Does anyone know if I can ship an ebike from the US in a container?


City: Cuenca

Giving new purpose to things you no longer need

What does Hogar de Esperanza do with your donations of clothing and household items? First and foremost, we give them away to those who are most in need of them with great care taken to ensure that nothing goes to waste. Any extra items are sold in Esperanza Thrift Shop, where all of the proceeds go back into supporting the foundation’s mission of helping those in greatest need.

Are you moving soon – perhaps across town or maybe even back home – and you have items that you can’t take with you? Do you wish you had someone to come carry away those items remaining after your moving sale, that you don’t know what to do with? Were you just spring-cleaning last week, and came across clothes in your closets that you no longer wanted? If you would like to do some incredible things with those items you no longer need or want, let us turn them into something valuable to help those in need.

We accept anything that you wish to donate, and put it to immediate use. You can come by Esperanza Thrift Shop, which is located at 8-18 Juan Montalvo y Mariscal Sucre, to drop off items Monday through Friday from 10 AM – 5 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM. We also do pick-ups of donations, so feel free to contact us to arrange a time. Thank you so much for your support of Hogar de Esperanza – we could not do any of this without you. https://hogaresperanza.org/en/donations/

Garry Vatcher: info@hogaresperanza.org 099 094 7611. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Help us to support 10 mothers and their babies – Fundación Núr

Do you want to help any of these moms that are very close to giving birth?

We accept donations of cribs, diapers, clothes, blankets, towels and toiletries. Fundacion Nur is supporting these families during the pregnancy and the first year of the babies life.

All donations are very welcome!
Please contact us.

Thank you so much.

Do you want to learn more about Fundacion Nur?
Please visit https://www.fundnur.org/english/index.html

Nela Navarrine: fundraising@fundnur.org +593 97 937 8786. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Dr Alan Woods passes

On Saturday night, May 8th, my friend, Dr. Allan Woods passed away. Dr Woods had been in the hospital for quite some time. He had been suffering from a series of illnesses. Come to the meeting on Thursday at Sunrise Cafe at noon to meet with Doc’s US based daughter and find out all of the facts. (You can’t trust me to get them correct).

Sunrise will have a luncheon special for your enjoyment at a nominal price.

Thurs. May 13, from noon to 3 PM, Menú fare, Calle Larga 9-40 y Benno Malo, Cuenca.

Tom Dodds: Tomdodds0710@gmail.com

Help save a child

Urgent! Help save Adrian’s life.

Many of you know Maggy Ruiz and have used her services. Her nephew Adrian is now 3-years-old and needs open heart surgery very soon; but they must raise money for the drugs needed. This is a call out to all who can and will contribute to this little boy who is trying so hard to live.

Maggy and her family are making Seco de Pollo (Chicken, yellow rice, and fried plantain) and delivering all weekend in an effort to raise funds. This is an urgent request for help. If you do not desire the meal yourself, perhaps there is someone in your building (guard, housekeeping) that you would like to treat to a meal.

There are 2 ways to help:

1) Buy Seco de Pollo meals at $5 each (includes delivery) Saturday and/or Sunday
2) Deposit directly into the JEP account for the benefit of Adrian
(Name on account: Maggy Ruiz Tacuri Acct# 406029461704)

If ordering meals, please call/text/email Maggy with number of meals and address.
Email: lena_0404@hotmail.com
Ph: 098 345 8433
Thank you for assisting in any manner you can……

Please click on photos to see Adrian…

Saturday and Sunday, 5, 7-18 Lorenzo Piedra y Jose Bubano (Chenal), Cuenca.

Kimberly Ruth Curls: 098 345 8433.

Promising Young Woman. 2021 Academy Award nominee

La Guarida is proud to present on the big-screen:

Promising Young Woman
a film by Emerald Fennell
in English with Spanish Subtitles

Nominated for Best Film in this year’s Academy Award plus Best Original Screenplay, amongst 3 other nominations.

Wednesday, May 12th at 5:15 PM
Doors open at 4:15 PM
Reservations with dinner required
Tel. 099 806 8071

About: Everyone said Cassie was a promising young woman… until something abruptly derailed her future. Nothing in Cassie’s life is as it appears: she’s smart, cunning, and living a double life by night. Now, Cassie has a chance to right the wrongs of the past in this thrilling take on revenge.

We practiced strict social distancing guidelines.

May 12th, from 5:15 PM to 7:30 PM, Free, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta, Cuenca.

Andres: underalias@gmail.com 099 806 8071.

Airline approved crate


I am looking for an Airlines approved crate for my adult Labrador dog to take him to US. Please let me know if you have one.

Thank you,

Javad Shabnam: jv.shabnam@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

How to get permanent residency?

How can I get retiree residency?
What does the new immigration law say about this?
And, what documents do I need to bring with me from my home to apply in Ecuador to get the permanent residency?

I have a Saudi passport and my income monthly salary is above $3000.

DrRaji: expatincv@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca


Has anyone had any experience with Uroclinic/doctors Machuca-Coella in Cuenca? Thanks

Bill: mongo9421@gmail.com. Call after: 6 AM.

City: Cuenca

Personal recommendation for an orthopedist please

I may need knee replacement and/or hip surgery in the near future. I have Confiamed Insurance. I would appreciate a recommendation from an expat who has received an excellent result from an orthopedic surgeon in Cuenca for knee and or hip surgery.

Thank you very much in advance for sharing your personal experience with me.

Rebecca: 095 986 7854. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for full spectrum CBD oil

Just started using CBD oil for recovery of a difficult surgery.

I’m hoping to find full spectrum CBD oil of 800 – 1000 mg bottles. For pain, sleep, mental health issues, this oil helped improve the quality of life for me.

Thanks for helping me source this CBD oil in Cuenca

Brian Wieder: wiedersf@gmail.com 099 900 8976. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for BBQ grill

I’m hoping to find a BBQ gas or charcoal grill in really good shape.

Brian Wieder: 099 900 8976. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

I work part-time or hours

Hi, my name is Erik, 30-years old. I offer my services of cleaning, cooking, shopping, organizer with a good attitude, accompanying medical appointments among other needs that are required. I do not speak English well and I would like to learn.

Erik: 097 891 8252. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Renting a wheelchair

Good morning expats, I’m hoping someone knows about where I can rent wheelchairs here in Cuenca; or, if it’s even possible. My husband is going to have a hip replacement and he is going to need one but we would really like to not buy one.
If anyone knows a place or someone please let me know.
Thank you,

And stay safe everyone…

Carla Obrien: 096 308 5656. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Transportation service

Hi, my name is Edwin

I’m from Cuenca, I’m available as a driver for anyone who needs to go shopping, medical appointments, buy something, trips, movings, construction works, and more.

Please be aware, use a facial mask.
Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Thank you

Edwin: edwinbarreto645@gmail.com 096 335 4020. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Are there any board gamers in Cuenca?


I thought I had seen mention of some folks who play board games. I am interested in military board gaming for the most part. Hope against hope is that there may be an Advanced Squad Leader fan in the area.

Had to ask…

Timothy Osborne: timosborne323@gmail.com .

