Bookstore and Website for sale

As some people already know my son was illegally taken out of the country. For this reason, I need to return to the UK to spend time with him. His mother is refusing to return and I cannot force her to for my son’s best interests.

So it is with some sadness that I put Carolina Bookstore and Gringotree up for sale.
I will be selling them as a package. They work well together and share premises and staff.
The asking price for both is below what I paid for just the Bookstore 5 years ago.

Both businesses make a profit.

Both businesses have 15 years of history.

The bookstore comes with 49 Shelves, 18,000 books, furniture, signage, a computer, personalized stickers, and flyers, a Facebook account, extensive customer base.
A website with 9000 books listed

Gringotree comes with a website
Discount card scheme with 100’s of cardholders paying $40 a card.
Deals made for several years with at least 50 local businesses including Coral.
Mailing list with 5000+ sign ups
Signs and equipment and promotional stuff.

Both businesses share a premises 12-27 Benigno Malo y Gaspar Sangurima. The rent is quite low.

Both businesses have a manager who is more than capable of keeping businesses running and in profit. So, I will be waiting for the asking price or a good offer. The price is way under what I paid and both businesses are making more money than they ever have.

More information and trading history are available. The only reason for sale is me needing to focus my time and energy in the UK for foreseeable future.

Stephen Page: .

City: Cuenca

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