New Loco Living video (YouTube) with restaurant Full Criollo

Looking for a good laugh?

I cooked some arepas and hit the streets of Cuenca trying to sell them as well. Make sure to subscribe/thumbs up/comment if you like the video. I appreciate everyone who watches the content.

And I teamed up with a great charity as well. Please watch the video for more info and donate if you want to help out (Link is in the description of the video).

Josh Yentin

New Loco Living video (YouTube) with restaurant, Full Criollo

Looking for a good laugh?

I cooked some arepas and hit the streets of Cuenca trying to sell them as well. Make sure to subscribe/thumbs up/comment if you like the video. I appreciate everyone who watches the content.

And I teamed up with a great charity as well. Please watch the video for more info and donate if you want to help out (Link is in the description of the video).

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Norwegian Colony in Santa Cruz Island?

Ñan Magazine published an interesting bit of history about some colorful characters who occupied Floreana Island, entitled “El Eden Se Hunde” (“Edén Sinks,” roughly). I’ll try to paste the link here.

In the article, it briefly mentions that a group of Norwegians left Floreana and settled on Santa Cruz Island. Here’s my question for those of you who might be very familiar with Santa Cruz: is there any evidence of an ongoing Norwegian community there, such as family names, place names, businesses, or foods?

Simply curious.

Thanks in advance,


City: Cuenca

Vaccine info important

Hi Folks

I have info about the vaccine, for the second and first shot, so please read it carefully, many people are not having the text message with the info about the second or first shot, so I started to do some research and in Cuenca community is the following info:

If you had the first shot at the Coliseum you need to go for the second one at the same time you had the first, to Coliseo Campus Bicentenario of Universidad del Azuay at Ave Ricardo Duran detras del Colegio Borja. Please, this is on the way to the thermal pools in Baños at Ave Ricardo Duran.

If you had your first shot at UPS by Kiwy your second shot will be at Poliforo de la Universidad Catolica at Ave Americas next to the Basilica.

For the first shot there is a web site where you introduce your cedula number and then the Fecha de expedicion (issue date) and if your appointment is scheduled it tells you where and when:

The web site is

Again they are not sending text messages to everyone

If you can’t use the website due to language, let me know and I will be happy to help.

Sole Riquetti: 098 945 6551. Call after: 9 AM.

New Loco Living video (YouTube) and help supporting a good cause

The latest instalment of Loco Living follows a Venezuelan doctor who makes his money as The Joker on the streets of Cuenca. I also partnered with ‘a Ripple’, an organization who helps refugees and people in need in order to raise enough money to buy 200 dignity kits and help some Venezuelans here in our beautiful city.

Watch the video + subscribe for more info about the project (link below)

Josh Yentin

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Q&A video on Cuenca living

Hi everyone,

I made a Q&A video on my experience living in Cuenca. Hope this can help some of you who are considering moving to Cuenca. Feel free to comment with any questions you might have. All discussions are welcome.


City: Cuenca

Gallardo veterinary clinic

Our services include: Consultation, vaccination, deworming, hospitalization, surgeries, dental cleaning, clinical laboratory, grooming, door-to-door transportation.

24-hour emergency service.
We attend this weekend for emergencies by appointment.

Direction. Calle Guayas 4-53 between Morona and Remigio Crespo in front of ctres and next to Sanar.

Phone: 07 281 6869 – 098 723 2618 – 098 432 3162

MVZ Javier Gallardo: 098 723 2618. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Covid PCR tests

For those looking for a more economical PCR test I want to report that I got one yesterday at a clinic called UDIC at the corner of Juan Bautista Vásquez y Miguel Diaz.
Phones: 098 405 0156
099 562 6281
07 288 4588
This was recommended to me by my driver friend, Edwin Loja, (whom I also want to recommend – look for another post about Edwin).

Edwin told me his dad got the test for $80, but when I got there yesterday morning at 9, they told me there was a discount, and I only paid $45.

At 5 PM I received an email with my negative results.
I hope this info is helpful to all of you.

Steve Swezy

City: Cuenca

Kudos to Coral Central employees

Grande Kudos to the friendly and helpful staff at Coral Central! I purchased an item that turned out to be too large to get in the pickup. I had parked across from the exit door where the guard had a quiet laugh at attempts to get the item in the truck, to no avail. When asked if the item could be returned, the guard directed us to Cashier 5 to begin the process to return the item. Now I am aware of Coral’s “No Return” reputation but I explained the situation (nicely) to the man in charge. He contacted 2 others to get the process rolling and I got my money back. Not only were the three people involved in the transaction very nice and quite accommodating, they completed the task in a short amount of time (for Coral!) and I left with a big smile.

Rita ODonald: .

City: Cuenca

On being an outsider…

This isn’t directly related to either Cuenca or to Ecuador, but it is related to expat life, and a good read:

“On Being an Outsider: Words by Charles Simic, Photos by Romeo Alaeff” at

“The advantage of the melting pot is that it undermines tribalism. One gains a distance from one’s own national folly. The American identity is a strange concoction of cultures, but at its best it is a concoction prepared and cooked by each individual in his or her own kitchen. It ought not to come in a package with a label and a fake list of wholesome, all-natural ingredients.”

Dave Sailer

City: Cuenca

Attorneys to explain current/future vaccine laws?

Are there any retired US or current Ecuadorian attorneys who could hold perhaps, a local meeting and could explain any current or future legislation concerning an obligation to take the vaccine here, in Ecuador, and the US too? Hey, throw in Canada, too. Nuremberg laws, perhaps?

Charge a few dollars, and have coffee or tea ready. Something simple, or do it online, if you’d like.
Do not explain the science of the vaccine, or any politics; please keep it germaine to the current and future laws coming down the pike. We will have a new Prez here soon. Who knows?


Jeptha of Jaffa

City: Cuenca

New video on Olon and Guayaquil

Recently traveled to Olon and Guayaquil and realized most things in Guayaquil are closed because of the pandemic. Definitely watch if you are planning to go in the near future. So you know what to expect. Enjoy,


As of 4-8-2021 The Guayaquil US Consulate added appointment dates for May, June, July

This morning, 4-8-21, I woke up early and secured a new earlier appointment date for a notarial appointment. I got May 7th. My only choice day before was yesterday was July 15th. Big Improvement. I think they realized they have a glitch in the system and added the dates due to not being able to cancel the other date if people wanted to opt out for any reason.

The system currently does not allow a person who wishes to cancel an appointment return access to complete the cancellation process. We were told to send in an email to cancel an appointment. So, this is great news for those who need an earlier date for an appointment for time sensitive notarization or other need.

I did look at yesterday’s (4-8-21) GP postings and did not see anything from the Consulate. Hopefully they will have one today, probably missed the 4 PM deadline yesterday, unless they have some special access. On another note, the Quito Embassy is essentially shut down for many if not all services except email maybe. The GYE Consulate is therefore your only option for appointments. So, I guess a lot of folks from northern Ecuador will be coming to GYE for consular Services as well. Also, they are not answering phones. All communications are via e-mail.

Rick Crook

City: Guayaquil

Cuenca area seniors to get Pfizer vaccinations only

This is a blurb I picked up this morning (April 6th) in El Mercurio:

“The official explained that for older adults only the Pfizer doses will be used as the vaccination schedule indicates it. There are a total of 76,260 seniors registered for the process”

Steve: .

City: Cuenca

Buy your products in US and I bring them to Cuenca

The cost of bringing is by weight. It can be anything, like clothing, vitamins, etc. Also, I can bring electronics.

I bring them for April 27.

For any extra information, contact me.

Gabriel Enderica: +593 99 283 2434. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

New Loco Living video (Youtube)

Due to some technical issues it was posted a day late (on Monday)…but I promise it was worth the wait.

This is the second instalment of my time in Vilcabamba and Izhycayluma. Things got a little wild.

Like always, please subscribe to the channel to help keep supporting me and the community:

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

New loco living video this Sunday, (YouTube)

Epic video dropping this Sunday. I spent time at one of the best resorts in the country — c (Vilcabamba). This is part 2 of my vlog series there. Things got a little crazy…

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Check out part 1:

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Mate Mochilero – New YouTube video, Glamping in Urkuwayku!

Hello everyone. We have a new video up. This incredible farm located an hour outside of Quito produces so much organic and delicious food, and you can stay at the farm in a safari-like tent and enjoy this beautiful paradise. I very much recommend you visit this amazing place.

If you live in Quito, you can order their vegetables and they deliver in strategic locations in the city.

Here is the YouTube video so you can find out more about it. The video is in Spanish, but you can turn on closed captions in English.

If you enjoy the content, please consider liking, commenting and subscribing. Its free, and it helps me so much. There is a lot of amazing content coming every 2 weeks.

Mateo: .

City: Quito (capital)

My brother, Gabriel Osorio, was robbed yesterday, Friday, April 2

My brother, Gabriel Osorio (Cuenca Muesli), was robbed yesterday, Friday, April 2, 2021 in the afternoon at 4 PM more or less.

He was contemplating the beautiful banks of the Tomebamba river, in the Puerta del Sol Linear Park, on the side of Paseo 3 de Noviembre and Los Cipreses, when two assailants fell on him and immobilized him with 2 long knives.

They took away his cell phone and hit him hard with a stone on the head They also wounded him with their knives in his arms and legs. This is humiliating.

