Roosvelt Rojas, Rolfing therapy

I wanted to recommend Roosvelt for his great ability with the Rolfing therapy.

His massages are thorough, very comfortable, and he even makes a home appointment when necessary.

His therapy is a great stress reliever and has helped me recover from long periods of extended work and tension.

You can surely feel the benefits within a couple of sessions.

He has also helped me as a general therapist and support.

Be sure to check him out at:

Address: Eduardo Crespo Malo, Edificio la Cuadra, Oficina 11. Zona Rosa , Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 098 162 6813

Recommended by Javier Vanegas:

Recommendation for Xavier Leon, lawn and garden care and maintenance

Xavier and his wife, Lizbeth have taken care of our yard for the last three years. They are very efficient, knowledgeable, and honest. They have first class equipment and are trustworthy hard workers. Xavier does not speak English, other than a few phrases, but we were always able to communicate. He gave me an estimate for his services after seeing the size of our lot. His price is very fair, in my mind. I wouldn’t consider anyone else for our lawn maintenance needs.

Address: San Juaquin

Contact information: 098 418 5268

Recommended by Michael Ramsden:

Recommendation for FAAN-Ecuador, animal sanctuary and welfare

We’ve been volunteering with FAAN (Fundacion Amor Animal) for almost six months now. While we’re new to the organization’s eight years of rescuing and providing daily sanctuary for Cuenca’s Dogs, we are amazed at the heart, daily heroism and vision of all of the volunteers working to improve the lives of animals in our World Heritage City.


Recommendation for Colibre adventures, hiking guide

It’s was a wonderful experience hiking with these guys. They totally know everything about these trails and supply everything as well. Just go and have a great time!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Noa S:

Recommendation for Jesus Manuel, furniture repair

We highly recommend Jesus Manuel for furniture repair and custom builds. He did an excellent job repairing our wooden and upholstered furniture this weekend with prompt, efficient work and a very considerate and polite manner. Thank you Jesus, great job! He reached me very quickly after I placed an ad here in GringoPost.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 273 9781

Recommended by Coral Johnson:

Recommendation for Don Camaron, restaurant

I learned about this place from friends and I have been back several times. This neighborhood spot has 2 businesses: a restaurant and selling flash-frozen seafood.

The restaurant serves seafood dishes that are tasty at a good price. I have purchased their frozen shrimp to make shrimp cocktail and they were great. They have a huge assortment of frozen fish, shrimp, crab and lobsters.

Family run business, nice people.

Address: Ave Alfonso Moreno Mora 1-129 y Ave Solano

Contact information: 099 695 5626

Recommended by John Barr:

Recommendation for Santorinos, restaurant

For the past 7 years, I have eaten lunch here each week with my ladies card group. We have followed them through several location changes. You would think that by now we would be tired of their food. But really, just the opposite. While they are known for their pizza, they have Italian pasta dishes and meat and vegetable dishes too. Their vegetables are the best in town; fresh, steamed and cooked perfectly.

We commented recently that for the quality of food they serve, they should be much busier. So, I wanted to share our experience and suggest you give them a try.

Address: Calle Imbabura 4-28 y Av Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 097 998 1179

Recommended by Deb Davis:

Recommendation for Sandra Avilés, Spanish and Italian teacher

I am reposting this recommendation as I have some additional important information.

I want to again highly recommend my Spanish teacher, Sandra Avilés, to other expats learning either Spanish or Italian – she teaches both languages. She can work in person or remotely by Zoom. She can come to your house.
Sandra is very bright, competent, detail-oriented, fun, and friendly. She has a bachelor´s degree in teaching Italian, which she earned in Italy and which I think is very relevant for her ability to teach Spanish clearly. Sandra is currently in a program at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja for teaching foreign languages in general. She speaks good English.

Sandra believes, as do I, in the importance of immediate corrections by the teacher; that is, I like that she interrupts my speech to correct my mistakes, rather than us just having a nice conversation.

Address: Email her at or call or WhatsApp her at 095 871 7468.

Recommended by Jeff Van Pelt:

Recommendation for Beverly Vazquez, attorney

Recently my partner and I decided to get our wills made so that we could feel confident knowing our survivors would be able to settle our affairs easily. An expat friend of ours who has lived here for a number of years recommended Beverly. With her expertise we were able to know that our assets would be distributed according to our wishes.

Because my partner and I each have a child from a previous marriage, we had been told that our estates could not legally be distributed as we wanted. Beverly worked tirelessly with us to make certain that our assets would be protected and disbursed according to our personal preferences. She also helped us get proper person of authorities to facilitate the process. She is fully bilingual, detail-oriented, very reasonably priced and verifies everything is done correctly.

Because of her commitment to excellence, we highly recommend Beverly Vazquez for any legal needs you may have.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 097 920 2143

Recommended by Tery Carroll:

Recommendation for Red Tag Moving Company, local moving business

This is the 3rd move for us in 7 years and, once again, Debra and her crew just did a stress-free and above reproach stellar job for us! Same crew, same expertise, work ethic, reliability and just all around wonderful human beings!

Debra always says she is not the cheapest outfit in town but her rates are extremely fair for the job she and her guys do! 3 moves, 6 truckloads each move and not a single scratch, dent or mishap of any kind.

Do yourself a huge favor and at least meet with her to give you a quote!

Address: Calle Gran Colombia and Unidad Nacional

Contact information:

Recommended by Amanda Galioto:

Recommendation for Rami hairdresser, haircuts

Rami may be the best hairdresser for women and men in Cuenca. I have been butchered by hairdressers in Cuenca who do not understand fine, straight short hair. And I finally found one!
Rami is Syrian with extensive hair design training there that does not exist in Cuenca.