City: Cuenca

Unlock a US Samsung phone

I have a Samsung phone from the US that I need to have a chip placed into, but the phone needs to be unlocked. Is there someone here in Cuenca that can do that?

Michael Jones: michaeljones720@outlook.com .

City: Cuenca

Looking for one bedroom

For one mature person, non-smoking, no pets. Looking for a furnished one bedroom outside the Centro for long term rental. $300-$350 all-inclusive range.

Sam: 096 841 1177. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Greeting to all Cuenca from the new Atrévete Salón

Sisters Maria and Miriam Leon have been working with the gringo expat community for 3 years in Cuenca. We are now in our new venture in the Atrévete Salón, and we are connecting with you again through GringoPost…Thank you for your patronage now and in the future.

Of course we employ all recommended biosecurity measures for your comfort and safety.

We are here for you with the friendliest and warmest ambiance to create beautiful designs in your hair, changing color, relaxation and de-stressing with professional manicures and pedicures, reflexology, waxing, haircuts for men and women and more…offers in yields from $25. We give you the restructuring.

By appointment.

Gran Colombia 5-10 y Mariano Auevas cc Luzuriaga, local 11

Maria and Miriam

WhatsApp +593 96 370 9451 and +593 98 601 3320

Next shuttle departures to Izhcayluma eco-resort / Vilcabamba

If you want to spend the next weekend curfew at our award-winning resort. This week we offer 3 shuttle departures:

From Cuenca (door to door service) to Izhcayluma
Wednesday 12th of May
Thursday 13th of May
Friday 14th of May

Back to Cuenca
Monday 17th of May
Tuesday 18th of May

Price is $20 per person, each way.

Accommodation examples:

– Double or matrimonial room with private bath $19/night per person
– Single room with private bath $29/night

Included in the price:

– free fiber optic wifi
– free mineral water and hot teas 24 hours
– free use of our hiking trails inside the resort
– free use of our amenities
– free Yoga
– all taxes and fees

All our facilities are open, including: bar, panorama restaurant, Spa

So you can spend an easy going and relaxed weekend with us.
Please contact us through our web-site or by e-mail.

Hope to see you soon
Greetings from a sunny Vilcabamba
Peter, Dieter & Raik

Izhcayluma eco-resort / Vilcabamba

Peter Schramm
099 915 3419

Customized Spanish lessons for you with a native tutor from Cuenca

Hi, My name is Sandra. I am offering online tutoring services to individuals of different levels of Spanish (elementary, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced) via Skype.

I am a passionate tutor, I teach through practice and I always adapt my lessons to the needs, learning styles and interests of each student. You just need to tell me if you need help in grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, writing or conversation. Remember you are the boss.

I have experience teaching Spanish to foreigners living in Ecuador and abroad, so I know very well the challenges that come with learning a new language, but don’t let yourself be intimidated, I can help you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more information (rates, schedules, etc.) and if you wish we can have a 15-minute free session.



Learn Spanish while learning Cuenca’s culture and history

Hello GringoPost friends, we offer a simple and straight forward approach to learning Spanish and getting to know Cuenca’s history and culture. We offer one-on-one classes with a local and experienced teacher, almost 20 years teaching Spanish to people from all over the world.

When you sign up you get:
+ one free introduction lesson,
+ downloadable content for practice and learning,
+ one on one lessons with a professional teacher,
+ classes created specifically for you based on the test taken in the introduction lesson.

Lessons can be online or in person, following strict Covid safety rules.

Send us an email or a WhatsApp today – https://wa.link/60j2ho – don’t miss out.

Cuenca, Ecuador

The Spanish Project
098 210 3187

Transpo Ecuador

Hi, I’m Jon and I do transportation to or from Cuenca/Guayaquil in a 4 place pickup truck Chevy Dmax diesel for $95. That’s up to 4 people and all your luggage. I also do day trips and trips to the coast so let’s book Transpo.

Bolivar 6-40

Jon Labouef
098 494 9008

Temporary/permanent visas… 100% guaranteed

If you are filing for a temporary/permanent visa, I offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right. If I don’t get you your visa, you pay nothing. My name is Isabel Mosquera. I am an Ecuadorian, who studied and lived in Canada for many years. I have been a Visa Facilitator for over 7 years and have assisted more than two hundred and fifty Expats in obtaining their Visas, Temporary and Permanent, Cedulas, Translations, Health Insurance, housing and much more. These services are available as one fee package or individually. I own a car, so transportation is always included at no extra charge. I have always gotten my clients their Visas, even under the most difficult of circumstances, such as unreadable fingerprints for FBI reports.

Have you moved to Ecuador without the required documents? Don’t worry, I can help. I offer free consultations, either by telephone, email or in person. I am at the Immigration office on a very regular basis, so I am knowledgeable about all recent changes in the law and am happy to share my knowledge with you. I will be happy to provide you with references.

I look forward to serving you.


Isabel Mosquera
WhatsApp +593 99 960 3663

Need a letter mailed in the USA? Free

I will be leaving for the USA on May 15th.

If you have a letter you would like me to mail for you and you can get it to me, I would be happy to so do so.

I’m willing to drop it in a mailbox for free. If you need me to stand in line at the post office or some other special need, then we will have to talk.



Today, we offer you Amazon beef

Good morning. Today we have tenderloin and steak, free chemicals beef from sustainable production. Available for pick up at the shop or free home delivery.

Nunkui hours. Monday to Friday: from 9:30 AM to 1 PM. and from 2:30 to 6 PM.

“Casa San Sebastián”. Simón Bolívar 13-86 and Estévez de Toral

Paul Sanchez
WhtasApp: 099 586 7670

Rosa Linda, roses with love

Text Rosa Linda, best rose service for 6 years. We have for you beautiful roses of different colors, with long duration. It is a family business where our priority is to deliver the best roses with a lot of love and care for the environment. We also offer you private tours for 2 to 3 people. Delivery is free. Our price is super accessible, only $10 for 36 roses. Our roses are the freshest; we cut them a day before. With that we make sure that you receive super fresh and durable roses, with a lot of love for you.


Israel Lopez
096 958 5647

Attorney – translator

I’m a fluent English-speaking attorney, and I can help you with legal issues such as: legal documents, end of life documents, wills, notary procedures, lease contracts, legal advice, and much more.

I have experience working with Americans in Cuenca, and I really enjoy it. I am also a translator and interpreter who can help you translating any kind of document (legal, medical, documents for visa process, etc.).

I can help you as your personal interpreter for your appointments, errands, video conferences, and more.

Juan Montalvo 7-40 and Presidente Córdova

Javier Munoz
099 582 0754

Professional guitar lessons

Guitar lessons, all levels. Online or face to face. 40+ years’ experience. John Marshall, WhatsApp 097 952 0634 fretdoctor@gmaill.com guitar repair. Guitar lessons.


John Marshall

Cortilux – The drapery you dreamed of

Hi. My name is Tatiana and my family has a drapery and blinds store in central Cuenca, with over 35 years of experience.

The wealth of knowledge we have built up over the years allows us to recommend the best window coverings for your window spaces, and help you design the most attractive drapery combinations for your home or apartment.