I didn’t think this could happen here.

We have already filed a complaint with the police.


Covid takes advantage of slow vaccination and enters its fourth global

Pharmaceuticals Pfizer and BioNTech reported that their COVID-19 vaccine remains highly effective for at least six months after the second dose is administered and that it also works against the South African variant of the virus. The findings come from a follow-up of volunteers who participated in the vaccine trials, which so far still show no major safety issues, the companies said in a statement.

However, the delays in vaccinations, the fatigue of many societies in the face of restrictions and the most contagious variants of the coronavirus have led the world to a fourth wave of COVID-19, with figures already resembling the third in late 2020, so far the worst in infections and deaths.

According to figures from the World Health Organization, global cases today exceed 127 million, while deaths are close to 2.8 million, and both infections and weekly deaths continue to rise after the hopeful decline in the curve that existed from the beginning of 2021 until the middle of February. However, experts warn that, as happened in mid-2020, a decrease in the average age of the most serious cases is again being noticed, and the number of people between 30 and 60 years old who require emergency interventions is increasing.

The World Health Organization warns that vaccination should not for now replace the preventive measures in force since last year, such as physical distancing, hand hygiene, avoiding crowded places and the use of a mask in good condition, such as the KN95 with valve.

I am Andrés Guillermo, distributor in Cuenca and Azuay of KN95 masks with filter, made in the USA. These masks are not the ones sold in shopping centers. They are masks with sanitary registration, laminated and with high protection. Its use is comfortable, it avoids dizziness, headaches, fogging of lenses or glasses. They are lightweight and are placed behind the ears, but above all 100% safe and reliable. I sell them by unit or box of 20 masks. Contact me at 099 647 2877, WhatsApp or call me.

Andres Guillermo: 099 647 2877. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

There is concern about the increase in Covid cases in Cuenca

Figures from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) provided to monitor the pandemic show that, in Azuay, during the last seven days, the number of COVID-19 infections increased by 334 cases, of which 235 correspond to the city of Cuenca.

This increase is higher than the one presented during the previous week, in which a total of 272 new cases were registered; This means 62 fewer infections than between March 21 and 28, according to official figures provided by the Zonal Coordination 6 of Health.

The province of Azuay, with 5.8% of coronavirus cases nationwide, ranks fourth in the number of infections in the country, behind Pichincha with 34.8%, Guayas with 13% and Manabí with 7.6% of confirmed patients for COVID-19 in Ecuador.

The percentage of patients who after undergoing a PCR test tested positive for coronavirus also increased in Azuay, and went from 25% to 28%, the Ministry of Health reported.

This also coincides with an increase in crowds, which went from 20 to 32 during this last weekend, and with the failure to comply with biosafety measures to prevent infections, mainly the use of a mask.

Public hospitals in the city maintain a high occupancy rate in their Intensive Care Units (ICU) for COVID patients, so the Health Zonal Coordination 6 asks citizens to maintain prevention measures to avoid an accelerated increase in critical cases.

The problem is that Ecuadorians do not make good use of the mask or use non-approved masks. They care more about what a good mask costs than their own health. According to the World Health Organization, KN95 filter masks are still the most suitable to prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

I am Andrés Guillermo, distributor in Cuenca and Azuay of KN95 masks with filter, made in the USA. These masks are not the ones sold in Shopping Centers, they are masks with sanitary registration, laminated and with high protection. Its use is comfortable, it avoids dizziness, headaches, fogging of lenses or glasses. They are lightweight and are placed behind the ears, but above all 100% safe and reliable. I sell them by unit or box of 20 masks. Contact me at 099 647 2877, WhatsApp or call me.

Andres Guillermo: 099 647 2877. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

New video on Laguna de Quilotoa

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the previous support on my videos. I made a new one on my recent trip to Quilotoa Lake and Quito.

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Social service – vaccination in Ecuador

The Ecuadorian government has made available a website where seniors have to register in order to get vaccinated. At Ulloa & Zamora we are offering our services – free of charge- Wednesday and Thursdays from 4 to 5 PM. Please call or send us an email to schedule an appointment.

Note: We ask you to be patient since the website has been having some issues.


Lina: 07 410 3588. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Botanical Gardens – open

Walking down in South EV and noticed the wooden barricades are gone from the entrance, saw people on the walking paths. Didn’t enter as it was raining and I was almost home, but will go back and thought some here might be interested.

Tha Dood:

City: Cuenca

Bob Dylan’s Pals and Robert Leaman Sanders Story

“Bob Dylan’s Pals and Me “
Robert Leaman Sanders

So, my friend says: “Robert, I’ll show you some cool moves on guitar. Only a rare few in the whole world know ‘em. I got Bobby to teach me. I told Bob, hey, look, I gave you my bedroom to live in. The least you could do is show me some moves. Bob caved in and gave me guitar lessons.”

That’s what my friend, Peter, told me back in New York. Well, dear reader, I picked my friend Peter’s brain. I mastered those very same cool sounding variations of guitar chords he got from Dylan and I went out and started singing and playing my own original songs way back when. I played what I call The Greenwich Village Circuit -The Gaslight Lounge, Kettle-of-Fish, Paul Colby’s Bitter End, Gurdie’s Folk City, the whole bit. But, this reminiscence is not really about me. It is more about how I crossed paths with the incomparable Bob Dylan even if only a trifle. One night, when my band and I had just finished playing a set at a private party in Harlem, New York, this kid, by the name of Peter, comes up to me and he says: “I want to manage you.” I said to him: “Good. You can manage me. You can get me a recording contract like as soon as possible.” The kid says: “Okay.” I said: “Do you know anything about the music business?” Peter says: “Meet me at my mom’s house tomorrow. She’ll tell you.”

So I go. I meet his mom. Her name was Eve McKenzie. Eve was a Broadway stage show costume designer. At the time, she was working with the great Jerome Robbins – Broadway’s West Side Story. When I got there, Eve and her super nice guy husband, Mac, gave me a quick tour of their modest apartment, then they sat me down at the kitchen table. Mac poured me a whiskey – in quite a dignified way. I began sipping. Eve says to me: “My son, Peter, thinks you have a marvelous singing voice. “I said: “Thank you. “She says: “Okay. We, in this family, know a little something about show business and musicians because, well…”and then Mrs. McKenzie began to tell me things that were certainly interesting and truly amusing. She told me of how her son, Peter, volunteered to give up the bedroom he had grown up in in that apartment to Bob Dylan when Bob first arrived in New York and started playing the coffee houses near Washington Square Park of The Village.


Video about apartment hunting in Cuenca

Hi everyone,

I also made a video about our apartment hunting experience in Cuenca. Hopefully this can help some of you,

Thank you. Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed the video.


City: Cuenca

Must watch — Loco Living–How to survive in Cajas (Youtube)

Make sure to watch the latest video, which offers an entertaining/informative look at the beautiful El Cajas National Park. Please subscribe if you like my content and want to continue supporting the community.

Josh Yentin

City: Cuenca

Mate Mochilero – New YouTube video! Cunuyacu!

Hello Everyone. I have lived all my life in Ecuador, and it amazed me to discovered this amazing place an hour outside of Quito: a “golden” waterfall and hot springs you can visit for free. I very much recommend you visit this amazing place. Here is the YouTube video so you can find out more about it. The video is in Spanish, but you can turn on closed captions in English.

If you enjoy the content, please consider liking, commenting and subscribing. Its free, and it helps me so much. There is a lot of amazing content coming every 2 weeks.

Mate: .

City: Latacunga

Ecuador Trips from Cuenca – Saraguro-Loja Province

Ecuador Trips from Cuenca

Saraguro Thursday March 25th 8 AM to 7 PM aprox.

Spaces limited. We require 5 people minimum.
Can also create private trips for family and friends.

Have a great month. Stay safe.

One of the largest cantons in the province of Loja, has been able to stand out over time, thanks to the hard work and commitment of its inhabitants, who daily rescue the customs and traditions, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Hope you can join us on this incredible trip to explore, discover and learn about one of Ecuador’s indigenous ethnic groups “Saragureños”…

Let’s give a hand to helping reactivate rural tourism in these communities.

Once we arrive our native guide Livia will be sharing with us her knowledge, traditions and culture the entire day…
Come and explore. We will be visting 3 Communities.
We will be taking 25 saplings of native species of trees to reforest in these communities, contributing to sustainable development.

Don Fransico at the Community of Tuncarta:
The icon of the Saraguro (Loja) people is their hat, a distinctive of cultural identity, which completes their clothing. This accessory is made with lamb wool and handcrafted, with ancient techniques and knowledge. The hat is white on its surface and on the inner brim it carries Saraguro people (similar to those of cows), it is rigid and its approximate weight is three pounds. Its preparation takes three days. The quality will depend on the raw material.

Textiles- Community of Ñamarin:
The Ñamarin community is one of the oldest in Saraguro. Its name Ñamarin means “it is going away” and indicates the proximity to some sacred site. The inhabitants believe that this sacred place refers to El Baño del Inka. This place is made up of a 60m high waterfall and adjoining caves. Since ancient times, many legends of this place have been told.The Community of Ñamarín preserves the indigenous traditions and, like the other communities, has maintained its Kichwa language, its clothing and its own agriculture. However, if Ñamarín stands out for something, it is because of the ability of its artisans to make handicrafts with sheep’s wool using the technique of weaving in makana or backstrap loom. Thus there are several family textile workshops where they transform wool into blankets, scarves, scarves, ponchos, bags, girdles, cushions and much more.

