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Volunteer to teach English and make a difference

Volunteer to teach English and make a difference

Imagine teaching English in a small, beautiful town minutes away from Cuenca. You’ll spend a few hours a week teaching eager students, exploring the surrounding countryside, and making lifelong friends.

Why Teach English with Nomads Language Project?

● Make a difference: You’ll help students learn English, which can open up new opportunities for them in education and employment.
● Have an adventure: Get to know local residents of a small village surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.
● Share your gifts: Bring your unique personality and abilities to a welcoming community.

What we offer:

● Training: We provide basic training on our teaching methodology and lots of support.
● Teaching resources: We provide teaching materials including lesson plans, activities, and worksheets.
● Transportation: We provide transportation to and from our locations, which is about 30 minutes from Cuenca.

Our Philosophy:

The best way to learn a language is to spend time immersed in it. Students are more likely to do this if they enjoy the learning process and have a genuine desire to learn. Nomads Language Project classes are
designed to be fun and effective, using a variety of methods and teaching styles to help students reach their language goals at their own pace.


● Educational philosophy that aligns with Nomads Language Project
● Love of learning
● A genuine desire to connect with students
● Ability to create a positive and supportive learning environment
● Spanish speaking ability is not required

We currently need volunteer Teachers and Assistant Teachers in Barabon and Llacao. Barabon is a verysmall village on the via Soldados about 30 minutes west of Cuenca center. Llacao is a small village midway up the side of Pachamama, about 40 minutes to the NE of Cuenca center. Classes in Barabon are continuing and classes in Llacao began November 18th and will continue until 1/20/24 with a 2 week break at Christmas.
Email us today at to learn more about the program and get started.

Rod Shorette

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