We will take the measurements of your windows and come to install your new window decorations professionally, all included in the price.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make your place look just how you dreamed it.

Pop in to visit our COVID conscious shop and showroom at: Bolivar 5-40 (El Centro, 2 blocks from Parque Calderon)

Tel: 099 804 2648 WhatsApp 593 99 804 2648
facebook: https://bit.ly/2RnTxQM

Rent and home insurance by Bluebox

“Bluebox, the expat one choice for all their insurances needs”

With less than the cost of a coffee you could protect your home against all risks. The biggest mistake we make many times is to think that unforeseen events cannot happen to us. We assume that everything will be fine, and in part that is the best way to live, but what happens when you face that unforeseen event far away, and that earthquake ends up fragmenting the structure of your home and you are not insured, or if that friend of the stranger decides to enter your home and snatch your belongings, what to do?

Bluebox Asesores has been in the insurance market for almost a decade, in which it has gained enough experience to recommend you to contract a renter’s insurance as soon as possible, since this type of insurance with minimum annual payments can be very useful when you feel vulnerable.
A renter’s insurance can save you from trouble, do not hesitate any longer. We have what you are looking for at the best price. We have our own product for expats that will insure your contents and your structure, which will allow you to be protected against any event of nature, theft, fire, flood, water damage, rain damage, electrical damage and others.

Note: the value of your policy will depend on the value of your contents and structure. Jewelry and works of art are not insurable.

Av Ordoñez Lasso 555 y Los Cedros Edif Monte Carlo

Carlos Ramirez
098 246 5168

Escape to Paradise in Sigsig

Confinement days at El Barranco Hostería, a boutique hotel offering a little piece of paradise located 1.5 hours from Cuenca, located on the Santa Barbara riverbank in the small and beautiful town of Sigsig. During this time of greater restrictions, our hostería provides soul-restoring through tranquility and relaxation.

El Barranco Hostería has a full bar and restaurant, a large pool for floating or swimming and a smaller to lounge in to relax or for the little ones, and a sauna / steam bath that will ease your worries. We are pet friendly, so pets are welcome to relax in our hotel, as well.

The whole experience at El Barranco will awaken your senses. From any area of our paradise, you will experience beautiful views of the surrounding Andes mountains, the sounds of the babbling river and native bird chants, and take in the natural flora scents.

During these new restrictions, you can stay in our tranquil paradise over the weekend, check in on Friday and check out Monday.

Our special rates during this time are valid through Monday, May 17th:

– Honeymoon Suite: $170 for three nights that includes breakfast for two and the use of the pool and sauna/steam room.
– Family room: $170 for three nights that includes four-person breakfast the use of the pool and sauna/steam room.
– Standard Bedroom: $130 for three nights which includes breakfast for two the use of the pool and sauna/steam room.
More info and reservation: 098 691 1715 / 226 7051

Calle Paseo Zhingate s/n Sector Puente Jerusalen A 200 Metros De La Palya De Zhingate, Sigsig 010950 Ecuador

Luis Arcentalez

Melamine furniture

Melamine furniture is resistant to temperature variations, thus being an important quality for your purchase decision. The quality, the coating, its good price, its resistance and versatility make melamine furniture of great acceptance and excellent adaptation to new environments and decorations.

– We make all the designs and tastes.
– Quote with us
– Works with guarantee and delivery included

Vega Muñoz


Swing outdoor chair for sale

This is a brand-new swing outdoor chair for two or three people.
Metal structure, it has an outdoor waterproof fabric protector.
Perfect for outdoor spaces.
Contact for photos
Price $290



New product at Luvimar Gourmet Market

Hello everybody. I hope you’re doing very well.
I wanted to let you know that I now carry Woeber’s Reserve Whole Grain Dijon Mustard.
Price: $5.35.
The product has already been uploaded to the Facebook Fan Page and http://www.luvimargourmet.com for your convenience.

Check my website for a list of all the products I have for you.
Export quality seafood, aged cheese (Local & Imported), wines, Asian products, chocolates, nuts, diverse types of bacon, sausages and meats, and much more at Luvimar Gourmet Market.

– Friendly bilingual service (English and Spanish).
– Delivery available.
– I accept cash, credit cards, bank transfer and payments through the PayPhone App.

PayPhone has added a new function. You don’t even need to install the App. If you don’t have it, I can just send you a secure payment link, which once you open, it will ask you to enter your credit card information and done.

Did I tell you I don’t increase the price if you pay with credit card?

Have a great day.

Luis Moreno Mora #5-85, Between Nicanor Aguilar & Roberto Crespo Toral (Half a block from the Rione Hotel. Yellow house with big yellow garage door and big blue sign)

Luis from Luvimar
Cell Phone and WhatsApp: 099 523 9988
Website: https://www.luvimargourmet.com / Facebook & Instagram: luvimar.ec

Mat Pilates at RumiSol

We have Mat Pilates classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 10 AM with Ludwig, our wonderful instructor. He speaks English and helps you strengthen your core. If you’re looking for a fun space to exercise then look no further. We have a big open space with all the windows open. We take your temperature upon arrival and respect social distancing measures. Hope to see you on the mat.

8 classes a month for $25.

Remigio Tamariz 2100 y Augustin Cueva. Third floor.

Aubree Jeanne
099 255 6981

Professional carpet cleaning

No matter what has happened to your carpet, chances are that we can help you get it looking good again. We are happy to talk with you about your situation and tell you just how we can help you get your carpet back to top shape. What’s more, we are so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s right: You love the result, or we make it right with you.

Our services are:

Carpet Cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning

Ciudadela Kennedy

Henry Rojas
099 531 6785

Texans listen up – Austin, TX Republic whiskey

Whiskey barreled and bottled in Texas.
In a bottle shaped like Texas.

One bottle available. Don’t miss out.

CuencaShop/ King’s Smokehouse 8-66 Coronel Talbot, Parque San Sebastian

098 402 6399

Facilitator and transportation

Facilitator and transportation
Dear Expat Community,

My name is Orlando Sigüenza, I have been working with the expat community for over nine years.

My services include:

– Transfer to any airport-at any time
– Pick up and drop off to any airport (Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca)
– Taking you to other towns, Gualaceo, Chordeleg, Ingapirca, Giron, Paute, etc.
– Day trips around Cuenca and out of Cuenca
– Driving you to any immigration office (Machala, Guayaquil, Azogues)
– Running any type of errands needed
– Facilitator (for shopping, doctor’s appointments, legal matters, driver’s license
– I can deliver anything to your house.
– I move your stuff local and statewide.
– Apartment and homes find.

Please contact to me for a quote 24/7.

I have a good recommendation on GringoPost.

Orlando Sigüenza: orlando_siguenza@yahoo.com WhatsApp 098 585 4587.


Need help with your home workouts?

We know the struggle of trying to work out by yourself. Either time, knowledge or motivational wise, it is hard to get started. That’s why we are here to offer our services in everything related to physical care and health wellness. We are willing to provide you: Physical Rehabilitation.– Physical training (based in the functional workout method).– Therapeutic massage. All these services in the comfort of your home.