Medicinal Huerta-plants Community of Illincho” Centro Cultural Inti Wasi”
We will be spending time with Taita Luis who along with his family be sharing with us there knowledge of Ancestral Wisdom….
Once we arrive we will have a welcome beverage a infusion of plants with medicinal properties prepared Taita Luis wife….. Lunch will be here at Inti Wasi (will forward menu options plus if anyone has any diet restrictions)…..afterwards we will be having a Ancestral Ritual- Ceremony to rejuvenate your for those who like optional a cleansing of your energies –vibes…
Before our return we will also be learning about Artesanal beer from Saraguro Kapak where we will learn how it is made and we will be able to taste a amazing beer …
We will be returning to Cuenca aprox 7pm..

Overnight stay.

Overnight stay at Centro Cultural Inti Wasi.
There is capacity for 10 people: matrimonial, double or triple rooms with amazing views, comfortable, hot water, heater, internet. Overnight stay includes breakfast.
Here we will be able to relax and just enjoy an amazing evening. For those who would like to indulge yourselves, there are Baños de Cajon with medicinal plants plus a turco or if you like massage – relax therapy.
The following day Sunday, also optional you will be able to see, feel and experience the Saraguro market day.

WhatsApp: 099 524 6166

March 25th from 8 AM to 7 PM aprox, $70 per person, Luis Cordero 5-66, Cuenca.

Martin Avila: 099 524 6166. Call after: 8 AM.

Penalties to the Human Mobility Reform Law

In reference to the article published on GringoPost regarding penalties, we must state:

Art. 42 of the Reform which replaces Art 65 of the Human Mobility Law reads: a Permanent Visa holder can be out of the country for 180 days during the first and 180 days during the second year counted from the date the visa was issued, failure to comply will result in penalty.
Once reaching a third year as a permanent Resident Visa holder, a person may be out of the country up to two years, after this time, the resident will lose its permanent visa.

The permanent resident person from the third year of obtaining the visa, may be absent for up to two continuous years, after this time they will lose permanent residence.

For more information:

Lina: 07 410 3588. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Survey – cultural preservation in Ecuador

Hi, We are a group of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute working with Casa Museo de la Makana in Gualaceo, Ecuador on a cultural preservation project that is being published in the coming weeks.

It would help our data collection greatly if anyone who has visited the museum could complete the anonymous survey linked below about their visitor experience. It should take less than 5 minutes.

Please share with anyone you know who has also visited the museum. Thank you very much.

Rosie M

Thank you for supporting Paulina Urgiles

A big thank you to everyone who has donated to Paulina’s Go Fund Me page. We have raised $395 so far. We would love to receive more donations.

Many of you know Paulina, who is finishing law school at the University of Cuenca and will be graduating mid-2021. Like many, she has been struggling to support herself and has been cutting hair and helping people resolve billing or financial problems. She is weighed down by medical debt owed to IESS that is keeping her from moving forward with her life.

Paulina’s dream is to start a pro bono law practice defending the vulnerable members of society, specializing in LBGTI persons suffering discrimination, physical attacks or even death. Ecuador’s constitution guarantees equal rights to all, but the reality on the ground is quite different. Paulina would like to make the reality match the ideals written in law but not enforced.

During the quarantine Paulina organized a food drive for vulnerable persons with no other means of finding food, and helped distribute food parcels to people in need.

I have established a GoFundMe page for Paulina at where you can make a donation. Her debt is over $20,000 but any amount will help Paulina in paying down the debt to IESS. The GoFundMe page has more details about the situation here in Ecuador for LBGTI persons.

Paulina is a neighbor of mine and I have gotten to know her well over the past year through the quarantine.

If you wish to contact Paulina directly her email address is and her phone number is 098 890 7549.

Ann Fourt: 098 995 7953. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Book sale to raise funds for local charities

Selling paperbacks and some hardbound books to help out local charities here in Cuenca.

Books range in genre from Fiction, Non-fiction, Science Fiction, Classics.
All books are in good or excellent condition.

The price regardless of ‘size’ is $5 each or 3 for $12.

If you want to donate more to your charity, even better.

For a list of titles and authors please text or email me. I will send you the list by email or try to send it by text.

Most of these authors are popular and well-known.

How it works:

1) Pick a charity
2) Make a donation directly to your charity
3) Choose your books
4) Email (you can also text me) a copy of your donation and book title so I can reserve the book for you and I will have your book delivered to your home.

A minimum donation of $12 will get you free delivery to your home. Then find a comfy place and enjoy a good read during these cool and wet days.

Charities to choose from:

Hogar de Esperanza
We are so grateful for the generosity of our supporters, who have helped us provide assistance to thousands in greatest need here in Ecuador since the COVID-19 crisis began.

We could not have done any of this without you. To make it easier for you to support us, we have recently partnered with GivingWay.

GivingWay accepts donations through PayPal or by Credit Card for our COVID-19 Relief Community Challenge project, please visit our donation page through this link:

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is able to issue a tax receipt for Credit Card donations at the following links: For US

Thank you for your generous support of our work.
Garry Vatcher: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.
City: Cuenca

Cuenca Soup Kitchen
To you, the friends and supporters of the Cuenca Soup Kitchen, donations to support the Cuenca Soup Kitchen can be made in one of the following ways:
1. Our website: The donate button will take you directly to GlobalGiving. They will process your secure online transaction, and issue you a US tax-deductible receipt.

GlobalGiving helps donors make safe and easy US tax-deductible donations to vetted, locally-driven organizations around the world.

2. To our directors in person: We will schedule a time to meet and issue you a receipt for your donation.

Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith:
Directors Cuenca Soup Kitchen

Patan Rescue Group
We know and recognize that animals may not, at this time, be everyone’s top priority but it is ours as well as obeying the guidelines about keeping ourselves as well as others – safe.

If you can—please, please help. We need money donations which can be made at –

If you so choose, you can also donate bags of food to Dr. Gallardo’s Vet clinic at Calle Guayas 4-30 and Remigio Crespo. We love and appreciate Dr. Gallardo who is always there to help our dogs and those of others.

This is urgent and we hope there are those among us who can step up and help.
Barbie Simmons: ibarbarita@ .
City: Cuenca

Paws with Hope
Help Paws with Hope move
Hello Cuenca friends and friends of Paws with Hope. We are extremely thankful for all who are involved in keeping our rescue animals fed, sheltered, and vetted.

Unfortunately, not too long ago we found out that that the owner of the house we recently rented has sold the house. Now we have no option but to relocate again.

Luckily we have found a property that will allow the dogs and cats. So, we have no choice but to ask for help from the community and our supporters. We are just making it with food for the rescues and our other expenses so this move is not something we expected or can afford.

Besides the deposit we need to come up with the first month’s rent and funding for the materials to raise and secure the fence to keep the rescue dogs safe and contained.

Any donation is very much appreciated. Also, if you are looking to adopt please send us a message. Paypal:
City: Cuenca
Jay Dee

Feel free to contact me for questions or other ways to donate and get your books.
Thanks a bunch for caring.

Alice E Mendell: 098 752 9322 WhatsApp. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

New YouTube video: Ingapirca, the Inca / Cañari Ruins

Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you know about our newest YouTube video. We visited the most important archeological ruins in Ecuador: Ingapirca. Get to know a bit about this place and what you can do in our latest video. Again, we really appreciate you subscribing if you enjoy the content. It helps us so much.

Mateo: .

City: Cuenca

New Loco Living video just published (YouTube)

For those who haven’t seen the content yet, Loco Living is a comedic/entertaining/informative channel about life in Ecuador through a foreigner’s perspective. My latest video documents my trip to Vilcabamba.

Please subscribe to support the channel. Enjoy:

Josh Yentin: 097 910 6722.

City: Cuenca

Online English language books

Every so often, I have noticed someone asking about English resources or needing lessons. Now that my lift-van has arrived, I have access to my e-book collection.

I have uploaded over 160 English language learning books to a Google drive account named ELibraryBud, a resource I created for students when I was teaching in Budapest, Hungary.

Anyone can view and download books from this link. If you use the grid view, it may look like there are multiple copies of the same title. However, in the list view, you will see they may be the same publisher, but vol. 1, 2 or something different with each.

Questions or problems, send me an email to

Ryan James: .

City: Cuenca

Two candidates go to runoff in Ecuador presidential election (podcast)

“The top two candidates for president in Ecuador are going to a runoff election in April, while the third-place candidate, an Indigenous leader who lost by a tiny margin, is leading a march to the capital. Michael Fox reports that the contentious election comes amid COVID-19 and economic crises.”


5:26 runtime/7.8MB download

A short overview of the Ecuadorian election status.
Podcast from “The World” (Public Radio Exchange/WGBH)
First aired Monday, February 22.

Dave Sailer

City: Cuenca

Money organizers

Hey everyone, I posted this like a day ago but I guess I didn’t explain myself well, so sorry.
I’m trying to find these types of money organizers (I don’t know exactly what they’re called, but you use them to organize money)

I’m leaving a picture down below.
If anyone knows please let me know

Thank you so much
Stay safe everyone,

Maria Suarez: .