He runs a very comfortable, easy-to-reach salon on Alfonso Borrero just around the corner from the SRİ building on Remigio Crespo.
Speaks English and Spanish.
Reasonable, affordable price and top quality.
099 900 0427

Address: Alfonso Borrero and Remigio Crespo, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 900 0427

Recommended by Martha Hooper:

Recommendation for Pablo Quizhpi, construction/remodeling

After building a house over a year ago, there were many issues that the builder never could figure out a fix for. I had many companies come out to do estimates and was very pleased to have found Austro-Pro Services and Pablo Quizhpe. He gained his knowledge through his father and construction in the USA.

He was able to figure out a roof leaking issue that plagued my builder for more than 6 months. He and his crew spent a day out at my home did detailed inspections of the issues and came up with a solution to correct this bothersome issue. He and his crew worked professionally and quickly. In fact, I now am having him bid on more projects for my home.

I can highly recommend him and his company. They seem to understand details needed to remedy issues through experience and knowledge of construction.

Address: Cordillera 3-85 y Cojitambo Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 99 813 7559

Recommended by Kenneth Korkosz:

Recommendation for Annie Schinsky, massage therapy

She is incredible. The massage takes place in her home but it is very comfortable and secluded. She is very professional and does more of a deep tissue massage. She also offers 3 massages that are 90 minutes for a total of $100. This has been a blessing for me because I don’t like Swedish massages and that is all I have been able to find here! Highly recommend.

Address: Jose Peralta y Cornelio Merchán

Contact information: 098 426 0054

Recommended by Rachel Hambley:

Recommendation for Francisco Mendoza, best brownies in town

My husband loves brownies! Moist, chewy brownies! And we finally found them! Frank and His wife make fantastic addictive brownies. Best Brownies in town. They come nicely sealed, we keep them in the fridge and they store well.

Frank speaks English and is very eager to hear feedback about what you think of his delicious brownies, You will love them!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 649 4481

Recommended by Eileen Barnhart:

Recommendation for Isabel Mosquera, facilitator

We highly recommend Isabel Mosquera for visa transfer and cedula renewal procedures. After 3 other facilitators failed, we found Isabel, and with a power of attorney, she did all the work for us, including filing papers in Azogues, obtaining an updated marriage certificate from New York State and all the other documents required for the Certificado de Cedulación at the Registro Civil. The only time we had to leave our home was the day of the renewal of the cedula.

The process may or may not take a while, but she gets it done. And, unlike the other facilitators, she replies to your email or WhatsApp.

Fell free to contact me for any other questions

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 99 960 3663

Recommended by Andre Alban: 098 167 7881

Recommendation for Alex Mejia, computer repair – IT guy

I recently installed an update on my MacBook Pro and was horrified to watch it crash and burn. It was relatively new and I did not have everything backed up as I should have. I know, I know, I’m a complete idiot. I went into full panic mode and reached out to every single person I knew for help. I had things on my computer that I absolutely could not lose.

I ended up with four recommendations and two locations. The first three people that looked at it said nothing could be done and that a “factory reset” was my only option. I was devastated. And then Alex Mejia walked through my door, and saved me. I could not possibly recommend someone more.

He came to my home and went above and beyond to fix my computer. He speaks perfect English and patiently answered every single question I asked. He even stayed afterwards and adjusted some of my settings to ensure that I would never lose anything again.

I know a lot of you already know him because I recently discovered that he is a former “Best of GringoPost” winner. But for those of you that don’t, save his name and contact information. You just never know when you’ll need a great tech guy. (If you’re reading this Alex, thank you thank you thank you, I am forever indebted to you.)


Contact information: 099 289 3125

Recommended by Meeko Pelton:

Recommendation for Rami Riden, hair salon

I would highly recommend Rami to do color or cut. I had highlights and low lights done and the color turned out beautiful. He did a 3-step process for the first visit to get the color just right. He also cut my hair and did a great job. Maintenance will be very easy now. Reasonable prices as well.

Address: Remigio Crespo y Alfonso Borrero

Contact information: 099 900 0427

Recommended by Deb Davis:

Recommendation for Andres Astudillo, M.D., Surgeon

I had the privilege of “scrubbing” for a year with two surgeons during my brief stint in US Army. I’m pleased to compare surgical services at Clinica Latina, from surgeon Andres Astudillo, M.D., which met my every expectation of excellence. Andres’ English is perfect from his multiple US residency stints. Following a surgical hernia repair at VA hospital in US that did not “hold” (note, care I receive through VA is otherwise excellent), the follow-up “cut” at Clinica Latina has been 100% effective. I found all aspects of care excellent: delay as I adjusted to BP medicine, echo cardiogram in advance, EKG, blood, chest X-ray prep, HIGHLY organized operating theater, clear head after surgery, one night stay, pain management, post-op visit. OK, you could say that I’m more than pleased!

Address: Av. 3 de Noviembre 3-50 y Unidad Nacional, Cuenca

Contact information: 07-284 6666

Recommended by John Porterfield:

Recommendation for Lisa Gonzaga, Movistar Plans

I want to recommend Lisa Gonzaga and her Movistar Plans, if you are new to the country or are not happy with your phone plan, she has exclusive plans for everyone and all budgets.

I am very happy, I have my business and Thanks to Lisa , I have fantastic cell phone plans and internet at my business. She doesn’t speak English well, but she understand well and can write well contact her on WhatsApp or send her text message, email is a good option too and she will help you. She told me she has a fantastic plan for clients who are over 65. Contact her for the discounts.

