Vaccination card request, Azogues, Loja, Guayaquil, update

Hi all,

This early morning, I was in Azogues, doing a process in the Migration (Human Mobility Office) in Azogues, and I had to show my vaccination card in order to go into the building. All the people who were there, doing different processes, had to show the vaccination card, and the picture attached here says “…have to show the vaccination card, complete”.

Also, some offices in Cuenca are asking for that, and below the link that the office is Guayaquil, are requesting that card.

Remember, the President says “all the public buildings”, so, private buildings are not requesting this, yet… and the President did a kind of “invitation” (exhortó) to request the card
And, after I received an email asking me to check if is true that Supermaxi Loja, is requesting the card, I called to Supermaxi, and until today, no. No need to show a vaccine card in order to buy in Supermaxi store.

Will continue informing, if something else comes up.


Ulises Acosta: .

City: Loja

Its beach season! Wake up to the best view of the Pacific Coast

Hey everyone, Due to a sudden change in dates of moving back to the US earlier than expected, I am looking to rent the beautiful villa in Ayampe, Manabi from now until December 22nd or the last two weeks. The beach overall has a diversity of people which I absolutely love; its not packed like Salinas would be around this time of year and of course you automatically get a warmer climate. 

Looking to get away from the city? I kid you not, this villa has such a view overseeing a part of the coastline including views of Ayampe, Puerto Lopez and to the other side you see the skyline of Salinas with other beaches — simply breathtaking. It’s a mixture of tropical jungle atmosphere with, of course, the beach to compliment it. 

For more information just email or WhatsApp me. 0987122553 I’m leaving the place at a fair price compared to what they charged me but it’s worth it and it’s a beautiful paradise to relax in. Any info regarding transportation, suggestions for restaurants, amigo taxi, etc., I can provide.

Adriana: 098 712 2553. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Survey (2 minutes ) on chiropractic use in Cuenca

Cuenca’s foreign population is expanding and so are the needs of this demographic. One such need is health care and, particularly, chiropractic for many of the folks that are mid to older individuals.
Please fill out the 10 question, 2 minute survey on the use and need for chiropractic services in Cuenca. Thank you in advance,

Dr Robert annis: .

City: Cuenca

Investor visa, Ecuador, new amount from January 2022

Hi all,

As you know, the amount for an investor visa in Ecuador, is tied to the “Ecuadorian Minimum Wage”, and right now, the investor visa is a minimum of 40K, 100 minimum wages of Ecuador.

So, on December 22, we will know the new Ecuadorian Minimum wage, and the negotiations between the government and the workers are on full speed. The workers unions are asking for values that go from $500 to $800 per month, and the government is offering around $15 to $20 of increase. So, if the government increases the minimum wage to $15, the new investor visa will be $41,500 from January, 2022.

Let’s wait until December 22 to know the final result.

Ulises Acosta: .

City: Quito (capital)

Reminder, survey on the integration as a foreigner in Cuenca

Hello Dear People,

My name is Gustav Lehstmann and I am a geography student from Germany at the University of Hamburg. I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on the integration of retirees from the Global North in Cuenca, Ecuador. I came up with this idea because I did a year of voluntary service in Riobamba and visited Cuenca several times.

This survey is about the coexistence between Ecuadorian and foreign society in Cuenca. Its questions address various aspects of everyday life and aim to find out what type of integration is present. The questionnaire includes about 34 questions, varying slightly depending on your selected answers. Accordingly, the editing time is about 5-10 min.


Reminder survey on the integration as a foreigner in Cuenca

Hello Dear People,

My name is Gustav Lehstmann and I am a geography student from Germany at the University of Hamburg. I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on the integration of retirees from the Global North in Cuenca, Ecuador. I came up with this idea because I did a year of voluntary service in Riobamba and visited Cuenca several times.


Driver’s license and apostille in documents

Hi all,

Two rumors that were circulating very hard around in the last days:

1.- International driver’s license: A friend hired me to check if it’s true that driver´s license issued in the USA, are now considered valid in Ecuador, without any extra process to be done… Well, this is not true, there is the idea, but it is still a project in process in the National Government. My source, a visit to the National Traffic Office here in Loja.

2.- Apostilles for international documents: And, another friend told me that the rumor was that the Ecuadorian Government is becoming more flexible with documents that are not coming with Apostilles from the USA. Well, last Monday I was in Azogues, doing a visa for a friend, and I asked the visa officers if there is something true in this and they told me: No, all the documents have to come apostilled, or are not valid, and be careful with this kind of information, it can create a mess.

So, this is all for now…

Ulises Acosta: .

City: Cuenca

New Loco Living video (YouTube)

I decided to hold my own version of the Olympics right here in Cuenca! The only catch – I was the only athlete competing.

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Expat tour of Cuenca’s hospice/palliative care facility

Would you like a tour of the only palliative facility in Cuenca? I am coordinating a visit for expats on Thursday, December 9th with a limit of 6 attendees.

FASEC offers 3 types of care: 1) recovery from surgery, 2) chronic illness and 3) palliative/hospice care. FASEC has 20 beds, 7 of which are in private rooms with private baths. All beds are electric with bedside call buttons.

After a year being closed due to Covid, FASEC has recently reopened in partnership with Santa Inez, a private hospital, whose staff are receiving training in hospice care specifics. For questions or to make a reservation for one of the 6 spots, email me at the address below.

Katy Johnson: .

City: Cuenca

Survey on the integration as a foreigner in Cuenca

Hello Dear People,

My name is Gustav Lehstmann and I am a geography student from Germany at the University of Hamburg. I am currently writing my bachelor thesis on the integration of retirees from the Global North in Cuenca, Ecuador. I came up with this idea because I did a year of voluntary service in Riobamba and visited Cuenca several times.


Thank you, expats in Ecuador

Hello to all expats in Ecuador!

I am Luis Velásquez Pazmiño, and a couple of months ago I posted a survey about tourism in Cuenca and surroundings. Today I want to thank to all of you who took your time to reply and leave a comment. I really appreciate it.

For those who haven’t replied that survey, you can find it here:

This survey is one of the first steps into a project that I have. It will take more time than I expected to start due to several issues, however, it will certainly start and I am taking into account all of your opinions.


Tell us a funny story…

There is or was a contest called “Dance Your Ph.D.” wherein scientists were challenged to explain their research without using jargon, PowerPoint, or words…just dance.

Sometimes I feel that’s what I do with Spanish – when I either don’t know or forget the words in Spanish, I find myself “dancing my Spanish” to get my meaning across through hand or full body motions. It’s generally very effective although sometimes I get some great reactions from my “audience.”

Have you had a similar experience – here in Spanish or elsewhere in any other language. Share a laugh – share your story in the comments, please.