Home Visit. Monday to Saturday (previous appointment)

Carlos Cabeza:
carloscabeza26@gmail.com 096 292 7668

Home visit

Indoor healthy cooking grill

New in-box, never used Ronco Ready indoor cooking grill for sale: $30. Red and chrome. On Amazon, new, sells for $49.99.

Four heating elements grill both sides at once, sealing in juices and flavor. Grills adjust to 2 positions, to cook either thick or thin food items: meats, vegetables, seafood. Portable, plug-in, cleans easily with removable heat tray, heat shields and basket guides. Text or WhatsApp for photos; call after 8:30.

Sarah: 093 984 9070.

City: Cuenca

The Hop Factory opens on Thursday and Fridays (beer and coffee)

Come to The Hop Factory this Thursday and Friday for some great craft beer. We do home deliveries on Thursday from 8 AM to noon. We are on east side of Cuenca, Calle del Himno y Bandera Nacional. We have darts and chess boards available to play. Our available beers are: Bourbon Barrel (11.5%) $4, IPA (6%) $3, Stout (6%) $3, American Amber Ale (6%) $3, Pale Ale (5.5%) $3, Jamaica Shandy (4.5%) $3. We make a truly “old school” beer that is unfiltered and naturally carbonated. Also available is coffee from Café Doña Julita in Vilcabamba. We offer ground and whole bean. Premium: medium-dark roast $4/400 g available in whole bean or ground (finely ground). Gourmet: medium roast $5/400 g available in whole bean or ground (coarse grind). Honey: medium-dark roast $6/400 g available in whole bean or ground. Black Honey is our tasty coffee liqueur 16% 750 ml made with our very own Honey coffee. $15 a bottle. Makes a fantastic White Russian. Please have all orders in by Wednesday to ensure on-time delivery. $18 minimum for free delivery under $18 we add $2.

Luis: thehopfactory@yahoo.com 098 721 4499.

City: Cuenca

Washer/dryer combo

Washer/dryer duplex. 7-months old in excellent shape. I am listing this for a friend. You can WhatsApp or email her directly:

Yris Lopez 096 313 9118 yris1960anahy@gmail.com

Please message her for photos.


John Marshall

City: Cuenca

K9 backpack for your little dog

Love walking around Cuenca with your furry friend? If you have a small dog such as a Toy Poodle or Chihuahua, this is the perfect backpack to carry them. I had it sent from the United States. I did put my yoy poodle in it only once but then found another one that I liked better. Also planning to leave Ecuador and downsizing.

It was $95. I am selling it for $75.

Lynda Moore: snewz@mac.com 098 425 4927.

City: Cuenca

Gramm Bulkshop / Fenugreek

Dear Friends, among our products we have Fenugreek. We share some benefits of it:

1. Regulates digestion
2. Helps treat gastritis and relieves pain in the digestive system
3. Due to its iron content, it helps fight anemia
4. Has a mild laxative effect
5. Helps in the treatment of type 2 diabetes when consumed between 5 and 50 grams per day.
6. Relieves menstrual cramps, fatigue and tiredness
7. It can be useful to lower cholesterol levels
8. Applied as a poultice, it helps eliminate acne, relieves muscle aches and conjunctivitis.

We have many others products: nuts, dehydrated fruits, spices like vanilla, cardamom, dill, garam masala, smoked paprika, tabasco, cayenne pepper. Flours: almond, coconut, flaxseed, rye, whole wheat. Chía seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pinto bean, among others.

You can contact us on 099 505 9604, grammbulkshop@gmail.com, or visit our cozy shop in Sucre 14-14 and Estevez de Toral, near San Sebastián Park. We also have delivery service.

City: Cuenca

We have a stock of 26 colors of certified kn95 masks for your choice

More KN95 mask colors have arrived. With the same quality and of course, with the lowest prices on the market. 5 masks have a cost of $5. 10 masks are $9 and 20 masks are only $15. We now have 26 colors of your choice. So, we also have masks with unique and original designs for the whole family. To send designs, colors, send me a WhatsApp at 099 880 3689 and we will send you the complete catalog. Remember that every day we make home deliveries in Cuenca without additional surcharge.

Silvia: gochysita@gmail.com 099 880 3689.

City: Cuenca

Recommendation for Ulises Coronel, visa~cedula

Excellent + 5 star rating. He will set your appointment and guide you through every step of the government labyrinth. He speaks fluent English, is totally professional and the most economical fee in Cuenca.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: ulisesacostac@gmail.com

Recommended by Wade Hunter: hwadehunter@gmail.com

Recommendation for Giovanna Rivera, Cooperative CREA., financial advisor. investments facilitator.

I want to recommend a great person, who has helped me during my financial adjustment to Ecuador, my retirement savings and secure investments. I trust in her experience, integrity, honesty and follow up.

She works at Cooperative CREA which has been doing business for 58 years, they have government insurance because they belong to segment 1 in the list of credit unions in Ecuador.
You can have join accounts, beneficiary on your CD, online access, mobile app, you don’t need to come in person to renew or stop your investment, excellent interest rate, visa ATM card and personal customer service when you are traveling or arranging to stay permanently.

Address: 4-80 Jaime Roldos St. And Huayna Capac Av.

Contact information: privera@crea.fin.ec 098 424 4668

Recommended by Sheldon Claitor: bwclaitor@yahoo.com

Recommendation for Marjorie at Gema, hair style and skincare

I recently moved to Luis Morena Mora and discovered an incredible gem called Gema Beauty Supply, for hair, skin, nail care treatment. It’s a fantastic mini spa.

I would like to recommend Marjorie, not just for her expertise, but also for her sunny personality. She is a cosmetologist extraordinaire.
And also Leslie for mani-pedi.
It is an experience that provides terrific pampering and great care.
Marjorie is fully bilingual.
For an appointment call 099 795 9820,
The location is at Luis Morena Mora and Francisco Moscoso.

Address: Luis Morena Mora and Francisco Moscoso

Recommended by Anna Maria Duchon Lentin: donegalcliath@outlook.com

Yummy New York cheesecakes, brownie, cookies and more

Hi beautiful people. The best cheesecake is now in GringoPost.

°Medium cheesecake $15 (6 or 8 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi

°Large cheesecake $20 (12 or 14 portions)
Strawberry, blueberries, blackberry, raspberry, Nutella, Dulce de leche, chocolate, pasión fruit, kiwi.

4 x $8
6 x $12
12 x $22

Chocochips Cookies
6 x $5
12 x $10

Sweet Box $20
4 brownies, 4 cheesecake (strawberry, blackberry or blueberry), 6 chocochips cookies.

* Red velvet cake $20
* Guinness cake $20
* Mojito cake $20
* Carrot cake $18

Pies and Crumble
* Apple Crumble $12
* Fruit Crumble $12
* Apple Pie $15
* Lemon pie $15
* Fruit Pasión pie $15


Every day make your orders 24 hours before, Pickup or delivery I live in downtown, Juan Jaramillo and Benigno Malo

Cheesecake and Crumble: orders.cheesecakeandcrumble@gmail.com 098 770 7372

Pei’s pot stickers

Hello friends,

My name is Pei, and I have been making homemade Chinese food here in Cuenca for my friends and fellow expats since 2019. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and I love making fresh, healthy Chinese dishes for all to enjoy.