I highly recommended her for any problem with your line. She is ready to help you solve too.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 52 626 7132

Recommended by Monica

Recommendation for Eneida Camacho Mercado, nurse

Eneida is excellent with her assistance for any type of intravenous therapy or similar, and is economical as well. She speaks Spanish and utilizes a good means of translation so as to communicate well with her patients.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 097 886 3980

Recommended by Adam Elliot Altholtz: 098 3929 606

Recommendation for Luigi R, Painter

Strongly recommend Luigi for any painting. We set an appointment to have him give me a proposal and with a very reasonable price, he returned the following week as scheduled and did an excellent job. He’s honest, reliable, and speaks very good English

Address: Ordonez Lazo ~ Cuenca

Contact information: 099 387 7127

Recommended by Steve Kuhns:

Recommendation for Ruth Almeida: physical therapy

I broke my ankle in August. My tendons (especially Achilles) were so contracted that, had Ruth not helped me, I would never have been able to walk again. She came to my condo daily to make sure I got my full flexibility back. After a few months I was walking and dancing again, as well as climbing stairs. Ankles are slow to heal, often it is much faster.

Ruth has 40 years of experience and is not only extremely knowledgeable and experienced, but also very sensitive, caring, and nurturing. She also speaks English. I highly recommend her services.

You can contact her at 099 530 0317 or (landline) 288 8789. Her email is

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 530 0317

Recommended by Susan Schenck:

Recommendation for David Jackson, My Cuenca Nerd

Hola amigos,

If you need any type of technical help, I very highly recommend David Jackson. He has worked on my computers and installed and moved my home music system twice. He can set up your TV so that you can watch all the shows you could possibly find from all over the world. He is a great guy, very up to date on newest tech, and fairly priced. Give him a ring at the number below.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Susy Williams:

Recommendation for La Chicheria, restaurant – Ecuadorian Nouvelle Cuisine

La Chicheria used to be located on Solano, near Tres Puentes. It is now located on Av. 12 de Abril y Calle del Farol, opposite the pedestrian bridge to Plaza Otorongo. Formerly there was a restaurant here, called Vino.

La Chicheria is best categorized as Nouvelle Ecuadorian Cuisine, using local ingredients for Ecuadorion imaginative dishes.The menu is varied and includes sufficent vegetarian options. It offers one dessert of the day. In keeping with the name they offer a wide range of Chichas: Natural, Fermented and Alcoholic.

Prices are moderate ($$) and main dishes are typical, not above $8.75. We were not very hungry: we shared a starter and dessert, had a main dish each (2) and a glass of fermented Chicha each ($3). The bill came to $31.

The service by Gustavo is attentive and he skillfully navigates you through the menu. The interior is comfortable and simple with a an attractive black/white internal mural.

Opening hours: Wednesday to Saturday 12:30 – 10 PM; Sunday 12:30 – 4 PM.

Address: Av. 12 de Abril y Calle del Farol

Contact information: 098 782 3356 (Cell/WhatsApp)

Recommended by Eric Fraterman:

Recommendation for Leonardo Duran, technology services

I have had Leonardo Duran come to my house on a few occasions. He is extremely efficient and is comfortable with computers, cell phones and televisions He is very personable and very reasonable pricewise. I call him el Mago because he is a “wizard” when it comes to any technology problems.

His email is
His phone # is +593 98 352 2685

Address: He lives in Banos

Contact information: +593 98 352 2685

Recommended by Martin P Doherty:

Recommendation for Emilio Morocho, driver/facilitator/Emilio of All Trades

Greetings — we reserved our pickup from Guayaquil from Emilio Morocho (Cuenca Car Share) and he greeted us with a welcome sign, a smile, and a hug — a friendship was born. Emilio is one-of-a-kind, a true “Emilio of all trades.” He has been so helpful in our first couple of weeks here in Cuenca.

On our journey over the Cajas, he told us about the different types of vegetation we saw, he explained the cultural significance of many different sights on the drive, and he even stopped to show us and try many different varieties of fruits at a small stand on the side of the road before our journey over the pass. He made us feel immediately welcome in Ecuador.

In addition to the drive, Emilio also helped us get necessary copies of documents required for temporary residency in Ecuador, as well as helping get those items shipped to our visa agent in Quito. Without his assistance, these tasks would have been daunting, as our Spanish is currently at a restaurant level at best.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Emilio for any kind of assistance. He is a true diamond in the rough in this gem of a city in Ecuador.

Address: Cuenca EC

Contact information: +593 98 699 5694

Recommended by David Decker:

Recommendation for Francisco Mendoza, Best brownies in town

So Frank’s post yesterday caught my attention because I love brownies and yes, was tired of the dried out, tasteless ones in the local cafes. Frank has restored my faith in brownies again. In my opinion, these really are the best in town. The brownies are homemade, moist inside, crunchy outside, with chocolaty fudge and the perfect sweetness. They come freshly sealed for same day delivery. You can’t beat the price. The picture was exactly what I received. Add to that, Frank is a super nice family guy. I’ll be ordering these every week.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 649 4481

Recommended by Rob Lumpkin:

Recommendation for Isabel y Pedro Fitness

Free-weights, resistance, yoga and dance instruction

Keep your New Year’s resolution, with Pedro and Isabel, in sector La Cuadra,/Zona Rosa on Mariscal Lamar y Morocho.

