Agua silicon roof and patio treatments

Hello neighbors, I am posting this kinda like a public service announcement. Behr products are in Ecuador and the seller is in Quito.


Versatill Shop(s) are in Quito. I use Behr exclusively. Alejandro told me about 2 new products and I am sharing the news about Aqua Silicon. Another email discusses his new polyurethane.

Agua Silicon.

I used a similar product years ago in Costa Rica for my corrugated metal roof. It was hot and not ambient friendly for the rainforest.

When you have a to seal a roof from leaks the normal process here: Repair and replace Spanish tiles, then cement the holes and then apply a tinted “paint” lacquer that is a tinted oil-based product. This process usually lasts about 3-4 years. The color is an orange terracotta to protect the environment.

Aqua silicona is a great new option.

See YouTube and search “Aqua Protect Silicona MS Liquida” and or copy and paste


Why did I post this notice? We now have an option for a roof and patio protection that lasts twice as long and is water based. The silicon treatments goes on thick like molasses to either wet or dry surfaces. If it starts to rain, work continues. There is very easy clean up because it is water based. Here in Cuenca I have roof leaks and my owner and I hope to “fix” this soon. This year I had five or six leaks in three months and the Aqua Silicona is a faster way to fix this for double the time.

In Costa Rica my house temperature dropped 3 degrees Celsius inside. I was living near the Volcano Arenal and it was hot and humid. My air conditioner was running on high and the house was miserable. The roof was corrugated tin. It was not painted and this is really bad for the environment. The colors there were either terracotta red or forest green to moderate the heating of the environment. Here in Cuenca by city mandate we use terracotta red. I do miss those green roofs in Costa Rica.

Thick! It is a treatment not a paint. Coverage is about 1-2 gallons per meter square. Best is a gallon per meter square. It is not a paint!

In Costa Rica, I had to tell my painter how to use it. I showed him the process. Then I insisted that he use it correctly because it is not like any paint ever seen before. Thick. You can trowel apply this thick coating. He had to do the work twice before I paid him. We argued when he came down with “paint” to spare.

Just a heads up that new products and new processes are resisted here by workers very often. The same was/is true in Costa Rica.

There I paid $200 for the silicon paint about 15 years ago, and I recovered that in less than 3 months in reduced air conditioning costs. My comfort level was transformed. Here I hope to get the leaks fixed, get my ceilings repaired and be done with it for almost a decade.

The cost of heavy transport is really cheap. Door to door delivery was fast and easy. All covid safe! I think I received the weight of 12 gallons of paint plus supplies for $13.

Alejandro the owner of Versatill is basically bilingual, uses WhatsApp for pictures and more, and he has accounts in almost every bank for deposits.

Versatill has been in business for 5 years in Quito and he has 2 locations.

Contact Alejando+593 96 78 8234

Good luck. Share this with your coastal friends too. A silicon treatment to protect the home.

It is a remarkable product.


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