Azuay Community Theater Auditions

Azuay Community Theater Auditions – April 20 and 21

ACT needs three men and three women for its production of “How the Other Half Loves”.

Auditions will be held Tuesday, April 20 at 10 AM, and Wednesday April 21, at 2 PM at the theater on Av. Ordonez Lasso just west of Hotel Oro Verde, and directly across the street from the Palermo Building.

The show is about love, marriage and the importance of laughter. It will open Friday, June 18th, and run for two weekends.

An ensemble show, it will require every cast member to attend all rehearsals. They will be held 3 to 4 days a week beginning April 28 until the show opens in June. The schedule will be determined jointly by the director (Bob Fry) and the cast at the first read through of the script on April 26.

How the Other Half Loves
Cast of Characters

Frank Foster – Executive type. Runs his company with efficiency, but when it comes to his home life, he’s the stereotypical “clueless husband”, unaware that his wife is carrying on with one of his employees. He accepts her lame excuses about where she spends her evenings. The “light bulb” finally comes on in the last scene.

Fiona Foster -Frank’s wife. Elegant, sophisticated, smart dresser. She cleverly hides her extramarital activities from her clueless husband (see: Foster, Frank; above).

Bob Phillips – Works in Frank’s office. Carrying on with Fiona, he implicates William (below) to cover his tracks. Thoroughly fed up with his home life and his sloppy wife…

Theresa Phillips – Polar opposite of Fiona, slovenly, disorganized, overwhelmed wife, and mother of baby Benjamin. While she neglects the housework, she writes letters to the editor of the Village Voice, but never gets them published. Mostly seen in her bathrobe.

William Detweiler – Accountant in Frank’s office. Nerdy, may wear black rimmed glasses. Totally innocent of Bob’s alibi involving him. Winds up slugging Bob who he thinks is having an affair with…

Mary Detweiler – William’s wife. Nervous, nail biter. Called “mousy Mary” by Bob. By Act 2, she becomes more assertive.

April 20 and 21, free, Azuay Community Theater, Av. Ordonez Lasso just west of Hotel Oro Verde, Cuenca.

Ray Lewis:

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