Tough-as-nails Pedro enjoys making his clients sweat (or stretch, or pant or “get” dances). Isabel is likewise dedicated to teaching yoga. Flexible days and times help maximize our best intentions.

Very affordable (prices will vary, based on your needs) and all in Spanish!

Address: Mariscal Lamar y Moroho (Zona Rosa)

Contact information: Pedro (WhatsApp) 097 927 5323 Isabel (WhatsApp) 098 374 8833

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for Monica Gonzaga, realtor

Monica and her crew gets things done right! She has handled my rentals for a while now and she is fast and gets the right clients. She is the best.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Joe Durr:

Recommendation for Cuenca Car Share, Táxi diver

The best taxi drive of my life! We laughed the entire way, Emilio was so kind, generous, knowledgeable about the culture and history and I felt very safe with his driving too. As a woman travelling alone for the first time in Ecuador I couldn’t have chosen a better person for my long journey. So grateful to Emilio. Will recommend to all my friends!

Address: Cuenca Ca

Contact information: 98 699 5694

Recommended by Leonor Salgueiro:

Recommendation for Ni Tu Ni Yo, restaurant

A friend recommended Ni Tu Ni Yo and boy, are we glad he did. Cristiana makes delicious Southern Italian food that she learned from her Italian grandmother. It was the first time we ate pesto minestrone soup and it is amazing. She also makes the traditional red minestrone.

There are 3 types of lasagna and we tried the meat version and the vegetable version. We went back on a Sunday to try her Italian breakfast which she only makes on Sundays. Cristiana can explain it to you but it is something we never had before and we will be back for more. Lastly, her cookies are amazing. She makes a chocolate chip and an oatmeal raisin to die for.

Cristiana’s husband, Jorge, is the server, sommelier, bus boy, etc. When you eat there, you feel part of their family. They are a very sweet couple. Highly recommended.

Hours are Wednesday to Saturday- 12:30 to 8 PM and Sunday 9 AM – 2 PM. Closed Monday and Tuesday. A 5-minute walk from San Sebastián Park.

Address: Baltazara de Calderon 376 y Gran Columbia

Contact information: 099 985 3891

Recommended by Katy Dahl:

Recommendation for Pablo Quizhpi, home remodeling, home repairs, painting

We have used Pablo Quizhpi of Austro-Pro Services many times over the last 10 years. Pablo and his crew are consistently reliable, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. His crews are excellent craftsmen. At the end of the work day, all materials are neatly put away. Any job big or small are always handled in a timely and professional way. We highly recommend him. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a reference. Not to forget he speaks perfect English!

Address: Cordillera 3-85 y Cojitambo-Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Pam Gould: 08 269 1385

Recommendation for Rindie Fas, face lifting massage

Rendie moved to Cuenca from London, where she was a facialist for about 20 years. Her facial was certainly unique and a very positive experience. She spent about three hours massaging my head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms and face. She varies the pressure of the massage from very light to very deep and will adjust according to the individual.

This morning, the skin on my face looked plumper and my wrinkles were less noticeable. I recommend her highly and her pricing was very reasonable considering the amount of time and products she used.

Address: Condominio el Barranco #203

Contact information: 593 99 075 2613

Recommended by Cynthia B Mills:

Recommendation for Jorge Monge, plumber

Are you looking for a plumber who is highly skilled, reasonably priced and truly values his clients? Then, you will want to contact Jorge Monge. He aims to meet your needs as soon as possible. Comes on time. Quickly solves the problem. And yes, he speaks English. He has been my plumber for some years now and I will continue to use him in the future.

Address: Comes to your home.

Contact information: 099 308 0663

Recommended by Luisa Nelson:

Recommendation for Mateo Zalamea, attorney at Guerrero & Astudillo

I first went to see Mateo about some questions I had regarding changes in the renewal of my rental contract.

He patiently answered all my questions and nimbly answered all my hypotheticals.

He thoroughly and completely explained all my options and, after some discussion and coaching, we agreed that the least aggressive posture would be for me to write a letter to the landlords and explain my concerns and see how they would respond.


Recommendation for Zoe Craw, pedicure and manicure for men

The little market in ed. La Cuadra ll not only sells groceries, but Zoe, from Burma, also provides fabulous pedicures and manicures for men in a quiet back room. Although her business is aimed at men, she gave me, a woman and a resident of La Cuadra ll, the best pedicure I’ve ever had. She has had experience with diabetics, and is extremely gentle, careful, and thorough. The entire procedure took almost 2 hours, so don’t go if you don’t have time to relax!

The pedicure service is $15 and includes either a glass of wine, a beer, or a cup of coffee. It definitely was worth every penny!

Address: Ed. La Cuadra II, José Astudillo (west end) y Eduardo Crespo Malo, Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp +593 98 085 8325

Recommended by Bobette Jones:

Recommendation for Roosvelt Rojas, massage therapy

I am a long-term client of massage therapist Roosvelt Rojas. From sports injuries to the general problems of growing old, Roosvelt’s exquisite knowledge of physiology has helped me immensely. As a certified Rolfer, he uses deep tissue manipulation of both muscles and fascia not just to relieve pain but to also heal injuries. Oh, and he speaks impeccable English.

Roosvelt Rojas, contact information: 098 162 6813 – Cuenca

Recommended by David Kaplan:

Recommendation for I.C.M.A., rugs/carpets

I have bought 3 rugs from Luis Cabrera, Propietario of Alfombras I.C.M.A. and have been very pleased with the quality of the rugs and their reasonable costs. Luis is so helpful and makes shopping easy. He installs wall-to-wall carpets and does cleaning of rugs, as well. If you’re looking for a good selection of rugs at good prices, you’ll want to visit Luis at his store.

