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What is a hair capillary peeling?

What is a hair capillary peeling and how can it help us in the health of our scalp and hair?

Capillary peeling is a cosmetic treatment designed to revitalize and improve the health of the scalp. Its benefits include the elimination of dead cells, dandruff, fungus, excess sebum, bacteria, and unclogs the hair follicle in case of hair loss, stimulation of hair growth and improvement of hair texture. This procedure can be performed by people with different types of scalp.

The application of hair peeling involves the use of specific products containing exfoliating ingredients, directly on the scalp, such as mild acids. These products are gently massaged into the scalp to remove impurities and dead cells. The hair is then rinsed to reveal a revitalized scalp free of dandruff, fungus, sebum excess, and healthier hair.

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Gisella Viteri,

Cosmiatrist (master in cosmiatric acids)

– Massage therapist
– Tricology
– Lamimaker

Polylepskin Spa Room

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– Facial cleansing
– Facial cleansing focused on moisturizing mature skin.
– Treatments for skin pathologies or characteristics such as:
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– Relaxing massage
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– Capillary peeling
– Size reduction and toning treatment and cellulite elimination.
– Lymphatic drainage

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