Better to bring these items, or will I find them in or near Cuenca…?

Hello. I’ll be moving to Ecuador to retire and live out my life. Certain items may seem extravagant– on another site I got a snarky remark. I don’t intend to move to Ecuador to live a life of luxury.
Cooking from scratch is really important to my lifestyle, and I finally found a good rhythm with my Vitamix and Insta-pot.

I understand that even if I can find these there, it would be quite a bit more costly. So, I’m looking for information that will help me to decide between my options:
1) bring these 2 items in my luggage,
2) have someone mail them to me at a hefty postage rate
3) purchase them there (Is there a place that would carry them? and for how much?)
4) hope that I can find them in Cuenca as used items (is this plausible?)

Any advice from those who have these items, or have looked into them would be much appreciated.

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