Address: Guayas 3-64 y Remigio Crespo

Contact information: 099 072 7330

Recommended by Luisa Nelson:

Recommendation for Rafael Arízaga Coellar, immigration services

If you are looking for assistance with immigration matters, I highly recommend Rafael. He is a dedicated and honest professional willing to go the extra mile to ensure his client’s success. Rafael speaks excellent English and can help in all manner of ways for those looking to resettle in Ecuador. He charges very reasonable fees and works very hard to stay current with the ever-changing and challenging immigration laws in Ecuador. He is based in Cuenca, but willing to travel to other parts of the country for face-to-face meetings.

Address: Los Fresnos, Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Linda Black:

Recommendation for Pablo Quizhpi, remodeling homes and businesses

We have used Austro-Pro Services (Pablo’s company) many times over the last 3 years. He is very reliable and trustworthy. His crew is excellent. Any job big or small he will handle in a timely and professional way. We highly recommend him. You can contact me for a reference.

And he speaks perfect English too.

Address: Cordillera 3-85 y Cojitambo Cuenca

Contact information: 099 813 7559

Recommended by Linda Leyerle:

Recommendation for Matthew Salazar, facilitator

Matthew did an excellent job selling my car for me. He did the power of attorney paperwork for as (we were away), translation, and complete sale transaction. We a very happy with his service and highly recommend him.

Address: 5823 Shale Ct.

Contact information:

Recommended by Michael J Blue:

Recommendation for Jeenny Salinas, mani / pedi

I highly recommend Jenny Salinas for your manicure/pedicure needs. She is prompt, courteous and professional. You can make an appointment on WhatsApp: 593 98 596 4967.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 593 98 596 4967

Recommended by Randy Lowry:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture

Design and create, Custom furniture and cabinets

Fernando and Carolina have managed to complete every project we’ve thrown at them, with great timing, artistic flair within budget. What better challenge than to envision an airplane propeller, then…?

Once again, we were kept abreast of the process, and a reproduction prop sits proudly on the wall.

Address: Ordñez Lasso y Calle de las Totoras

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Sieg Braun:

Recommendation for Barbecue Palace, Indian Restaurant

After hearing so much about this place, I finally decided to try it on New Years Eve. I just wanted a good hot soup and wow! The chicken manchow soup with the garlic, ginger, coriander and it hit the spot. It was delicious, settled my uneasy stomach and with the garlic naan bread filled me up. “Let’s go there tomorrow New Year’s day”, I said! Oh, my goodness, it was hard to choose something on the menu, everything just looked so good. Of course, we ordered the soup again.


Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and design, furniture maker

We are so pleased with our experience with Fernando and Carolina Mora of Aleppo Furniture and Design! The entire process was a pleasure. We went to their workplace and talked to them about what we wanted. Carolina sketched out our designs and made suggestions and they were able to give us an estimate for cost and completion date on the spot. We wanted 3 desks and a work table with drawers and they came up with the brilliant idea of making the drawers a separate unit on wheels that fit perfectly under the desk. One of the desks is going into our guest room, so we can roll the drawers out to use as a nightstand. They finished and delivered our order in just over a week! We are thrilled with the craftsmanship and quality and can’t recommend them highly enough!

Address: Ordñez Lasso y Calle de las Totoras

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Leah Bolger: 097 974 9858

Recommendation for Dra. Daniela Guillen, master in nutrition and metabolism

It’s that time of year again! Does your New Year’s resolution include getting healthy and dropping some of those pounds that seem to creep up on us as we age and our metabolism slows down? If you need a bit of assistance as you take up this challenge, may I suggest giving Dra. Daniela Guillen a call. This summer, she helped me with my weight loss struggles. I lost an embarrassing 30 pounds on her program while changing my eating habits to help with maintaining my new weight.

Address: Clinica Santa Ana

Contact information: 099 323 0799

Recommended by Joyce Cymerman:

Recommendation for Rindie, facial treatment/master aesthetician

Today, I had the most exquisite facial! If you are looking to treat yourself or you are looking to give a gift, I highly recommend Rindie. Rindie is a Master Aesthetician specializing in an unbelievably relaxing facial massage and skin treatment. She is a warm and welcoming person, making you feel absolutely comfortable. Her apartment studio is impeccably clean and professional.

P.S. Rindie speaks English

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 075 2613

Recommended by Cinnamon A.: 098 774 8120

Recommendation for Pampamisayoc Qi Gong, Chinese Qigong classes

Workshops, and more

I have been attending one-hour Qigong classes at the lovely Pampamisayoc studio on Mariscal Lamar for about one year now, three times a week more or less, and I intend to continue into the new year. From these movements, I have experienced noticeable improvements in my overall health. At first, I had various mobility issues and needed to sit in a chair during the sessions (which is quite acceptable). Now, I always stand, and now the problems have become minor ones that I simply need to be cognizant of. The general rules are ‘never force it,’ and ‘if you experience pain, back off.’ Without exception, the movements, which originated in ancient China, are gentle and flowing.


Recommendation for Roosevelt Rojas Bravo, massage therapy / Rolfing

Roosevelt does a 10 session Rolfing, which starts off regularly as in massage therapy. He progresses to deeper work throughout muscular areas in back, shoulders and limbs over a ten-week period. He speaks English as well as español.

I get occasional massage on one injured leg as well as back and arms. I fell off a bus step and injured hip and thigh. I do lifting and stretching at home on my own between massage sessions. I’m 84 and I can’t get over that being my age.

