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Best Of GringoPost 2020
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We’re over the moon about Cuenca and Ecuador these days. Find out why in the list that follows.

We’ve reached for the stars — everything from the best view point to the best restaurants, historical sites and artists — and gotten them together for a compendium of why we love living in the shadow of the Andes, and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

As on every Valentine’s Day, the votes have been counted and turned into a compendium of our Best of GringoPost, 2020, full of dozens of awards celebrating the very best our area has to offer.

Hundreds of subscribers selected their best for the BEST OF GRINGOPOST, 2020.


Best: American Football: Inca Bar
Best: Art gallery: IdiomART
Best: Charity event: Hogar de Esperanza Christmas Children’s party
Best: Christmas tradition: Pase del Niño on Christmas Eve
Best: Concert of the Year: Cuenca Interntional Choir Christmas Candlelight Concert
Best: Day Trip: Ingapirca
Best: Ecuadorian Tradition: New Year’s Eve Bonfire of Monigotes 
Best: Festival: Tres de Noviembre, Cuenca Independence
Best: Fishing Guide: James Drummundo
Best: Fishing Hole: Cajas
Best: Guilty Pleasure: Tutto Fredo Ice Cream
Best: Healthcare Provider: Dr Anthony Guillen
Best: Hiking Guide: Esteban Arevalo
Best: Hiking Trail: Cajas
Best: Historic Building: New Cathedral
Best: Local Artist: Miguel Illescas
Best: Local Entertainer: Lynn Nadeau
Best: Museum: Pumapungo, Calle Larga
Best: Music Venue: Jazz Society of Ecuador,  Luis Cordero y Juan Jaramillo,  
Best: Night Out with Friends: Joes’ Secret Garden   www.joessecretgarden.com
Best: Picnic Spot: Parque Paraiso
Best: Place for a Birthday Party: Joes’ Secret Garden
Best: Place for a Romantic Stroll: Walking Path on Rio Tomebamba 
Best: Place for People-Watching: Parque Calderon
Best: Place to Catch Some Rays: Piedra de Agua
Best: Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests: Turi
Best: Place To Watch a Film: La Guarida, Mariscal Lamar y Luis Pauta
Best: Public Art: Street Art – Murals Around City
Best: Public Event: Cuenca Symphony Orchestra Performances
Best: Solo Musician: Su Terry
Best: Swimming Pool: Piedra de Agua, Baños
Best: Volunteer Opportunity: Keep Cuenca Beautiful
Best: Weekend Feria: Tutto Mato Feria, Solano Avenue
Best: Workshop: idiomART

Faces and Places
Best: Bartender: Frank Gonzalez
Best: Caterer: Double D’s Delights
Best: Chef: Giovanni Cambizaca, le Petit Jardin
Best: Dog Park: Parque de la Madre
Best: Emcee: Linda Chase, Edificio Entrerios-Unidad Nacional y Los Totoms, LchaseLchase@yahoo.com
Best: Local Blog or Blogger: Retire Early and Travel, http://www.retireearlyandtravel.com
Best: Local Hero: Susan McBride, Mujeres con Exito
Best: Neighborhood: El Vergel
Best: Park: Parque de la Madre
Best: Place of Worship: International Christian Community, Walter Hook, Edificio Palermo, Cuenca, EC
Best: Spanish School: Ana Luisa’s Spanish Class, analuisaspanishclass@gmail.com
Best: Street Name: Benigno Malo (Good Bad)
Best: View of the city: Turi
Best: Web Resource for Cuenca Medical Information – cuencamedicalresources.com

