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Be a hero – give oxygen

Have you ever seen a heroic act on TV, such as pulling someone from a burning car and wondered what would you do. You do not have to wonder any longer. The Grace Foundation reached out to you a month ago to help us provide home oxygen to a premature baby who could no longer remain in the hospital.

As a result of your help, a life was saved. See the photos. By providing Azeil with home oxygen, he avoided catching a deadly disease in the hospital and could develop to the point on no longer needing oxygen at home to live. His mother stated, “I am grateful to the GRACE Foundation for the assistance provided. My son was oxygen-dependent, and after two long months of battling for his life, the foundation played a crucial role in his recovery. Thanks to each person who is part of the foundation. May God bless you.” Yonyalis.

As soon as the oxygen machine was no longer needed it was taken to the home of another premature baby. According to a social worker at Hospital Regional Vicente Corral Moscoso, one to two people per week leave the hospital in need of home oxygen. At a cost of $25 a day, home oxygen is not affordable to most migrant families. Grace is attempting to raise $4500 to pay for three oxygen, generators, three continuous oxygen monitors, as too much oxygen can cause blindness, and the ability to maintain and administer the equipment.

This is your opportunity to save a life of someone truly in need. Grace is a 501c3 organization in the US and also a Foundacion in Ecuador. We have been providing essential health services, clothing, food and other services to migrants in Cuenca for four years.

Please click on this link and save a life today. Your help is urgently needed.
Steve Chasson, President of the BOD

Steve Chasson: .

City: Cuenca

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