In my US life, I trained in NHI, National Holistic Institute in massage therapy in 1990 in Emeryville. I worked as a Swedish massage therapist, as well as Shiatsu Asian massage, for 20 years. Now I reap the benefits of Roosevelt’s therapy.

Address: Roosevelt has a location near Los Pinos. He does outcalls.

Contact information:

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Mother and Son Family Kitchen, catering and food delivery

I recently had a small get together and as I do not like to cook I decided to have it catered. Mother and Son Family Kitchen provided Beef Wellington Bites, Jalapeno Cheese Balls, Cranberry and Brie Bites and Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites. I also got a Dark Chocolate and Cherry Ganache Tart.

Ordering and delivery was easy and everyone really enjoyed the food. There wasn’t a single bite left! I will definitely use them again, in fact I’m thinking of ordering a Cherry Cheesecake and some homemade cookies very soon. I highly recommend them! Delicious food!

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 96 322 3377

Recommended by Sharyn Bergholt:

Recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo, physician: orthopedic surgery, sports and rehab

I have had very good medical treatments from Dr. Romo. He performed surgery on my hip for a torn labrum. I was impressed with the clinic and staff in the operating room. Dr. Romo followed up with visits to my house and I had physical therapy. I was walking almost immediately with limited weight on my hip.

I have had back pain for years and was diagnosed with a bulging disc while living in the US. I went through physical therapy there, but have always had pain in my lower back. After an MRI here, it turned out that I had another bulging disc. Dr. Romo gave me a set of ozone injections in my lower back. The first ones were done in his clinic with imaging to determine the correct sites for injection. The following injections were performed in my house. I am happy to say that I am pain free – for the first time in 16 years! I am walking and exercising and feeling great.


Recommendation for David Jackson, tech

Again David found a solution. Have been associated for years. This time to my old TCL TV sound issues… As always timely, sensitive to my understanding and financial situation. Not only my Techno Guru but as well a kind and caring friend. And, comes with a Darling Jimena who is an Event Planner. What a deal.

Address: No physical business address. Comes to you.

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Ginger Schaefer:

Recommendation for David Jackson, tech

Again David found a solution. Have been associated for years. This time to my old TCL TV sound issues… As always timely, sensitive to my understanding and financial situation. Not only my techno guru but, as well, a kind and caring friend. And, comes with a darling Jimena who is an event planner. What a deal.

Address: No physical business address. Comes to you.

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Ginger Schaefer:

Recommendation for Crea new branch, Cooperative Crea

We would like to highly recommend the new branch of Cooperative Crea, located on Unidad Nacional y Av. Mexico. This brand-new, 3 floor, stylish headquarters office has a big, highly-educated staff; many of them speak English. All representatives are very friendly and helpful.

Address: Unidad Nacional y Av Mexico, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 477 1298 / 07 500 5500

Recommended by Ava:

Recommendation for Leonardo Mocha, alterations and tailoring

I needed 3 skirts made and several items altered. 2 different friends recommended Leo. Now I know why. He politely came to my house to measure and to know exactly what I wanted and tell me what the price would be. Everything is totally up front. Every single thing was perfectly done. He comes exactly when he says that he will and his work is beyond reproach. I highly recommend Leo.

Address: Cuenca. Leo will come to you.

Contact information: +593 99 988 1633

Recommended by Janet Sinclair: 099 747 4415

Recommendation for Verenice Ortiz, importer

Whether scheduling a full or partial container from China or the U.S. Verenice is very competent in the manner in which she makes shipping arrangements and negotiates issues with customs. Verenice is the person that CosasPrep trusts with our shipments.

Telegram/WhatsApp: 099 873 4731

Address: Cuenca/Guayaquil

Contact information:

Recommended by Kent Mills:

Recommendation for Sandra Avilés, Spanish classes

I want to highly recommend my Spanish teacher to other expats learning Spanish. Sandra Avilés is very bright, competent, detail-oriented, fun, and friendly. She has a college degree in teaching Italian, which she earned in Italy and which I think is very relevant for her ability to teach Spanish clearly. Sandra is currently in a program at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja for teaching foreign languages in general. She speaks good English. She comes to your house. Email her at or call or WhatsApp her at 095 871 7468.

Address: She comes to your home

Recommended by Jeff Van Pelt:

Recommendation for Aleppo Furniture and Design

Furniture creation, upholstery and repair

If you’re considering having custom furniture designed and built or having existing furniture repaired and/or reupholstered, I strongly recommend Fernando and Carolina Mora, the owners of Aleppo Furniture & Design. We have engaged them to do a number of different challenging repair, reupholstery and furniture design/creation jobs for us and they have never failed to deliver excellent results; on time, on budget and with a level of customer service that is such a rare find these days.

Every job has been done to perfection. From initial meeting to final delivery, everything Fernando does is with painstaking attention to detail, perfect communication, and punctuality, not only for promised delivery dates but also for appointments. Fernando and Carolina are dedicated to excellent customer service in every facet of their business. Additionally, Fernando is fluent in English.

If you want a furniture job done by professionals who are true artists and who could write the book on excellent customer service, you can’t go wrong with Aleppo Furniture.

Address: Avenida Ordoñez Lasso y Calle Las Totoras 13-13 in Cuenca

Contact information: 098 781 8622

Recommended by Karl Sweetman:

Recommendation for Mia Bella Salon and Barbarazzi, Hair and nail services

Recommendation for Mia Bella and Barbarazzi. I had the pleasure of getting my hair and nails done at this salon. They offer hair and nail services at their salon located on Av. De la Americas y El arrayen. Please call for an appointment 098 387 6096.

