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Ana Luisa Classes. One week introduction to Spanish and more

Conversation groups, Student trip and Pre-beginner class.

1. Conversation Class – One week long – Improve Speaking.
December 11th – 15th. We will be holding a Conversation Courses: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
We will focus on vocabulary, Idioms and conversation exercises to talk in pairs and in groups.
Topics are related to daily activities, cultural issues and current events of Ecuador.

The Objective: gain fluency and confidence in the conversation, exposure of points of view, use of connectors when speaking.

We will have complementary activities, cards and word games, articles and storytelling exercises.
Each of the Conversation Classes will be meeting Monday-Friday for 1.5 hours, totaling 7.5 hours of instruction.

The cost is $55

Here is the schedule for each level:

Beginner Conversation: 9 – 10:30 AM – This course is for beginner students who completed Beginner 2 and 3 Intermediate Conversation: 10:30 AM – noon – This course is for intermediate students who completed Intermediate 1 and 2 and 3
Advanced Conversation: Noon – 1:30 PM – This course is for Advanced level students who completed Intermediate 4 and Advance levels.

2. Pre Beginner class: Monday-Friday, December 18th – 22nd .
Schedule: 10 – 11:30 AM
Limited to 10 students

This class introduces new students to the language and teaches basic grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. This will help them develop a foundation for learning Spanish. Intended to be taken before Beginner 1, or as a refresher of the basics for students who have taken Beginner class
Learn key vocabulary, basic structures, and explore cultural diversity


• Basic greetings and introductions
• Pronunciation: vowels and consonants
• Grammar fundamentals
• Weather and Seasons
• Days and Dates
• Likes and Dislikes
• Common vocabulary words related to everyday topics, such as shopping, etc.
• Common questions in Spanish.

Limited availability

Classes will meet at Raquel Steak House
Address: Paseo 3 denoviembre y Puente Juana de Oro
To see the map:

3. Student Trip: Chobshi – Sigsig

This is an important archeological site one and a half hour from Cuenca.
Located 70Km from Cuenca – Chobshi, Sigsig.
Plaza Otorongo:
8:30 AM Departure from Otorongo Plaza.
9:30 AM Preparation of Pachamanka (Earth pot). Refers to the technique of cooking the food underground with volcanic stones, a ritual based on the Cañari reverence to Pachamama as well as their dependence on the lunar cycle.
• Visit to the Museum, pottery shards and stone weapons. Artifacts of Incan and Cañari origin.
• Visit to the “Black Cave” (Cueva Negra). A shelter to the hunter-gathers who lived in the area 8600-5500 BCE.
• Visit to Castillo de Duma – a three roomed fortress of an important Cañari leader named Duma
• Visit to the Pailon Canyon.
3 PM Return to Cuenca.

Fee $35
Fee includes:

Transportation to/from Chobshi.
Local Guide
Museum fee

What to bring:
Photo Camera
Walking shoes
Water bottle

To sign up contact us.

Paseo 3 de noviembre y Puente Juana de Oro

Ana Luisa
099 835 8680

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