The Ballerina

City: Cuenca

Power of Attorney (Registro Civil)

I’m a US born citizen and earlier in the year received my dual citizenship in Ecuador. However, I need them to correct my name on my Ecuadorian birth certificate and the consulate told me that it can only be changed from the Registro Civil in Ecuador. Since I am in and live in the US, I can only do this via a power of attorney with someone in Ecuador. I can ask a family member to be my POA but I was told that there is a specific template for a letter that my family member can use to make the change on my behalf.

Would anyone know of or have the letter/template I can use in Spanish to enable my family member to act on my behalf on Ecuador at the Registro Civil?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,


City: Cuenca

Announcement of the passing of Lorlotte Jarvis

Lorlotte Jarvis, known by many as Lotte, passed away on the morning of November 9, following a battle with cancer. For the last few weeks, she had been receiving medical care in Toronto where her daughter Ruth, her grandchildren, and her lifelong friend Ingrid, live.

She was 87 years old and was going about her business until as recently as a few months ago.

Lorlotte was an eye witness to Hitler’s invasion of Austria, where she lived on her grandparents’ farm. She was the daughter of a church pastor who refused to swear allegiance to Hitler. Her colorful life history is available on Amazon, titled “Angels to the Rescue.”

She lived life her way, and with energy and enthusiasm.

Rest in peace, Lotte. We will remember you.


City: Cuenca

Mary T. is not moving from Cuenca

Hello gringo community,

I have been hearing from some people that there are several different ideas going around that I am leaving Cuenca, or going back to the US. Someone had me going to live with my daughter in Texas–I do not have a daughter.

I am not leaving, as I have purchased a small plot of land to build a house in the country here.

I have been having a sale, so that may have confused some people; I was lightening my load a bit as I move from my house in town, which I still have under lease. I am planning to stay in Ecuador indefinitely.

Thank you all for supporting me and my sale, you will see me around for some time! Ecuador is my home.

I just wanted you all to know, and to set the record straight.

Thank you again,

Mary Thomajan: .

City: Cuenca

A book-lover’s challenge: give a book

The children in our program don’t get many books but a 14-year-old girl has found the world of Osamu Dazai. He is a complex book-loving character from the “Bungo Stray Dogs” series. He and his friend Fydor Dostoyevsky (one of many literary references) strive to make the world a better place.

You can make the world a better place when you make her wish and the wishes of the other children come true.

Visit our Angel Tree at:

You can choose to purchase and deliver one of the listed gifts



New Loco Living video (YouTube)

I received a ‘limpia’ (cleansing) at Feria Libre. Hope you enjoy the video and thanks to everyone who support my content. I really appreciate it.

Josh Yentin

End of Life Document – what to know

An “End of life” is a legal document, where you can appoint a person of your trust or as many as you consider (we advise up to 4) to make your medical and health care decisions should you be unable to do so yourself.

This health care agent, who will make health care decisions on your behalf, such as: specifies to what extent you would like to be kept alive if you are terminally ill or become incapacitated, as well as your preferences for other medical decisions, such as pain management or organ donation. Here you can also state if you have any unique or special requests.

This is a sensitive issue and needs to be addressed in both a sensible and delicate way, as Ulloa & Zamora Asesores Ecuador, and Lina Ulloa, we are qualified to provide you with the best advice according to Ecuador’s legislation.

For more information, contact Dra. Lina Ulloa de Ulloa and Zamora Asesores Ecuador Cia. Ltda.,

Lina Ulloa: 07 410 3588. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

The law you have never heard of may cost you up to $1500 in

“I didn’t know anything about the law. I am in violation. What do I do now?

Ecuador has joined 140 other countries in the fight against money laundering (concealment of the origins of illegally obtained money). The 140 nations include the US and Canada. Ecuador now requires everyone (including expats with permanent residency) to fill out a declaration of assets over $224,240 (single) or $448,480 (couple)


Indoor air pollution – part 3 (final part)

According to the World Health Organization, household air pollution causes noncommunicable diseases including stroke, ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer.

If you are experiencing short-term issues in your home such as scratchy morning eyes, sore throats, headaches, dizziness, or fatigue, you may wish to consider improving your indoor air quality with a HEPA air purifier. The best air purifiers have a HEPA 9 air purifier (beware – to keep the cost down, manufacturers are beginning to use lower-rated HEPA filters), an activated carbon filter, and a pre-filter. Some air purifiers also offer negative ion generators and UV-C lights that sanitize the air that moves through them.


Indoor Air Pollution – Part 2

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)
Certain immediate, short-term effects of indoor air pollution are similar to those from colds or other viral diseases. These include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

Other health effects may show up either years after exposure has occurred or only after long or repeated periods of exposure. These effects, which include some respiratory diseases, heart disease, and cancer can be severely debilitating or fatal. It is prudent to try to improve the indoor air quality in your home even if symptoms are not noticeable.


Indoor Air Pollution – Part 1

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) people tend to spend 90 percent of their time indoors, where the concentration of pollutants are often two to five times higher than typical outdoor pollutants.

The people that are the often the most susceptible to the adverse effects of pollution (e.g., children, older adults, people with cardiovascular or respiratory disease) tend to spend even more time indoors.

In Cuenca, and other large cities, we have combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide, particulate matter, pet dander, mold, and sometimes environmentally unfriendly building materials. Cleaning supplies, insecticides, tobacco, and fireplaces can allow byproducts to accumulate inside a building. From the outside, open doors and windows can allow in bus exhaust, and shoes can track in soils and dusts along with the other pollutants that adhere to them.


Rob Will Sing: Freedom

You are cordially invited to a world premiere of Freedom!
Date: Oct. 1st / Time: 9 PM / Place: Consuelo Restaurante next to Dunkin Donuts across from Parque Calderon in Cuenca.

Roberto Sanders:

City: Cuenca


Ok, I do understand that Ecuadorians love their fireworks, but could someone Please explain to me why it has to be at 5:30 AM… 6 AM… throughout the day and into the evening when you like to sleep? All seems to be for no apparent reason at all.

Anthony G Valore

City: Cuenca

Woody Allen and I at Coney Island on a movie set

Woody Allen Revisited
By Robert Leaman Sanders

I met Woody Allen one day a very long time ago on a movie set. I live in Malibu now but at the time I was living in New York City. My agent called and she said: “You’re working on a movie called “Annie Hall”. Here’s the address out in Brooklyn. Write this down. You are going to Coney Island. Also, this afternoon you want to go see Bernie, the hairstylist for this shoot, get your haircut, and be on the set 8 AM sharp tomorrow. Good-bye.”

I did everything correctly.