If you would like to try traditional Chinese food, please feel free to place an order with me for pick up or delivery with at least one day of notice. Thank you.

This is the menu:


pork • $5
chicken • $5
shrimp and pork • $7
vegetable • $5

hand-made noodles

veggie stir-fry • $5
zhajiangmian • $5
eggs with tomatoes • $5

single dishes
over rice

Kung Pao chicken • $8
Coca-Cola chicken wings • $8
crispy sweet and sour pork • $10
sweet and sour pineapple pork • $10
twice cooked-pork • $10
general Tso’s chicken • $10
fried tofu • $8
veggie delight • $6
salt and pepper pork • $10
salt and pepper chicken • $8
Salt and pepper shrimp • $15


pork • $1
chicken • $1
red-bean • $1
mix and match dozen • $10

red bean paste (300g) • $5
Chinese bread buns (5) • $2.50
fresh-noodles(1lb) • $8
Spicy sauce (100g) • $3
Pancake (2 pics ) • $5

May 12th, from 9 AM to 7 PM, Paseo Imbabura

Pei: zhaopei306@gmail.com 099 253 6116

Thai Connection specials

Facts about Thailand:

People associate elephants with Thailand. There are more than 5,000 found there (though more than half are domesticated). Over a hundred years ago, though, there used to be about 100,000 with about one fifth of them wild.

Due to the new regulations, we will be working only from Tuesday to Friday.

Come and enjoy our specials of the week:

Shrimp Fried Rice with Basil. $8.50
Drunken Noodles $8.50
Spicy Korean Ramen $8.50
Sweet and sour Pork $8.50

This week we will have our delicious Chocolate Cake and of course our Carrot Cake and authentic Thai Iced Tea

Call us or WhatsApp at 098 704 6607 or 099 954 7006 and we will send you our digital menu.

Tuesday to Friday from Noon to 7 PM, Honorato Vásquez 639 y Hermano Miguel

Ronny Bustamante

Tex – Mex burritos and more by chef Nathaly Vivas

Hi GringoPost community.

This is our Tex-Mex and California menu

— Large Tex-Mex or California Burrito
Ground beef, chicken or veggie
* 4 large burritos x $24
* 8 large burritos x $48

— Small Tex-Mex or California burritos
Ground Beef, chicken or veggie
* 6 small burritos x $18
* 12 small burritos x $36

— Beef, chicken or veggie chili (with Nachos, guacamole and tomatoes sauce)
1/2 pound $8
1 pound $15

— Black beans Beef, chicken or veggie Enchiladas
— 4 portions x $15

All with guacamole and Mexican sauce

Everyday make your order before noon for delivery at the same day, Pickup or delivery I live in Downtown, Benigno Malo

Nathaly Vivas: nathaly116vivas@gmail.com 098 770 7372

Delivery: sourdough loaves, authentic Southern biscuits, freezer meals

Hi, Sunday Brunch Cuenca family.

Here is our current delivery menu:
Ready to bake freezer meals:

Three cheese chicken and spinach lasagna $9
Chicken pot pie $7
Each container is two generous servings. Comes frozen, uncooked, and ready to bake when you are.

Breads and more:
Cornbread (6 squares for $6)
Cinnamon rolls (6 rolls for $8 with icing in separate container)
Large Southern-style biscuits (Pack of 6 for $6. They freeze well.)
White meat chicken sausage patties (Patties come uncooked and frozen in a pack of 6 for $8 or 12 for $15) These fit great on the biscuits.
Sourdough and yeast bagels (6 for $6)
Loaf sourdough bread $5.
Loaf brioche $4.50
Frozen waffles 8 for $8
We make the waffles fresh and then freeze them so you can pop them out to toast and enjoy a delicious breakfast or snack anytime.


Double D’s Menu for the week of May 17

This menu features a main that fuses a creamy potato dish with our always popular Tex-Mex. The salad is a perfect complement or can be eaten on its own for a lighter meal. The desserts are two we can never make enough of when it’s their turn. As a reminder, the main is fully cooked then chilled for you to reheat and enjoy right away or to freeze and eat later.

Mexican Scalloped Potatoes: $25 (6-8 servings); $19 (4-5 servings)
Black Bean & Corn Salad: $8/lb (2-3 servings)
Peaches & Cream Bars: $3 each
Samoa Bars: $3 each

Orders are due by 3 PM on Tuesday, May 18. When placing your order, please include the following information.

Preference of pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery
Preferred pick-up/delivery day (Thursday or Friday)
Delivery address, if applicable
Phone number

Pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery is available Thursday or Friday, May 20 or 21 between 9 AM and 2 PM. Once all of the orders are received, we’ll be able to confirm a more specific time frame. Delivery is free for orders of at least $25.

Thanks to those of you who have ordered—some every week—since we started our casseroles, soups, and salads last March. We’re the same people with the same name making the same excellent food since August 2017. Continue taking good care of yourselves.

Deb and Dawn

Order by 3 PM Tuesdays, Pick-up or Delivery on Thursdays or Fridays 9 AM – 2 PM, Agustín Cueva 3-56 y Honorato Loyola, #201 (1.5 blocks from Clínica Santa Inés Emergency entrance)

Double Ds Delights: doubledsdelightscuenca@gmail.com 096 802 2545 (Spanish & English) Facebook: Double D’s Delights Cuenca

Light up your taste buds

King Smokehouse news. We are so happy to let you know we have. . . Corned Beef. Our Corned Beef is brined and finished with pepper and sliced just ready for mouth-watering sandwiches and more. Add a slice of our cheddar cheese and pop on the griddle or pan to gently heat the corned beef and melt the yummy Cheddar. Slide onto your favorite bun or bread (toasted or not) and dig in. Savor that wonderful taste sensation. Like a bit of tang? Just add some of Mountain Home Gourmet/King Smokehouse sauerkraut between the corned beef and the cheese, melt and slide onto your favorite bread. Oh my. Oh yes.

We are located just across from beautiful Parque San Sebas. Always, delivery over $25 is gratis so order now or stop by before you miss out on the corned beef and melty cheddar.


La Danesa, artesanal bread is now open

Find a great selection of the best European homemade style breads and baked goodies available in Cuenca. Vibeke and Luis are cooking up delicious fresh healthy breads, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies, and more daily for you.

Stop in our new location at Av 12 de Abril y Av Loja

Tuesday to Sunday from 8:30 AM to 6 PM, Av 12 de Abril y Av Loja

Vibeke Moeberg Nielsen: vibekemoberg@hotmail.com 098 486 8313

A tetrad of freebies from DEFY

As a community service to help you to safely try out new products during the covid-19 health emergency, DEFY (Dave’s Earth-Friendly Yearnings) is offering 4 freebies.

