Bringing in a container; do you need anything here?

Just found out my shipping time frame is good for the next 60 days. Do you wish to share and buy some of my space in the 20′ or 40′ container I am shipping from California area? 
I have my things waiting at a logistics warehouse in Fullerton, California and, since it will be under my name, everything will be inspected to make sure of it’s legality. 

The problem of sharing is not really the legality of it, moreover it is for 1) the shipper’s name will be responsible for what is on HIS or her container……if it’s drugs or something the container owner gets nailed. On the other hand, the sharer takes the chance of the “owner”( who’s name everything is in and on the tags) giving the sharer their stuff! 

So it’s a chance on both parties’ part, however, I have written to prospective sharers’ that their things will be opened and inspected for legality – this saves the “owner” any possible repercussions with legalities. The “sharer” must find someone they can trust sufficiently… someone honest. 

Please contact me ASAP …..

Thank you, Brian Musich family

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