Turns out I was an extra. I was the guy who would be in the background of the final film who throws softballs at lead filled milk bottles at one of Coney Island’s carnival concessions. So, there I was. I’m in a tee-shirt and jeans with a great haircut to make me look like a typical American young fellow from the nineteen forties era. I have 3 softballs in my arms and I am quite ready to start the throwing once I hear somebody from somewhere shout out the words – “and action!” 7 feet away from me is the one and only Mister Woody Allen standing around holding a clipboard full of papers scratching his chin. Yes. I broke the cardinal rule. I walked right up to Mr. Allen. He started things off and he said: “Hi.” I said: “Would you allow me to introduce myself?” He says: “Yes. I’ll allow you to introduce yourself. Introduce yourself.” I gave him my name, smiled big, and explained that since I respected and loved his directorial talents, so much so, to the point where I could have considered being President of his fan club, that he could depend on me should there be anything more I could do for him as an actor in the movie. Meaning, anything more than simply throwing balls at old fashioned carnival milk bottles. Woody Allen replied: “Oh. Okay fine. I’ll keep that in mind. Right now, however, is a very good time for you to take your position and start throwing the balls.”


New MINGA by the group “Keep Cuenca Beautiful”

Next Saturday, September 18th, in coordination with the Municipality, we will have another MINGA in the campaign to keep Cuenca free of tagging. All new volunteers are welcome. We are a volunteer organization made up of Cuencanos and expats, all working towards the same goal: to Keep Cuenca Beautiful! Please do not forget to bring your paint supplies: bucket, rag, brush, spatula and roller.

JT Neira: 098 662 8710. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

SRI tax refund


If you have a facilitator filing for your refunds you are liable for penalties, interest and repayment for any undeserved refunds. If your facilitator is receiving payment in proportion to the amount of your refund, be careful. They have an incentive to be careless in performing this complex process, and in the end, you are responsible.

Many categories of purchases are exempt from refunds.

Eben Warren Haskell

City: Cuenca

Cedula renewal process for extranjeros

September 2021
Extranjeros/expats with a permanent residential visa need to renew their cedula after 10 years. You cannot do it online like Ecuadorian citizens can. The first and hardest part takes place in Azogues: Centro de Atención Ciudadana, Av 16 de Abril, Azogues.

Read more…

Want a vax certificate?

The original web site ( never worked. I tried for months and got only a message saying to come back in 72 hours. Now that web page is gone entirely.

But this does work:

(1) This new URL takes you to a page titled “Solicitud Certificado de Vacunación Msp”. Enter your cedula number and birthdate. You can type these into an editor of your choice first, so you’re ready.

(2) If your cedula number looks like “999999999-9”, then enter “9999999999” (no hyphen, and of course no quotes).

Read More

Thanks to all those who participated in our survey

As mentioned last week, our entrepreneur group is looking for input on goods and services, to make life better for all residents of Cuenca. One of the participants is going to be offering self-defense classes. Erick has a black belt in Karate, and has been helpful in helping us address our feeling vulnerable. Watch for an announcement for classes in Zona Rosa.

The entrepreneur class consists of both Cuenca natives and survivors/victims of Venezuelan governmental policies. All are either unemployed or underemployed and are eager to receive feedback from both Gringos and their Latino community.

This survey is being conducted for the development of new products or services. Thank you for taking the time to answer, we appreciate your feedback. Please forward to other local folk, to further the effectiveness of this effort, with our thanks.

Survey in English:

Survey in Spanish:

Cuenca – Ecuador

Sieg Braun

City: Cuenca

Change in timetable for AstraZeneca covid vaccine second dose

For those of you who got the AstraZeneca covid vaccine, the Ministry of Health on August 24th announced that the interval between the first and second doses has been changed. Instead of being 84 days apart, it is now 64 days, or almost three weeks shorter.

This announcement is not very prominent on the Ministerio de Salud’s website; you can go to and then select “Noticias” and then select “Con la finalidad de fortalecer la contención de variante Delta, el MSP redefine estrategia de vacunación.”

Go to the location where you got your first shot, and take your vaccination form and your cedula with you. I went on Thursday to the Coliseum and it was very fast, I was in and out within 20 minutes.

Ann Fourt

City: Cuenca

JEP credit union CD’s beneficiaries new policies

Hi all

What I learned today: I went with an expat friend, to JEP Credit Union, to renew the CD, for another year, and we were surprised, that when my friend asked the JEP officer, to include a person as beneficiary in case he dies, the answers from the Investor officer was:

Since the pandemic times, we are not allowing any more, to include a direct beneficiary in the CD; now, in case of death, the money goes, 50% to the alive spouse and 50% to son(s) and or daughter(s).


Mujeres Con Exito is almost half-way to our back-to-school goal

We are almost half of the way to our goal. Only $4,800 to go. Can you help us?

Our dilemma: 22 shelter children living at Casa Mara Amor + 78 shelter children living outside the shelter x $95 = $9,500. This is the amount needed to provide our children with shoes, uniforms, underwear, backpacks and supplies. (Please note: thanks to our mailing list generosity and you wonderful people on GringoPost and Facebook, we have raised $4700 of this goal since last Friday)

How you can help: We are looking for more $95 sponsors to help our kids return to school. If you can afford more, that would be great too.


FLCCC Preventive Protocol and the Delta/Lambda/Iota variants

To those expats following the protocol, I’m sure you noticed the increase of ivermectin to twice weekly and the addition of gargles/nasal lavage. This is what I found in buying the latter:

Cetylpyridinium chloride, cloruro de cetilpiridinio (CPC): While many of the US brand mouthwashes sold at Coral, such as Oral B Complete has CPC, I opted to get the local brand Gingivit because it states the concentration of CPC.

Betadine: This is povidone-iodine (PI) sold as Povidyn 10% here. Gargle according to bottle directions. To make a nasal lavage, I also bought:


Peruvian Fight Club

Maybe this is a solution to political deadlock…

It was Christmas Day, and high in the Peruvian Andes, the annual Andean fighting festival known as the Takanakuy was underway. The crowd grew still as a new contender stepped into the ring: Yani Lopez, a woman from the town of Santo Tomás. Unlike her male peers, who donned masks and intimidating costumes, Yani wore an elegant red dress embroidered with flowers. She had stepped up to challenge a friend, Vicentina Yallercco.

For the rest, see “Settling Scores at a Fist-Fighting Festival in the Peruvian Andes” at

Dave Sailer

City: Cuenca

New Loco Living video (YouTube) – fun times with a market lady

Those who shop at the local markets understand how hard some of the people there work.

I told a local market lady I wanted to interview her, but in reality, I wanted to treat her to a full day of beers, food and fun.

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Black American farmers in Ecuador framed for murder need your help

Thank you to everyone who came out to sign the petition for Roja and Ronell Stephenson – they appreciate the messages of love and support that have been conveyed to them. A growing number of people have taken an interest in their case, and are volunteering to help.

