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Saturday Salon: Handicrafts in Cuenca (cultural lecture)

Berenice Cárdenas returns with another incredible Saturday Salon. This month she will discuss the local handicrafts of Cuenca, which are known for their beauty, usefulness, and craftmanship worldwide. In this salon, you will learn about the different artesanía found in the area and appreciate their relationship with the cultural landscape.

We will also delve into their real origin to differentiate which ones have foreign influence and which have been legitimized as being typical Ecuadorian crafts despite their European origins. We will also learn why handicrafts are still in the sphere of minor arts without being able to reach the category of “fine arts”.

Saturday, Nov. 18
11 AM


Reservations at:

Berenice is from Cuenca, Ecuador and has a master’s degree in Art History. She is an independent art historian, researcher, lecturer, teacher, translator and writer. Her focus is Latin American colonial art, Baroque iconography, female iconography in the Renaissance period, and handicrafts from the Latin American Colonial period.

idiomART is located at: Mariscal Lamar y Estevez de Toral; Cuenca, Ecuador


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