Wine and Dine
Best: American food: Joes’ Secret Garden
Best: Asian: Thai Connection, Honorato Vasquez y Hermano Miguel
Best: Bagels: Matthew’s Bagel Store, Plaza de las Americas
Best: Bakery: Tosta Gastro Pub, Avenida Solano
Best: Bar: Inca Bar, Paseo 3 de Noviembre 07 285 0470
Best: Barbecue: Joe’s Secret Garden, Los Pinos 1-99 y Tres de Noviembre, Cuenca
Best: Breakfast: Sunrise Cafe, Calle Larga 9-40 y Benigno Malo, 099 297 5788
Best: Burger (local or chain): Calvo & Co
Best: Butcher: Mikes Meats, Federico Malo y Rio Tomebamba 095 890 0983
Best: Butchered Pork: Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net
Best: Chocolate: Picari Chocolate
Best: Cocktails: Common Grounds
Best: Coffeehouse: Nucallacta, both Hermano Miguel and Otoronga Plaza locations, +593 98 619 0490
Best: Colombian Restaurant: Moliendo Café, Honorato Vasquez 6-24
Best: Cookies: Galletas Gourmet en Cuenca, Malaquita y Corral, Challuabamba, 099 252 0103
Best: Cooking Classes: Chef Marc Dullin’s Cooking Classes at Alianza Francesa
Best: Craft Beers: The Pub, Miguel Cordero Davila 1-104, 098 332 7839
Best: Deli: Ital Deli
Best: Dessert: Double D’s Delights, doubledsdelightscuenca@gmail.com, 096 802 2545
Best: Dinner with Entertainment: Joes’ Secret Garden
Best: Donuts: Sugar Donuts, Daniel, 098 314 5612
Best: Ecuadorian Food: Raymipamba, Benigno Malo at Parque Calderon
Best: Fine Dining: El Mercado Calle Larga 8-27, Cuenca, Ecuador 593 7 282 3089
Best: French Food: La Petit Jardin, Calle de las Brevas San Miguel de Putushi
Best: Fresh Chickens: Gran Roca Sustainable and Permaculture Farm, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net
Best: Fresh Eggs: Gran Roca Sustainable and Permaculture Farm, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net
Best: Fresh Produce: Gran Roca Sustainable and Permaculture Farm, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net
Best: Fresh Tomatoes: Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net
Best: Fried Chicken: Joe’s Secret Garden. Los Pinos 1-99 y Tres de Noviembre, Cuenca
Best: Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream: Tutto Freddo
Best: Gluten-free menu: Joes’ Secret Garden
Best: Greek Yogurt: Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net
Best: Happy Hour: Common Grounds
Best: Health Food Restaurant: Tienda Nectar – Benigno Malo 12-27 y Gaspar Sangurima
Best: Hot dog: Tropical
Best: Indian Restaurant: Paradise Indian Restaurant, Federico Malo 1-160, 098 462 8976
Best: International food: Le Petit Jardin, San Miguel de Putushi, 096 819 1518
Best: Italian: Mangiare Bene, Estevez de Toral y Simon Bolivar, +593 7 282 6233
Best: Mexican: La Taqueria, Imbabura 549, 099 891 8692
Best: Middle Eastern Food: Ali’s Kitchen
Best: New Restaurant: Paradise Indian Restaurant, Av, Federico Malo y Tadeo Torres, 998 462 8976
Best: Organic Dairy Products: Hacienda Chan Chan, haciendachanchan@gmail.com
Best: Outdoor Dining: Cafe del Museo (Remigio Crespo Toral Museum)
Best: Pizza (local or chain): Fabiano’s, Pres. Córdova 4-74, also Gran Columbia (Zona Rosa)
Best: Place to buy healthy food: Tienda Nectar, Benigno Malo 12-27 y Gaspar Sanguurma 
Best: Raw Milk: Gran Roca, Yunguilla, info@granroca.net
Best: Seafood: El Capitán, 6-76 Tomás Ordoñez y Presidente Cordova.
Best: Smoked Products: King Smokehouse, Felix Salinas, kingsmokehouse@tutamail.com, 
Best: Sports Bar: Common Grounds
Best: Sushi: Origami Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Bar, Calle Larga 4-100, 098 722 6797
Best: Unique Dining with Great Food: Le Petit Jardin, San Miguel de Putushi, 096 819 1518
Best: Vegetarian: Good Affinity Gran Colombia y los Capulines 07 283 2469

