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Thanksgiving at Le Petit Jardin

This year enjoy Thanksgiving in the countryside near Cuenca. Delight in the tranquility, relaxation and excellent food at Le Petit Jardin.

Our 3-course Thanksgiving menu includes turkey, along with other main course options.


Spinach salad
Served with bacon, caramelized walnuts, blue cheese and a sweet vinaigrette. $7

Brussels sprouts
With crispy bacon and a pear and red wine sauce. $6

Mushroom tartlet
With duck and cranberries. $7

Cream of pumpkin soup
Spiced with a touch of nutmeg. $5

Main courses:

Thanksgiving turkey
Stuffed with cranberries and caramelized onion and served with mashed potato.
Grand Marnier and orange sauce. $14.50

Glazed panceta
With apple and onion. Served with roasted sweet potato and a rich gravy. $14

Veal tenderloin
Carrot puré, honey and rosemary, confit shallots. Red wine sauce. $14


Walnut Cake $5

Pumpkin Pie With Orange and Honey Ice Cream $5

Apple Pie $5

Reserve your table today and savor Thanksgiving in one of Cuenca’s best restaurants.

November 23rd, noon to 6 PM,

San Miguel de Putushi, Cuenca

Giovanni Cambizaca: Call or WhatsApp: 096 819 1518

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