Artisan Bakery Ackermans

The European Bakery Ackermans, specialized in breads based on sourdough culture offers you the following products:

~ Sourdough (Californian style), 40% sourdough culture, 400 g, $2.90 (only delivery on Wednesday and Friday), we receive orders two days before delivery due to prolonged fermentation (21 hours).
~ Tsoureki: cheese braid Greek style with artisan fresh cheese, 350 g, $2.40
~ Sfilatino: Italian rustic baguette 250 g, $1.25
~ New Yorker: light mold, dairy product free, 300 g, $1.95
~ Belgian: classic from Belgium, 50 % integral, enriched with creamy butter, 300 g, $1.95
~ Escandinavian: dairy product free, 100 % integral, enriched with bee honey, 300 g, $2.15
~ Fougasse with cheese and bacon: French bread with sourdough, pizza style, filled with artisan cheese and smoked bacon, 450 g, $4.90
~ Brioche: French creamy bread enriched with egg and creamy butter, 90 g, $0.60
~ Mestizo: classic Ecuadorian, half integral, filled with artisan fresh cheese, 80 g, $0.40
~ Sweet Ackermans: sweet mold with sourdough filled with chocolate, black and white raisins and a trilogy of sugar, 350 g, $3.40


We have some extremely healthy integral molds, based on sourdough, sugar free and dairy product free, 330 g.

~ Rosemary and thyme, $2.45
~ Blueberries $2.75
~ Walnut and almond $2.75


~ Frozen pizza dough based on sourdough, 300 g, $1.25
~ Brittany Cookies, homemade butter cookies, 4 units, original, $2.20, with chocolate chips, $2.40

We receive orders one day before delivery (except sourdough, two days before delivery)

We deliver from Monday to Friday (starting from 5 PM), Calle París

Geert Ackermans: 099 868 4706 Facebook: “Ackermans Pan Artesanal”

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