The Stephensons have written this online petition, giving more facts about what transpired. They clearly deserve a fair trial which they did not receive. Please sign the petition, post on your Facebook page and on any social platform you are on. Updates to this will be posted here on Gringo Post. If you have any ideas or connections to people that might help, please send me an email. Thank you so much.

Also, if you receive a request from anyone seeking funds for this cause, it is fraudulent – The Stephensons are not seeking financial help of any kind, only justice.

Interview with Rob Christian, DCBORNROB:

Marilyn Steenburgh: .

City: Cuenca

Vaccine passport… to buy things with discount

And, the vaccination passport, arrived!
No, it is not a passport to travel into or outside Ecuador, is a document to receive discounts and benefits in stores, only if you are vaccinated…

Step by step to register and obtain the ‘vaccination passport’.
People who have been inoculated with the full doses can obtain economic benefits in establishments of 500 companies.

Since August 1, people who have received full doses of the COVID-19 vaccine can access offers on products and services at more than 2,000 establishments of 500 companies in different areas of the country.


Here’s “How to get Vaccination Certificate” what about the card?

How to get the certificate?

Go to the MSP Vaccination Certificate link: / public / index

Application for vaccination certificate MSP Ministry of Public Health Government
– Type of Identification: Type the identification number. -Select- Identification ·
– Choose the date of birth. Date of Birth An option will be displayed with the registered email; the same that can be updated.
– Confirm Dear patient, (you are on the Vaccine Health Care Platform)
– Dose: Vaccination Date: Dose: Vaccination Date.
– Vaccine: The certificate will be sent to the registered mail: Click on ‘Request’ On the screen will appear the data of your immunization (with the first or two doses), the brand of the pharmacist and the confirmation request.
– Click on ‘OK. sure to make this request? Cancel or Accept

What’s the difference between the certificate and the card?
*The certificate is official can’t be falsified because of the scannable QR code that has unlike the card which is handwritten. *

My team and I will be glad to help you obtaining the certificate if you need help with it.

Madeleine Gonzalez: 098 630 4185. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Azogues municipality, vaccination card only for municipality procedure

Hi all,

As I told you in previous emails, each County in Ecuador (Cantón) has a Municipality, in this case, the Cañar County Municipality, is requesting a proof of vaccination for any process, into the Municipality of Azogues.

Municipalities have nothing to do with notaries, migration offices, and more, and, if you see the video below, even the Registro Civil in Azogues, disagrees with the vaccine card certificate to do any process.
So, like in Loja, the vaccine card process is on hold, nothing new in the Loja Municipality web page.


Helpful travel information, including current COVID-19 requirements

You may want to bookmark/save this, as it provides links to keep you up to date about what you will need to travel. Travel to countries other than the US is not covered, but (re)entry to Ecuador is.

Procedures due to covid-19

To enter the US:
To enter the US, every person 2 years and older will need either

1. Negative PCR or Antigen test result done within 3 days of flight, or
2. Document of recovery from Covid and supporting paperwork.

For entry to the US, vaccine records are not acceptable as a substitute for the test at this time.

For specific details on these two requirements, visit the website of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):


Looking for a US library to use?

I was waiting for my flight at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale and found a booth for the Broward County Library. They welcomed tourists to apply for a card. I signed up and have been using it for ebooks, audio books and movies and having a lot of fun.

Here’s how:

Find Broward County Library online site where there is a place to apply for a library card.
For address I used the airport’s:

100 Terminal Drive
Ft. Lauderdale
FL 33315


YouTube Vlogger in Quito robbed at gunpoint

Ryan and his wife Sarah were robbed at gunpoint in Quito. A bit of a fishy situation — they are leaving the country and her school (employer) forced her to close their bank account before they paid her. Then they had to go to a specific bank to withdraw cash. Then they got robbed. Very sad story. It seems they were set up.

Boyd Jones

Petition to reopen a case for two Americans held in Cuenca Turi prison

A few weeks ago, Rick posted a video about two young American brothers being held in prison here. I watched all the videos produced by DCBORNROB on his YouTube channel, and feel this case needs to be reopened. I wrote up a petition, and will be at The Jazz Society Cafe (Los Cedros y Los Claveles (a block north of Ordonez Lasso) this Wednesday, July 21, from 11 AM – 1 PM, if you’d like to stop by and sign it.

The petition will be sent to our Ambassador, Michael Fitzpatrick, and the Stephenson’s representatives in Maryland. A thank you to Debby and James for making their restaurant available for this cause.

Thankfully, this case is gaining more recognition since the first interviews came out a month ago:

Marilyn Steenburgh: .

City: Cuenca

Petition to reopen a case for two Americans held in Cuenca Turi prison

A few weeks ago, Rick posted a video about two young American brothers being held in prison here. I watched all the videos produced by DCBORNROB on his YouTube channel, and feel this case needs to be reopened. I wrote up a petition, and will be at The Jazz Society Cafe (Los Cedros y Los Claveles (a block north of Ordonez Lasso) this Wednesday, July 21, from 11 AM – 1 PM, if you’d like to stop by and sign it. The petition will be sent to our Ambassador, Michael Fitzpatrick, and the Stephenson’s representatives in Maryland. A thank you to Debby and James for making their restaurant available for this.

Marilyn Steenburgh: .

City: Cuenca

Mate Mochilero – New YouTube video, hiking trail near Santa Isabel

Hello everyone. After a couple months with my laptop not working, we have a new video up! This amazing hike starts only a 30-minute car ride from Santa Isabel. You will see some incredible sights that not many people know about. It’s a long hike — about 2 hours and a half, but it’s well worth the trip.

Here is the YouTube video so you can find out more about it. The video is in Spanish, but you can turn on closed captions in English.

If you enjoy the content, please consider liking, commenting and subscribing. Its free, and it helps me so much. Now that my laptop is working, we will try to post more content of beautiful places in Ecuador more often.

Mate: .

City: Cuenca

Sinovac vaccine, 2nd shot

Does anyone know what the location is here in Cuenca for the 2nd Sinovac shot this week?

Was told I would get a text or email, but so far, nothing.

Many thanks,

Mike Lentin: .

City: Cuenca

Import tax reduction, for some products, more information coming soon

Hi all, Following a campaign offer, from Guillermo Lasso, a list of more than 600 items, will have a reduction in the import taxes. More information coming. This was just released this afternoon: we have to wait for the Executive Order to be published in order to know all the products with less or zero import taxes.


Camcorders and digital cameras will have a tariff reduction from 25% to 5%. In the case of communication equipment and computers, the tariff will drop to 0%.

The Minister of Production and Foreign Trade, Julio José Prado, announced this Friday, July 9, 2021, the details of the first phase of tariff reductions for the country’s productive sector.


