​​​General posting rules

• Given the rules that we have around the use of our site we advise that users should be over 18 to advertise on our website.  We recommend that users should be over 18 to also reply to ads.

• Please post through GringoPost.com. Posts will automatically be directed to the editor's inbox to be approved, edited and then published.

• A name and contact email address is required with each post for verification, subscriber enquiries and follow up purposes.

• All information submitted with a post may be included in the post and, once published, will be considered public information.

Items for sale must be posted with the asking price.

• We reserve the right to remove any ads that we feel are not relevant or of any value to the GringoPost community with or without notice.

• In the interests of everyone else, people who regularly break our posting rules may find their future use of the site restricted.

• All posts are to be in English

Posting deadline
Although the deadline is somewhat flexible, the usual cutoff time is 4 PM, Sunday through Friday, for the following morning's post. Any post received after that time will be included in the next available issue. Our Emails news letter is sent early morning around 5:00 AM.
We do not publish on Sundays.

Website Links and email addresses

Please do not put your website in the title of your ad, nor in the description field.  If you wish to include your website address in your ad, you must first install the GringoPost banner on your website. This will enable readers to visit your website from GringoPost and return easily to GringoPost.com. Click here to get our HTML banner code.

Your contact email address is allowed only in the signature (bottom) line of your ad.  Email addresses are published to provide contact information and are not to be used for general solicitation purposes

Photos are not included in the daily Post email blast. However, ads are allowed in several sections (for example - real estate, items for sale. etc.) on GringoPost.com. If you wish to provide photos, please include your email address and state that the user may email you to ask for photos.

- Maximum 6 pictures.
- Size: 1000 KB max for each photo.
- Format: PNG, JPG, GIF, JPEG, TIF.

No ads for items on the 'not allowed' list

There are some items we don't accept ads for on GringoPost.  See the 'items not allowed' list below.

No offensive/ adult language

GringoPost is a community site and we like to keep things friendly.   Ads reported to us as offensive or of an 'adult' nature will not be allowed.  

No discrimination terms

GringoPost is a community site and we like to keep things friendly.   We do not allow you to use discrimination terms, either offensively or generally.  For example you cannot ask for female only housemates.  You are however permitted to state that the current housemates are all female.