Boneco – cool mist ultrasonic humidifier u200

This white Boneco ultrasonic humidifier was used only 1 time. The water filter was never installed so it’s still new. Easy to use: This cool mist humidifier easily operates using a control knob. The compact size is perfect for the bedroom, living room, or anywhere throughout your whole home. Relaxing ambiance is provided by the LED night light. Home humidifier: this humidifier is intended for rooms up to 430 sq. ft. and has a high humidification output of up to 1.8 gallons/day. The variable mist output controls the amount of humidity distributed to your room.

Very quiet operation: Thanks to effective high-frequency technology, water is converted into a micro-fine mist and sent into the indoor air by a fan. It has a silent steam operation for a peaceful night’s sleep (operation noise level: <30 dB(A)). Top-rated water treatment accessories: the U200 is suitable for the use of fragrances and essential oils to create a self-personalized atmosphere. It also includes the 2-in-1 water filter A250 aqua pro for pure humidification without residue & EZCal. Easy cleaning: This mist machine has elegant handling and design, it’s easy to clean, has low power consumption, and a removable water tank for easy refills. There is even an automatic, practical reminder indicator for refilling water.


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