They also have gift certificates available for purchase. An excellent gift for your loved ones this Christmas season.

Address: Av. De Las Americas y El arrayan

Contact information: 098 387 6096

Recommended by Jay Dee:

Recommendation for Mateo Leon, real estate

When we started looking for a casa, we knew we wanted Historic Central, views and a large living and green space. We loved shopping and dining in this area, but had no idea where to actually live in the area. He found the perfect house. We feel so at home in this neighborhood. He has also found the home for others we know.

If you’re looking to rent or buy anywhere in Cuenca, call Mateo Leon at CasaCity.

Address: Calle Grande Columbia Y Calle Tarqui. +593 98 623 3557

Contact information: +593 98 623 3557

Recommended by Gail L Lochner Dahl:

Recommendation for architect for your building projects, architecture

I would like to recommend José Correa, a bilingual architect, who can help you with any job big or small in an apartment or house. He is the son of an architect, and, as a young boy accompanied his father on jobs. He knows the business!

A graduate of Universidad Católica de Cuenca, José can come to your place, assess your issues, and give you an estimate of the cost.

José will oversee the workmen and communicate to them whatever needs to be done. It may be a new bathroom or kitchen, or even an extension to your house.

José can do it all with expert care.

Address: Víctor Manuel Arbonoz

Contact information: 098 468 1677

Recommended by Lynda Moore:

Recommendation for Leonardo the tech guy, any technology needs

I highly recommend Leonardo the tech guy (email –! I lost my phone and not only did he have a used phone for me to use but he restored all my information and erased everything on my old phone – it is blank. So any problem with phones, Televisions, etc. he’s the man to contact.

P.S. ask about typhoon labs a TV app with access to 4,000 channels.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Martin P Doherty: 098 479 3945

Recommendation for Freimo – Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy, Doctor

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to share my experience with doctor Marco Freire, I had some back and knee problems. I had gone to some doctors and they did not do much to alleviate or help me with the pain, until my cam gym trainer recommended me to this Doctor. The truth is that I lost hope but I gave this place a chance and that was the best decision I made, I feel much better; I have two sections left to finish my treatment. I totally recommend you go if you have any pain in the back, joints, neck, muscles, etc. The people that work there are very nice and professional.

Address: Agustin Cueva 3-55

Contact information:

Recommended by Estefy Saldana: 096 928 1990

Recommendation for Gisselle Mosquera, photographer

My wife and I had a wonderful experience getting some Christmas pictures taken with Gisselle. She speaks perfect English and is very talented. She does photography for just about any type of event or occasion you would like. Gisselle is an artist and an overall great person!

Address: Depends on event/purpose

Contact information: 099 631 9305

Recommended by Robert Frank: 096 783 6312

Recommendation for Edwin Loja, transportation

We have used Edwin Loja for years and highly recommend his services. There is more than one man named Edwin in Cuenca so be certain you are contacting Edwin Loja!

We recently used Edwin to take our group of 5 people on a road trip. We left Cuenca for Banos then to the Amazon and on to Otavalo. It was an incredible trip.

His van is very comfortable, his English is perfect, his driving skills are excellent and his personality is wonderfully friendly. He is always on time and if there is some road delay then he sends you a message that he is being delayed. Plus, his fees are very reasonable. Just great service at all times.


Recommendation for Mateo Salazar, assistance with car registration, (matrícula)

I used Mateo Salazar to help with my car registration. He has excellent communication skills. Speaks fluent English. He took the car, registered it in my name — painless for me. I appreciated that he was on time and so patient and kind with us. I’d recommend Mateo, and will definitely use his service again next year.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 436 9373 / WhatsApp +593 98 436 9373

Recommended by Eileen Barnhart:

Recommendation for Leonardo Mocha, tailor

My husband has lost weight and had 1 jacket, 1 suit jacket and 6 pair of pants altered by Leonardo. He also replaced a zipper on a housecoat of mine. The results were perfect. We highly recommend him. +593 99 988 1633 or 099 988 1633

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 988 1633

Recommended by Jofannie Karla:

Recommendation for Felix of King Smokehouse, restaurant / food products

Well, once again Felix has provided food of premium quality. He recently opened a restaurant and take out called Smokehouse Burgers. My friend and I went there to try out his burgers. Were they ever delicious! They were huge and on buns from Tosti’s, with lettuce and tomato. Felix has created a couple of sauces to put on top of the burger if you want instead of mayonnaise or ketchup. I tried both and they both are my favorites!

In addition to burgers, he has chicken wings that i have heard people rave about. Then for Thanksgiving, Felix prepared a most moist and tasty turkey for 40 people. He will be my “Go to Man” for turkeys in the future. You are
truly missing out if you don’t give Felix a try.

Address: On Don Bosco- almost across from Supermaxi

Contact information: 096 904 7724

Recommended by Luisa Nelson:

Recommendation for Ivy – owner/chef, Fri-Da Comida Mexicana restaurant

Some friends and I recently went to Fri-Da’s Comida Mexicana restaurant. What a delicious experience we all had. Everyone ordered a different meal and each one of us exclaimed how tasty each meal was. Ivy, the owner and chef, made our experience even better by sharing with us how she came to be a cook of Mexican food and opened her fairly new restaurant. The portions are ample, and the prices are reasonable. Give it a try and I think you will be happy you did!

