Amazon Echo, TV media player, O2 Pulse Oximet, N95 masks, motion light

I have a bunch of great items for sale. Amazon Echo Dot Model RS03OR – 2nd generation – $15
Motion Flood Light – This is an LED light that goes off when it detects motion. It is wireless and runs on 3 D batteries – $20
Micca Speck G2 1080p Full-HD Ultra Portable Digital Media Player for USB Drives and SD/SDHC Cards. Make Your TV Smarter! Enhance any TV with the ability to play videos, music, and photo slideshows! Play from an SD card or USB Stick. Comes with power supply, remote, HDMI cable. – $20
ZacVrate O2 Pulse Oximeter Finger Meter – Measures your bloods O2 saturation levels by inserting your finger in the device – $20
N95 3M 8511 Masks with Cool Flow Valve – Box of 12 – $15

Keith: .

City: Cuenca

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