Ahinara, pioneer in proton therapy

This isn’t directly related to Cuenca, or to expat life, but it might be worth a few minutes.

“BBC Mundo” has news written clearly in good Spanish, a handy place to practice reading. Yesterday I found the story of “Ahinara, la niña ecuatoriana a la que una pionera terapia en España logró ‘borrar’ un tumor cerebral”, about a seven-year-old Ecuadorian girl with a cancerous brain tumor.

“Ahinara’s cancer – a type of brain sarcoma rare in Europe but seen more frequently in Latin America – was perfectly suited to the proton therapy offered by the clinic at the University of Navarra (one of two private medical centers that provides this type of therapy in Spain).”


Transporting money from banks to a destination

From the FaceBook website – Ecuador Emergency.

Until now, 1,940 declarations of money robberies near/at banks have been filed in 2021. The police says that few people use the free assistance of the police when they want to transport money. If you want to transport money, you can call 911 and ask for the service of ‘traslado de valores’ The police will escort you and will wait until you have left the place of destination. This service is free. To use this service you have to provide your id-number.

Suzanne Cerny: .

City: Cuenca

Stolen Hyundai Tucson

Hyundai Tucson IX. Color: White Plates ABC 9479. Stolen in Sector Misicata on June 29th.

If you see this car, please call 911 or the owner. 098 882 3741 / 098 828 2600

Richard Mateyko: .

City: Cuenca

Win $50 — new Loco Living video (YouTube)

Hi all,

Just posted a new video on my channel. I went to a hueca (aka local dining spot) and pigged out! Link below.

I am also doing a $50 giveaway (winner announced this Sunday):
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Good luck to all and thanks for the support.

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Getting a vaccination on Saturday?

It is my understanding you can just show up at a vaccination site on Saturday (or Sunday?) if you have registered with your cedula and receive your jab. If anyone can confirm this, please do. Also, any insight if they are giving specific brands of vaccines at certain sites vs. other sites would be great!

My wife and I are hoping to get jabbed this Saturday, J&J would be first choice, but since we are begging, I guess we may not be choosing. Thanks in advance for your time.

Nate Bristow: 93 937 3546. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Gift flower bouquets, wedding roses | Blooming Emotions

Blooming Emotions sends wedding flowers, fundraising flowers and other wholesale flowers and individual gift flower bouquets directly from our flower farms to brides, event planners, wedding coordinators, fund-raisers and others anywhere in the US.

We are providing free shipping due to Covid-19

Order now

Lark Begin: 786 780 2858. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Arajuno

Be wary when you walk by the tennis courts near Jefferson Coliseo

Near the tennis courts, two people wearing masks and brandishing Wilson Pro Staffs approached me. Since they had the advantage, I handed over my diamond studded iPhone and leather wallet with my cedula and $50 in it. I considered putting up a fight, but I was no match for them and decided I didn’t have the balls anyway. They are part of a larger racket around Cuenca so if you should see one with coral blue eyes, soft wavy brown hair, an aquiline nose, broad shoulders, well-developed biceps, and a square jawline, (I wasn’t paying attention to the other) please report them to the local police so I can serve them with papers and take them to court.


Reed Lots:

City: Cuenca

What to do if a claim was denied by the health company?

On several occasions we encounter refusals or refunds by the company that are not always well taken by the user, but what are the reasons why companies do not pay for your claims? The most usual thing is to blame the company that does not want to pay because it does not fulfill its obligations, but the reality can be very different from what you think.

When a claim is returned or denied on several occasions it may be a problem of documentation. The prepaid medicine companies in Ecuador establish certain guidelines in their contracts as obligations of the user, these documents are the following in general for all insurance companies:

reimbursement request
medical certificate or medical record
orders for examinations
test results
original invoices in the client’s name


Procedure to register – coronavirus vaccination foreigners with cedula

El Universo (Guayaquil newspaper) on Friday June 11th had an article about how foreigners who have a cedula should register for coronavirus vaccinations. I am only passing along this information, I can’t promise that it will work or that the information is correct. The link to the article is:


Cuenca Medical Resources website – health care options

Searching for physicians, medical facilitators, planning for a medical emergency, home care or end of life management details? This website is a service to the English-speaking expat community. Cuenca Medical Resources lists only individuals who have been recommended by other expats. Over 100 individuals and service organizations are listed on the site.

Katy Johnson: .

City: Cuenca

Cooperativa Crea. the best interest rates in CDs

Hi Community,

My name is Maria Jose Baculima, I am currently working on Cooperativa Crea. Here in Cooperativa Crea we have a lot of benefits, especially in CDs. We have the best rate of interest – much better than other financial institutions. You can search at SEPS the solvency at Cooperativa Crea. We are a segment 1 cooperative among the top of best cooperatives in Ecuador. If you are interested, please contact me by email or WhatsApp.

Ing. Maria Jose Baculima.
Oficial de Inversiones.
Celular: 098 498 8369
Teléfono: (07) 288 1707 Ext: 1866

Maria Jose Baculima: 098 498 8369. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

How to be a hard-working – personal attorney

First of all, you must know the laws extremely well; you should not wait on somebody else’s information nor try to copy.

You must specialize in in your legal field; you cannot put your clients at risk, even more so if you know that this client is a foreigner who may lose his regularity in the country.

You should be honest with your client if you know that he/she is going to have problems or that things are not going to be easy.

You must try by all means to protect your client legally.

You must be honest with your work and actions. You cannot offer to get something by bribery; you may be putting your client and/ or yourself at risk in the very near future.

At Ulloa and Zamora Asesores Ecuador we have over ten years of experience – contact us at:

Lina Ulloa: 098 420 5336. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

New Ministry of Health website to register for coronavirus vaccine

About a week ago the Ministry of Health put up a new website that is supposed to (emphasis on supposed to) give you the date, time and location of your scheduled coronavirus vaccinations (first and second shots).

As others have reported, sometimes they have been directed to an incorrect location, but eventually arrived at the correct place for shot #1 or shot #2.

I have read that beginning June 15th the government plans to expand the eligible ages to 50-64. If you would like to confirm your enrollment or contact information in the Ministry of Health’s database, you can go to the following web page (new):


What to do if I have a traffic accident with a bicycle?

Dear Expat Community, here are some recommendations on what to do in case you hit a person on a bicycle with your vehicle:

• first and foremost, call your insurance advisor immediately so that he/she can provide you with personalized advice.
• second, do not take the blame for the accident
• try to mediate directly with the owner of the bicycle.
• if there are injuries, call the traffic police immediately after speaking with your insurance advisor.
• calmly and carefully analyze how the accident occurred and whether or not you are at fault.
• if the driver of the bicycle died, contact your insurance advisor and a lawyer. if you have a liability policy, the company may provide legal services, as long as you were not intoxicated, and if you were, you should analyze if your policy has property coverage.
• try to mediate with the affected parties so that your vehicle is not taken into custody.