Best Bank: JEP
Best: Alternative/Aesthetic Medicine: Dr. Jenny Karim Meza, Neuralgic Therapy, Cuenca, 096 015 5950
Best: Appliance Store: Home Vega
Best: Artesan: Double D’s Delights
Best: Attorney: Lina Ulloa, UZ Asesores Ecuador CIA. LTDA., Ave José Peralta 1-19 y Ave 12 de Abril
Best: Bed and breakfast: Casa Ordonez
Best: Butchered Beef: Mike’s Meats
Best: Realtor: Ashley Rogers, Ashley@ecuadoratyourservice.com 099 547 5116 
Best: Bookstore: Carolina Bookstore, Hermano Miguel y Calle Larga
Best: Car Rental Company: Cuenca Car Share
Best: Charity: Helping Kids in Ecuador, helpingkidsinecuador@gmail.com
Best: Cleaning Company: Dimplos
Best: Community Center: Idiom Arts, Presidente Cordova
Best: Computer Repair: Tony Bishop, info@dernachtwind.net 098 026 5238
Best: Consignment/Resale Shop: Cuenca Consignments – 4-75, Isabela y 12 de Abril, Cuenca
Best: Courier Service: Expat Envoy www.expatenvoy.com
Best: Dentist: Dr. Daniela Ordoñez, #103 Acropolis, Jose Peralta 4-138 Av 12 de Abril 103, Cuenca
Best: Dog Walker: Alex Flores, Club Canino Cuenca, San Joaqin autopista Medi Ejido. 593 99 069 4342
Best: Dr.: Dr. Anthony Guillen Av. Remigio Crespo y Av. Las Americas  099 539 8105
Best: Driver:  Nestor Reinoso
Best: Essential Oils: Vanessa Anderson Young Living Essential Oils – EcuadorEssentialOils@gmail.com
Best: Estate Sales: Red Tag Moving Sales, Debra S Lynn at redtagmovingsales@gmail.com
Best: Event Venue: La Guarida
Best: Eye Doctor: Dr. Miotto, Exilaser, Federico Promo
Best: Furniture Store: Colineal
Best: Grocery Store: SuperMaxi
Best: Gym: SkyFit Fitness Center, Sucre 7 – 70 y Luis Cordero, skyfit@gmail.com
Best: Hairdresser: Eric Hendrickson   Pio Bravo 8-52 y Luis Cordero  erichendrickson2001@yahoo.com
Best: Handyman: Marco Susquisupa – 099 777 6830
Best: Hardware Store: Kywi
Best: Health Care Facility: Clinica Santa Ines
Best: History Class: Martha Mays
Best: Home Healthcare Provider: VIP Home Healthcare, www.vipcuenca.com
Best: Home Improvement/Repair Service: Marco Susquisupa – 099 777 6830
Best: Hotel, Cuenca: Mansion Alcazar
Best: Hotel, Guayaquil: Hotel Palace
Best: Hotel, Quito: Wyndham Hotel, Quito Airport, Tababela, Ecuador
Best: Insurance Adviser: Blue Box Insurance Broker, Edificio Monte Carlo, Carlos Ramirez 098 246 5168
Best: Kitchen Supply Store: Sukasa
Best: Landscaper: Leonardo Loya Jardinero Leonardo_loja@hotmail.com  593 96 904 8247
Best: Liquor Store: La Taberna
Best: Local Market: Feria Libre
Best: Local Media: El Mercurio
Best: Mani/pedi place: Esther’s Beauty Salon Ave 12th Abril
Best: Massage Therapist: Cameron Kayce LMT cameronkayce@gmail.com  099 854 7068  
Best: Mover (Local): Debra Lynn, Red Tag Movers dslynn17@gmail.com  099 925 6098 
Best: Personal Trainer: Sky Rajewski, SkyFit Fitness Center, Sucre 7 – 70 Y Luis Cordero 
Best: Pet Food: Daisy’s Pet Food – Cuenca, 098 581 377    daisypetfood@gmail.com
Best: Pet Groomer: Caty Currasco
Best: Pet Sitter: Alex Flores, Club Canino Cuenca, San Joaqin autopista Medi Ejido. 593 99 069 4342
Best: Pet Store: La Mia Mascota, CCPlaza de las Americas local 27
Best: Photographer: Scott Michael Smith, Brio Photo brio.dsn@gmail.com  098 012 6509
Best: Place to Buy a Special Gift: Tienda La Yunta. Panamericana Sur km 7
Best: Plant Nursery: Juana’s nursery
Best: Private club: Cuenca Pool League (Shark’s club) Jose Astudillo Regallado
Best: Reflexology: Rob Lumpkin, Nicanor Aguilar 2-75 y Roberto Crespo, Cuenca, 096 975 7287
Best: Rose Delivery Service: Rosa Linda Greenhouses, 098 668 0859, linda2017rosa@gmail.com
Best: Shipping Company (Containers): Relocation Services of Ecuador
Best: Source of Health & Nutrition News: Susan Burke March  susanthedietitian@gmail.com 
Best: Spanish School: Ana Luisa, www.analuisaspanishclass@gmail.com
Best: Spanish Teacher: Ana Luisa, www.analuisaspanishclass@gmail.com
Best: Technology Specialist: Tony Bishop, info@dernachtwind.net 098 026 5238
Best: Tour Company: Polylepis Tours (Hermano Miguel 4-35 and Calle Larga) WhatsApp: 098 511 6721
Best: Tour Guide: Orlando Siguenza (098 585 4587)
Best: Visa Facilitator: Visa Angels, visaangels@gmail.com
Best: Weekend Feria Vendor: Tutto Matto 
Best: Yoga Class: RumiSol Yoga – Remigio Tamariz Crespo 2-100 – 099 255 6981
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