A Very Special Offer From The Rose Guy-Hugh Prather

Delivery to the US Only

50 of “the world’s most beautiful roses”, normally priced at $105.00, now just $78.00 only for my clients who have ordered before.

Ecuador USA Roses and The Rose Guy is spending some time in the US to have some medical issues taken care of. In the meantime, I am only working with my past clients as to not be so overburdened. I am personally working with each of my clients and their orders on a very personal basis through email and phone. I am in the process of restoring the online store but until then, I can give each of you personal attention. I have a new email address, yourroseguy@gmail.com. If you are calling me from Ecuador, the numbert is 909-279.1516. In the US, call me at 980-293-1272.

“The Rose Guy”

Hugh Prather

City: Cuenca
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