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EZ transition for newcomers, the best way to find the housing for you!

My name is Kevin. I work as a facilitator in Cuenca. I help expats with all of their needs.

While my specialty is finding the perfect home for you, I offer various other services including my most popular in meeting you the first day here and getting you phone service, the apps that are used to call taxis, bus schedules, deliveries, as well as the cards to use the bus and the tranvia. All of this should make you make you self-sufficient to get around the city and enjoy your time here more!

-English/Spanish translation
-Shopping assistance (with or without you)
-Setting up cell phone service/utilities/internet
-Medical insurance
-City/Neighborhood tours
-Driver’s license
-Doctor’s appointments
-Car registration/inspection
-Group activities recommendations
-Other needs as they arise

If you need one or two of the above services, I charge only $13/hr.

For new expats, I offer package deals to smooth your transition.

References available upon request.
(Number below is WhatsApp calls or text only!)


099 287 4910

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