As always we need your unwanted items now

Hola Folks,

We need your unwanted items. And, we need it all soon.

Our new store location with spacious showroom has left us always frantically trying to add more goodies for our clients. It seems no matter how much we acquire its all gone before we catch our breath.

So, if you have anything at all that maybe needs a new home, we have multiple ways to accomplish that for you. We are always buying available items for cash on the spot. We also offer consignment options on select quality items with a fee schedule that starts at a mere 10%. And of course, we will always accept your items towards anything we have in our store that suits your fancy.

And of course, if you are wanting to liquidate a large quantity of items, we are always ready to buy everything in your home. We have the simplest, safest, and most sensible program to make your life as easy as possible.

At JD’s Muebles we have bought and sold furniture, appliances, and all other household goods here in Cuenca for seven years now with thousands of satisfied stress-free clients, who have in nearly every case become friends.

We offer a single transaction, itemized offer, payment and pickup schedule based on your needs, professional packing and movers, guaranteed satisfaction with customer references.

Contact us first for the best offer available. If nothing else, we can help you understand the current market values of the items you’re selling.

Not only will you get fair value for your items:

1) You won’t have anything unsold,
2) You won’t be waiting for people who don’t show up,
3) You won’t be answering your phone at 5 AM,
4) You won’t be missing any stolen items,
5) You won’t be listening to ridiculous offers repeated over and over,
6) And best of all you won’t be waiting to get your $$.

Currently, we are in particular need of:

1) Appliances including Large TVs, washer dryer combos, freezers, and side by side or French door refrigerators.
2) Furniture including dining sets, living room sets, office chairs, desks, outdoor furniture sets, and small tables.
3) Miscellaneous items including rugs, tools, books, and sporting goods,

So contact us today to arrange a quick and pleasantly profitable sale of all your unwanted items.

JDs Muebles: 098 818 7723. Call after: 7 AM.

City: Cuenca
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