1. A free piece of dessert from DEFY: Reese’s Treats, Canadian Nanaimo Bar, American Nanaimo Bar, Carrot Cake, or Brownie. 2. A free cup of Cream’O’Gurt Yogurt (250 billion live cultures and 13 different bacterial strains/liter): Mango, Guanabana, Plain, Peach, Maracuyá, Coconut, Strawberry, Mora, Pineapple, or Blueberry. 3. Free delivery to your doorstep.
2. And 4. Take advantage of this offer in May, and be entered into a draw for a “slab” (up to almost 2 lbs.; valued between $10 and $16.50) of your choice of one of DEFY’s desserts OR 4 liters of Cream’O’Gurt yogurt ($15 value).

You’ll get regular email updates from DEFY on promotions, new products, etc. Check out our website to see photos and details on the desserts and yogurt as well as our other products. Depending on your selection and where you live, this offer has a value between $4.50 and $6. Just send us an email with your name, dessert and yogurt selection, your address, and phone number. Why not treat yourself today?

Wednesday, May 12th at noon, Jesus Arriaga 4-69

David Coote: david1@defyforlife.com 098 498 3562 http://www.defyforlife.com

Organic products, very good quality

We bring organic products of excellent quality at a good price. You can check the list below:

1 lb raw butter $3
1 lb mozzarella cheese $3.50
1lb peanuts $2.50
1 lb almonds $5.50
1 lb walnuts $5.50
1 lb semisweet cocoa powder $2.50
400 g. of artisan blackberry syrup from Ibarra $4
500ml Honey $6
1 liter Honey $10
1 liter Honey with design of the bottle $12
0.5lb Bee Pollen $7
1 Ghee 200 g $6.50
1 Ghee 400 g $12.50
1 Ghee 550 g $15.50

For purchases over $10 shipping is free.

7 AM to 7 PM, Delivery

Daniela Carrasco: qorighee@gmail.com 098 146 0912 Instagram: Qorighee

Come to Sofy Glocal Cuisine and enjoy our delicious food.

Yes, we just want to remind you that we are open and ready for you.

Remember that at Sofy Glocal Cuisine you will find a variety of international food, cocktails and delicious pastries.

Here you go part of our menu, and remember we do have delivery.

– Shrimp & Grits (The best in town)

– Andino (This delicious plate comes with Venezuelan Arepas, smoked trout, hollandaise sauce, capers & avocado)

– Hummus (Made with the best beans and seasoning)

– Vietnamese Salad ( A delicious mix of vegetable, fried rice, beef and fish sauce)

– Lam Carre (The bes flavor of Carre in one meal)
… and much more.

Visit us: Simon Bolivar 779 and Luis Cordero, inside of the park house. From 11 AM to 6 PM (for now)
Reservations and delivery: 099 510 3974 sofyscuisine@hotmail.com

May 12, Simon bolivar 779 y Luis Cordero


The best Argentinian empanadas, veggies, classic, and vegan

Four years ago we started our Argentine empanada business, and since then we have sought to improve our product day by day. We have flavors such as chicken salteño, classic Argentine meat, meat and cheese, caprese (tomato, cheese, pesto), corn and cheese, mushrooms, black beans. With your order we can give hot sauce, pesto, and tree tomato sauce.

We also have artisan ice cream, without white sugar, preservatives or additives. It is made from avocados. We have different flavors, healthy and delicious.

We are located on Floreana and Isabela streets, Coliseo Jeferson Perez area. We delivery by motorcycle taxi, to any address in Cuenca.

You can contact us on our WhatsApp or call us at 099 923 0849. You can also find us on our social networks: https://www.facebook.com/cafayate.empanadas

Best regards,

Any time, Floreana e Isabela

Jonathan Messmer: 099 923 0849

Penthouse, furnished apartment, 2 BR – 1 bath, historic district, with terrace

Location: It is located right in the middle of the heart of the Historic District center of the Cuenca city.
Building: It has security guard working office hours and elevator. The elevator goes to the top floor, but then you have to go up few stairs to go even higher to the 6th floor.

Description: It has living room, dining room, TV room, plenty of closets, kitchen with stove and refrigerator, 2 bedrooms with twin size beds, led TV, bathroom with electric shower, and a beautiful large terrace with great view of the city and the mountains. The only appliances it doesn´t have are a washer or dryer.

$380 long-term lease
$410 6-month lease

Utilities are not included, might cost you extra average: $15 water, $15 electricity, $32 internet, $75 building fee

More listings? Google map location? More photos? Please request by email.

Furnished. Negotiable. Small pet is OK.

Address: Presidente Córdova and Benigno Malo Streets, one block from Cathedral Church, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1620696136

I am a real estate agent, Janne: jannedelvecchio@gmail.com 098 400 1020

Unfurnished apartment, 3 BR – 2 bath, wide and large balcony, facing Coliseum

Location: The building is located behind “Common Ground restaurant”, in the building “La Cuadra”. On block from Tranvía Train station, 5 minutes from historic district.

About building: It has security guard 24 hours, 2 elevators, parking space, centralized gas.

About apartment: It has a large and wide balcony facing the coliseum and tomebamba river. Inside, the apartment has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living and dining room, kitchen with plenty of closets and laundry room.

More listings? More photos? Google map location? Please request by email.

Unfurnished, $450 negotiable. Building fee and utilities are not included. Pets are not allowed.

Address: Jose Astudillo Regalado street near Coliseum, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1620755350

I am a real estate agent, Janne: jannedelvecchio@gmail.com 098 400 1020

Unfurnished 2 BR condo with a small terrace

The location of this beautiful condo is very convenient, close to el Centro and many, many places nearby, like Supermaxi de las Americas. You have the Tranvia in front of the building. The unit is in the back of the building with security 24 hours and 2 elevators.

2 BR, 2 full bathrooms
It is really quiet
very safe
nice pleasant view
it looks like new
modern, luxurious

Please write or call for more pictures and information.

Unfurnished, $390, negotiable. Small pet is OK.

Address: Gran Colombia Avenue, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1620757425

I am a real estate agent, Carmen Alicia Rodriguez: vivoencuenca@yahoo.com 099 718 2084

Fully furnished apartment, 3 BR, Ordoñez Lasso, building with jacuzzi, sauna

Location: The apartment is located in a very safe and quiet building. The avenue is very known among foreigners. One block from “Tomebamba river”. Nearby you will find almost everything you need, and bus stop is only few meters away.

Building: has: Elevator, security guard, jacuzzi, gym, sauna and social gathering room.

Description: The apartment is on the 3rd floor, with elevator, parking space and storage. It has 3 bedrooms, one of them has walk-in closet, 2 bathrooms, living and dining room, fully equipped kitchen, laundry with washer and dryer.

Rent: $650. Includes all utilities and building fee.

More photos? Google map location? More information? Please request by mail.

Furnished, $650, negotiable. Small pet is OK.

Address: Av. Ordoñez Lasso near Hotel Oro Verde, Cuenca.

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1620757547

I am a real estate agent, Janne: jannedelvecchio@gmail.com 098 400 1020

Lost and Found for bus, tranvia

Does anyone know of a textable number for items lost on one of the Cuenca buses? On the Tranvia? Please text me your answer if possible. Thanks

Susie: 098 738 3897. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca

Books to donate

I am moving and I have some books I want to get rid of. Is there someplace that I can donate them to? Back in the States, I would donate them to a thrift store. Is there such a thing here in Cuenca?