Address: Av. Isabel la Catolico y Cieza de Leon

Contact information: 096 396 5281

Recommended by Luisa Nelson:

Recommendation for Jefferson Avilez, video editing, web design, digital marketing

If you have ever watched my YouTube channel, Grandma Goes Gringo, then you will know what an amazing editor Jefferson is! He also teaches Spanish and is an excellent waiter and is experienced in reception and customer service. He is an entrepreneur and jack of all trades. I have actually had people see my videos and ask for his contact information because of the fantastic work that he does. His rates are reasonable and he is bilingual as well. He is not only looking to advance his career but also to find work to help support himself in the meantime.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 98 668 1057

Recommended by Sharyn Bergholt:

Recommendation for Roosevelt Rojas, Rolfing/massage

Roosevelt has been working with my husband and me for the past several years. Our age and various physical complaints have caused us much discomfort. He has provided us with much pain relief through massage and Rolfing. He listens to your needs and to your body and applies techniques to provide relief. Not only is he skilled in his profession, he is kind and thoughtful; he has even come to our home when my husband was unable to go to the office. We highly recommend Roosevelt Rojas.

Address: Edificio La Cuadra I, Oficina 1-1 Unidad National and Gran Columbia

Contact information: 098 162 6813

Recommended by Gail Anne Gregory:

Recommendation for Raymipampa, Ecuadorian restaurant

If you haven’t been there yet, Raymipampa, located in Parque Calderon, a few steps from the Cathedral, is excellent in every way. Great menu and not expensive, friendly and aware staffing including management. I have been going there at least once a week for 3 years and never disappointed. The menu offerings are varied but never disappointing or expensive. The atmosphere is very alive but never noisy. Give it a try. I think you’ll be back.

Address: Benigno Malo 8-59 y Sucre

Contact information: 283 4159 or 282 4619

Recommended by Vincent Marchiolo:

Recommendation for Gabby Naula, manicurist and pedicurist

Hello, her name is Gabby, she is an experienced manicurist / pedicurist and she comes to your house and performs these services at your house.

Her vaccinations are up to date and she takes all hygiene precautions, that is, a mask, alcohol, etc. Her services are reasonable: $7 for a manicure and $15 for a pedicure and include a full hand or foot massage.

Please WhatsApp her or call 099 128 3396 after 8 AM or email

She understands and speaks some English.


Address: Baños/Cuenca/Ecuador

Contact information:

Recommended by Gabriela Naula: 099 128 3396

Recommendation for Roosvelt Rojas Bravo, Rolfing massage

I felt compelled to tell you about my wonderful Rolfing experience I have had with Roosvelt Rojas Bravo. I have always been afraid to have a Rolfing session because I’ve heard how painful it can be. I can’t believe it took me all this time before I decided to take a chance. It was not painful in the least. I have had a number of sessions now with Roosvelt and am always looking forward to my next session. He is an intuitive man when it comes to perceiving inward and understanding what is going on with the body.

I am walking so much straighter now as my posture has always been a problem for me, among many other bodily improvements. His approach to healing the body or maintaining its proper function, is his exceptional gift. Another thing I admire about Roosvelt is, he continually engages in conferences all over the world to keep up with the latest techniques. He has been awarded many honors, if I do say so myself. Give him a try!
Roosevelt Rojas Rolfer English – YouTube

Address: Edificio La Cuadra One, Consultorio 1-1, Gran Colombia y Unidad Nacional (up the hill from Common Grounds)

Contact information: Cell: 098 162 6813 / What’s App: +593 98 162 6813

Recommended by Cindy Benson:

Recommendation for Mateo Salazar, Facilitator for Car Matricula Renewal

This is my second year using Mateo Salazar in renewing my matricula. He is a very reliable guy, a gentleman to top it off, and I had the chance to meet his lovely wife. His handling of the renewal process was excellent. He took care of every little detail and in an expedited way. He speaks excellent English and his fee was $50. He will save you a lot of time and energy. Please consider Mateo when you need to deal with your matricula.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: Cel: 098 436 9373 / WhatsApp: +593 98 436 9373

Recommended by Eve Donald:

Recommendation for Hearts of Gold Cookies, charity foundation

There’s still time to order a box of Argentina Alfajores cookies from Hearts of Gold. I’ve never heard of these cookies before nor tasted such a rich delicacy! I’m ordering more today. They make a sweet gift for friends. Four large chocolate covered eight-layer cookies $10. And they deliver.

Your purchase will go to help more than 200 low-income families who are beneficiaries of the Hearts of Gold foundation. Place your order today.
Or message them on Facebook

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:

Recommendation for Edvi Limpieza Total, cleaning of just about everything

Edgar and his team were contacted recently to see if they could clean my house. They came, assessed my needs, and set a time and date for the cleaning. When they arrived, they went right to work after asking which rooms we wanted them to clean first so they could accommodate our needs and desires. Edgar devoted himself to the home office while Annie cleaned bedrooms and Adelle attacked the bathrooms and patios. They did a great job, worked efficiently, and cleaned up all the wastebaskets. Windows were ok this time, but they also clean windows that you may think cannot be cleaned. I recommend them for efficiency. They charge reasonable rates for a 3 to 4 person team.

Address: Vía al Valle barrio el Coco, Cuenca

Contact information: 099 382 0014; WhatsApp +593 99 382 0014

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel: 099 382 0014; WhatsApp +593 99 382 0014

Recommendation for Botanical Garden

Besides the beautiful plants/flowers there is a musical/art installation where you can walk and hit the chimes…even you will recognize Ode to Joy. All of December except 24, 25, 26.

Address: 27th Febrero y Roberto Crespo next to fire station

Contact information:

Recommended by Gertie Italiano: