Recommendation for Dr. Cristian Brito, dentist

I would like to recommend dentist Dr. Christian Brito. He was recommended to me by two different friends who had been patients of his for several years and were very satisfied with his services. My husband and I have been using him for two years. When my husband first came to him, he had very complicated problems with his teeth and gums due to multi-year treatment for cancer. My husband also is very nervous about having dental work done. Dr. Brito treated him with extensive cleaning root canals, fillings, crowns and really addressed and remedied my husband’s longstanding, and at the time, untreated dental issues. He provides numerous other services as well including but not limited to whitening and other cosmetic services. Dr. Brito is very precise in his work and is very conscious of the patient’s comfort level with the work as it proceeds.

A graduate of the University of Cuenca with graduate work at the University of Mexico, Dr. Brito speaks excellent English and is very good at explaining treatments in detail prior to beginning the actual work [and is happy to do so]. His prices are competitive as well. Finally, he has a very pleasant and calm demeanor which is truly appreciated by those of us given to anxiety when undergoing dental work. My husband and I give him our highest recommendation.

His office is at Integra Dental at the Condominio Ibu Park Building 1st Floor, 1-147 Federico Malo y Tadeo Torres in Cuenca. The building is directly across the street from the statue of Jefferson Perez at Parque de la Madre. Telephone: 097 907 3163 or 099 594 2109. His email is

Address: Integra Dental, Condominio Ibu Park Building 1st Floor, 1-147 Federico Malo y Tadeo Torres

Recommended by Christina M Ragle:

Recommendation for Leonardo Landscaping

Leonardo has been doing our landscaping since December. In that time there has never been a complaint. He’s there when he says he will be, cuts the lawn, pulls the weeds and cleans up al clippings. He has gone and bought plants for me and planted them as I am not able to get around. I have a fireplace and he also has supplied wood at a very inexpensive price.

I really cannot say enough good things for Leonardo Landscaping. His prices are very reasonable.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 904 8247

Recommended by Donna Wheat:

Recommendation for Madeleine Gonzalez Mensch, health insurance, etc.

Madeleine “Mady” is my go to person for anything that stumps me as an expat living in Cuenca. She is a fountainhead of information and, most importantly, really enjoys helping people. She has helped me with health insurance, finding a place to live, making appointments for me when my Spanish is too limited to do myself and even goes the extra mile in finding a person who can help me if she cannot. She’s great with following up with me to make sure I’m satisfied with the results of whatever task I’ve given her. Mady is true to her motto, “Yours to count on.” I can say with confidence that she is someone you can count on.

Address: Edificio Plaza Alamos, Avenida Ordonez Lasso y Los Alamos Office 202

Contact information: 098 630 4185

Recommended by Gerri Larson:

Recommendation for Nunkui Feria Amazonica, artisanal products from Amazonian nations

Stepping into the showroom of products from over 30 indigenous groups is like a mini-trip to another world. Large fotos show the women’s collectives that produce the top quality ceramics and basketry, jewelry and creams, as well as chocolates, coffee, and ecologically safe beef and Paiche fish.

The enterprise was started by Paul and Lucia, a lovely couple who lived in the Amazon for 10 years working to assist the indigenous groups to resist the lure of jobs from extractive industries, like mining and drilling and deforestation.

The culture of each community has survived thousands of years in harmony with the natural abundance of the Amazon. The Gallery is a place for us to help provide these women’s collectives with income to be able to continue their lives in the intersection between modern life and the traditional lives.

You can order from the website and Paul will deliver your selections here in Cuenca.

Address: Simon Bolivar corner with Estevez de Toral

Contact information: 099 586 7670

Recommended by Julia Rux:

Recommendation for Braulio Prado, driver/handyman/translator/tourguide/faciliator

Whatever you need in Cuenca, Braulio Prado can help you. I have known Braulio now for a year. He has driven us to the Cajas, Yunguilla and Azogues, negotiated for us with Netlife and Etapa, landscaped our garden, made home repairs, told us where to find the best ceviche and cuy, and explained Ecuadoran history.

Riding in the car with him is never boring. He speaks excellent English, he’s sociable, curious, respectful and informative. Growing up in the hills around Cuenca, riding horses, fishing in lakes, climbing mountains, bird watching, he is thoroughly familiar with everything. And, because he grew up here, he has friends and contacts everywhere. If he doesn’t have an answer to your question, he knows a friend.

Not only is Braulio proficient and helpful, he is one of the best men I’ve ever known. He is always willing to go the extra mile to help, and he truly cares if you’re alright. So, whatever you need or want, Braulio is your man.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 99 848 1382

Recommended by Donna McLemore:

Recommendation for Diana Guzmán, cleaning

I am pleased to recommend again a conscientious and reliable house cleaner, Diana Guzmán. Diana worked with us for various years, and I know her to be responsible, honest and dedicated to doing a great job. She has a positive attitude and bright personality. Her English is marginal, but certainly adequate for communicating what needs to be done.

Diana is currently available in the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Also, she can come to clean on specific days every week or two weeks, as you request.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Stuart White:

Recommendation for Paw lovers Dog GroomingG

Great experience with Paola. We first met her as she runs a rescue for dogs and we adopted our newest baby, Shadow. Paola has a loving heart and has followed up since to keep updated on her wellbeing and to let us know about her sisters that she re-homed as well.

We recently utilized her service to have two of our dogs cleaned. Paola came to our house, transported both of them to her facility and brought them back clean and beautiful! (Even put bows in our Ñina’s hair!) Paola speaks great English and really does care about every dog from the bottom of her heart. I highly recommend her for her communication, professionalism and genuine care that she puts into every fur baby she works with.

Reach her on WhatsApp at 098 672 2197 or look her up Facebook

Address: Miguel Cordero 1-124 y 1-126 y Francisco Moscoso, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 672 2197

Recommended by Kevin ODea:

Recommendation for Barbecue Palace, restaurant

Delicious Indian food with a wide selection of Indian dishes. Indoor seating or dine in a garden setting. Delivery also available.

Av. Paucarbamba #4-114 next door to Clinica Paucarbamba
Tel. (07) 602 0072, cel. 099 579 0592

Recommended by Regina Potenza:

Recommendation for Mike Coffey, massage

I was able to take advantage of the massage special that Mike offered this week and it was fantastic.
Two hours went by so quickly.

Over many years I have attended many different types of massage, and none more effective, than that of Mike. His hands work marvels, not only at the time of the massage, but the effects of the massage are rewarding. I find I bounced back into my exercise regime with confidence after a massage, as the massage is thorough and effective.

Mike is very knowledgeable and professional he is able to explain what’s going on with my body and gave me some tips and exercises to help with some of the daily issues I have.
I can’t wait till our next session.
Thanks again Mike.

Address: Don Bosco y Fernando de Argon

Contact information: 098 379 7226

Recommended by Pete Blaine:

Recommendation for Marcelo Parra, facilitator

I have known Marcelo for several years and have used his services whenever we need someone to help us run errands. He has a roomy SUV with plenty of space. He is an extremely careful and safe driver who knows the city and surrounding areas very well. He is available to assist with shopping, doctor’s appointments, car registrations and travel to the coast. His English is excellent and is available through WhatsApp. I highly recommend him as a facilitator.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 98 483 8899

Recommended by William E Dick:

Recommendation for Orlando Siguenza, driver, facilitator, tour guide

I’d like to recommend Orlando Siguenza as a driver, tour guide, and all-around great person who can help with almost anything.

I began working with Orlando for help with errands in Cuenca and renewing my passport. As time went on and Covid changed things, he became my go-to person for regular errands. He’s always on time, a safe driver, a great negotiator/translator, and a true gentleman.

Orlando has driven me to Guayaquil and more recently, to Quito. I dreaded the long drive, but I had a lot of luggage, and it turned out to be pleasant and comfortable. He has a large SUV for airport runs as well as a sedan for shorter trips.

During the Quito drive, despite some iffy weather, I also got the benefit of Orlando’s tour guide skills. His body of knowledge about Ecuador and background accreditation as a tour guide made the long trip far more interesting.

He’s a real asset. Please contact him directly for local errands, tours, longer trips or airport runs.
Contact info for Orlando is: phone or WhatsApp: 098 585 4587; +593 98 585 4587

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 585 4587

Recommended by Lois Finzel:

Recommendation for Jonathan Arias, facilitator; Monica Gonzaga, facilitator

After contacting Monica Gonzaga for help with my missed first dose vaccine, she said her office could assist. She was leaving for the US, but put us in the capable hands of Jonathan Arias, who works in her office.

Jonathan met us at the Coliseo at 10:30 AM this morning. He took my registration paperwork and within 10 minutes the paperwork was being filled out for my first vaccine. We were out of there by 11:25 AM. He confirmed several times that I return to the Coliseo or the second shot. The date is on the paper they gave me.

My spouse never received a paper for the first shot. Jonathan made sure of the location for the second shot for him as well.

For an entire hour, the fee was only $15. I cannot praise Jonathan enough and those who work at Monica Gonzaga’s office. They always come through for us.

*Monica is out of the country for 10 days, so best to use the email address, which others in the office will respond to.

Address: Benedicto XV 1-53 Cuenca

Contact information: 098 384 1691

Recommended by Ron Schmitz:

Recommendation for La Danesa Pan Artesanal, specialty bakery

There are new bakers in town and she and her husband are making a wide variety of delicious breads and sweets and more just like they did in Banos for many years. I particularly like the cranberry muffins.

Stop by and meet Vibeke and Luis soon and give them a try. Located across the river from Otorongo Plaza in the patrimonial building on the southwest corner of 12 de Abril y Av Loja.

Address: 12 de Abril y Av Loja

Contact information: 098 486 8313

Recommended by Jay A:

Recommendation for Joseph Guznay, Esq., immigration attorney

In my opinion, Joseph Guznay, immigration attorney in Quito, is the absolute best. When I’d heard that Ecuador changed the temporary residence visa, I contacted 3 attorneys, including Joseph, who’d been recommended by a friend. I’ve had a Tourist Visa for the past 8 years and wanted a more permanent solution, which the law change made possible. I’m setting out the details of the entire process to show just how trouble-free Joseph made it. From start to finish, the process took 2 months, I had to do almost nothing, and the price was very reasonable.

Joseph responded to my Feb. 26 email on Feb. 27, listing and explaining the 6 visas that might work for me. On Mar. 1 I asked which visa he recommended and asked if we could talk. He called me on Mar. 2. On Mar. 3 he recommended the retirement residency visa, listed all the required documents and all the fees–government and his–and arranged to have my fingerprints taken–in Cuenca. By Mar. 8, I had emailed him copies of all the necessary documents and we scheduled my fingerprints to be taken at the Milenium Mall on Mar. 15, a slight delay, since I would be out of town for 10 days.

On April 6, Joseph notified me that I would receive my 2-yr Temporary Residence Visa by email on April 10. (Note that I still hadn’t paid him anything.) He also arranged for me to get 1-month of Ecuador health insurance so I could apply for my cédula, made an appointment for me on April 29 at the Registro Civil in Cuenca to pick up my cédula, and arranged for a facilitator to walk me thru the pick-up process, which took only 30 minutes. He also listed all the final fees and charges, as well as how I could pay him. His fee was very small; most of the charges were for other agencies’ services and government fees.

My friends and I were utterly amazed at how competently Joseph Guznay handled this entire matter. He kept me informed throughout the process, responded promptly to my inquiries, and I have nothing but the highest praise for him (a big compliment, coming from another attorney)!

Address: Quito

Contact information:

Recommended by Bobette Jones:

Recommendation for Allisson Urso, onlne Spanish instruction

I am pleased to recommend Allisson as a Spanish instructor. She is fully qualified and has been teaching for 15+ years. She offers a one-hour assessment at no charge to help her understand your goals and introduce you to her style and methods.

She uses a variety of fun and engaging tools to help you progress. Allisson is very patient and with her experience, skill and persistence you will see results! It’s quite amazing to look back and realize the progress I’ve made and exciting to contemplate what I’ll learn in the future.

She will use WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype for her one hour lessons.


Contact information: +593 96 257 7681

Recommended by Kathryn Holmes:

Recommendation for Ecuapaca, alpaca blankets and fur rugs

Winter is on the way, and this time I know what is coming. Equator, forsooth! This is the Andes. Accordingly, I bought an alpaca blanket from Ecuapaca, who delivered it to our door, made by hand on a wooden loom in Otovalo, and colored with vegetable dyes. It is a deep emerald green, serene as a leaf in summer. Light and warm.

Well that was such a success… and Roxi the Email contact is so kind…. that I asked her about fur rugs for the floor.


Roxi knows the people at Otovalo, and sent pictures. I ended up with a fur rug, of the proper size for the middle of a living-room group of furniture, that composes a portrait of a llama out of fur of different colors. The llama has a lot of personality. The rug is soft, warm, beautiful, unique. The price is extremely reasonable. Roxi delivered it. This was easy.

Address: Cuenca, Azuay

Contact information:

Recommended by Lucy Hancock: 098 402 5469

Recommendation for Jenny Salinas, in-home mani/pedis

Jenny provides outstanding pedicures at home comparable to any spa pedicure in any salon. She also provides great manicures and acrylic nail applications at home.

Address: In your home

Contact information: 098 596 4967

Recommended by Nancy Hofmeister:

Recommendation for Vicki Andrade at Berenice, nails, pedis, hair

Vicki is back from the US and she has moved her salon to the Work Center. No more stairs to get a pedicure.

I use her services primarily for my acrylic nails. I used several others before I found Vicki and have only taken a break wen she was in the US. I have very problem nails and really need acrylic nails for the health of my hands.

Her address and phone number are new.

I think she has before and after pics of my hands on her FBG page or will soon.

Address: Work Center, Miguel Cordero Davila local #2 y Ave Paucarbamba,

Contact information: 098 459 2179

Recommended by Nancy Hofmeister:

Recommendation for Nebraska Furniture Cleaning Service

Fredy Delgado from Nebraska had been recommended to me by a friend and I recently needed to have my sofa and area rug cleaned so I called Fredy (he speaks English) and made an appointment for the next morning to have my sofa and area rug cleaned. Fredy showed up a few minutes before his appointed time with his cleaning equipment and his helper. They were both very courteous and moved the items to our terrace to avoid any mess in our apartment. After the items were cleaned, the sofa was moved back into the apartment and they left a large fan in the room to help the furniture dry quickly. It didn’t take long for everything to dry and we were able to sit on the sofa that same evening to watch TV. I highly recommend Fredy for all of your furniture, rugs, and carpeting needs. Fredy responds quickly to WhatsApp messages.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 093 937 9979

Recommended by Annette Basso:

Recommendation for Bodhi’s smoked brisket (pastrami), food delivery

I just tried Bodhi’s hickory and apple wood smoked pastrami and it was fantastic. i got the pound thin sliced, and it was lean and tasty; no fat wastage in the whole pound. I made sandwiches with the sourdough and sauerkraut from Tienda Nectar. I got 4 whopping sandwiches with some trimmings I nibbled on while toasting the bread. I’m thinking of trying the pork but will probably just get the pastrami again.

Contact information: 096 900 7688

Recommended by Ken, Tienda Nectar:

Recommendation for Stella M. Caraballo, clinical psychologist

I am happy I had counseling with Dr. Stella M. Caraballo. I used to struggle with impulsiveness, anger and trust issues towards my partner. When I first talked to Dr. Caraballo, she listened to me attentively and politely. Dr. Caraballo taught to me manage conflicts, express myself clearly, manage my emotions while speaking and receive love. Now, I enjoy my relation with loved ones, and there is no place for anger and hate in me anymore. I am so thankful to Dr. Caraballo for guiding me there.

Address: Los Cipreses y Paseo 3 de Noviembre Cuenca Ecuador

Contact information: 099 617 4103

Recommended by Stephen Jacob Simpson:

Recommendation for Dr. Stella M. Caraballo, clinical psychologist

There are not enough words to describe the comfort I feel after each session with Dr. Caraballo. Exceptional service and she was very response. She was very professional I would recommend her to anyone.

I have learned that everyone reacts differently to stressful situations. I have been going through the most difficult time with the confinement and social distancing. I have gained perspective on these challenging times and therapy has been very supportive. I would recommend Dr. Caraballo to anyone I love.

Address: Los Cipreses y Paseo 3 de Noviembre

Contact information: 099 617 4103

Recommended by Eickleberry Harrrison:

Recommendation for M&E Pet Sitting

We had last minute plans to be away for the weekend and Mateo and Elizabeth were very accommodating. Mateo was able to stay at our place for the lock down to take care of our cats.
Mateo sent pictures and updates daily and it was great to see our babies healthy and well taking care.

When Mateo came back to return the keys both our cats came to say hi to him. Our cats usually don’t like too many people but they enjoyed Mateo’s company and care.

I highly recommend M&E for Pet Sitting needs.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 848 1355

Recommended by Thais Campos:

Recommendation for Mudanzas Moving Trucks, moving company

This is a recommendation for Mudanzas Moving Trucks. This is my second time using them. I like them because first of all Jamil is honest and considerate in addition to being very professional. His team are super strong and really take care of your furniture. If you need someone to move your precious belongings, I highly recommend Mudanzas Moving Trucks. Thanks so much Jamil!


Contact information: 098 400 1020

Recommended by Veronica Williams:

Recommendation for Paul Hernandez – APC, computer sales and repair

I have needed a new computer for a while and found a great deal at APC Tecnologia located next to Kentucky Chicken in Millennium mall
Got a great deal on a PC.
Paul speaks English you can call him at 096 141 1535.

Address: Next to Millennium Mall, Cuenca

Contact information: 096 141 1535

Recommended by Gary Sisk:

Recommendation for G&G accounting services, CPA

We have used the services of G&G for the past 3 years. It is a family-owned accounting firm, run by CPA Jacqui Guerrero. Jacqui speaks English, and their client service is excellent. They are located at the corner of Calle Alfonso Borrero y R. Ramirez (runs parallel to Remigo Crespo). Give Jacqui a call at 098 776 3540 / (07) 404 4478.

Address: Calle Alfonso Borrero y R. Ramirez, close to SRI)

Contact information: 098 776 3540

Recommended by Varsi Padayachee:

Recommendation for Jose Rodriguez, appliance repair

Jose has been to our home two times for appliance repairs. Both times he has brought the necessary parts for the repairs, arrived on time, and has checked to make sure everything was working properly before leaving. Jose’s prices are very reasonable, and he is fluent in English.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 707 4688

Recommended by Alison Andrus:

Recommendation for Carolina “Caro” Pineda Cardona, hairstylist, in-home hair styling

I’m pleased to recommend my hairstylist, Caro, who is a fantastic stylist who will come to your home any day of the week. She is Colombian and has been here in Cuenca for a while. Although she speaks only Spanish, she is really, really good at what she does. I have had nothing but positive experiences with her. She is very personable and respectful, cuts hair efficiently, and has always understood exactly what I’ve wanted. We’ve done several different styles with my hair recently and I’ve loved all of them. I recommend her highly.

Address: Does in-home services

Contact information: +593 96 360 4180 WhatsApp or 098 191 5876

Recommended by Jennifer Hunter:

Recommendation for Olger Avila, driver and tour guide

I would like to offer a recommendation for a driver with whom we recently had a very good experience. The driver we usually use these days was not available for our trip so we received multiple trusted recommendations for Olger.

Olger drove us to GYE and back and was very punctual and professional. He understood and shared our concerns about the style of driving that made us most comfortable – slow and smooth and safe. My son gets car sick very easily and I get a lot of anxiety about drivers who try to pass or tailgate or just drive fast over the Cajas. I felt perfectly at ease in his car. He has a nice, clean SUV with a very spacious back seat and lots of storage space for baggage.

Olger also seems to know or be related in some way to half of the people in the country and I would consider him a good resource to ask about nearly everything. He is pleasant to converse with in English or in Spanish as he is perfectly fluent in both and we really enjoyed meeting him – a very nice guy. I would absolutely consider using him as a tour guide for long trips around the country, something he has a lot of experience with – he does all the planning and, of course, the driving.

Olger also can do carpentry and other handyman jobs though I will only be able to vouch for his driving skills at the moment. He’s very responsive on WhatsApp.

Definitely call him if you need a ride somewhere.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: +593 98 431 5433

Recommended by Teresa Hardy:

Recommendation for Mustafa Aladawi, IT/TV installation and tech

It is so nice to see that all the glowing recommendations for Mustafa Aladawi are true and possibly understated. Mustafa is a real professional, extremely knowledgeable, extremely efficient and very very polite. When our ROKU finally bit the dust Mustafa gave us all the advice we needed, purchased the equipment for us and set us up with an Amazon Firestick surpassing everything we were hoping for. He also set us up with a router booster to give us a stronger signal throughout the house. He did all this in such an efficient manner he made it look easy! Then he explained everything so clearly that even I could understand it. I will continue to use him for all our tech needs in future.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 408 7897

Recommended by Derek Fairclough:

Recommendation for Alejandro Luna Landscaping

We have had multiple landscapers and lawn maintenance services over the past 6 years but Alejandro is by far the best. He redid our beds and sprinkler system and now we are on a maintenance plan with his service. He has great attention to detail as does his workers. His price is reasonable for the amount of work he does. Not just running thru with a weed whacker, they weed and trim plants in the beds, trim the ivy wall, and he brings his own lawnmower to cut the grass. For a quality job, I would highly recommend Alejandro.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 840 7961

Recommended by Deb Davis:

Recommendation for Roosvelt Rojas, Rolfer/massage

I just completed 10 sessions of Rolfing and highly recommend Roosvelt. I was experiencing constant back pain. I walk a lot as most do in Cuenca and felt I needed to consult with a professional. Roosvelt builds a diagnosis specific to each client. We worked with 10 sessions of Rolfing. It addressed many issues and a wonderful experience. My whole body feels great.

Address: La Cuarda III

Contact information:

Recommended by Ken Embrey:

Recommendation for Cristina at the Recovery Center, physiotherapy

Thanks to Cristina and her work at the Recovery Center I am up and about. After spending a week in bed on my back due to severe pain, I was up and about after the first two sessions and now am able to get out and about. This was my first (and last) experience of acute sciatica and I highly recommend the Recovery Center. Located just off Ave. Solano on Tedeo Torres just past Alliance Francais.

Address: Tedeo Torres y C. Aguilar

Contact information: 098 542 0560

Recommended by Gertie Italiano:

Recommendation for Daniela Ordonez DDS, dental

The most talented and brightest and caring dentist. Thorough. She speaks English fluently

Address: Acropolis Building José Peralta y 12 de Abril

Contact information: 098 718 2083

Recommended by Ned Meisner: 093 998 4769

Recommendation for Mustafa Aladawi, Best IT/computer and TV troubleshooting tech

I had issues with my Asus computer, Printer and FirestickTV. I called Mustafa and he showed, as promised and on time. He came to my place, diagnosed and resolved all the problems quickly, competently and affordably took care of business in less than an hour.

Mustafa is genius and very prompt, very capable of what he is doing and speaks fluent English.
His rates are very, very reasonable, Keep him as a very valuable resource If you are having technical issues with your computer phone or TV.

I highly recommend Mustafa for all IT services you need .

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 408 7897

Recommended by Mark McCann:

Recommendation for Elva, housecleaner

Elva has been working for me twice a month since September, 2020. She is amazing. She always wears her mask, and is not only very efficient, but also a ray of sunshine. I pay for $20 for approximately 4 hours. She isn’t fluent in English, but understands a lot. I know there are some people who would rather donate that money to an organization, rather than to indulge yourself with a house cleaner; however, Elva is not someone who has her hand out, begging. She is a hard worker, and would rather work than asking for help. Please consider helping someone who will work hard for you.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Sandra Winnett:

Recommendation for Abogada Beverly Vázquez, attorney

A couple of weeks ago, I was coming back to my house at about 1 PM and had a very unfortunate event: a young guy on a motorcycle ran into my car while driving, leaving the back left side of my car very damaged and he wound up becoming unconscious for a few minutes…. A car accident like the one I experienced is not easy to handle, and I discovered that in Ecuador it can be very ugly and complex!

The traffic police arrived and everything was a complete chaos, ignorant and uncooperative people started crowding the scene, and only annoying and hindering the work of the authority…
Immediately after what happened, I called my lawyer, Beverly, who went to the same place of the events. I was very nervous with everything that had happened and could hardly even defend myself, since even the tránsito police had turned against me by making an incorrect and unprofessional police report, which was against the true facts and harming me in every way, when the absolute fault was the motorized guy…


Recommendation for Daniela Velez, housekeeper/maid

I would like to recommend Daniela Velez for housekeeper/maid services. Daniela has worked for us for almost six years. She speaks English and has a cheerful, pleasant personality. She always wears a mask, and practices distancing and safety procedures.

She comes to our home every other week and I am so happy to not have to do the housework I did when I was young. She is always good at doing anything special or different that I might need done in the house.

I have a bad back, and usually just greet her, chat for a brief time, and go lie down while she does her work. I have my favorite soaps and cleansers, which we pay her to buy and leave in our house. She can get the supplies very inexpensively.

If you are looking for an excellent maid whom you can rely on, call Daniela Velez.

Contact information: 099 537 8546

Recommended by Janet Mitchell: 096 291 2005

Address: Cuenca

Recommendation for David – My Cuenca Nerd, tech help

Received a new iPhone and set it up but would not accept password. So did everything recommended by Apple to no avail. David came over at appointment time called Apple did the exact same thing 4 times and it didn’t work. He took the phone home with him and within 30 minutes called and said he had it working. What a relief and he even offered to take back to States if I needed a replacement phone. Thanks to him I didn’t. Highly recommended David.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 665 5450

Recommended by Judy Correll:

Recommendation for Byron Fajardo, dog training

Byron has done an incredible job training our golden retriever! We have used him twice — once for obedience and socialization when Giuseppe was a puppy and now for service dog training. Byron is very patient with Giuseppe and completely understands dogs — how they think, how to work with them, and when they have had enough for the day. Byron’s services include: Canine Training, Rehabilitation Therapy, and Behavioral Modification. He also provides lodging and daily walking. I express enough how happy my husband and I are with the training Byron has provided! He has been amazing with Giuseppe.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 096 857 8174

Recommended by Page Maisano: 099 356 2414

Recommendation for Patricio Fernandez, driver/taxi service

My husband and I, as well as a number of our friends, have used Patricio for all of our driving needs. He speaks English fluently, punctual and reliable, is very covid conscious, and owns two vehicles — a truck that comfortably seats 5 and a travel van for larger groups of people. Patricio is kind and courteous and knows Ecuador well. We have used other drivers and Patricio is by far the best we have experienced.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 489 6472

Recommended by Page Maisano: 099 356 2414

Recommendation for Jesus Arellano, custom-built furniture

I have had several pieces of furniture made by Jesus. He made very good suggestions of design, and his work and materials are excellent. He is conscientious and dedicated to his craft. His prices are reasonable, and you will find him reliable and honest.

Address: Palet Fornitures

Contact information: 09 627 3971

Recommended by Sallie Ann Burnett:

Recommendation for Tienda Nectar, health/wellness supplements and food

I don’t know if you have yet discovered a wonderful health, natural foods and artisanal store that recently relocated to Mariscal Sucre 1-127 y Manuel Vega, near Coral. Tienda Nectar features nutritious foods, supplements and healthy products from Ecuador and around the world to fully support your well-being.

The staff are extremely knowledgeable about health and how to use their products. They have helped me many times. They also offer massages and juicing programs. They are open from 10 AM to 5 PM and can also deliver directly to your home. It is well worth a visit

Address: Mariscal Sucre 1-27 y Manuel Vega

Contact information:

Recommended by Johana Sand:

Recommendation for Jose Carlos Rodriguez, appliance repair

Jose worked on my new Mabe oven that wasn’t heating properly and definitely improved its function. Additionally, he was able to order a second oven rack from Mabe for me. Jose speaks English, is very knowledgeable, prompt and reasonably priced. I recommend him highly.

Contact information:

Recommended by Cynthia Mills:

Recommendation for Jose Noriega, electrician

Jose has implemented lighting changes in my apartment in a variety of ways. He has added outlets and switches, removed ceiling fixtures and replaced them with can lights and added accent lighting on shelves and a bookcase. He is very knowledgeable and creative with how he is able to do the work and does it efficiently and neatly at very fair prices. He is really an exceptional electrician.

Contact information: 593 96 277 5763

Recommended by Cynthia Mills:

Recommendation for Oto Metal Services, design and construction

My wife and I needed a hat and coat rack for our apartment, but despite our search could not find anything we liked with a particular design aesthetic. We were watching a design show on TV, and screen shotted the perfect contemporary metal rack. We sent the photo with an inquiry to Oto Metal at the email address listed and the reply was speedy. He came to our home to pick up 50% down, then delivered the rack in about a week for the remainder of the very reasonable cost that we agreed upon. We discussed construction, size, and color. The rack was very well made, heavy and sturdy, and very attractive, and exactly like the photo supplied. We are very pleased and recommended his services highly.

Address: Cuenca, Calle del Sarar and Ordóñez Lasso

Contact information: 099 809 9146

Recommended by Marshall Devall:

Recommendation for Kolo Restaurant and Bakery

Hi Everyone,

Have you been to Kolo Restaurant and Bakery? It’s a must. Frank, the owner, has been in the business in Ecuador for years now and it’s not only good food but a wonderful bakery as well with the best breads of all kinds that are homemade. He also sells great coffee!

The service is prompt, and everyone is always pleasant. It’s a wonderful experience that you don’t want to miss. You’ll be back for more, I guarantee it.

The menu is in Spanish and English and the staff speak both too. Very nice décor and very open. Breakfast and lunch are both excellent. If you are looking for real salads you’ve found the place. Big and beautiful and the taste; what can I say…

Located in “Hotel Vieja Mansion” at Luis Cordero 5-65 / Juan Jaramillo y Honorato Vazquez, this place is the whole package. The phone number is: 99 297 5788. “Enjoy”

Address: Luis Cordero 5-65 / Juan Jaramillo y Honorato Vazquez

Contact information:

Recommended by Arileo Longo:

Recommendation for Elizabeth and Mateo (vet students), pet sitting

We left our babies (2 small dogs) in the hands of Elizabeth Gavilanes and company for a week this month and received updates and photos and videos. It was very reassuring to have sitters that were caring and knowledgeable. They came to the home and even spent the night watching over them. Please do not hesitate to leave your pet in their care. You will not be disappointed.

Thank you guys for taking care of Rosie and Peaches.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 848 1355

Recommended by Dan and Dianne:

Recommendation for Vicky’s Shrimp, Shrimp delivery

Vicky goes to a direct supplier of fresh shrimp from near Machala and will clean it or deliver it in the shell. The shrimp are huge and sweet. We have them cleaned with the tail left on for shrimp cocktail. Everyone who has tried it at our house raves about them.

The price is: $5 per pound whole or $8 per pound cleaned. If you order more than 3 pounds, delivery is free.

Address: Delivery service in Cuenca

Contact information: 099 987 1580

Recommended by Deb Davis:

Recommendation for Rafael Arizaga, Lawyer

Highly recommend Rafael Arizaga as a highly professional English-speaking lawyer. He helped us and “held our hand” to get our cedula renewed in one day, including driving us personally to Azoguez to get our cedula orders done and complete; the whole process done in one day!

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Alan Lee

Recommendation for Olger Avila

Translator, driver, carpenter, painter, plumber, facilitator

Olger was recommended to us by our friends here in Cuenca and what a blessing this man is.

No matter what the task Olger is experienced in everything we’ve requested in relocating here from the States.

From translation when purchasing furniture, banking, small indigenous markets, to traveling to the coast, Olger knows everything about living here, and how to make things happen, without being taken advantage of.

Olger worked in the US for many years and his English is impeccable. He knows the importance of being punctual, reliable and takes pride in his work and service.

He knows how Gringos think and what Gringos expect, and he understands the need for attention to details.

Doug & Susan Greenlee
Relocating from Minnesota

Olger Avila
WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Address: Olger Avila WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Contact information: Olger Avila WhatsApp – 098 431 5433

Recommended by Doug Greenlee:

Recommendation for Victor Ojeda, facilitator, driver, end of life translations, driving

Victor Ojeda has been a “go-to” facilitator for expats for 11 years. He is fluent in English, and knows the ins an out of visa regulations, replacement cedulas and passports, IESS appointment setting, basically anything for which you might need a guiding hand. He is the best.

I have enlisted his services for End of Life paperwork, replacing a lost cedula, and answering lots of questions.

He is a kind person, his organizational skills are of a professional caliber, and he is always punctual.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 731 3565

Recommended by Julia Rux: 097 929 7490

Recommendation for Jose Bona- electrician

I found Jose Bona in a GringoPost post. He is a transplanted Venezuelan who was an electrical engineer but a casualty of the pandemic. He added a light in my bathroom with surface mounted wire mold and switch.

He did a very professional and clean installation. As a retired building contractor, I was impressed and pleased.

I highly recommend his services, and he speaks English very well.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp- +593 95 897 1911 or 095 897 1911

Recommended by Steve Swezy: +593 95 899 7638

Recommendation for Edwin Loja, driver/transport

Edwin Loja is well known as the driver for former Cuenca expats Amelia & JP, who have informed many expats about Cuenca, and now Olón, with their popular YouTube videos.

Edwin is in several of their videos. His great reputation is well deserved. Last week he took me to the US Consulate, waited for me in the car, and brought me back. The trip was great, and we had had a great conversation about Ecuador the whole ride.

He speaks excellent English. His price was great also.
I highly recommend Edwin.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: WhatsApp +593 99 371 3936

Recommended by Steve Swezy: +593 95 899 7638

Recommendation for David Jackson, My Cuenca Nerd

I recommended My Cuenca Nerd about 2 weeks ago regarding my new VPN streaming device hub called Stream Locator. It works wonderfully and as advertised. After that was done David came back out and did several more things for me. He used my old Firestick and cleared it. Then he set me up with several channels that will give me everything I will ever want to watch. He set up my Apple TV for the US. And he installed a Roku for my TV upstairs. Now all this may seem like over kill to those of you with computers. I don’t have a computer, I live up in Turi with only Etapa available. And I am not tech savvy. I have waited several years to get this all done and now it is. David has made it very easy for me to use. He is knowledgeable, professional, and reasonable. Besides that he is a great guy to know. And he follows up to make sure it’s all working properly. I cannot recommend highly enough. And his previous work history of working with heads of corporations worldwide on technical issues are just another reason to use him.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 866 5450

Recommended by Lorraine Askam: 098 700 4977

Recommendation for Dr. Jean Saint-Eloi, acupuncturist / medical / Chinese medicine

Although I have been a patient of Dr. Jean Saint-Eloi for at least 7 years, I recently found out how beneficial acupuncture and Chinese medicine (herbs) can be.

I had an operation removing a blockage in my intestine. I was left very weak since I was not able to eat or drink for 6 days before the operation. The range of motion of my arms was limited due to laying still with my arms down for 5 days afterwards. I was also diagnosed with level 1 cancer.
I am moving my arms normally and am almost back to my previous energy level. Most importantly, I am cancer free.

Address: Edificio San Jose, Office 5, Camino Viejo a Bano, 1 block before Iglesia Santa Marianita, 099 985 6641

Recommended by Joyce Wood: 099 364 3250

Recommendation for La Karlota Delicatessen, delicious meats

La Karlota Deli is a hidden jewel. The tiny shop has a great selection of top-quality cuts of beef, pork, chicken, pastrami and other goodies. The pork chops are 1 inch or 1 1/2 inches, your choice. The pastrami is sliced tiny and perfectly seasoned for delicious sandwiches. During the weekend lockdown, they are still available for deliveries. You won’t regret giving them a try.

Address: Remigio Crespo 13-33 and Latinoamericana (Right across from Batan Shopping)

Contact information: 099 299 0224

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos: 099 115 9173

Recommendation for Bryan Vidal, travel agent

Bryan Vidal at CATSA, travel agency is outstanding. He bends over backwards to help people with all travel arrangements. He is professional, kind and a will search out the best possible travel plans for you. We have use him several times and he will continue to be our go to agent.

Address: Av Jose Peralta y Av 12 de Abril

Contact information:

Recommended by Lorraine Theodos: 099 115 9173

Recommendation for La Yunta restaurant

With the upcoming weekend shutdowns, and dinner service greatly affected during the week, please don’t forgot your restaurant friends. Weekends and evenings are usually when a restaurant makes its most money.

Feel free to go to La Yunta during the day, and order take out on the weekends. The food is great and you won’t be disappointed. Help them stay in business and keep their great staff employed.

Address: Primero de Mayo y Avenida de las Americas

Contact information: 098 945 6551

Recommended by Jennifer Cory:

Recommendation for Giani Papas – homemade Greek-style gyros, food

I gotta say, I had been Jones-ing for a gyro for a while now and this really hit the spot. I’ve had kebab’s, gyros, and lamb schwarmas from the US and Europe, and this stands up to them all. The pita is soft and tasty and the meat, sauce, veggie ratio is perfect. I’ve already had ‘em twice and plan to add to my quarantine salvation menu this weekend.

Delivery only via WhatsApp, 096 263 5078. $5

Address: WhatsApp 096 263 5078.

Recommended by Ralph Simpson:

Recommendation for Mateo Salazar, matriculation service

I have recommended Mateo before when things were complicated last year. While I know how to do it, I just didn’t feel like doing it. I asked Mateo if he would do everything this year, including looking for multas, all charges, etc. and then doing it all. He did this through his excellent English in WhatsApp and gave me a total price with a detailed list of all the charges, including his services. I transferred the funds, made the appointment, showed up at the house to pick up the car and it came back a few hours later with a new sticker on the window. I only owed $3.50 more for the delivery of my new matricula to the house. Done. It could not have been easier.

Mateo is kind, courteous, on time, and detailed and up front on all the charges that will be covered. I’m glad I tried and did (most) of it on my own last year to see how much value I got from him this year.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 436 9373

Recommended by Mark Bagdy:

Recommendation for María Ochoa, cleaning, cooking, caretaking

After one year of working with me, I have to recommend María Ochoa. She does it all! She cooks, cleans and is a great caretaker. I cannot be happier with her work. She is extremely trustworthy and reliable. She has learned to cook to my palate and is always available to do any errand that I need. She has been with me for a year now and is looking for more work. Please email me if you have any more questions.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 96 402 0221

Recommended by Molly Wafer:

Recommendation for Leo Duran, excellent computer tech

I was having trouble with my iMac ever since I uploaded the new Catalina operating system and Leo explained it all to me. He recommended that I go back to High Sierra OS and do a clean sweep of my computer after saving my existing file history. Being 75 years old and not a computer guru, I let him have at it. He did it all in two days for a nice flat rate for me with excellent results for a much faster computer. It’s like new again. Thank you again Leo.

Address: The Tech Guy for computer, mobile phone and printer support.

Contact information: 098 352 2685

Recommended by Skip Martin:

Recommendation for Orlando Siguenza, driver tours

Orlando was awesome, he took very good care of us. We used him to take us back and forth from Guayaquil Airport to Cuenca. He also showed us all around Cuenca one day. He took us wherever we wanted to go and suggested places as well. His English is very good and he was very flexible his schedule as well.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 593 98 585 4587

Recommended by Laura Davis McClain:

Recommendation for Dr. Grace Ordoñez, dentist

We would like to highly recommend Dr. Grace Ordoñez, she is a wonderful dentist. Because of the lockdown we both were overdue for a cleaning when we arrived in Cuenca, so we started there. During the cleaning Dr. Grace showed me that both of my front teeth had vertical cracks all the way through. Fearing they would break and have to be extracted, she suggested crowns would help hold the remaining parts of the teeth together. I agreed and now have beautiful porcelain crowns that actually look better than my original teeth. And then my husband decided to finally do something about his bad British dental work and lazy oral hygiene. He saw a periodontist in Dr. Grace’s office for bone loss around one tooth and then she replaced his 50-year-old, very bad crowns and he got a few new ones as well. He now has a beautiful smile with straight, white teeth and healthier gums.

Dr. Grace is very passionate about what she does, and she is a perfectionist about every detail. Noelani is great too, she always texts us a reminder of our appointments and greets us with a smile when we arrive. They make the whole experience very pleasant. The office and equipment are bright and modern and their biosecurity measures are top notch. Give her a try, you’ll be glad you did.

Address: Work Center, Miguel Cordero Dávila, Cuenca 010107

Contact information:

Recommended by Kathy Osborne:

Recommendation for Vivaldi Ice Cream, homemade ice cream

If you haven’t tried homemade Vivaldi ice creams, you should give it a shot. Carlos has a lot of flavors. but my favorites are his chocolate, Oreo, and brownie.

It is worth treating yourself. It is just like the homemade ice cream you made for yourself in the US.

WhatsApp, email or call Carlos for delivery or pickup.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: +593 96 254 6303

Recommended by Scott Mungo:

Recommendation for Slow Brew Coffee Cafe, coffee house

You know coffee is more than a hot drink. You care about how coffee is sourced, where it comes from and grown and that the people who cultivate the coffee beans are paid a fair wage for their work. And most importantly you know that roasting coffee and crafting it into an exceptional espresso drink is half science and half artistic passion if you know all of that then Diego Arevalo is your man and Slow Brew Coffee Cafe is your place.

Diego Arevalo, the proud proprietor of Slow Brew is a skilled and award-winning Barista. He takes coffee seriously from sourcing, storing and small batch roasting so he can meticulously craft the perfect coffee. He makes sure everything, every detail is addressed so you can be sure when he presents your coffee you will taste the best Ecuadorean coffee has to offer.


Recommendation for Blue Box, insurance

I want to thank Carlos and his staff at Blue Box Accessories for going above and beyond during these unusual times. I would certainly recommend their services to anyone. David Ross

Address: Ordonez Lasso

Contact information: 098 343 3349

Recommended by David Ross: 098 460 5980

Coleman backpack solar charger

Coleman 7.5 watt backpacking solar charger system for outdoors. Light weight. .8 lbs. Built to charge cell phones, camera batteries while hiking or camping. Waterproof for rough weather. 10 x 8 x.5 inches. USB port and 12 volt port. Straps to the top of the backpack. $40.

Check it out online.

Robyn: .

City: Cuenca

Recommendation for Freddy Delgado, steam cleaning

I highly recommend Freddy Delgado for all your steam cleaning needs. He did a great job on my rug for a very reasonable price.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 093 937 9979

Recommended by Deana Roughly Drew:

Recommendation for Hotel Rione

My daughter and I are staying there awaiting a flight to the States. We have been served very well by this hotel staff and the cleanliness and attractiveness of the facility. A free, delicious breakfast is served guests until 10 each morning, we got coffee service (free) on demand in the attractive, well-managed dining room, housekeeping staff did excellent work, and the people managing at the desk went out of their way to accommodate our needs, always with a smile. English is spoken here. This is a well-managed place with a cafeteria serving three meals a day, in a convenient location, staffed by wonderful, caring people. Secure parking is available as well. You will like this hotel.

Address: Av Luis Moreno Mora y Eduardo Malo, Cuenca

Contact information: 593 7 409 2085

Recommended by Gary Snow: 098 185 1032

Recommendation for Dra. Rossanna Polo, endocrinologist, diabetes doctor

Best doctor I have seen in years. Very professional service, very knowledgeable about diabetes, knows exactly what is needed for your diagnosis. She is excellent. After going to numerous doctors, she’s the best. Finally, I have a doctor who knows her business.

Address: Hospital Monte Sinai, second floor

Contact information: 099 209 1327

Recommended by Joseph Maffucci:

Recommendation for Dra. Karol Guzman, cardiologist

She is very professional and skilled in her work, she has taken care of my heart health for some time with satisfactory results. It has appropriate medical equipment that guarantees a unique experience. If you need to take care of your heart health, she can do it, she is the best.

Address: Hospital del Rio. Av. 24 Mayo s/n y Av. de Las Americas. 3e piso cons. 305

Contact information: 07 245 9553 / 098 297 6667

Recommended by Joseph Maffucci:

Recommendation for Dr. Marco Encalada, dentist

As you know, the Rolls Royce is the best automobile, I give the same rating for Dr Marco Encalada, who is doing my implants for me. No pain – nothing. His professional manners are outstanding and the quality of his workmanship is impeccable. I highly recommend him. He was referred to me by my Ecuadorian friend whose family use him. If you’re looking for quality and professional work, he is your dentist. If you’re looking for food stamp prices move on. Quality costs.

Address: Clinica Latino Ave 3 Noviembre 3-50, 3rd floor

Contact information: 099 848 4172

Recommended by Joseph Maffucci:

Recommendation for Kolo Restaurant, breakfast and lunch cafe’

I don’t always eat breakfast but when I’m in the mood, I now think about Kolo for a tasty meal that usually covers me for lunch too.

Frank’s new place is a beautiful spot, in the Hotel La Vieja Mansion with lots of space and a magnificent and huge skylight.

I’m working my way through the menu that has classic as well as inventive items you won’t find elsewhere. For example the Scrambled eggs with chicken/apple sausage and sundried tomato pesto, is a favorite as well as the Breakfast Migas. The portions are substantial and you won’t walk away hungry.

They have a Mediterranean Scramble which is delightful, or you can “Make Your Own Omelet” with a grand variety of choice fillings. Or go Ecuadorian with Criollo, a wonderful Spanish style dish with eggs, ham, cheese, tigrillo, fruit fresh bread as well as a choice of coffee, tea or juice.

All the standards are there, classic American, French toast or pancakes. The Kolo hash is a hit as well as fresh fruit with granola and yogurt.

While you’re at it, I know you’ll want to check out the pastry, bread, and roll items and don’t miss the namesake signature Koloches, a round brioche type pastry filled with fresh homemade preserves.

How about lunch? Don’t get me started. I’ll leave that for another post. Needless to say, if you haven’t been yet, you should check it out. If you’ve been before, check out the recently added new menu items. You won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there Amigos.

Address: Luis Cordero #5-65 between Honorato Vazquez y Juan Jaramillo

Contact information: 099 297 5788

Recommended by Greg Goodwin:

Recommendation for Best Ecuador Homes real estate

I recently hired Monica Gonzaga and her team at Best Ecuador Homes to help me find a new apartment, and am so glad that I did.

In about a week, we found a brand-new place in a fantastic location. Monica negotiated a great rent and terms, and used her own lease agreement that protects the tenant and is fair to the landlord.

Her company is a one-stop shop for expats, including real estate leasing and sales, property management, facilitator services, assistance with resident visas, and so much more.

Address: Benedicto XV 1-53

Contact information: 099 517 4076

Recommended by Jeff S:

Recommendation for Adrian Gustavo

Airport transfers, tour service, handyman, builder

Adrian built a walking path in my small front garden in front of my condominium in Cochapamba. He laid big red bricks in record time, evenly and very walkable.

Adrian is a trusted cab driver. He is on time for appointments; often facilitating an appointment for people. Airport transport. He has excellent knowledge of the country for tours. I have used all his services at different times. He facilitates doctor appointments. shopping, knowing from experience which stores have what is needed. Adrian replaced a part for my standard gas heater which quit on me after one year. He fixed the heater where others told me there were no parts available. Adrian is now crafting and building attractive wood furniture.

Kudos to the Ecuadorian culture where perseverance and hard work characterizes progress through learning, self-training and doing.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 098 317 4172

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Madeleine “Mady” Gonzalez, healthcare insurance

I was insured under Confiamed initially through another company, and had found the process of understanding EC healthcare to be completely confounding. And that wasn’t even with anything serious. After a month of just trying to get a doctor’s visit or two, I was ready to throw in the towel on EC health insurance and just go private pay, until a friend recommended Mady Gonzalez to me.

When I called Mady (who speaks perfect English), she impressed me very much as a medical insurance professional, and I decided to stay with Confiamed as her new client. Three weeks later it was all put to the test. I had fallen and needed knee surgery.

Immediately, she recommended a fabulous surgeon, made all my Dr. appointments, helped me gather all my paperwork, had her delivery guy, Luis, picked everything up from me at my home and the medical office, filed paperwork, was responsive when I didn’t understand something the hospital was saying, organized the hospital stay, told me exactly where I needed to go and when, stayed in constant touch through WhatsApp, and helped organize my post-op doctor visits. And I’m sure I’ve missed half of what else she actually did for me.

Mady became my guardian angel during this time. Completely committed to my well-being, she offered me freedom and ease during this upside-down time in my life.

Call her to understand all your insurance options. Don’t be left wondering what to do. She will serve you with pleasure and treat you just like family.

Address: Los Alamos and Ordoñez Lasso Corner, Cuenca

Contact information: 098 630 4185

Recommended by Jennifer Hunter:

Recommendation for Jamie Armendano, custom made solid wood furniture

I wanted to recommend Jamie Armendano for making custom furniture. Jamie makes furniture made to your specifications. Show him a picture, and he will make it. We love mission style, and so far, he has completed a night stand and 2 long sofa/library tables. He currently is making an entertainment center, a lamp, and an outdoor dining set using wood that is weather resistant.

Jamie also replaced the veneer on two antique tables for us. His work is heirloom quality and is something that can be passed down. It is a work of art. He is a very professional person, has fair prices, speaks English and guess what? He is on time!

I highly recommend Jamie for any custom wood furniture you need.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 095 968 0363

Recommended by Mark Burkett:

Recommendation for Romolo, Covid vaccination facilitator

Romolo was a great help during my recent Covid Vaccine appointment. He picked me up, took me to the facility, stayed with me for translation help and returned me home.

Call Romolo: 099 255 6416 to help you through the process of getting your vaccinations.
He knows the process and can make this a smooth procedure.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 255 6416

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:

Recommendation for MedAlert, medical emergency service

This is a real case story.

There are 2 parts to this posting: Why did I buy this service? and how did they perform?

Over the years I have learned that for seniors, heart attacks and strokes are major risk factors and causes of death. In both cases response time is of the essence. Also tripping and falling becomes much more common.

I had also read several times over the years that, in comparison to North America, the medical emergency response system here is not only different, but of a lower quality.

When the MedAlert service became available, as a person who lives alone for 5 days of the week, I saw this as a no-brainer from a risk management perspective and mentally considered the cost as an extension of my health insurance.

As for the performance part, the following case which occurred during the past few days. On Sunday, in the wee hours, I became very unwell as a result of an earlier infection which was treated but came back with a vengeance. I was disoriented, in pain and started to vomit. We pushed the yellow button. Technology worked and we voice communicated through the unit. The MedAlert team arrived very quickly. They have access to clients’ medical profile and background and quickly assessed my situation. The decision was to get an ambulance, to get me to Emergency at Mount Sinai. There they efficiently checked me in and briefed the duty doctor. They translated where necessary. They did not leave until I was fully handed over. I went home 4 hours later.

The story continues however, because within 24 hours my situation became such that we pushed the yellow button for the second time. Same great response time. Their assessment of my condition led them to recommend going back to Mount Sinai and seek admittance. Upon arrival they quickly got the Emergency staff to agree with the seriousness of my condition and admit me. In the mean time the team lead had contacted my medical specialist (in the middle of the night, at 2 am) and consulted about the situation and ensured hand-off to him. Two days later I was discharged in stable condition, to continue my treatment on out-patient basis.

Considering all this I am very glad I bought the MedAlert medical service and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

Address: Benigno Malo 12-41 y Gaspar Sangurima

Contact information:

Recommended by Eric Fraterman:

Recommendation for Valeria Mendez Coronel, cleaning

Valerie has been cleaning for me for the 3 months I have been in Cuenca. She is reliable, thorough, hard-working and very pleasant. Sadly, I am returning to the US at the end of April and so she will need another position. Please consider giving her a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Address: I do not have her address

Contact information: valenamende@gmail.comz 099 923 1843

Recommended by Ann Dodson:

Recommendation for Pallets Meubles Cuenca, furniture building

My elderly mother is not strong enough to work the footstool on her recliner, so we needed a footstool for her instead. Who knew that a footstool would be so difficult to find here? I contacted Jesus Arellano and he custom made 2 footstools for her – exactly as we ordered and for a very reasonable price. Prompt delivery as promised. Very, very pleased and highly recommended.

Address: Miguel Heredia

Contact information:

Recommended by Bella La Coste:

Recommendation for Jesús Arellano, Pallet Forniture

Jesús is my guy for specialty furniture. A year ago I WhatsApped him, looking for a bistro height yet small table. He had one in stock and delivered within 2 hours. This year’s dilemma was my puppy was pulling down the PuntoNet fiber optic modem and router from a nightstand I bought at Kywi. I needed to both hide the 2 coils of wires and box of the installation that are puppy chew toys and also elevate the equipment to get a strong signal through the house. We collaborated via WhatsApp. He sent me pictures of what he could build. I chose this piece that was both functional and funky, showcasing mementos of my childhood and of Ecuador. He built it and delivered in 10 days. This piece probably could be wired for spots too!.

Picture gallery on Instagram @paletforniture

Address: Miguel Heredia, Cuenca

Contact information:

Recommended by Sandi Curry:

Recommendation for Filipina baker, Debby Degamo, restaurant

There are several ads mentioned for cinnamon buns but I gave Debby’s cinnamon rolls a try and they were awesome. Huge buns, soft, buttery and so cinnamony. She not only has the best cinnamon rolls but her biscuits, cookies and scones are the best. WhatsApp here to place an order.

Address: Los Cedros y Los Claveles

Contact information: 096 322 3377

Recommended by Danielle Robertshaw:

Recommendation for En Espiral, shop/ workshop

I would like to recommend a lovely little new shop/ workshop right by the Tomebamba river next to escalinatas (Casa Cidap). It’s called En Espiral (found them on instagram and Facebook)

En Espiral is also a nice community of knitters weavers and creatives who gather every week.
There are monthly, weekly and daily memberships available which allow you to share their cozy space and meet lovely people as well as having guidance and tutorials given by the owners themselves.

I’d definitely recommend to pay them a visit and enjoy a cup of tea or shop and support local artists designers and makers.

Address: Paseo 3 de Noviembre next to Escalinatas by the Tomebamba river

Contact information: 098 345 9101

Recommended by Elizabeth P:

Recommendation for Marisabel Curso, Comida Tipica Cooking Class

I signed up for Marisabel’s Ecuadorian Cooking class. I enjoyed it very much and so did my classmates. Right on time, Marisabel picked us up at our respective homes. We stopped at the Arandano Market in Gringolandia to buy eggs, avocados and a few more things. Arandano is a destination in itself. They have an exciting assortment of nuts, flours and grains sold in bulk as well as very fresh produce, meats, cosmetics and more.

We arrived at Marisabel’s house and gathered in her cozy kitchen. I felt inexplicably happy to be handed an apron. It is my favorite garment, because it is so closely tied to cooking and eating — my favorite pastimes.

Marisabel (I love that name) was relaxed and well organized. Her enthusiasm set the tone. We chatted, relaxed, observed and sipped a little wine. What could be more pleasant?

The cooking demonstration and instruction ended with a fabulous sit-down dinner of Locro de Papas, a traditional potato soup, Montepillo, made with hominy and eggs, and ending with – Budin de Pan, which is bread-pudding. This was a family recipe. We all had seconds! Were it not for our manners, we might have had thirds.

Chef Marisabel filled a container of each dish for us to take home. We also received copies of the recipes. Then, Marisabel drove us back home again. What could be easier?

The cost for the class was $45 per person, a very good value considering we had two delicious meals and several days-worth of bread-pudding. I learned the names of and how to prepare new foods. The fellowship was great, and being picked up and delivered back home eliminated all stress!
Our little group is still chatting, trying to coordinate a meet-up at a Mexican Restaurant. I hope she has another class soon, because I could definitely do this again.

Marisabel’s WhatsApp 099 930 7524

Recommended by Sissel W. Robertson:

Recommendation for Mustafa, tech support

Mustafa continues his amazing ability to assist with computer/tech problems. He fixed what I thought was my old (6 year) “dead” Lenovo laptop and made it new again by installing a new hard drive. I feel like I have a brand-new laptop. It is faster than ever and his charge was more than reasonable. Thanks Mustafa….again.

Address: Fray Luis de Leon- Jose Zorrilla 3-36

Contact information:

Recommended by Jerry Falls: 099 686 2908

Recommendation for Deluxe-Cortinas, blinds and curtains

Hi Community,

This recommendation for Rafael Leyva owner of Deluxe-Cortinas is very personal since he’s done various jobs for me in Salinas and Cuenca. Very trustworthy, he even has the keys to my house in Cuenca. Very reasonable prices on the market in Ecuador.

He will travel to your place mostly anywhere in Ecuador at no additional cost to you, to install your blinds/curtains and what we like so much about Rafael is that he has the same mentality as here in the US, never says tomorrow will do it, always punctual, responsible, replies quickly within reasonable hours and he will give solutions to any inconvenience you may have. We have worked with him for the past 4 years.

Address: Centro Comercial el Vergel Alfonso Cordero 2-66 y Manuel J. Calle

Contact information: 099 055 7474

Recommended by Freddy H Gomez: 001 917 622 5890

Recommendation for Romolo: Personal assistance

Romolo was a great help during my recent Covid vaccine appointment. He picked me up, took me to the facility, stayed with me for translation help and returned me home.

Call Romolo 099 255 6416 to help you through the process of getting your vaccinations. He knows the process and can make this a smooth procedure.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 255 6416

Recommended by Marilyn Cochran:

Recommendation for Adrian Gustavo, multi-skilled, handyman, driver

Adrian built a walking path in my small front garden in front of the condominium in Cochapamba. He laid big red bricks in record time, evenly and very walkable. (photo attached). The adage, how you get to do your art: Talent will not, perseverance is the answer.

Adrian is a trusted cab driver. He is on time for appointments; often facilitating an appointment for people. Airport transport. He has excellent knowledge of the country for tours. He facilitates shopping events, knowing from experience which stores have what is needed.

Adrian replaced a part for my standard gas heater which quit on me after one year. He fixed the heater where others told me there were no parts available. Adrian is now crafting and building attractive wood furniture. (Photo attached).

Kudos to the Ecuadorian culture where perseverance and hard work characterizes progress through learning, self-training and doing. This kind of care and knowledge developed by necessity is not seen as much in the states as it is in Ecuador.

Address: Cuenca, Ec

Contact information: 098 317 4172

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny:

Recommendation for Mustafa Aladawi, Computer tech – IT genius

Unfortunately, we are computer illiterate. We have used the services of about all the computer techs in Cuenca to no avail. We keep going back to Mustafa and we are here to stay. No matter the problem, big or small, he has always come to our aid. He comes to our home quickly, after we have made a distress call. He fits us in and ta-da! the problem is fixed.

Mustafa is the answer to any of your computer problems. His knowledge is vast and varied. He is an expert in Apple and Windows computers, phones, Firesticks, printers and connectivity issues, such as Wi-Fi, routers, and a multitude of other things.

Mustafa understands what we need and took care of us expertly.

He is very knowledgeable, courteous, he has a lot of patience and he understands our blubbering to explain what is wrong. He is a saint. You will be very happy to use his services.

When you need him. His name should be in your contact list. He speaks perfect English.

I highly recommend him for all your computer and internet and TV issues.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 408 7897

Recommended by Andrew Russell:

Recommendation for A Punto De Nieve, Pastry and Afternoon Tea

We dropped in at A Punto de Nieve on Sunday afternoon for Tea. We tried her “Berenice”: lemon meringue pie, a meringue with naranjilla ice cream, and the big surprise – her chocolate cake is actually Sachertorte. What an amazing new thing for Cuenca this tea shop is. I thought it was focused on very pretty little macarons, and yes, they are there…. but it is much more.

Address: Casa del Parque, Parque Calderon, Cuenca

Contact information: (07) 288 2157

Recommended by Lucy Hancock:

Recommendation for Dra. Karol Guzman, cardiologist

She is very professional and skilled in her work, she has taken care of my heart health for some time with satisfactory results. It has appropriate medical equipment that guarantees a unique experience. If you need to take care of your heart health, she can do it, she is the best.

Address: Hospital del Rio. Av. 24 Mayo s/n y Av. de Las Americas. 3e piso cons. 305

Contact information: 07 245 9553 / 098 297 6667

Recommended by Joseph Maffucci:

Recommendation for Dra. Rosanna Polo, endocrinologist, diabetes

Best doctor I have seen in years. Very professional service, very knowledgeable about diabetes, knows exactly what is needed for your diagnosis. She is excellent. After going to numerous doctors, she’s the best. Finally, I have a doctor who knows her business.

Address: Hospital Monte Sinai, second floor

Contact information: 099 209 1327

Recommended by Joseph Maffucci:

Recommendation for Dr. Marco Encalada, dentist

As you know the Rolls Royce is the best automobile, I give the same rating for Dr Marco Encalada, who is doing my implants for me. No pain – nothing. His professional manners are outstanding and the quality of his workmanship is impeccable. I highly recommend him. He was referred to me by my Ecuadorian friend whose family use him. If you’re looking for quality and professional work, he is your dentist. If you’re looking for food stamp prices move on. Quality costs.

Address: Clinica Latino Ave 3 Noviembre 3-50, 3rd floor

Contact information: 099 848 4172

Recommended by Joseph Maffucci:

Recommendation for Center for Alternative Therapies

Massage and holistic therapy

If you need stress relief, bodily healing, or mental clarity, I highly recommend giving Maria Eugenia (aka Maru) Cobos a visit. She’s a phenomenal massage therapist/holistic therapy practitioner.

I am never more relaxed or mentally awake than after one of her sessions. I see her weekly when I’m in Cuenca and dearly miss her life-changing work when I’m away.

Her new office, located two blocks from Parque Calderon, is open and is using COVID-safe precautions.

With Maru, you’ll be in the best hands possible. And her rates are very reasonable too. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Her new Facebook page is

Alternative Therapies She Offers:

Lymphatic drainage
Therapeutic massage
Craniosacral Osteopathy
Pranic Healing
Foot Reflexology
Access Bars

Address: General Torres 8-75 y Bolivar, Moyano Building, 2nd floor

Contact information: 098 416 8738

Recommended by Jodi Hill: 612 309 8899

Recommendation for Ta’Lico, restaurant

After repeatedly hearing about Ta’Lico’s top notch cuisine my wife and I finally tried it. All of the raves were justified. Each dish was superbly prepared. Delivery was as requested. Teresa was helpful in describing the individual dishes.

Address: Ordonez Lasso

Contact information: 099 114 0201

Recommended by Ron Geizer:

Recommendation for Ta’ Lico, Chinese cuisine

We have never been disappointed with their service, selection, and taste of their food. Truly a wonderful experience awaits whether you visit or order for delivery. Excellent communication in English via FB Messenger.

Address: Ordóñez Lasso 6-117 y Los Olivos 593 Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information: 099 114 0201

Recommended by Jerry Goldfarb:

Recommendation for Patricio Fernandez, reliable English-speaking driver

Patricio Fernandez is the most reliable, prompt, safe driver we know. We have used his services for airport pickup and delivery, as well as for touring around Ecuador. The experience with Patricio is always excellent. You can reach him by email at: or by phone at 098 489 6472. He is, very simply, the best.

Address: Cuenca

Recommended by Laurel Nelson:
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