Brio Foto, photography, videography and website design services

Brio Foto Inc. is photography, videography, media design and website design firm located here in Cuenca. Our staff consist of formally educated and award-winning videographers, nationally published photographers, graphic designers and website developers. Our services are economic and of the highest quality. Many of our services include but are not limited to:

• Interior residential and commercial photography. (For the purpose of property sale and/or publication.) Can include DRONE coverage and Video implements $60+ Package includes full shoot (interior/exterior amenities), post-edit, digital delivery and retouches.

• Ariel Drone Coverage – For Residential Sales, Commercial Projects or Advertising/Sales Productions. 4K Drone Services are offered on both a salaried and hourly rate.

• Interior Residential and Commercial Videography. (For the purpose of property sale and/or publication and commercial services.) available in 4K/1080P and DRONE coverage$75+Package includes full shoot (interior/exterior or commercial), post-edit, digital delivery and retouches.

• Website Design and Production, for personal or commercial purposes. Free Consult; May include content capture/edit and textual creation. 90+ No page, image or text limits. Includes application input, domain and hosting transfer and/or acquisition.

• Discounted Portrait and Group photography – Free Consult; $45+ Package includes full shoot (1-2hrs.) post-edit, digital delivery, 5 retouches and style preference (B&W, Sepia etc.) 

• Digital Media Design and Graphic Design – Free Consult; $70-$500 discounted flat rate per project. Free additions include 3d maps, 3rd party applications, flyovers etc.

• Commercial Product Photography. Based on our hourly rate and dependent on the product size, weight and quantity.

• Interior Design and Re-Design services. Free Consult; discounted flat rate per project. Free additions include 3d maps, 3rd party applications etc.

• Interior special planning and building. Free Consult; discounted flat rate per project.

• Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced educational courses for: DSLR Photography and Videography: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Davinci Resolve, Sony Vega, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Sketchup Pro 2018 3D. $40 – $55 per course, classes are mixed between live session, recorded session and hands on sessions. Courses last 4 weeks, with classes twice a week


Despite our proficiency and knowledge base, we offer our services at fair and economic rate. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!

Scott Smith

098 122 1627 – Cell/Whatsapp


Please visit for a review of our services and sample productions.

Ordonez Lasso. 2019

Scott Smith: 098 122 1627 / 098 122 1627 – WhatsApp

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