50,000 Watt taser disguised as flashlight. 50x, police strength

This is a great flashlight that is very bright. If you’re walking your dog or just strolling in a sketchy area, you can be safe knowing that you’ve got a very bright flashlight should someone accost you. The sound of a taser crackling from 10-20 yards usually does it. Will put down a very large man in approx .5 second through clothes. 

Looks and works just like a normal flashlight, until the mode flip is switched, and it doesn’t. I carry one myself because I live in el Centro, and have caused several bands of thieves to move on… presumably to easier targets just by hearing the noise alone. Can personally attest to its efficacy when used for actual self-defense. Street legal. 

Comes with NEW internal, long-lasting lithium battery, strap, AC charging cord and belt holster. Will give demo and lesson on use (You may not under any circumstances, taze me.) 

40$-45$ depending on model 
I prefer the Parque Calderon(The big cathedral) as a meeting spot as it’s safe, public, and policed, but am flexible. 

Whatsapp/Signal – +1 8503215602 
Local phone/SMS: 0980026607 
Email – shaunx@protonmail.com

Edit – It’s come to my attention that there are people selling “re-wraps” of a similar product. These are products that contain lithium rechargable batteries, or batteries themselves, that have been used to the point that the product’s lithium cells are spent, are repackaged or laminated and resold as new. They’ll appear to work at first but will not hold a charge of more than 10% or so no matter how long you leave the charger hooked up. I’ve fallen victim to this scam when buying vapes/vape batteries at bodegas but never at actual vape shops. Use common sense. It sucks, but if you’re a gringo, you’re a target.

See images in previous post: https://gringopost.com/50000-watt-taser-disguised-as-flashlight-50x-police-strength/

Shaun: shaunx@protonmail.com .

City: Cuenca

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