Ted Behr

Looking for a job to pay my studies

Hello, My name is Jenna, I am 18-years old and I need to find a job to pay my college studies, because my economic situation is not very feasible. My English level is high, and I also worked before as a babystter and housemaid.

I can help with various tasks such as : cleaning, shopping, organizing and I can help you translate.

If you have any job for me I would appreciate it very much.

I can also walk your dog.

Jenna: 099 471 8536. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Hearing aid recommendations

Looking for recommendations for a place/doctor to get new hearing aids.


Lomeda: 098 662 2594. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Source for organic chicken

Seeking producer for organic chicken, beef.

Suzanne Cerny: suzannecerny@yahoo.com .

City: Cuenca

Can you help my friend? She will clean your home with excellence

My young friend with two babies so needs work. Do you need your house/apartment cleaned? She is a first-rate house cleaner. She will make your place shine from top to bottom and is very conscientious, honest and completely trustworthy. She will water your plants, do your laundry, walk your dogs, gardening, house sit if you go out of town or run errands if you so desire.

You can contact me at the info below.
Thank you in advance.

Eve Donald: cuencabutterfly@yahoo.com cell: 096 994 1866, what’s app +593 96 994 1866. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for a naturepath-wildcrafted herbologist

Looking for a naturepath-wildcrafted herbologist who can help identify wild edible plants in nature.

Eve Donald: cuencabutterfly@yahoo.com cell: 096 994 1866, WhatsApp +593 96 994 1866. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

Looking for 99% pure zinc metal

99% zinc plate metal normally used for roof flashing. I have searched most hardware stores in Cuenca. Will be using little strips for One Cup One Life Kits to produce Nano technology GANS keshe.foundation as seen in YouTube video. One Cup One Life by Hassan Boujaran.

If any other Knowledge Seekers aware of this new space technology/physics out there would love to knoodle. Kindest Regards,

Ginger: 097 935 9875. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

Urban Birdwatching Tour in Cuenca

Would you like to visit part of the city of Cuenca and register an average of 25 species of birds? “Polylepis Tours Ecuador” invites you to enjoy this urban birdwatching Tour. Only for this week promotional rate: $39 pp
hours: 6:30 to 10 AM
It includes :
* Bilingual guide
* Binoculars
* Snack in Calle las Herrerias
* Bird list

More information:
cell: 099 355 7648

Calle Larga 6-28


Celerity fiber optic by Puntonet up to 20% off on all of your contract

·Are you having issues or slow service with your network?
·Do you want to get a better deal with your internet service provider?
·Have you had your contract for over 1 year and still get the same speed for the same price?
·Do you need to move your service to another location?
·Do you need to waive additional installation, moving and upgrading fees?
·Are you new in town and need to have a contract/service without leaving home?

Do it all from the comfort of your home. Get Up to 500GB with a new contract (2-year minimum) free installation + a % on your bill off.

Plans available for new contracts:

-30 MBPS $24.30 + tax
-50 MBPS $25.50 + tax
-75 MBPS $28.88 + tax
-100 MBPS $30.80 + tax
-150 MBPS $42 + tax
-200 MBPS $49 + tax
-300 MBPS $80 + tax
-500 MBPS $120 + tax

·Prices apply for new contracts and for X amount of months depending on plan.

Get extra, additional benefits depending on your plan.
No installation fee.

*service offered in Cuenca by PuntoNet except in some areas (Centro Histórico).

Restrictions apply.

Call after: 7 AM. City: Cuenca

Leonardo: techguyec2020@gmail.com
098 352 2685.
Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca

Health and beauty – Dra. Brisney Pernia

Hello Everyone, I wish you a beautiful day and a beautiful week. I offer you our quality services:

Health and beauty – Dra. Brisney Pernia.

– Deep Facial Cleansing $12.
– Facial Massage $15.
– Relaxing Massage $15. (1 hour)
– Reducing massage $15. (combo of 12 massages per month $144) (1 hour each massage)
– Manual lymphatic drainage $15.
– Decontracting massage $15.
– Nutritional plan $40. including weekly monitoring. Free consultation.
– Fat burners $70 (10 sessions)
– Products to boost and regulate the immune system.
– Application of megadoses of vitamins (C – B)
– Combo Facial Serum (Vitamin C – Hyaluronic Acid – Retinol) $15.
And more.

We work with prevention measures against COVID-19

Loja y Don Bosco

096 142 5919

Spanish study books, study by yourself? Why not?

CCN, Spanish School, has prepared some Spanish Study books to help you improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing production. They are all in Spanish, and you can also order your bilingual version (Spanish-English).

Here are the titles of our books:

“Dos libros recién salidos del horno”. Two books recently published,

Book 1: Reading Book, “Por eso, por eso, por eso te quiero Cuenca”. It is a collection of 15 stories told by Expats who have lived in Cuenca, Ecuador for quite a while. They tell why they chose to live here, their experience and anecdotes and also their recommendation to enjoy their stay the best possible way. (Level B2)
Here is the list of some of the chapters:
1. Un recorrido breve por Cuenca y sus museos (A short course on Cuenca’s museums)
2. Una guía para el caminante de la Cuenca histórica (A walker’s guide to historic Cuenca)
3. Un Expat encuentra un puerto seguro en Cuenca (An Expat finds safe harbor in Cuenca)
4. La Fanesca de Cuenca: Llena de tradición familiar (Cuenca’s Fanesca: family tradition)
5. La historia de Cuenca vive en los nombres de calles (Cuenca’s history lives…)
6. El Hojalatero (Tin man)
7. La iglesia de Turi (Turi Catholic church)
8. La puntualidad: ¿Por qué expatriados y ecuatorianos tienen percepciones tan diferentes sobre el tiempo? (Punctuality: Why do expats and Ecuadorians have such different perceptions of being ‘on time’?)
9… Etc…


Professional carpet cleaning

No matter what has happened to your carpet, chances are that we can help you get it looking good again. We are happy to talk with you about your situation and tell you just how we can help you get your carpet back to top shape. What’s more, we are so confident in our abilities that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That’s right: You love the result, or we make it right with you.

Our services are:

Carpet cleaning
Area rug cleaning
Upholstery cleaning

Ciudadela Kennedy

Henry Rojas
099 531 6785

Immersion Spanish lessons

Immersion Spanish program
• Lessons are given Monday thru Friday.
• You can take three hours in the morning (from 8 or from 9 AM) and/or take three hours in the afternoon (from noon or from 1 PM).
• During this program, you will…
· …learn topics of Ecuadorian and Latin-American culture, history, foods, arts, music, etc.
· …learn to handle conversations in different situations, such as, giving directions on a taxi, shopping at different stores, making a doctor’s appointment, , etc.

When can I start?
You can start anytime.


Walking Spanish lessons/Spanish school

I’m Cristina Flores, from Walking Spanish Lessons. I would like to invite you to join us in a wonderful experience learning the Spanish language by getting into the Ecuadorian and Latinoamerican Culture. We offer online classes, as well as presential conversational classes in beginner, intermediate and advanced level. Feel free to make a reservation with us. We’ll be happy to help you to improve your Spanish. Learn Spanish step by step.

