Annie’s sushi: authentic Korean food and Kimchee

Hi Everybody, We deliver healthy homemade Korean food and probiotic kimchee. You can see our new menu on GringoPost every week.

This week we have limited material for cooking.

So, some orders will be finished early.

Kimchee is not available for a while because of strike.

This week’s menu:

1. Sushi roll

Beef roll: beef and various veggies: $5

Spicy pork roll: spicy pork and various veggies: $5

Avocado and cheese roll with various veggies: $5

Fried shrimp roll: with various veggies: $6

Bacon & Asparagus roll with various veggies : $6

Spicy tuna roll: with various veggies: $6

Walnuts & cream cheese roll: with various veggies: $6

2. Jeyook Bokkeum: pork marinated with sweet spicy gochujang sauce with rice and veggies: $8

3. Bulgogi rice bowl: beef marinated with Korean bulgogi seasoning with rice and veggies: $8

4. Napa cabbage Kimchee: crunchy cabbage Kimchee: $5 for 400g

Free delivery in Centro area for order over $20.

Orders less than $20, delivery will be $2- $3 depending on your location

October 10th, from 8 AM, Luis Moreno Mora 4-71

Myungae Kang: 099 822 1856

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