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Casa Museo de la Makana Experience Survey

Hi, We are a group of students from Worcester Polytechnic Institute working with Casa Museo de la Makana in Gualaceo, Ecuador.

We would like you to complete the survey linked below about your past experience with the museum for our project that is being published in the coming months. It should take less than 10 minutes.

Thank you very much,

Rositsa Mihaleva

City: Cuenca

Thanks so very much from attorney Sara Chaca

Just I want to from the bottom of my heart, extend the highest level of gratitude to expats everywhere, who voted my office and I as the Best Attorney for 2021.

It’s such a humbling and lovely experience to be named as such, and I promise to continue serving the Expat community with the utmost in caring, efficiency and strategizing for the greatest benefit of each individual client, which really I feel blessed to have become a part of.

Sending you all my kindest personal and warmest regards and wishing everyone the happiest and healthiest possible 2021 ahead.

Attorney Sara Chaca: 099 296 2065. Call after: 8 AM.

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People Caring For People

We all benefit by creating community, including the wonderful volunteers and supports of the Cuenca Soup Kitchen.

We truly appreciate The GringoPost’s designation as Best Volunteer Opportunity. Thank you all and we promise to continue to do what we can to bring people together in the safest way possible.

Our “thank you” is these photos from two years ago. The method has changed but the mission remains the same.

In partnership with you, Cuenca Soup Kitchen Volunteers and Supporters, Hearts of Gold Foundation, Club Rotario Tomebamba, and many other Cuenca organizations.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts,
Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors

City: Cuenca

Thanks for making Ecuador At Your Service Best Real Estate Agency

A sincere and humble thank you to GringoPost and all the people who voted for me and my company, Ecuador At Your Service, for Best Realtor. With all the great agents in Cuenca, it’s a real honor to be chosen and I sincerely thank you. If I can be of any help finding you a new home, or selling your old one please feel free to contact me.

Warm regards and thanks again, Ashley.

Ecuador At Your Service: .

City: Cuenca

Our sincere thanks from Le Petit Jardin

I was humbled to read on Sunday night that the readers of GringoPost have chosen me as this year’s Best Chef, and have also voted for Le Petit Jardin as:

Best Fine Dining
Best French Food
Best International Food
Best Place for a Birthday Party
Best Night Out with Friends
Best Unique Dining with Great Food

It takes a talented and dedicated team to make Le Petit Jardin a relaxing place for you to enjoy a great meal on the weekend, and I want to share with all my team the awards that you have given.

On behalf of myself, my family, and my team, I give you our most sincere thanks.

I also want to thank our friends at GringoPost for supporting our local businesses by running this competition.

We look forward to seeing you one weekend soon at Le Petit Jardin, but please also visit your other local restaurants. We all benefit when the city has a thriving gastronomic scene, and your patronage will help to achieve that.

I also would like to take this opportunity to send my congratulations to the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra, and their Music Director, Michael Meissner, for winning Best Public Event and Best Concert of the Year. If you have been living in Cuenca for a few years, you will recognize how much the orchestra has improved under Maestro Meissner’s baton, and how lucky we are to have him in our city.

Giovanni Cambizaca: 096 819 1518. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Thanks from idiomART

idiomART, a creative center in Cuenca, thanks to all that voted for the “Best” of”

Best Gallery
Best Workshop

Maestro Alberto Soriano (Estudio de Arte Soriano-Maité) as “Bestartist. Soriano has his studio within idiomART space.

We are grateful for the recognition — and promise to continue to support and showcase the arts in the coming year.

This Thursday, February 18th, we are having a new exhibition opening of Artist Juan Fernando García (Posada del Arte) from San Antonio De Ibarra, Imbabura, Ecuador.

The opening is from 4 to 7 PM.

Snacks and Cash Bar

Exhibition continues through March 5th.
Regular gallery hours are M-F, 10 AM to 3 PM.

Juan will also be doing a wood carving demonstration at idiomART on Friday, February 19th, from 11 AM to Noon. The free demonstration will be in the garden. Masks required.

No reservation needed — seating will be spaced throughout the garden and additional viewing from the open air porch.

idiomART gallery is located at Presidente Córdova 1-77, between Miguel Angel Estrella y Manuel Vega, cuenca, Ecuador


City: Cuenca

Cuenca Expats: Update on Walter Friese

Walter Friese passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, February 6, 2021 at age 71. He died from cardiac arrest six days after bypass surgery. Walter moved to Cuenca, EC in 2013 and became an engaged participant in the city and its culture. He embraced a nomadic lifestyle, traveling throughout South America, Europe and Southeast Asia from 2016-2019. He moved to Mexico in January 2020, and moved back to Milwaukee in the summer of 2020 in order to be near his family during the COVID pandemic. Over the past year, he became a highly skilled and much-loved online English language teacher. Walter’s life will be celebrated at an event in the summer of 2021 in Sheboygan. WI.

Nancy Gregory: .

City: Cuenca

This Week in La Guarida – Thank you all for your votes.

Thank you all for voting us again as GringoPost Best Place to Watch a Film. We certainly love picking incredible titles for you to enjoy and preparing incredible and healthy dishes. We are often sold out so make your reservations now by calling 099 806 8071. We continue to be the #1 rated restaurant in Cuenca according to TripAdvisor. Come and get to know us and don’t miss our musical experiences.

Tuesday 6:45 PM. Rashomon.

Brimming with action while incisively examining the nature of truth, “Rashomon” is perhaps the finest film ever to investigate the philosophy of justice. Through an ingenious use of camera and flashbacks, Akira Kurosawa (one of the best filmmakers in history) reveals the complexities of human nature as four people recount different versions of the story of a man’s murder and the rape of his wife.

Wednesday 6:45 PM. Sordid Lives.
This film is completely sold out.

Thursday 7:30 PM. Roberto Ávila interprets Brazilian music.
Admission $8 Roberto Ávila visits La Guarida with a special and exclusive proposal. He brings us the sounds of Brazil. This experience will take us to know a little more about Caetano Veloso, Tom Jobim, Novos Baianos, Joao Gilberto, Moreno Veloso among other incredible singer / songwriters in the voice of this incredible Cuencano artist.

Don’t forget we serve breakfast from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. We thank you for your continued support in TripAdvisor and the other review platforms. We cannot be happier with all your generous comments.

February 16th, from 9 AM to 9:30 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM

New YouTube video: Traditional “hole in the wall” food spots

Hello everyone, Have you always wanted to try traditional “hole in the wall” foods of Cuenca but didn’t know where to go? I just posted a new YouTube video you can check out. These spots are some of the places Cuencanos have been going for years.

If you would like to give a suggestion on something you would like to see, please email me, I would love to make a video about it. Also, please don’t forget to like, and subscribe if you like my content. Its free, and it would help me a lot! There is some pretty cool content coming right up.

Mateo: .

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Income tax service

Tax accountant: Need help filing the US income tax returns? Income tax services, including FATCA/FBAR filing, are available here in Cuenca for US expats. Kay Forgione has been an active tax accountant for eight (8) years in Cuenca as an Enrolled Agent (EA) with the IRS.

Any complicated cases, including business, estate, trust, and/or gift tax, will be handled in addition to individual filings. Kay has over 35 years of experience in accounting, audit, taxes, and investment advisory service with Series 7 and Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) designation.

Address: Cuenca, Gringo Land. Contact: or 098 384 1776

Kay Forgione: 098 384 1776 or 310 742 4724. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Landslide victims need your help

An 82-year-old woman was rescued alive, after being dragged by the massive slide that occurred in Chunchi.

Her son, 50, was trapped beneath a structural pillar which broke his legs.

These are just two of the hundreds of people impacted by this landslide.

Chunci and Changchan, Ecuador were hit by a massive landslide on February 12, 2021, displacing hundreds and threatening to displace many more.

Changchan, a small town, could disappear and Chunchi is also in danger. Many families have been evacuated from their homes. These families are currently being housed in schools and makeshift shelters. The pandemic makes this an extremely dangerous situation.

The Cuenca Soup Kitchen in partnership with Hearts of Gold ask for your help. We are collecting donations in order to send needed items including:


Reform to the Law – Visa de Amparo

If you hold a Visa de Amparo under marriage or under any family member and that person dies, or there is a divorce; you no longer lose the visa.

For more information: 07 410 3588

Lina: .

City: Cuenca


Yo, Kelbert, are you moving back home? Where ever you land best of luck.


Do you love dogs, films and incredible food?

We are happy to project an incredible, one-of-a-kind comedy

Best in Show
a film by Christopher Guest
in English with Spanish Subtitles

Wednesday, February 10th, 6:45 PM
Doors open at 5:30 PM
Limited Capacity
Reservations with dinner requests only
Tel. 099 806 8071

About: Do you love dogs and good comedies? Then this is your film. Prissy poodles, droopy-eyed bloodhounds, and neurotic weimaraners compete for the gold in this largely improvised comedy that takes place at the Mayflower Kennel Club. A yuppie couple, a fly fisherman, and a pair of hairdressers are a few of the pet owners who primp, pamper, and prime their pooches for the big day in this hilarious “dogumentary.”