What is the value of an annuity insurance or home insurance?

Some of the insurances with the best coverages and little used by the users are the real estate insurances or home insurances. This type of insurances are often dismissed because we have the conception that nothing can happen in our home and being positive is always an additional coverage, but what happens if a delinquent breaks into my home and steals important objects? Who is going to cover them? What will happen if I steal your computer, cell phone or electronic devices, or if suddenly there is an earthquake or cataclysm and your home collapses in a matter of seconds? At this precise moment we usually remember the times we avoid hiring an all risk insurance for your home.


Agua silicon roof and patio treatments

Hello neighbors, I am posting this kinda like a public service announcement. Behr products are in Ecuador and the seller is in Quito.


Versatill Shop(s) are in Quito. I use Behr exclusively. Alejandro told me about 2 new products and I am sharing the news about Aqua Silicon. Another email discusses his new polyurethane.

Agua Silicon.

I used a similar product years ago in Costa Rica for my corrugated metal roof. It was hot and not ambient friendly for the rainforest.


New Loco Living video (YouTube): shoe shining, boxing and more

Hey everyone, For those in need of a good laugh make sure to check out the latest instalment of Loco Living as I hit the streets of Cuenca and meet some really interesting people.

Each video I publish attempts to spotlight people/businesses around the city. Please email me ( if you have any ideas.

And don’t forget to subscribe

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Do you know the network of your insurance company?

One of the most important parameters to consider when contracting a private health insurance in Ecuador is to consult your broker about the network of clinics you have available for your medical care, whether for consultations, emergencies, surgeries and hospitalizations. It is vital when changing your country of residence to consider the best health options available in your new place of residence, since you could find health centers not authorized by the ministry of public health of Ecuador, the most important networks in the city of Cuenca are the following: Clinica Monte Sinai, Clinica Santa Ines, Clinica Santa Ana, Hospital San Juan de Dios, these are the main clinics in the city same that maintain agreement with our flagship product Bluebox Seguro de Salud, and Confiamed which is one of the companies that are in the ranking of prepaid medicine companies in Ecuador.


New LOCO LIVING video (YouTube) shoe shining, boxing, and more

Hey everyone, For those in need of a good laugh make sure to check out the latest instalment of Loco Living as I hit the streets of Cuenca and meet some really interesting people.

Each video I publish attempts to spotlight people/businesses around the city. Please email me ( if you have any ideas.


Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Covid – 19 vaccinations

I have been very fortunate to have received both my jabs (Chinese Sinovac). First shot in April at the Coliseo Jefferson Perez, and then my second jab last week at Bicentenario Campus at the Univ. of Azuay (Banos). On both occasions I was very impressed with the vaccine rollout. Handled very professionally I thought.

Received a text message a few days before both appointments telling me when to go, where to go, and what time to go. No problems.

The first shot at the Coliseo I was in and out and home again in less than 90 minutes. Not bad. My second jab last week at the Bicentenario Campus U. of A. was even better. In and out and home again in one hour. Gracias Ecuador.

No reactions to the vaccine whatsoever. Except now I have a craving 24 hours a day for Chinese food.

Michael Corleone

City: Cuenca

Huge kudos for the local vaccine workers

I received my second vaccine today at Universidad del Azuay. My appointment was for noon, but I was home by 12:40 with my certificate in hand.

For both the first and second vaccine, the workers were incredible; there was a system and efficiency was perfected. I arrived an hour early today and received a number at the first line. There were plenty of seats, distanced apart, for those who wanted to sit to wait for their number to be called. I was number 330; minutes later they were calling 312.

About twenty minutes later, my number was called where a worker directed me to the station where I was to sit. One worker took my blood pressure, checked my pulse with an oximeter as the other worker was inputting my cedula data into the computer. Additional information asked: address, phone, email address, age. They provided a paper with all my details and sent me on my way. Move on to the next desk.


New Loco Living video (YouTube) with restaurant Full Criollo

Looking for a good laugh?

I cooked some arepas and hit the streets of Cuenca trying to sell them as well. Make sure to subscribe/thumbs up/comment if you like the video. I appreciate everyone who watches the content.

And I teamed up with a great charity as well. Please watch the video for more info and donate if you want to help out (Link is in the description of the video).

Josh Yentin

New Loco Living video (YouTube) with restaurant, Full Criollo

Looking for a good laugh?

I cooked some arepas and hit the streets of Cuenca trying to sell them as well. Make sure to subscribe/thumbs up/comment if you like the video. I appreciate everyone who watches the content.

And I teamed up with a great charity as well. Please watch the video for more info and donate if you want to help out (Link is in the description of the video).

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Norwegian Colony in Santa Cruz Island?

Ñan Magazine published an interesting bit of history about some colorful characters who occupied Floreana Island, entitled “El Eden Se Hunde” (“Edén Sinks,” roughly). I’ll try to paste the link here.

In the article, it briefly mentions that a group of Norwegians left Floreana and settled on Santa Cruz Island. Here’s my question for those of you who might be very familiar with Santa Cruz: is there any evidence of an ongoing Norwegian community there, such as family names, place names, businesses, or foods?

Simply curious.

Thanks in advance,


City: Cuenca

Vaccine info important

Hi Folks

I have info about the vaccine, for the second and first shot, so please read it carefully, many people are not having the text message with the info about the second or first shot, so I started to do some research and in Cuenca community is the following info:

If you had the first shot at the Coliseum you need to go for the second one at the same time you had the first, to Coliseo Campus Bicentenario of Universidad del Azuay at Ave Ricardo Duran detras del Colegio Borja. Please, this is on the way to the thermal pools in Baños at Ave Ricardo Duran.

If you had your first shot at UPS by Kiwy your second shot will be at Poliforo de la Universidad Catolica at Ave Americas next to the Basilica.

For the first shot there is a web site where you introduce your cedula number and then the Fecha de expedicion (issue date) and if your appointment is scheduled it tells you where and when:

The web site is

Again they are not sending text messages to everyone

If you can’t use the website due to language, let me know and I will be happy to help.

Sole Riquetti: 098 945 6551. Call after: 9 AM.

New Loco Living video (YouTube) and help supporting a good cause

The latest instalment of Loco Living follows a Venezuelan doctor who makes his money as The Joker on the streets of Cuenca. I also partnered with ‘a Ripple’, an organization who helps refugees and people in need in order to raise enough money to buy 200 dignity kits and help some Venezuelans here in our beautiful city.

Watch the video + subscribe for more info about the project (link below)

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Q&A video on Cuenca living

Hi everyone,

I made a Q&A video on my experience living in Cuenca. Hope this can help some of you who are considering moving to Cuenca. Feel free to comment with any questions you might have. All discussions are welcome.


