As of 4-8-2021 The Guayaquil US Consulate added appointment dates for May, June, July

This morning, 4-8-21, I woke up early and secured a new earlier appointment date for a notarial appointment. I got May 7th. My only choice day before was yesterday was July 15th. Big Improvement. I think they realized they have a glitch in the system and added the dates due to not being able to cancel the other date if people wanted to opt out for any reason.

The system currently does not allow a person who wishes to cancel an appointment return access to complete the cancellation process. We were told to send in an email to cancel an appointment. So, this is great news for those who need an earlier date for an appointment for time sensitive notarization or other need.

I did look at yesterday’s (4-8-21) GP postings and did not see anything from the Consulate. Hopefully they will have one today, probably missed the 4 PM deadline yesterday, unless they have some special access. On another note, the Quito Embassy is essentially shut down for many if not all services except email maybe. The GYE Consulate is therefore your only option for appointments. So, I guess a lot of folks from northern Ecuador will be coming to GYE for consular Services as well. Also, they are not answering phones. All communications are via e-mail.

Rick Crook

City: Guayaquil
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