Best organic chocolate w/o sugar

The best (because tress grown in organic farm) organic chocolate especially made without sugar by my request, since I don’t consume sugar at all and I do believe in Cuenca a lots of people who care about their health and also not consuming sugar.
Diabetes friendly, Keto Friendly

More information is here :

Now this chocolate available in Cuenca, Azuay province at Natural.EC Shop

We have chocolate with flavors, such as:

Classic Black, Menta, Cardamon, Naranja, Sea Salt and much more….

40 grams each chocobar, eco packaging
Price: $4.00

Address in Cuenca:
1-37 Remigio Crespo
098 411 9885
Owner Irina

June 6th, from 1 PM to 1 AM, 1-37 Remigio Crespo

Irene: 098 411 9885
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