February 10th, from 6:45 to 9:30 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: 099 806 8071. Call after: 8 AM.

Pay all your bills in one place

Are you new to Cuenca and still trying to figure out where to pay for all of your services and utilities each month? Struggling with your Spanish while learning to navigate the systems here? Or perhaps you have lived in Cuenca for many years and just want to simplify your life while supporting a good cause. Well look no further – you can do it all and more at Hogar de Esperanza’s new Expat Services Center.

One stop shop for bill pay:

Come on by our Expat Services Center, our one-stop shop to conveniently pay all your bills at once: water, lights, phone, cable, IESS and more. We speak both English and Spanish. And by paying your bills with us, we receive a small commission with each transaction that goes back into our work here at the foundation, helping those most in need.

Automatic bill pay from home:

We also offer automatic bill pay, where we pay your bills for you each month without you needing to leave the house. We can also arrange to pay your rent for you when you’re out of town. For all of your unique bill payment needs, we are here to help you. Contact us for more information.


Open hours for our Expat Services Center are: Monday – Friday from 8 AM – 5:30 PM, and Saturday from 8 AM – 1 PM. The Center is located at Mariscal Sucre 12-84 y Juan Montalvo, just around the corner from our Esperanza Thrift Shop. Stop by to check it out. Thanks so much for your support.

Teresa Eklund: 099 094 7611. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Do you have shoes to donate? – Fundacion Núr

We need shoes for our Solidarity Wardrobe.

We accept all sizes. New or used, in good condition.

We are in greater need of men’s sizes (American 7 to 11).

Please drop them off at Fundacion Nur or contact us at
Thank you so much.

Fundacion Núr: Antonio Farfán 2-17, Cuenca, Ecuador

Nela Navarrine: +593 97 937 8786. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

ACT farewell to Deana!

Thank you very much and have a good trip, Deana Culp. The members of Azuay Community Theater (ACT) and friends and patrons of theater in Cuenca want to recognize and say farewell to our dear friend and President, Deana Culp. Deana will soon be sharing her creative talents in her new home city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and we will miss her dearly! For more than 6 years Deana has dedicated her creative ideas, enthusiasm, love, hard work and lots and lots of time to creating theater in Cuenca. 

If you are a friend of Deana’s or have attended plays, you will have seen her talents and abilities in action. Before ACT was fully formed, Deana produced, directed, and performed in the powerful play, Seven, with both English and Spanish casts. She directed Greater Tuna (2015), Talking With (2016), Menopause the Musical (2017), Clever Little Lies (2018), Over the River and Through the Woods (2019) and acted in Menopause and Clever Little Lies. She served as President of the ACT Board since August 2016 and if you didn’t see her on stage it was because she was working as producer, assisting with costumes and props, doing makeup, writing programs, securing performance rights, and helping with all the other details that are behind the scenes. 

Thank You, Deana! We wish we could have a big celebration for you at the theater for a proper sendoff. Break a leg in the theater and artistic community of Santa Fe.

Ray Lewis: . 

City: Cuenca

Free Mexican style tortilla samples giveaway

Good morning dear community,

As a Mexican tortilla lover, I have been working on obtaining soft, delicious, and affordable corn tortillas during the past year. And I did it!

I have achieved all-natural ingredients, soft, delicious, homemade tortillas and will be very happy to share them with you.

I have six dozen for sampling and I will be at Parque San Sebastian today, Wednesday, from 10:30 AM as long as they last.

If it does not rain, I will be in the fountain at the center of the park wearing black pants with white vertical stripes. If it rains, I will most likely be in my light gray Chevrolet unless someone offers me a place to be.

Please be a part of this new venture. All I ask in return is your honest and kind feedback.

I look forward to seeing you there.

February 2, 2021, Parque San Sebastian, Cuenca.

Gloria G Benitez: 099 010 7309. Call after: 9 AM.

This is not goodbye, Jane!

All of you know Jane Miner and what a wonderful person she is and how big her heart is.

This is especially true of those of us who worked with her at the Cuenca Soup Kitchen. She brought joy to the work as she created a foundation that we will continue to depend on.

We know that her impact goes well beyond the Cuenca Soup Kitchen. She has been a friend to many and we will all miss her dearly.

We wish Jane and Steve well in their new adventures. We know that they will be making new friends as they continue their travels and that is a good thing.

This is not goodbye, just a big thank you to our dear friend.

Ciao for now, chicamiga
Des, Bill, and Smith

Des Dizney

City: Cuenca

GringoPost Service Interruptions

Recently, without notice, the server GringoPost has used from its inception changed parameters which severely restricted the capacity and speed of the site and prevented GringoPost from adding certain enhancements and new features which were being developed. These changes made it impractical for GringoPost to continue with the original server.

The suddenness of the migration to a new, considerably more advanced server deprived GringoPost of the opportunity for a much-needed testing phase. Lately adjustments have, of necessity, been made on a daily basis.

Additionally, the new server, has experienced unprecedented service interruptions resulting from diverse factors such as the unusual weather patterns in the Northern Hemisphere which were complicated by a shortage of technicians due to the pandemic!

Hopefully, the skies are finally clearing, the worst is behind us and the improvements and site enhancements – soon to materialize – will be the reward.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty.


The Human Body (post #4)

Last week, we looked at which muscle in the body is the strongest, and found that it really depends on the definition of “strongest”. This week we’ll see how exercise benefits our brain.

In my Special Report “The Mind”, I talk at length about the wonderful design of our brains and the importance of nurturing, guarding and exercising it. What most people today overlook when they want to improve their minds is the vital role the body plays in the brain’s health.

There’s solid scientific proof that physical exercise benefits the brain. Here are some of those benefits:

Exercise reduces the levels of artery clogging cholesterol. In other words, it can help reduce the risk of, or even prevent, stroke.

Exercise strengthens the heart, the pump that supplies the blood to the brain, keeping the brain alive.


Flying to SF and back

I know that expats generally have information and experience in flying from Ecuador to the USA and back. I am curious about my choices in timing, in choosing airlines. I preferred Copa Air when I came here a year ago. The plane stopped in Panama instead of Texas. Has anyone heard of flying out of San Francisco as a good or poor time to do this? I need to have my keyboard replaced in my Mac laptop and it would cost me $300 to fly to Florida, the nearest authorized Mac store, so I might as well visit family at the price for a round trip. Just wondering if there is going to be more problems with airlines due to Covid. Copa and United declare they are clean and ready for all safety measures in place. I’m immunized with all the recommended supplements and homeopathic so I’m not too worried about getting sick. More concerned with airline availability. I use WhatsApp, my EC phone isn’t working where I live. In addition, I need someone to call serviceable as I notice they offer fibre optics and I think I need that to have Tuenti on my phone.

Suzanne Cerny: Desi645-pur@yahoo,com .

City: Cuenca

Ministerio for visa, information

The COE Cantonal de Azogues suspends the face-to-face work activities of all public institutions, for 7 days from August 13, mandatory in the Canton of Azogues.

The receipt of documents for visa procedures (temporary, permanent and cancellations) will be received from August 24, 2020 by this email, during business hours.

Consultations of the requirements for visa applications at the following link:

Just passing the information to you.

Rosemary Coffey

City: Cuenca

New coronavirus restrictions for next 14 days

The national emergency operations committee (COE) has announced new measures that take effect starting Friday evening July 31st, for 14 days.

Wednesday afternoon (July 28th), the government announced new health measures for 18 provinces: prohibition of the sale of liquor from Friday to Sunday (Dry Law) and amplification of the curfew from 7 PM to 5 AM on Fridays through Sundays. The only alcohol that can be sold Friday-Sunday is at category 4 restaurants (not defined) or tourist restaurants as part of a complete meal.

Home deliveries of restaurant meals is permitted to continue until 10 PM on all nights.

These measures apply to Azuay (including Cuenca), Carchi, Imbabura, Pichincha, Cotopaxi, Tungurahua, Bolívar, Chimborazo, Loja, Cañar, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Esmeraldas, Sucumbíos, Pastaza, Orellana, Morona Santiago, Napo and Zamora Chinchipe.

In these provinces (includes CUENCA) the curfew will be from 9 PM to 5 AM Monday to Thursday; Friday through Sunday nights the curfew is from 7 PM to 5 AM 

In cantons with a yellow flag in other provinces not listed above, the prohibition on circulating is from Monday through Sunday from 11 PM to 5 AM

Among other items, the announcement states that all land border crossings will remain closed (except for commercial cargo traffic), that in-person education classes of all levels remain suspended, salvoconductos remain required for travel outside of the permitted hours (i.e. during curfew hours), the prohibition against opening continues for bars, discoteques, karaoke, nightclubs, pool halls and similar establishments. Special events such as concerts or any event with large groups also continue to be prohibited. 

Beaches will be re-opening August 5th with physical distancing precautions. Local governments continue to be responsible for enforcing all requirements for face masks, use of gel, disinfecting surfaces, avoiding conglomerations and crowds of people, etc.

Land or water-based tourist operators may operate if contracted by a travel agency or if hired directly by tourists in provinces that are in yellow or green flag status, complying with all bio-security requirements such as face masks, physical distancing, disinfecting of surfaces, etc.

