Can you help the rivers?

The rivers need your help. My friend, a professor at the University of Cuenca, is passionate about protecting Cuenca’s rivers. Specifically, he wants to protect the rivers from the effects of metal mining. To do this, he is creating a documentary about the importance of the rivers in the lives of Cuencanos and others.

The documentary will be presented at universities for students to reflect and learn from the Cuenca experience. It will serve to raise awareness of the importance of the rivers and is a tribute to those who defend nature (farmers, scientists, activists).

How can you help? You can contribute to the funding of this project by visiting GOFUNDME at the following link:

You can also get more information about the project at the same GOFUNDME link.

Please consider supporting this worthy cause and thank you for anything you can do to help.

Denise Lagrou

City: Cuenca

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