Bodhi Burgers report

Just wanted to let you know we are open and we even have an electric grill in case we are unable to get gas. Food supplies are still good. Come on down. We are also offering combo meals that are at a discount when you buy a full combo. We have also increased the size of our Junior and our simple burger patties. They are now 2 and 3 oz and the double is 6 oz. There are now two options with all burgers, deluxe and basic. The deluxe is the same price as before, $2, $3.25 and $3.99, but there is now a basic option that is with just catsup, mustard, pickles and onion which is $0.25 less. So, more meat; cheaper price options. Rare, but we have decided we want to improve our value proposition. 

Lastly, you will note if you type in Best Hamburgers in Cuenca we are listed as number 1. We are fast approaching 200 reviews. Better than 90% of them are 5 stars. 5% are 4 stars and there are a handful of reviews that are at 3 stars and less.


I say this to explain that we believe that 99% of our food comes off the line at 4-5 star quality. But 1% of the time, something could be over cooked, undercooked, too crunchy not crunchy enough over salted, etc. Our commitment is to strive for perfection but we acknowledge that in that pursuit of perfection there are meals that have gone out less than perfect. We ask that if you get something that isn’t right or isn’t to your liking, bring it back and we will replace it. If you are one of the unlucky ones that had a less than 5-star experience I am inviting you to come in tell us what happened and we will re-do your meal free of charge. Call me to let me know you are coming so that if I am not there the staff will be prepared to remake your meal free of charge.

Now, Mariscal Sucre 17-80 at 3 de Noviembre 4-5 blocks before plaza San Sebastien

Bodhi Kroll: 095 906 0381 or 096 900 7688

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