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Fun and Games; ’tis the season!

Fun afternoon of Board Games and Merriment at La Yunta. Get your game on with other board gamers. Nothing serious, just fun!

Please bring a board game that you can share. You can lead the group on your game, help them learn and enjoy!

Because we are at a restaurant, we can order food and drink of choice. Sole is very welcoming and there are areas for people who want to play cards, games, bridge. Lovely ambiance and no having to worry about ‘hosting’ although that is for sure possible. This is not a pre-established group so there are no cliques to deal with!

Please reserve that you are coming as the restaurant would like to have an idea. La Yunta is close to the tram and the stop is River Yanuncay. This event may be of special interest to newcomers, so come out and meet up with those who have been here a while and make some new friends!

November 22nd, Wednesday, from 1 to 4, Free

Primero de Mayo, just off Avenida las America, going east.

Barbara Suderman:

City: Cuenca

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