City: Cuenca

Gallardo veterinary clinic

Our services include: Consultation, vaccination, deworming, hospitalization, surgeries, dental cleaning, clinical laboratory, grooming, door-to-door transportation.

24-hour emergency service.
We attend this weekend for emergencies by appointment.

Direction. Calle Guayas 4-53 between Morona and Remigio Crespo in front of ctres and next to Sanar.

Phone: 07 281 6869 – 098 723 2618 – 098 432 3162

MVZ Javier Gallardo: 098 723 2618. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Covid PCR tests

For those looking for a more economical PCR test I want to report that I got one yesterday at a clinic called UDIC at the corner of Juan Bautista Vásquez y Miguel Diaz.
Phones: 098 405 0156
099 562 6281
07 288 4588
This was recommended to me by my driver friend, Edwin Loja, (whom I also want to recommend – look for another post about Edwin).

Edwin told me his dad got the test for $80, but when I got there yesterday morning at 9, they told me there was a discount, and I only paid $45.

At 5 PM I received an email with my negative results.
I hope this info is helpful to all of you.

Steve Swezy

City: Cuenca

Kudos to Coral Central employees

Grande Kudos to the friendly and helpful staff at Coral Central! I purchased an item that turned out to be too large to get in the pickup. I had parked across from the exit door where the guard had a quiet laugh at attempts to get the item in the truck, to no avail. When asked if the item could be returned, the guard directed us to Cashier 5 to begin the process to return the item. Now I am aware of Coral’s “No Return” reputation but I explained the situation (nicely) to the man in charge. He contacted 2 others to get the process rolling and I got my money back. Not only were the three people involved in the transaction very nice and quite accommodating, they completed the task in a short amount of time (for Coral!) and I left with a big smile.

Rita ODonald: .

City: Cuenca

On being an outsider…

This isn’t directly related to either Cuenca or to Ecuador, but it is related to expat life, and a good read:

“On Being an Outsider: Words by Charles Simic, Photos by Romeo Alaeff” at

“The advantage of the melting pot is that it undermines tribalism. One gains a distance from one’s own national folly. The American identity is a strange concoction of cultures, but at its best it is a concoction prepared and cooked by each individual in his or her own kitchen. It ought not to come in a package with a label and a fake list of wholesome, all-natural ingredients.”

Dave Sailer

City: Cuenca

Attorneys to explain current/future vaccine laws?

Are there any retired US or current Ecuadorian attorneys who could hold perhaps, a local meeting and could explain any current or future legislation concerning an obligation to take the vaccine here, in Ecuador, and the US too? Hey, throw in Canada, too. Nuremberg laws, perhaps?

Charge a few dollars, and have coffee or tea ready. Something simple, or do it online, if you’d like.
Do not explain the science of the vaccine, or any politics; please keep it germaine to the current and future laws coming down the pike. We will have a new Prez here soon. Who knows?


Jeptha of Jaffa

City: Cuenca

New video on Olon and Guayaquil

Recently traveled to Olon and Guayaquil and realized most things in Guayaquil are closed because of the pandemic. Definitely watch if you are planning to go in the near future. So you know what to expect. Enjoy,


As of 4-8-2021 The Guayaquil US Consulate added appointment dates for May, June, July

This morning, 4-8-21, I woke up early and secured a new earlier appointment date for a notarial appointment. I got May 7th. My only choice day before was yesterday was July 15th. Big Improvement. I think they realized they have a glitch in the system and added the dates due to not being able to cancel the other date if people wanted to opt out for any reason.

The system currently does not allow a person who wishes to cancel an appointment return access to complete the cancellation process. We were told to send in an email to cancel an appointment. So, this is great news for those who need an earlier date for an appointment for time sensitive notarization or other need.

I did look at yesterday’s (4-8-21) GP postings and did not see anything from the Consulate. Hopefully they will have one today, probably missed the 4 PM deadline yesterday, unless they have some special access. On another note, the Quito Embassy is essentially shut down for many if not all services except email maybe. The GYE Consulate is therefore your only option for appointments. So, I guess a lot of folks from northern Ecuador will be coming to GYE for consular Services as well. Also, they are not answering phones. All communications are via e-mail.

Rick Crook

City: Guayaquil

Cuenca area seniors to get Pfizer vaccinations only

This is a blurb I picked up this morning (April 6th) in El Mercurio:

“The official explained that for older adults only the Pfizer doses will be used as the vaccination schedule indicates it. There are a total of 76,260 seniors registered for the process”

Steve: .

City: Cuenca

Buy your products in US and I bring them to Cuenca

The cost of bringing is by weight. It can be anything, like clothing, vitamins, etc. Also, I can bring electronics.

I bring them for April 27.

For any extra information, contact me.

Gabriel Enderica: +593 99 283 2434. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

New Loco Living video (Youtube)

Due to some technical issues it was posted a day late (on Monday)…but I promise it was worth the wait.

This is the second instalment of my time in Vilcabamba and Izhycayluma. Things got a little wild.

Like always, please subscribe to the channel to help keep supporting me and the community:

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

New loco living video this Sunday, (YouTube)

Epic video dropping this Sunday. I spent time at one of the best resorts in the country — c (Vilcabamba). This is part 2 of my vlog series there. Things got a little crazy…

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Check out part 1:

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Mate Mochilero – New YouTube video, Glamping in Urkuwayku!

Hello everyone. We have a new video up. This incredible farm located an hour outside of Quito produces so much organic and delicious food, and you can stay at the farm in a safari-like tent and enjoy this beautiful paradise. I very much recommend you visit this amazing place.

If you live in Quito, you can order their vegetables and they deliver in strategic locations in the city.

Here is the YouTube video so you can find out more about it. The video is in Spanish, but you can turn on closed captions in English.

If you enjoy the content, please consider liking, commenting and subscribing. Its free, and it helps me so much. There is a lot of amazing content coming every 2 weeks.

Mateo: .

City: Quito (capital)

My brother, Gabriel Osorio, was robbed yesterday, Friday, April 2

My brother, Gabriel Osorio (Cuenca Muesli), was robbed yesterday, Friday, April 2, 2021 in the afternoon at 4 PM more or less.

He was contemplating the beautiful banks of the Tomebamba river, in the Puerta del Sol Linear Park, on the side of Paseo 3 de Noviembre and Los Cipreses, when two assailants fell on him and immobilized him with 2 long knives.

They took away his cell phone and hit him hard with a stone on the head They also wounded him with their knives in his arms and legs. This is humiliating.

I didn’t think this could happen here.

We have already filed a complaint with the police.


