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Hello Cuenca. Another year has passed and we hope you are all finding ways to be safe and stay healthy. We hope everyone has had a Happy and Safe New Year.

We are taking orders for January deliveries and look forward to some new changes ahead.
We intend to continue with presales, as we have in the past which will assure that you are always able to receive the variety and choices you favor.

In addition, however, we have a wonderful announcement: Luvimar Gourmet will be carrying most of our products, It will be a great way for you to maybe try something new, or not have to wait a whole month if you run out of something. You mostly all know Luis and his fabulous reputation so I think you will be very happy having him as our distributor.

I know, I for one am so excited to work with him and by the way, this is a great way for you to see all that he offers if you have not been to his store before.

Sometime this month, most likely close to the end, I (DeeDee) am going to be having back surgery. It will slow us down but not stop us.

We are trying to get ready for January Delivery shortly and want to remind you all of the things available.
We have 6 Varieties of Sausages:
Country Breakfast, Better than JD Breakfast, Sage, Canadian Maple, Italian and Mexican Chorizo. (Italian is 100% pork, or 100 % beef or ½ & ½)
Sausage is available normally in bulk or links but this month we are asking that you favor buying it in Bulk (ground loose) tubes. Links take us longer because they are hand tied. In Feb. our new Linker Machine should arrive and that will definitely speed up the process and stop us from groaning when we are hand tying links.
All of the sausages are fresh, no preservatives and no MSG. They are available in Regular or hot although we recommend Sage and Maple in Regular because heat/ spice can overwhelm the flavor, Also, if you have not had it before Chorizo Mexican style is hot by nature, so Regular is usually hot enough for most.
Bulk is 1 pound $8 per pound. Links are 1 pound and $9 per pound.
Our regular Bacon is sugar cured, thick slice. It is sold in 1-pound packages which are vacuum packed. Cost is $8.50 per pound.
Our bacons are custom made and although cured do not have the chemicals used in commercial varieties. This month we are only offering one variety.
Corned Beef whole ready to cook. Our corn Beef comes in assorted sizes. They range from as low as 2 ½ pounds up to 6 or so pounds. When you order we try to deliver the closest in size that we have. So if for say you order a 3 lb. it might be 2 3.4 or 3 ¼ cutting is not an exact science. As previously stated, it is fully cured/ seasoned but not cooked. We package it with extra seasoning in a vacuum sealed package. The extra season is not needed for taste but does work well in the cooking process. $8.50 per pound.
Newer Items:
The following are Deli type meats and are full cooked and sold in 1-pound vacuum sealed packages. As with all of our products if you plan to use them within a few days you can keep them refrigerated but if longer, keep the meats in the freezer. It preserves flavor and duration.
On Deli meats, they defrost quickly. When ready to use, prepare your sandwich and just microwave it for 30 to 45 seconds maximum to make it taste freshly cooked.
Pastrami – this is the closest thing to a NY Deli Pastrami. It took month to figure the Eureka way of preparing it. Cost is $13 per pound.
Smoked Brisket – is the typical southern taste with a gentle/ mild smoked flavor. Cost is $10 per pound.
Corned Beef – fully cooked and ready to eat this is the gateway to the traditional Rueben sandwich but it is great just as a corned beef sandwich. Cost is $11 per pound.
What is a good deli sandwich without a crunchy, crisp garlic dill pickle. One jar is $11 which included the jar which is a measuring jar. People fight over these pickles.
Please place your order below, or send your order to me at (list town so I know what route and can conform with a delivery date).
Delivery to Cuenca will be approx the 27th. Please have all pre-orders in before the 24th, For those not familiar with Luvimar, I will follow up with you, when you order and provide the store address, telephone number and hours and days of operation.

January 27th, Luvimar Gourmet

DeeDee Diane Smith:
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