Best Ecuador homes by Monica Gonzaga

Looking to relocate to Ecuador?

I facilitate your life in Ecuador – Temporary and Permanent Visas; look for the experience and the good recommendations. I can assure you that Mónica Gonzaga can do all your procedures here in Ecuador. Simply sign her contract and she will take care of everything, while you are at home relaxed waiting for your visa has been delivered to her electronic mail; If you bring the 3 main papers she can guarantee your visa, she helps you in many cases even in the most difficult situations, all 100% successful.

Find out right now what you need for your temporary or permanent resident visa in Ecuador, if you are in the USA, Canada or anywhere in the world, before coming to Ecuador Contact Monica and she will help you obtain everything you need so that later, whether you are in Ecuador, you are not regretting not having brought your necessary papers to apply for your residence visa.

Monica Gonzaga’s services go beyond simply making your resident visa in Ecuador; she can help you with your relocation to this wonderful country, Ecuador.

Containers from all over the world? Yes we can bring it here for you.

Finding an Apartment or House, buying, renting or selling all this through our Subsidiary Best Ecuador Homes Real Estate is possible.
For Expats residing in Ecuador Monica Gonzaga Facilitator Services has infinite services and every time we seek to increase more, with your support we will continue to grow more and more.
here is the work that we also do safe and 100% guaranteed.
– Visas renovation (CD renovation)
– Transfer Visas
– Cedulas: Temporal 2 years or Permanent; new one or renovations, lost cedula don’t worry we can get a new one
– Citizenship: are you already 3 years in Ecuador as a Permanent resident? Come and talk to me I can get your citizenship without problems, not need to show your FBI or state if you haven’t been out more than 90 days (per year the frits 3 years. Come and talk to me about it .
– Marriage Registration
– We also register same-sex marriages and give them the marriage certificate and the Cedula
– Visas based on Marriage, even if it is the same sex, we make them
– Citizenship

Dependent visa, in 21 months they will have their own permanent visa without fear that it will end.
You will always need a facilitator since it is better to have somebody who is local and knows the law to represent you in this delicate process. I can represent you and I can guarantee your visa, Cedula without doing practically anything. Monica Gonzaga works and is updated with the new changes at the Ministerio of Relaciones Exteriores since we are almost every day there as well as Registro Civil, ANT, Notary, EMOV.

– POA, End of Life Plan consult us there are many things that you do not know that will surprise you, have a plan in case of death, let your will be completed by the person you trust.
– Car registration
– Driving license-car or motorcycle (transfer or take it out new, or renewal)
– Verbal and written translations, and notarization of documents, apostille of documents here in Ecuador to use them abroad, we sure do.
– Mediations, stuck in a bad rental contract or is your Landlord difficult? We have legal counsel.
– Bank accounts-or arrangements need to open one? We work with the most well-known banks if it is difficult for you or need to transfer your money to Ecuador we help you to open an account, come in one day we will get you an account If you need to receive your pension money in your bank in Ecuador, open your account here, and receive it.
If you want to have a credit card here we can help you to apply for one, if you receive a pension from abroad then it is very easy.
– Sale or purchase agreements and contracts.
– registration of your real estate purchase in the Land Registry
– Rental Contracts
– Homeowner? Payment of annual taxes
– SRI = everything related to taxes in Ecuador, in the purchase and sale of properties, do you have something for rent? We get your RUC for the house owner
– RUC or RISE to open your business
– Business owner? We keep the accounting and taxes for your business so that you do not have difficulties with the SRI later
– Iva refunds for seniors
All this and more are our services at Monica Gonzaga Facilitator services
Come consult me or tell me what your problem is, I will help you solve it, whatever your problem is.
Many recommendations from my clients speak for me; you can always see them in gringo post
Our contacts:

Cellphone WhatsApp Facilitator: 098 384 1691
Cellphone WhatsApp Real Estate: 099 517 4076
USA phone number: 609 423 4475
Zoom Meeting: Monica Gonzaga Facilitator
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Cuenca, Benedicto XV 1-53 one block from Paseo 3 de Noviembre and Latino Clinic Cuenca

Benedicto XV 1-53.

Monica Gonzaga:

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