Covid takes advantage of slow vaccination and enters its fourth global

Pharmaceuticals Pfizer and BioNTech reported that their COVID-19 vaccine remains highly effective for at least six months after the second dose is administered and that it also works against the South African variant of the virus. The findings come from a follow-up of volunteers who participated in the vaccine trials, which so far still show no major safety issues, the companies said in a statement.

However, the delays in vaccinations, the fatigue of many societies in the face of restrictions and the most contagious variants of the coronavirus have led the world to a fourth wave of COVID-19, with figures already resembling the third in late 2020, so far the worst in infections and deaths.

According to figures from the World Health Organization, global cases today exceed 127 million, while deaths are close to 2.8 million, and both infections and weekly deaths continue to rise after the hopeful decline in the curve that existed from the beginning of 2021 until the middle of February. However, experts warn that, as happened in mid-2020, a decrease in the average age of the most serious cases is again being noticed, and the number of people between 30 and 60 years old who require emergency interventions is increasing.

The World Health Organization warns that vaccination should not for now replace the preventive measures in force since last year, such as physical distancing, hand hygiene, avoiding crowded places and the use of a mask in good condition, such as the KN95 with valve.

I am Andrés Guillermo, distributor in Cuenca and Azuay of KN95 masks with filter, made in the USA. These masks are not the ones sold in shopping centers. They are masks with sanitary registration, laminated and with high protection. Its use is comfortable, it avoids dizziness, headaches, fogging of lenses or glasses. They are lightweight and are placed behind the ears, but above all 100% safe and reliable. I sell them by unit or box of 20 masks. Contact me at 099 647 2877, WhatsApp or call me.

Andres Guillermo: 099 647 2877. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

There is concern about the increase in Covid cases in Cuenca

Figures from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) provided to monitor the pandemic show that, in Azuay, during the last seven days, the number of COVID-19 infections increased by 334 cases, of which 235 correspond to the city of Cuenca.

This increase is higher than the one presented during the previous week, in which a total of 272 new cases were registered; This means 62 fewer infections than between March 21 and 28, according to official figures provided by the Zonal Coordination 6 of Health.

The province of Azuay, with 5.8% of coronavirus cases nationwide, ranks fourth in the number of infections in the country, behind Pichincha with 34.8%, Guayas with 13% and Manabí with 7.6% of confirmed patients for COVID-19 in Ecuador.

The percentage of patients who after undergoing a PCR test tested positive for coronavirus also increased in Azuay, and went from 25% to 28%, the Ministry of Health reported.

This also coincides with an increase in crowds, which went from 20 to 32 during this last weekend, and with the failure to comply with biosafety measures to prevent infections, mainly the use of a mask.

Public hospitals in the city maintain a high occupancy rate in their Intensive Care Units (ICU) for COVID patients, so the Health Zonal Coordination 6 asks citizens to maintain prevention measures to avoid an accelerated increase in critical cases.

The problem is that Ecuadorians do not make good use of the mask or use non-approved masks. They care more about what a good mask costs than their own health. According to the World Health Organization, KN95 filter masks are still the most suitable to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

I am Andrés Guillermo, distributor in Cuenca and Azuay of KN95 masks with filter, made in the USA. These masks are not the ones sold in Shopping Centers, they are masks with sanitary registration, laminated and with high protection. Its use is comfortable, it avoids dizziness, headaches, fogging of lenses or glasses. They are lightweight and are placed behind the ears, but above all 100% safe and reliable. I sell them by unit or box of 20 masks. Contact me at 099 647 2877, WhatsApp or call me.

Andres Guillermo: 099 647 2877. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

New video on Laguna de Quilotoa

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the previous support on my videos. I made a new one on my recent trip to Quilotoa Lake and Quito.

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Social service – vaccination in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian government has made available a website where seniors have to register in order to get vaccinated. At Ulloa & Zamora we are offering our services – free of charge- Wednesday and Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM. Please call or send us an email to schedule an appointment.

Note: We ask you to be patient since the website has been having some issues.


Lina: 07 410 3588. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Botanical Gardens – open

Walking down in South EV and noticed the wooden barricades are gone from the entrance, saw people on the walking paths. Didn’t enter as it was raining and I was almost home, but will go back and thought some here might be interested.

Tha Dood:

City: Cuenca

Bob Dylan’s Pals and Robert Leaman Sanders Story

“Bob Dylan’s Pals and Me “
Robert Leaman Sanders

So, my friend says: “Robert, I’ll show you some cool moves on guitar. Only a rare few in the whole world know ‘em. I got Bobby to teach me. I told Bob, hey, look, I gave you my bedroom to live in. The least you could do is show me some moves. Bob caved in and gave me guitar lessons.”

That’s what my friend, Peter, told me back in New York. Well, dear reader, I picked my friend Peter’s brain. I mastered those very same cool sounding variations of guitar chords he got from Dylan and I went out and started singing and playing my own original songs way back when. I played what I call The Greenwich Village Circuit -The Gaslight Lounge, Kettle-of-Fish, Paul Colby’s Bitter End, Gurdie’s Folk City, the whole bit. But, this reminiscence is not really about me. It is more about how I crossed paths with the incomparable Bob Dylan even if only a trifle. One night, when my band and I had just finished playing a set at a private party in Harlem, New York, this kid, by the name of Peter, comes up to me and he says: “I want to manage you.” I said to him: “Good. You can manage me. You can get me a recording contract like as soon as possible.” The kid says: “Okay.” I said: “Do you know anything about the music business?” Peter says: “Meet me at my mom’s house tomorrow. She’ll tell you.”

So I go. I meet his mom. Her name was Eve McKenzie. Eve was a Broadway stage show costume designer. At the time, she was working with the great Jerome Robbins – Broadway’s West Side Story. When I got there, Eve and her super nice guy husband, Mac, gave me a quick tour of their modest apartment, then they sat me down at the kitchen table. Mac poured me a whiskey – in quite a dignified way. I began sipping. Eve says to me: “My son, Peter, thinks you have a marvelous singing voice. “I said: “Thank you. “She says: “Okay. We, in this family, know a little something about show business and musicians because, well…”and then Mrs. McKenzie began to tell me things that were certainly interesting and truly amusing. She told me of how her son, Peter, volunteered to give up the bedroom he had grown up in in that apartment to Bob Dylan when Bob first arrived in New York and started playing the coffee houses near Washington Square Park of The Village.


Video about apartment hunting in Cuenca

Hi everyone,

I also made a video about our apartment hunting experience in Cuenca. Hopefully this can help some of you,

Thank you. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed the video.


City: Cuenca

Must watch — Loco Living–How to survive in Cajas (Youtube)

Make sure to watch the latest video, which offers an entertaining/informative look at the beautiful El Cajas National Park. Please subscribe if you like my content and want to continue supporting the community.

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca