A couple more questions…

I am going to be in Cuenca in late September, early October, and would like to consult with a surgeon who can fix a ventral hernia, if possible, without mesh. It was repaired before with mesh that had to be removed, and I don’t want to do that again. I’ve learned that a ventral (Belly) hernia is way more common than I thought, so I was wondering if anybody had the procedure with good results, or know a doctor I might contact to find out about this surgery. I just need to consult. I’m not trying to squeeze in an operation. I’ve had it for five years, just makes it harder to buy shirts.

Also, I take Ibersartan and Amlodipine. Does anyone know if those are available, or maybe a website I can check? This has probably been asked a dozen times or more, so I beg your forgiveness.

When I was in Mexico, I would take my insulin pen with me to the druggist, and he would just sell me more; no script required. If I need insulin in Ecuador, will they accept script from a US doctor? Will I need to consult a doctor there to get a script, or will I need one at all? I probably won’t pack enough for my 10 weeks.

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