Annie’s Sushi: authentic Korean food and kimchee

Hi Everybody, We deliver healthy homemade Korean food and probiotic kimchee. You can see our new menu on GringoPost every week.

This week’s menu:

1. Sushi roll

Beef roll: beef and various veggies: $5

Spicy pork roll: spicy pork and various veggies: $5

Avocado and cheese roll with various veggies: $5

Fried shrimp roll: with various veggies: $6

Bacon & Asparagus roll with various veggies : $6

Spicy tuna roll: with various veggies: $6

Walnuts & cream cheese roll: with various veggies: $6

2. Jeyook Bokkeum: pork marinated with sweet spicy gochujang sauce with rice and veggies: $8

3. Bulgogi rice bowl: beef marinated with Korean bulgogi seasoning with rice and veggies: $8

4. Napa cabbage Kimchee: crunchy cabbage Kimchee: $5 for 400g

Free delivery in Centro area for order over $20.

Orders less than $20, delivery will be $2- $3 depending on your location

October 3rd. from 8 AM, Luis Moreno Mora 4-71

Myungae Kang: 099 855 1856

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