A special thank you to Ian and Karis, and their mom, Amy Thompson

These kids have spent most of their lives in Ecuador and now it is time for them to move on. Just like you did coming to Ecuador, they have had to pare down their lives for the move. As you know, that is no easy task.

They donated a large part of what they are leaving behind to the Cuenca Soup Kitchen and Hearts of Gold Foundation (two carloads!).

Their gifts came right when we needed them most. We gave away almost all of our children’s clothing in response to the flooding. All we had left was baby clothes. The things that they donated will go towards helping smart, nice kids just like them.

Ian and Karis have made a huge difference in many lives in the last few days. If the children who receive their gifts could say thank you personally, they would. Our big thank you will have to be enough.


Safe travels, Thompson family.
Des Dizney, Bill O’Brien, and Smith

Cuenca Soup Kitchen Directors: info@cuencasoupkitchen.org .

City: Cuenca

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