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Hello Gringo Post readers.

Before we go to our services, I´ll tell you a little story:

I am Geert, Belgian, Chef and Baker. Since 1995 I love travelling around the world, discovering countries, visiting nature and culture, and of course tasting the local gastronomy. After visiting half Europe, the South of Africa (South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia), I went to Australia in 1998.

Australia, an incredible country with its huge outback, full of surprising places and people with a great sense of humor. The Australian gastronomy is not the most famous of the world but what can you expect from their heritage of England. Like a little joke the told in the 80´s in Belgium.

A. She has lost weight in the summer.
B. She must have visited England.

In fact there were some lovely restaurants in several cities of Australia, but due to travelling fast (15000 kilometers in 7 weeks) I lived mainly on fast food. That´s when I found the Australian pie. You can find them everywhere: gas stations, supermarkets, local shops, etc., frozen, fresh-made, homemade, etc.

After meeting my wife in 2005 in Cuenca, Ecuador, which I´ll tell in a next post, I became officially a degreed Chef. With the Artisan Bakery Ackermans I started some years ago, and lots of people kept on asking me for Australian pies which I made years ago. So, I started making them again.

Artisan Bakery Ackermans offers you three Australian pies (individuals, $1.95 each), they are made with Australian savory short crust dough.

• Apple pie (strudel)
• Chicken pie
• Chile con carne pie

Beside our Australian pies we offer a great variety of bread based on sourdough:
Sourdough ($2.90), Scandinavian 100% integral ($2.15), Special 100% integral with blueberries, walnuts and almond or fine herbs ($2.75), Croissant ($0.50), Baguette ($1.25), Chapata ($0.50), Bagel ($0.40), Mestizo ($0.40), Braid Bread with cheese ($2.40), Raisin Bread ($2.75)
And some extras: Breton cookies ($2.20 or $2.40 with chocolate chips), Frozen pizza dough ($1.25)

All our breads are based on sourdough.

Deliveries from Monday to Friday. We start at 5 PM. Orders 1 day before delivery (sourdough 2 days before, sourdough delivery only on Wednesday and Friday).

We deliver from Monday to Friday (starting from 5 PM), Calle París y Ámsterdam S/N, Condominio París casa #10

Geert Ackermans: 099 868 4706 Facebook: “Ackermans Pan Artesanal”

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