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Musings from Pájaro y Bestia

The proverbial good news and bad news story:

Bad news – with all of the special Thanksgiving Dinners around town, we are going to scale back our normal cooking volume this week. (But we are frying a number of turkeys on Thursday for those that requested whole turkeys).

Good news – we are going to use the week to develop some new menu items. So, if you want to try something a little different, this is the time.

El Jefe wants to work on the Mr. Ziffel sandwich. Three kinds of pork, including ham, on a single sandwich roll; together with unique flavor garnishments. After all, Arnold was pretty much a ham with a special flair…

Or now that the highly popular chicken wings have pretty much wormed their way into a permanent spot on the menu, the staff wants to see some variations. El Jefe loudly states that his wings need no sauce (although we see him sometimes adding the house sweet mustard sauce), but we will sneak some with a different spice rub and/or a different sauce.

More ideas later. After all, we need something to do while those turkeys are frying.

Be the Beast!

Friday and Saturday 1 to 8 PM (or when we sell out),

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral

La Bestia: 098 321 8273 WhatsApp to reserve food

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