Door-to-door or executive car services are prohibited from providing inter-provincial service unless they have the appropriate salvoconducto. Individual automobiles may travel between cantons of the same province during allowed times as long as the flag status is the same in both cantons (yellow-yellow, or green-green). No travel permitted to or from red flag status areas.

The article also gives detailed restrictions for cantons in red status (not reproduced here).

This information is from El Comercio, the link to the full article is below:

Ann Fourt: .

City: Cuenca

Postal service

My sister sent a letter to my address here in Cuenca on May 15. I have now heard that there is no more mail service, permanently. Is that still true?


City: Cuenca

Some bugs in my apartment

Hello, About ten days ago I noticed some bugs in my apartment that tend to hang out near the door that goes to the balcony. I think they are some sort of beetle but I’m not sure. Sometimes they do go a bit further into my apartment…I may even find one crawling up my arm as I’m watching TV or reading. For the most part they seen benign and tend to stay in one place and don’t do much of anything. I haven’t seen them in the kitchen or bathroom at all. Does anyone know what they are? The attached picture is magnified by about 10. I’d like to encourage these fellows to get lost. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Transitioning from a temporary visa to a permanent visa

If you are getting close to reach your 21st month as a temporary residency visa holder, you can apply for your permanent visa online.

For more information contact: Dra. Lina Ulloa de Ulloa and Zamora Asesores Ecuador Cia. Ltda.,

410 3588 – 098 420 5336 / 099 867 2687
Facebook: UZ Asesores Ecuador CIA. LTDA. Instagram: uzasesores

Lina: 098 420 5336. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Five other countries should request a visa to enter Ecuador

As per last Saturday, march 28th, in accordance to an inter-ministerial agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility and the Ministry of Interior, citizens from: Egypt, Philippines, Iran, Vietnam and Yemem must request a visa to enter the country.

For Haiti citizens, a visa is not required, however, they must show proof of income.

For more information, please contact us:
098 420 5336 / 099 867 2687
Facebook: UZ Asesores Ecuador CIA. LTDA. Instagram: uzasesores

Lina: 098 420 5336. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Six seats available on a van, March 28, trip Cuenca to Quito

We just got seats on the March 29 flight out of Quito To Toronto. Hallelujah! Get yourself registered as soon as possible if that is your preferred departure date.

We currently have a 10 passenger van booked for Saturday morning to the Quito Airport. There are six seats available. We will be leaving at 5:30 AM Saturday morning from el Centro just behind the new cathedral. Cost will be about $100 per person if we fill the van. We will need you to have the correct amount in cash. We need your full names, Cuenca address and passport number for the driver’s salvoconductoro. You will need your own filled out salvoconductoro and printed proof of your Air Canada booking.

Shirley Mancino: .

City: Cuenca

Coronavirus Preparedness – Getting out in front of Covid 19

A friend asked me last week what measures one can take to lower exposure and prepare for coronavirus. It appears likely to me that we are in the early stages of a pandemic, and there are many variables at play.

There is actually very little difference between an epidemic and a pandemic. A pandemic only speaks to the extent and not the severity of the disease. With coronavirus now in 80 countries and with 100,000 cases globally, I think it’s time to call it a pandemic.

As of yesterday, Ecuador had reported 13 cases to the World Health Organization, of which 6 were new. A 14th case was identified last night who was a 70+ age tourist (extranjero), location not disclosed (the first 13 are in Babahoyo (11) and Guayaquil (2)). The likelihood is that there are ten times this number of cases walking around undetected, according to a leading Ecuadorian epidemiologist.

Now is not the time to panic, but to prepare. While you have a clear mind, supplies are available, and you can move freely. I hope states and cities adopt their own measures and let common sense prevail. I also hope that individuals develop their own risk mitigation plans and put in place some simple measures and practices, and are kind to their friends and neighbors and look out for one another, via social media if risks are high.

I have been through epidemics and was UN Technical Advisor for Pandemics and Emerging Infectious Diseases in Indonesia for 3 years and have been through many simulations, as well as real-time responses to avian influenza (highly lethal) and rabies. I am in daily contact with my network, including WHO. And it’s starting to hit close to home. One daughter is graduating as an MD in May and her hospital in Long Island and they have their first case. My other daughter is an epidemiologist at the NYC Department of Health and they’re in an all-out scramble, working closely with the CDC.

In 1918, about 50 million people worldwide and 675,000 Americans died from a lethal strain of influenza, also known as Spanish influenza. 50,000 Canadians died too. It’s too early to know the trajectory of this disease and whether it has the potential to reach such a scale. We do know for a fact that it affects people differently than pandemic influenza. So, vulnerability rises directly with age and underlying conditions.

Older people are twice as likely to get it as others, and about 40 times more likely to die than people under 30 if they do contract it. Children thus far are little affected – less than 500 of the 100,000 cases. We are on uncharted waters. No one can tell you with any degree of certainty, how long this will go on and what impact it can have, whether it will mutate into a milder strain, die down in hotter months, etc., because a coronavirus is a very different creature than influenza. But each day we don’t take action, we compound the risk to ourselves and others.

Individuals can take measures into the own hands and adopt some simple but very effective practices that can reduce their risks:

My advice:

1. The most basic measure is frequent and thorough handwashing after using the bathroom and before eating as a minimum, as well as changing diapers and before preparing food. Certainly, after a sneeze. A nice long, thorough lather of 20 seconds. Sing happy birthday to yourself twice if you don’t have a good concept of 20 seconds. Do this at least 5-6 times daily. Total investment: 2 mins.
2. Clean your surfaces regularly, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, with disinfectant. A couple of times a day.
3. One very helpful thing that everyone can do is to wipe down their mobile devices with a disinfecting wipe. It should be done 2x per day. This virus lasts on impermeable surfaces for up to 10 days, so your phone is a top candidate. Most folks don’t know this, but mobile devices are generally more prone to carrying bacteria and germs than even the toilet. And they are in close proximity to your mouth, noses etc. So, a simple way to cut transmission is to wipe them down. We are doing the same with our keyboards, touchscreens, landlines, TV remotes, microwave etc. It will also help reduce the transmission of colds and bacteria.
4. Try to keep your hands away from your face. Most people do this subconsciously more than 20 times per hour! Especially, you want to keep your hands (where coronavirus could lurk) away from your mouth, nose and eyes…all of which are entry points to your body. Try an hour of monitoring yourself or having a contest with a friend to see what your actual practices are. If you’ve washed your hands well, chances of contaminating yourself go down substantially.
5. Wash any vegetables and fruits without peels well. You don’t know who’s been handling them. There are disinfectants you might want to buy for this purpose.
6. Cook meat, chicken, and eggs fully.
7. Do not shake hands, kiss (even on the cheek) or hug anyone you think might be sick, maintain a distance (6 ft or 2 meters). In fact, just give these greetings a rest until this passes. Say namaste if you like.
8. If you feel sick, don’t go to work, coffee shops, restaurants, gatherings and infect your colleagues/friends/poker buddies, etc. Stay at home. If you’re not sure, stay at home.
9. If you feel like sneezing, and don’t have a tissue, sneeze into your elbow, not into your hand. If you do use a tissue, dispose of it well. If you do sneeze into your hand by accident, head straight to the bathroom and wash those hands well.
10. If there is an outbreak in your community, your best bet is to see the fewest number of people possible and to effectively ‘shelter in place’. In fact, the CDC is recommending this now in the US for people over 65 and those with severe medical conditions.
“Older adults and people who have severe chronic medical conditions like heart, lung or kidney disease seem to be at higher risk for more serious COVID-19 illness. Early data suggest older people are twice as likely to have serious COVID-19 illness. This may be because:
• As people age, their immune systems change, making it harder for their body to fight off diseases and infection.
• Many older adults are also more likely to have underlying health conditions that make it harder to cope with and recover from illness”
The reality of the matter is that we could already have cases in Cuenca, and if not, it’s a matter of time.
11. Take measures to stock up on at least 2 weeks of essentials if you need to stay at home – medicines, food, and water, pet food, toilet paper, etc., and make arrangements to work remotely. This is called social isolation. Your safest place is home alone during a pandemic.
12. Make sure your first aid kit includes: decongestants, anti-inflammatories and Tylenol. Make sure you have a reliable thermometer – that would be a key piece of equipment if you start to get sick. Pharmacies might close, as I think is the case in parts of Italy right now. So, have supplies on hand that could address a bad case of the flu/cold. This would be like a mixture of both, with respiratory symptoms.
13. If you get symptoms like fever (can escalate rapidly), cough, shortness of breath, call 171 (Ministry of Health), they will screen you and refer you to an isolation facility if necessary. Ecuador appears to be well-organized in terms of its public health emergency structure, but I do not know about the availability of things like test kids. Do not go to your doctor’s, you can contaminate everyone in the waiting room as well as the medical staff. Any medical personnel interacting with Covid needs to have Personnel Protective Equipment like hazmat suits and masks on and a disproportionate number of them are dying.
14. If you end up in isolation or quarantine, do it gracefully. Maybe prepare a “go pack” just in case of your essential items…my daughter who will be MD in 60 days and who is working in affected US hospital, is telling me that amoxicillin and augmentin is what they are using to treat related respiratory infections and erythromycin if it turns into pneumonia. There are also some other drugs that they’re using in field trials, including a drug that was developed for ebola, that wasn’t so effective, but seems to have some promise against COVID19.
15. If you need to see a doctor about something else, or are not sure, think about first contacting him/her or a teleconference, rather than exposing yourself to a clinic, depending on your medical issues.
16. With or without symptoms, avoid touching public stair banisters, light switches, doorknobs directly. You might want to hit them with your elbow or use disposable gloves and throw them away.
17. If cases are detected in the community, avoid crowded places like cinemas, restaurants and conferences, big meetings, pool parlors, pubs, etc.
16. Also avoid congested public transportation like buses, subways, planes. If you do have to fly, the safest place is a window seat. Bring disinfecting towels and wipe down any surface. Factor the possibility of getting quarantined into your decision-making.

17. If you have school-aged kids prepare to home school them. All schools in places like Japan , Italy and Seattle are all closed right now. So, plan in advance, make arrangements with work, get your supplies.
18. Think of a scenario in which electricity fails – quite unlikely but possible. So, buy flashlights and things like external chargers for your phone. In a real-time pandemic, utility companies can be affected by a high number of sick employees.
19. Be kind, think of the elderly and most vulnerable, check up on your friends. Do not hoard. For example, if you see 15 hand sanitizers, don’t grab all 15. Maybe 1-2 would do for your family, leave the rest for someone else.
20. If you are a medical worker, insist on personal protective equipment! N-95 masks and hazmat suits. Wash your hands frequently and keep on proper gloves. Dispose of them well, don’t reuse them. Get familiar with your isolation facilities, follow the Ministry of Health protocols and don’t take unnecessary risks.
Please don’t panic, but use this window to prepare. Be practical. Get in front of the curve.

Brenda: .

City: Cuenca

Feb. 2020 official Ecuador citizenship study materials for free

Hello, If anyone is thinking of getting Ecuadorian Citizenship here are the

Feb. 2020, official Ecuador citizenship study materials.

The exam has 30 multiple choice questions and is given via a computerized system that randomly selects different questions for each test taker from a much larger bank of questions. Test takers are allowed 45 minutes. The passing grade is 90%.

Public disclosure of specific test questions is not allowed.

Please feel free to download the official study materials for free at the following DropBox link

Pat: .

City: Quito (capital)

Pre-order your Sugar Donas, pick-up Saturday at Gran Feria Sabatino’s

We don’t want you to be left without your favorite donuts this Saturday. Pre-order by 10 PM Friday, and they’ll be ready and waiting for you Saturday morning. You can order as few or as many as you would like. Minimum orders of six will receive one additional complimentary donut of your choice.

Here are the flavors we’re making for Saturday.

Homemade Jelly Filled–pineapple, strawberry, peach, blackberry, orange

Oreo King

Boston Cream

Crème Brûlée

Chocolate Truffle–white and milk chocolate

Lemon Pie

Kit Kat

Chocolate Kinder

Strawberries & Cream–this week’s featured flavor

We’ll see you this Saturday, February 1 at Gran Feria Sabatino’s starting at 9:30 AM until 2 PM.

Order by 10 PM Friday for Saturday pick-up, Roberto Aguilar y 3 de noviembre (one block west of Plaza Otorongo)

Daniel Aguilera: 098 314 5612 Facebook: Sugar Donas Cuenca

Art and Music, Friday January 31 – Casa Azul re-opening

Please join us for the reopening of Casa Azul Galería Cafe with new owners, Vivi and Jose. The cafe is located on Plaza San Sebastian.

Casa Azul has been a favorite hangout for artists, writers, musicians, and people who enjoy their coffee sitting outdoors while people-watching for years. Come by and see why.

The Grand Opening will showcase the paintings of 6 well-known artists from Cuenca: Alberto Soriano, Evelyn Johnson, Lorena Duca, Sandra Doren, Maité Eusebio and Janda Grove.

Meet the artists starting at 4 PM, with live music kicking off at 6:30 PM featuring Duo Laffiore, Coppola and Kiki Paccherres.

Hope you can drop by and join the fun.

January 31st from 4 to 8:30 PM, free, Calle San Sebastian 1-86 y Mariscal Sucre, Cuenca., Free, Calle San Sebastian 1-86 y Mariscal Sucre, Cuenca, Cuenca.


Tax Facts, Quotes and Humor

Tax Fact: In Fiscal Year 2018, the IRS collected more than $55.5 billion in unpaid assessments on returns filed equal to 27.34% of Ecuador’s entire GDP $203 billion (2019)…..Source: IRS Data Book

Tax Quotes: “I hate paying taxes. But I love the civilization they give me”…….Oliver Wendall Holmes

Tax Humor: “In levying taxes, as in shearing sheep, it is well to stop when you get down to the skin”……Austin O’Malley

Tax Subject: ……………Hobby Loss Rules vs the Tax Cut & Jobs Act of 2017

If you operate an unincorporated for-profit business activity that generates a net tax loss, you can generally deduct the full amount of the loss against other taxable income. On the other hand, the tax results are not good if your money-losing sideline business must be treated as a not-for-profit hobby.

With the passage of the TCJA 2017, the rules regarding “hobby-loss rules” have changed dramatically. With the elimination of write-offs for miscellaneous itemize deductions that under prior law were subject to the 2% of AGI threshold, this effectively wipes out any deductions from hobby activities and forces the taxpayer to report 100% of any revenue produced by the hobby activity as income and potentially pay taxes on it. You can now expect the IRS auditors to focus even more attention on returns reporting money-losing sideline activities. This means it’s now more important than ever to establish that a money-losing activity is actually a for-profit business.

IRS Safe-Harbor Rule: An activity is presumed to be a for-profit business IF it produces a positive taxable income for at least 3 out of every 5 tax years. Losses from the other years can be deducted because they are considered to be business losses as opposed to hobby losses.

Even if your business cannot qualify under the safe-harbor rule, you may still be able to treat the activity as a for-profit business and rightfully deduct the losses if you can demonstrate an honest intent to make a profit. Factors that can prove (or disprove) such intent include:

(1) Conduct the activity in a business-like manner by keeping appropriate records that accurately reflect
income, expenses and profit or loss.
(2) Searching out profit-making strategies.
(3) Having expertise in the activity or hiring advisors who do.
(4) Spending sufficient time to justify the notion that the activity is a business and not just a hobby.
(5) Success in other ventures, which indicates business acumen.
(6) History and magnitude of income and losses from the activity: occasional large profits hold more
weight then more frequent small profits, and losses caused by unusual events or bad luck are more
justifiable then ongoing losses that only a hobbyist would be willing to accept.
(7) Your financial status: rich folks can afford to absorb ongoing losses which may indicate a hobby while ordinary folks are usually trying to earn a buck which indicates a business.

Hope this has been informative and helpful. The IRS is officially open for business.

John Papile: 098 168 7993. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Pre-order your Sugar Donas to pick-up Saturday at Gran Feria El Mesón

We don’t want you to be left without your favorite donuts this Saturday. Pre-order by 10 PM Friday, and they’ll be ready and waiting for you Saturday morning. You can order as few or as many as you would like, but minimum orders of six will receive one additional complimentary donut of your choice.

Here are the flavors we’re making for Saturday.

Homemade Jelly Filled–strawberry, peach, Blue Biker blueberry

Boston Cream

Crème Brûlée

Piña Colada

Chocolate Truffle

Lemon Pie

Oreo King

Strawberries & Cream–this week’s featured flavor

We’ll see you this Saturday, January 25 at Gran Feria El Mesón Español starting at 9 AM until 4 PM.

Order by 10 PM Friday for Saturday pick-up, Presidente Borrero 7-51 between Mariscal Sucre y Presidente Córdova (3.5 blocks up from Goza)

Daniel Aguilera: 098 314 5612

Renewing your tourist visa? Here’s how….

I just renewed my tourist visa in one hour and want to report how to do that.

First, I went to the Cuenca airport early in the morning (I arrived at 8:30 AM), went upstairs where there were two Migracion windows open. The guard asked me why I was there–I said to renew my tourist visa–and he directed me to window #2. I handed my passport to the official and he gave me 2 forms–one very small and one a standard-size printed sheet. He then told me to bring back a copy of the front two pages of my passport (next time I’ll get the copy in advance) and directed me to go to Banco del Pacifico on Mariscal Lamar to pay $133.33 and return to the airport. (Walk six blocks west on Av. España toward El Centro, at the traffic circle jog left one block on Huana Capac and right onto Mariscal Lamar, head west toward El Centro and the bank is on the left.)

At the bank the guard asked to see my forms and directed me to fill out my name and passport # on the small form. He then directed me into line. Since it still was early, I was the second person in line. The teller took my passport and the small form, printed out another form and told me to check that my name and passport # were correct–they were. I then paid $133.33, signed the receipt, was given a form for Migracion, and caught a bus back to the airport.

I was second in line at Migracion Window #2. The official took my passport copy, my passport, the long form (which he then had me fill out) and the forms from the bank and, within 5 minutes, I had my 90-day tourist visa extension.

I hope this rather detailed information helps others who have to renew their tourist visas. It’s a very simple process now and, as I discovered, takes very little time.


City: Cuenca

Johnny Mueller’s Expat Files

I was reminded of this while cleaning out my bookmarks yesterday. It’s a podcast series with the full title of “The Expat Files: Living in Latin America”, and reachable at

I didn’t get any hits from a search of GringoPost, though it seems like it’s been mentioned before, somewhere, at some time, so ‘scuse me if this is old news…

Anyway John (or Johnny) Mueller (or Jeffrey Richard Gyurina) is still going strong. I did listen to him once upon a time. His archives go way back to November 2010 (encompassing 912 episodes), which is saying something.

The guy is excellent at what he does, which is to gab about whatever and make it sound interesting. Whether anyone finds more than minor entertainment in his podcasts will be an individual thing, but it may be worth a listen or two to find out if it suits you.

He has a personal web site but I wasn’t able to connect to it. You may have better luck. And then there is this too:

Curioser and curioser as they say.

Dave Sailer: .

City: Cuenca

Attention retirees and pre-retirees from the USA!

Free Retirement Planning class with free breakfast, lunch, and workbooks (a $50 value). 

(The topics covered are listed below—Don’t miss this class)

Taught by Louis Terrero, CPA and Robert Ryerson, CFP, of Freehold, New Jersey.

Topics include:

Retiring in the 21st Century

Tax Rate Risks for retirees

Retirement Distribution and Income Planning

Estate Planning

Social Security Maximization

Protecting Against Market Loss

Retirement Distribution Pitfalls

Long‐Term Care and Chronic Illness Planning

Protecting Against Identity Theft

The Case for Silver and Gold in Your Portfolio

Breakfast (at 8:30 AM) and lunch (at noon) provided at no cost by The Sunrise Café 

Link to register: (highlight link and right click to open):

Email us for details on our free classes in (lunch included) Salinas on Friday, January 17, and Saturday January 18, 2020

Tuesday, January 14, 2020 from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM, free, Universidad Politecnica Salesiana Calle Vieja 12-30 y Elia Liut, Cuenca, Cuenca.

Louis Terrero:

Pre-concert dinner at Don Colon’s by the Park

Eat well before going to the free concert on Friday night.

Don Colon is offering:

Shrimp Alfredo or Cuban Steak. Either one comes with salad and garlic bread.

Also, a free glass of wine.

Only $8.95 each.

Walk-ins or reservations welcome.

Friday, January 10, 5 PM to concert time., Sucre and Benigno Malo

Russ: 099 827 0703 or 282 9397

Attention retirees and pre-retirees from the US, retirement seminar

Link to register: (highlight link and right click to open)

Topics include:

Retiring in the 21st Century

Tax Rate Risks for retirees

Retirement Distribution and Income Planning

Estate Planning

Social Security Maximization

Protecting Against Market Loss

Retirement Distribution Pitfalls

Long‐Term Care and Chronic Illness Planning

Protecting Against Identity Theft

The Case for Silver and Gold in Your Portfolio

Breakfast (at 8:30 AM) and lunch (at noon) provided at no cost by The Sunrise Café. For more information please email We are with a USA – based nonprofit organization, SOFA (Society for Financial Awareness), whose goal is to improve financial literacy.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020., free, Universidad Politecnica Salesiana Calle Vieja 12-30 y Elia Liut,, Cuenca.

Louis Terrero:

Attention retirees and pre-retirees from the USA

Free class in English at the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana of Cuenca: The Changing World of Retirement Planning. Tuesday January 14, 2020 from 9 AM to 1 PM. Free breakfast (8:30 AM) and lunch (noon) included and catered by Sunrise Café (Calle Larga). The Universidad Politecnica Salesiana is located at Calle Vieja 12-30 y Elia Liut, Cuenca.

For registration and more information:

Topics include:

Retiring in the 21st Century

Tax Rate Risks for retirees

Retirement Distribution and Income Planning

Estate Planning

Social Security Maximization

Protecting Against Market Loss

Retirement Distribution Pitfalls

Long‐Term Care and Chronic Illness Planning

Protecting Against Identity Theft

The same class will be held in Salinas on Friday January 17 and also on Saturday January 18. See the attached flyer.

Wednesday January 14 from 8:30 AM to 1 PM, free, Universidad Politecnica Salesiana, Calle Vieja 12-30 y Elia Liut, Cuenca, Cuenca.


Recommendation for Mustafa Aladawi, Computer / Fire-stick Tech

I had another wonderful experience with my main TV guy, Mustafa. He updated all my channels and explained everything to me. If you need help with your TV or Fire Stick there is no one better in Ecuador than Mustafa.

I’m pleased to give him my highest recommendation

Address: Fray Luis de Leon y Jose Zorilla

Contact information: 099 408 7897

Recommended by John Reinertsen:

Polish ham pre-order at Cafe CIDAP. December 23rd, Can be picked up

We are preparing delicious polish style hams for Christmas $8.75 a lb. We are taking orders at Cafe CIDAP until December 17 (Paseo 3 de Noviembre in the gardens of CIDAP by the stairs of Parque de la Madre). 

We also have platter with ham cheese and polish sausages. Each Platter $25 also preorder.

Monday to Friday 9 AM – 6 PM, Paseo 3 de Noviembre along the river inside the gardens of CIDAP- Cafe CIDAP

Maria:  098 096 5616

Quilters in Cuenca

I’m wondering if there are any quilters out there who would like to get together and maybe do a little gabbing and stitching?
Drop me a line if you have any leads.

Sarah HB: .

City: Cuenca

Pumpkin Spice Lattes are here–Coffeeworks, Plaza de las Americas

Pumpkin Spice Lattes have finally arrived at Coffeeworks. Come get your taste of fall – made with an autumn spice blend and real roasted pumpkin. For a limited time only.

Coffeeworks-premium coffee to go, open at 7 AM every day.

Easy parking in the taxi bay from 7 – 10 AM, after 10 AM in main shopping center parking lot.


Starting Saturday 11/2/19, Plaza de las Americas (SuKasa and Supermaxi)


Tapiceria Moderna re-upholstery services and repair

At Tapicería Moderna we give Superior service and craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and true expertise. No matter the project, we pride ourselves on our customer service and will manage your order with professionalism.

Fabric patterns are precisely aligned, cushioning is custom fitted, specialty details are finished to perfection and our final inspection ensures the top standards.

Our services include:

Sofa repair and upholstery

New custom-built furniture

Reupholstering recovering furniture

Custom indoor and outdoor cushioning

Slipcovers and headboards

Restyling updating furniture

Antique upholstery restoration

Wall upholstery

Fabric and furniture repair

Pick-up and delivery

Custom installation

Scotch guarding

Touch ups

Honorato Vazquez y Miguel Estrella. 9 AM to 6 PM.


Wed. Party invite: Berenice Studio reopening and new skincare-massage

Exciting news for beauty lovers….

Berenice Studio’s Vicki Andrade and Licensed Cosmetologist Alejandra Maldonado are teaming up to offer you the convenience of a complete beauty experience all in one place.

Join us Wednesday, October 23 at 3 PM……Grand Reopening Party with food, drinks, prizes, specials and, of course, Vicky and Alejandra who are celebrating the renovation of the entire salon.

And starting Wednesday, you can enjoy Alejandra´s relaxation massage, facials, anti-aging treatments including Dermapen, depigmentation, waxing and more… in addition to our famous haircut, color and style, make-up, manicures and beauty products.

Call now or visit our FB pages to reserve for the party and to book your appointments.

Facebook / Cel-Whatsapp

BereniceStudioEC / +593 98 963 9264 Vicky

RadiantSkinSPAec / +593 99 101 5477 Alejandra

Paucarbamba 5-16 Y Tomillos, El Vergel, Cuenca (Across from FIVE Restaurant). Wednesday, October 23, 3-7pm

Vicky: Vicky +593 98 963 9264 Alejandra +593 99 101 5477

Grand Reopening party and new skincare-massage at Berenice Studio

Exciting news for beauty lovers….

Berenice Studio’s Vicki Andrade and Licensed Cosmetologist Alejandra Maldonado are joining forces to offer you the convenience of a complete beauty experience all in one place.

Join us Wednesday, October 23 at 3 PM……Grand Reopening Party with food, drinks, Vicky and Alejandra and specials. And we are renovating the entire salon to celebrate.

As of next Wednesday, enjoy Alejandra´s relaxation massage, facials, anti-aging treatments including Dermapen, depigmentation, waxing and more… in addition to our famous haircut, color and style, make-up, manicures and beauty products.

Call now or visit our FB pages to reserve for the party and to book your appointments.

Facebook / Cel-Whatsapp 

BereniceStudioEC / +593 98 963 9264 

PerfectSkinSPAec / +593 99 101 5477

Berenice Studio: Paucarbamba 5-16 Y Tomillos, El Vergel, Cuenca. Wednesday, October 23, 3 PM

Vicky Andrade: Vicky +593 98 963 9264 Alejandra +593 99 101 5477

Re-upholstery and furniture repair

We can re-cover almost anything. Our reputation and 6+ years of experience is put into every job. We use quality filling and do quality work. You will be pleased with every service we offer.

Pick-ups and delivery are available.
In home service.
References and referrals.
Custom orders.
Refinishing and designer services.
We also sell: headboards, beds, night stands, ottomans, chairs and more.
We have an extensive line of fabrics and leathers. You name it we probably have it. Give us a call if you have any questions.

What do we re-upholster?

Cornice boards
Custom Orders

9 AM to 7 PM, Cuenca

David: 099 809 9146

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