Address: Remigio Romero y Honorato Loyola, Cuenca.

099 153 8363

Cristina Flores

Specialist in osteopathy/physical therapy, personal training.

SpinePRO Center offers consultation and therapy for the prevention of certain physical maladies as well as physical rehabilitation of such maladies for patients of all ages.

SpinePRO can provide in home service with all the biosecurity measures so that you may receive and continue your prevention or rehabilitation physical therapy in the comfort of your home.

We also receive patients in our private quiet facility that has ample parking and access to taxis. Visiting patients must make appointments accordingly in order to receive their prevention and rehabilitation therapy at the facility. We only accept previously made appointments.


English and Spanish tutoring

Hi there, I am offering my teaching service, conversational English or Spanish class.
English and Spanish tutoring.
Classes are via zoom

Olon Valles De Olon

Annaik Elizalde

+953 98 449 4399

Sherwin Williams painting and power washing services

Free estimates for all kind of Job painting. Power washing services and painting. One normal bedroom, $70, includes paint Sherwin-Williams. taping and patching 2 to 3 coats. All Jobs are guarateed. Please call for a free estimate. High-end finishing and painting

Cuenca, Ecuador Cuenquita

099 573 4584

Legal and facilitator services

Need to get the vaccine? Here I leave to you the link so you can register for receiving the Covid Vaccine. If you need help to fill up or assistance with this you can contact me.


Monica Gonzaga facilitator services visas to Ecuador and other countries.

My professional price for visa has been the same since 2015. What have risen are government fees, notaries, translations, etc., but to all my clients I offered a complete package with all those expenses included in a single amount of money.


15% off dental implants + free consultation

Only for the month of May get 15% off the total of your dental implants.

The discount applies on the full treatment, this includes:

* Titanium implant
* Titanium abutments
* Granulated bone graft
* Permanent crown (metal-ceramic or zirconia, price will change)

Make your appointment and get a free consultation

Acropolis building, Jose Peralta and Av. 12 de Abril

Daniela Ordonez
098 718 2083

The Battle of Pichincha, May 24, 1822 – driving around?

Cuenca Car Share would like to invite you to enjoy the 3-day holiday weekend of May 22-24 with a rented car. Barring any lockdowns, you can get out of the city and travel on this day dedicated to the soldiers who fell in battle on the flanks of the Pichincha volcano overlooking Quito.

In Cuenca, you probably have visited Parque Calderon – named for the native Cuencano, Abdón Calderón Garaycoa who died shortly after the battle where he was wounded 4 times but refused to leave the battle. You have traveled along Sucre street in downtown Cuenca – remember? It was named for General Sucre, the general in charge of liberating Cuenca and Quito and defeating the Spanish armies. Read up on this – it is quite a good history about the liberation of Gran Colombia and, eventually, Ecuador from Spanish rule.

If you want to rent a car for this weekend, please contact me at Cuenca Car Share as soon as possible to ensure that one is available. Remember that banks and many businesses will be closed on Monday, May 24 – plan ahead. Thank you.

Calle Canton Saraguro s/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros, Cuenca

Emilio Morocho
098 699 -5694 WhatsApp + 593 98 699 5694

Dimplos Multicervicios

New Dimplos membership for US customers.

Address: Simon Bolivar 17-25 y Miguel Heredia, Cuenca.

099 941 36993

Juan Pedro Malo

Cuenca Consignments is open today

We hope y’all had a wonderful Mother’s Day. If you didn’t get the present you wanted, come see us. We are swamped with new inventory:
Coats, Jackets, sweaters
Shoes (large sizes)

I don’t want to adult today, I just want to cat. I’ll be lying down on the floor in the sun, you can pet me and bring me some snacks. Anonymous.

Isabela 4-75 y 12 de Abril

Suzanne Ward

099 546 8580

Magallanes Travel

We are a Tour Operator based in Ecuador with 30 years of experience organizing customized trips all over the country as well as Perú, Bolivia Chile and Argentina.

Address: Los Lirios Apto.1a N44-143, Las Bromelias, Quito (capital).

Silvia Vargas
098 615 7710

Need help with your home workouts?

We know the struggle of trying to work out by yourself, ether time, knowledge or motivational wise, it is hard to get started. That’s why we are here to offer our services in everything related to physical care and health wellness. We are willing to provide you: – Physical Rehabilitation.– Physical training (based in the functional workout method).– Therapeutic massage. All these services in the comfort of your home. Home Visit. Monday to Saturday (previous appointment) Carlos Cabeza:
carloscabeza26@gmail.com 096 292 7668

Home visit

Carlos Cabeza

Expat Envoy – update to service

Good day everyone…

Some of you may have already heard, but for those of you who haven’t, I will be moving to the US in June.
This will not affect Expat Envoy.
We won’t stop, or be delayed, at all.
We’ve been running non-stop since the lockdown lifted last year, and we have no plans of slowing any time soon.

Everything regarding Expat Envoy will remain the same, except for the pickup location within Cuenca.
(It is nearby, and will be provided in the standard monthly pickup/delivery emails.)

I’ve had a few people email me asking if June would be my last delivery… It’s not.
I may be moving, but the business will remain.
If anything, come July/August, the cutoff dates should be closer to the availability date, no more need to “check with us beforehand”, and we may begin offering “custom shopping” within the US.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me ask.

Have a great week.

Cuenca / USA

Harrison Paul

Carpentry services and custom made furniture

Looking for an affordable carpenter in Cuenca?
Our carpentry services are one of a kind we can make new Furniture, new door or shelf, tables, chairs and much more. Think it and we can build it.


Home Remodeling
Custom Cabinetry
Cabinet Installation
Wood Furniture
Crown Molding Installation
Custom Countertops
Countertop Installation
Deck Building
New furniture
Custom wood pieces

Del sarar


El Mundo Orgánico’s May Gran Feria – May 29th

Because of the recent quarantine restrictions, we have had to change the date of our Gran Feria from Saturday, May 15th, to Saturday, May 29th from 10 AM to 2 PM. Also, during this time, we will be taking “Build-Your-Own Basket” orders for deliveries on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Now, in addition to El Mundo Orgánico’s wide selection of beautiful, freshly-picked organic vegetables and natural fruits for your Build-Your-Own Basket for home delivery, El Mundo Orgánico has a wide selection of nuts and dried fruits.



A chiropractor can help you stay healthy, feel great and well-adjusted

My name is Dr. Duane H. Connell D.C.

I ran a family chiropractic practice for over 20 years in Virginia and I have relocated to Cuenca. I do primarily hands-on adjusting and I use a variety of techniques including Gonstead, Divirsified, Drop Table, Toggle and Biophysics.

For those who prefer a more gentle touch I am also proficient in Activator Technique.

The first visit includes a consult, exam and one adjustment for $25. Future visits are $15.

Please feel free to contact me with WhatsApp with any questions or to make an appointment.

Thank you and see you soon.

Facebook: Cuenca Quiropractico

Edificio Amazonas, Ground Floor, Los Pinos y Ordonez Lasso.

Dr Duane H Connell
099 114 6684 WhatsApp
Facebook: Cuenca Quiropractico

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